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Baby Signing Time! (2005–2008) is an American children's television series, aired on PBS, introducing American Sign Language. Set and filmed in the United States, the series stars Rachel Coleman, Alex Brown, Leah Coleman, and Aaron de Azevedo. On 2008, PBS cancelled the series after 1 season.

For the spin off series that aired on PBS, see "Signing Time!".

Season 1[edit]

It's Baby Signing Time! [1.01][edit]

Rachel: It’s like there’s food in your hand and you bring it to your mouth. It’s also the sign for food. Food. Can you sign eat?
Rachel: Just like you’re holding a cup to your lips and you tip it back, like you’re taking a drink. Drink. Let’s see you sign drink.
Rachel: You make a fist and knock it on your elbow, like this. Cracker. Cracker. Can you sign cracker?
Rachel: You make a W with your fingers and you bounce it right on your chin. Water. Water. Can you sign water?
Rachel: Take your finger and scoot it across your chin, like you’re wiping away cereal. Cereal. Now you sign cereal.
Rachel: You open and close your fist like this. It’s kind of like you’re milking a cow. Milk. Let’s see the sign for milk!
Rachel: It looks just like you’re peeling a banana, and your finger is the banana! Banana. Can you sign banana?
Rachel: Raise your little pinky finger and swoop it like a J for juice. Juice. Show me juice!
Rachel: Hold your hands up and twist them, like you’re brushing everything away. All done. All finished. Let’s see you sign it!
Rachel: Open your hand and touch your thumb to your chin. Sign mom. Mom!
Rachel: Just like mom, but touch your thumb to your forehead. I remember it because my dad’s a little bit taller than my mom. Now you try it! Dad.
Rachel: Same as mom, but bounce it forward! Sign grandma. Grandma!
Rachel: Same as dad, but bounces forward. Now sign grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa!
Rachel: Close two fingers and your thumb right at your diaper. Diaper. And here’s potty. Potty!
Rachel: This is the sign for more. Put your fingertips together for more, more, more! Let’s see you sign more.
Rachel: Your fingers are like a bird’s beak. Let’s see bird.
Rachel: Your hands swim like a fish, or you can use one hand. Fish!
Rachel: Show the cat’s whiskers with one hand, or two. Sign cat!
Rachel: Pat your leg, or pat and snap. Show me the sign for dog.
Rachel: Bend your fingers like a horse's ear. Your turn. Horse.
Rachel: Your fingers hop out from under your chin! Show me frog.
Rachel: You point one finger at the other, or you can twist them. You can show where you are hurt. My head hurts! Where do you hurt? My tummy hurts. Where is your owie? Mine’s on my elbow. Now it’s your turn.

Here I Go [1.02][edit]

Rachel: Tap your fists together like a pair of shoes. Shoes! Your turn.
Rachel: Slide your fingers, pointing down at your socks. Socks. Sign socks!
Rachel: Pat your head right where you put your hat. Hat. That’s an easy one.
Rachel: Start by your shoulders and slide your fists down, just like you’re pulling on your coat. Sign coat!
Rachel: It’s a flat hand on your chest and you rub it around because you really want something. Can you sign please? Please.
Rachel: You hold your flat hand up to your chin and bring it down. Thank you. Thank you. Now you try! Thank you.
Rachel: You rub your fist around your chest because you’re so sorry. Show me sorry. Sorry.
Rachel: Make two fists and pretend you’re driving a car. Can you sign car?
Rachel: Slide two fingers over your other two, like a train going down a track! Let’s see you sign train.
Rachel: You reach up and pull the cable to ding for the next stop! Can you sign bus?
Rachel: Make fists! And it’s just like you’re pedaling a bike with your hands, round and round. Let’s sign bike.
Rachel: Take your thumb, pointer, and pinky, make an airplane with your hand, and fly it through the sky! Let’s see your sign for airplane.
Rachel: Put your hands together, like this, in the shape of a boat floating through the water. Sign boat!
Rachel: It’s like you’re holding a ball, and patting a ball. Ball. Now you try!
Rachel: Bend your pointer finger and slide it down your nose, like a little doll’s nose. Doll. Your turn!
Rachel: Cross your arms and scratch your shoulders with your bear claws. Bear. Can you sign bear?
Rachel: Just like you’re washing your hands. Show me wash hands.
Rachel: Just like you’re rubbing soap on your hand, and you already know how to sign water. Show me the sign for soap.
Rachel: Bring your hand down your sleepy face and close your eyes and fingers. Can you sign sleep?
Rachel: Your fists go up and down, like you’re washing your body in the bath. Now it’s your turn.
Rachel: You sign sleep and clothes. Brush your hands on your shirt for clothes. Pajamas. Sleep clothes.
Rachel: It’s just like you’re brushing your teeth. Show me how you brush your teeth!
Rachel: It's just like you’re opening a book! Let’s see you sign book.
Rachel: Pull your blankie all the way up to your shoulder. Can you sign blanket?

