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LRB is a Bangladeshi rock band formed in Chittagong City in 1991 by Ayub Bachchu (lead singer, lead guitarist), S.I. Tutul (keyboards, backing vocals), Saidul Hasan Swapan (bass guitars) and Habib Anwar Joy (drums).

Songs lyrics


LRB I (1992)


All the songs written by Ayub Bachchu, S.I. Tutul, Saidul Hasan Swapan and Habib Anwar Joy. (originally written in Bengali)

  • One day, in the woken up city
    Charming evening.
    One night, when the moon woke up,
    A teenage boy
    Who dreams lonely
    Laughs and sings
    Draws pictures of happiness
    • ঘুম ভাঙ্গা শহরে (In the Woke Up City)
  • This mind of mine
    Doesn't care for any barrier
    Hoping to find you
    It comes back, again and again
    • ফেরারী মন (Mind)
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