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Rock music makes me alive, it makes me awake, so that tiredness can touch me and make me say – It's enough, I have earned much popularity

Ayub Bachchu (16 August, 196218 October, 2018) was a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, record producer and guitarist. He was the founding member of the rock band Love Runs Blind and earned success as the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of the band. He also led a successful solo career.

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Life would've been better if you could just stay lovers.
  • I always had one goal, and that was to become a musician. I had no other choice.
  • LRB is disenchanted in cheap popularity. Whatever the language of the song is or from what country it's from, music is for everyone. That's why we've composed this two cassette's about the world around us. If any of these two cassette touches the heart of a good listener, we will find the satisfaction of all our hard work. LRB makes music for those people who loves to listen to good music and takes the problems around them as their own problem.
    • Bachchu's quote on the back sleeve of LRB's album LRB II in 1992.
  • I left Souls because of two different tastes in sounds. They liked one kind of music, I liked another. I was into loud, rocking, powerful sounds, and the rest of the members wanted quiet, melodious sounds. You cannot just compromise day after day. We never really had any big arguments, but it occurred to me that it would be better if I just quit and do something different.
  • Rock music makes me alive, it makes me awake, so that tiredness can touch me and make me say – It's enough, I have earned much popularity.
    • Bachchu in an interview with Shomoy TV.
  • This song has a background that I'll never reveal. Ever! It is everyone's story, not only mine. Listeners from both East and West Bengal - all love this song. They have the lyrics memorized and they sing it for their partners, their loved ones. Maybe I sang this for someone I loved. Let the rest of the story remain a secret. Why I asked for forgiveness, why I said "Cholo Bodle Jai" (Let's Change) - let's keep these undisclosed. When you marry your loved one, things change a great deal. You sometimes can't help but feel like going back to being lovers again after marriage. Life would've been better if you could just stay lovers.
  • Not at all. It is a spiritual song. Some people take it negatively and try to make a different meaning out of it. When we enter the 2nd verse, the song becomes clear. "Bhetorete thakle kalo, upore jol jotoi dhalo" (If you are not clean in your heart, no external force can cleanse your soul). We first have to make our hearts beautiful by surrendering our body and soul to the highest power. We won't get the real meaning of this song if we don't open up our minds
    • Bachchu on the LRB song "Mon Chaile Mon Pabe".
  • I have released a lot of albums. They're all fine. Somewhere down the road, I made a few mistakes. Since music is my profession. I'm not doing music for it's a fashionable thing to do. This is my only living. So maybe I had to sing some songs that I didn't like at all. I sometimes regret it and think that I could've avoided doing those 4-5 songs. Other than those, all my songs are like my children - those that I composed, LRB songs, my solo album songs. All of those are my favorite - all of them. But I don't think I have yet been able to make that song, the song I may have dreamt of all my life, a song that will make the listeners know Bangladesh. The world will know Bangladesh through that song.

Quotes about Bachchu

  • Please pray for my father so that he can secure a place in heaven. Please forgive my father if you hold a grudge against him. Perhaps my father could not give his best to you, but he gave his inexorable love. He tried his best. My last words to you, please pray for my father's departed soul.
    • Bachchu's son Ahnaf Tazwar Ayub to Dhaka Tribune on October 20, 2018.
  • The fact that people from all walk of life were affected by the departure of Ayub Bachchu is testament to his greatness as an artist. I was fortunate enough to have personally known him since his starting days. He was an immensely passionate person.
    • Asaduzzaman Noor told Prothom Alo in October 2018
  • When Ayub Bachchu started his career, the guitar wasn't as prominent as an instrument. He made sure that it was the heart and soul of his music, and the entire country followed. That alone is enough to explain his legacy.
    • Bachchu's contemporary Hamin Ahmed of Miles told Prothom Alo in October 2018, about Bachchu's legacy.
  • I was 12 when I first realized, there is a Bengali musician who plays the guitar like Jimi Hendrix. He was one of the pioneers of Bengali rock music. My teenage was inspired by his music. He became a family friend when I was in Bangladesh. His simplicity was outstanding. His contributions to music will be remembered by generations to come.
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