A New Day [1.03][edit]

Rachel: Day. Your finger shows the sun going across the sky. Day. Let’s sign it together. Day. When the sun is up, it’s a new day! Day.
Rachel: New. Hold one hand flat and scoop with your other hand, like you’re scooping up a new toy! New. Sign it with me. New.
Rachel: Outside. Start with your hand open, then close it as you move it outside. When you do that twice, it means outside. Outside.
Rachel: Wind. Sometimes I go outside and the wind is blowing! Move your hands back and forth like the wind. Wind.
Rachel: Rain. Open your hands and let them fall down from the sky. Your fingers are like raindrops. Rain.
Rachel: Snow. Wiggle your fingers like snowflakes falling down from the sky. Let me see your snowflakes. Snow.
Rachel: Sun. Use your pointer to draw a circle in the sky, then open your hand to make the sun’s rays. Sun. Can you sign sun?
Rachel: Cloud. Make C-shapes with both hands and show a fluffy cloud! Cloud.
Rachel: Sky. With a flat hand across your body, show the sky over your head. Sky! It’s up there. Sky.
Rachel: This is the sign for tree. One arm is the ground and the other arm makes a tree. Now twist it! Tree.
Rachel: Grass! It's just like grass is tickling your chin. Grass.
Rachel: Flower! I love flowers. Flower. It’s just like you’re smelling a flower. Smell it here, then over there! Flower.
Rachel: Leaf. This is the sign for leaf. One hand is the leaf and your pointer is the stem. Now gently wave your leaf in the wind. Leaf.
Rachel: Stop. Use a flat hand to stop the other hand. Stop.
Rachel: Go! Use your pointers and point them in the direction that you want to go. Go, go, go!
Rachel: Wait! Let’s sign wait. Wiggle your fingers like you’re waiting. Wait.
Rachel: Again. Would you like to try it again? This is the sign for again. Put a flat hand out and your rounded hand taps into it. Again and again!
Rachel: Bug. This is the sign for bug. You show the bug’s antenna on your nose. Bug. Now you try it! Bug.
Rachel: Up. Use your pointer and point up. Up. It’s really easy. Up, up, up!
Rachel: Down. Use your pointer and point down. Down. That’s a simple sign, too. Down.
Rachel: Star. With both pointers, point up toward the stars and slide your fingers back and forth. Are you pointing toward the stars in the sky? Star.
Rachel: Moon. Your thumb and pointer make the shape of the moon over your eye. Then raise it up in the sky! Moon. Let’s sign moon.
Rachel: Night. Use your hand to show the sun going down over the mountains. Night. Try it with me. Night. If you add good before night, you can say goodnight! Goodnight.

Let's Be Friends [1.04][edit]

Rachel: Friend. Hook your pointers and then switch them. Friend!
Rachel: Play. Show me your thumbs and pinkies. Now twist them back and forth. Play. Can you sign play? Play.
Rachel: Share. Hold one hand out, and use the other hand to divide it up. Some for you and some for me. Let’s share!
Rachel: Nice. Move one flat hand nicely over the other. Be nice! Nice.
Rachel: Feel. With an open hand, brush your middle finger over your heart. Feel.
Rachel: Sad. Open your hands and bring them down over your sad face. Sad.
Rachel: Cry. Use your pointer fingers to show tears coming down your cheeks. Cry.
Rachel: Happy. Brush a flat hand over your heart. The happiness comes up, out of your heart. Happy.
Rachel: Laugh. Your pointers show your laughing mouth. You can sign it with one hand, or two. Laugh!
Rachel: Hot. Pretend that you’re taking something hot out of your mouth. Hot. Ooo! That’s hot!
Rachel: Cold. Make two fists and shake them like you’re really cold. Brr! I’m cold!
Rachel: Yes. Make a fist with one hand and nod it up and down just like you nod your head when you say yes. Yes.
Rachel: No. Close two fingers to your thumb, like they’re saying no. No, no, no!
Rachel: Dirty. Put your hand under your chin and wiggle your fingers. It’s like food is dripping off your chin. Dirty.
Rachel: Clean. Wipe your hand clean! Clean.
Rachel: You. Use your pointer and point to the person you are talking to. You. I like signing with you!
Rachel: Me. I take my finger and point to me. Me me me.
Rachel: Apple. Twist your knuckle in your cheek. Apple.
Rachel: Pear. One hand makes the shape of a pear. The other hand slides over the pear. Pear.
Rachel: Carrot. Pretend you’re holding a carrot and taking a bite! Carrot.
Rachel: Peach. Pretend your cheek is a peach. Feel how soft that peach is! Peach.
Rachel: Remember the sign for juice? You make a J right by your mouth. You can add juice to the signs we just learned. Apple juice. Sign apple, and juice. How about pear juice? Sign pear, and then make the sign for juice. You can even drink carrot juice. Carrot juice coming right up!
Rachel: Bubbles. Your hands make the round shapes of bubbles and then… the bubbles pop! Bubbles.
Rachel: Balloon. Put your fists in front of your mouth and then pretend you’re blowing up a balloon! Your hands show the balloon getting bigger and bigger. Balloon. Now remember, blowing up balloons is for grown ups, okay? Sign balloon.
Rachel: Telephone. Your thumb and pinky make a telephone. Bring it up to your ear, like you’re talking on the phone. Telephone.
Rachel: Game. Make two fists with your thumbs up and knock your knuckles together. Game. Sign it with me! Game.
Rachel: Music. Bring your arm out in front of your body and swing your other hand back and forth like you’re conducting music. Music!

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