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Signing Time! (2002–2008) is an American children's television series, aired on PBS, introducing American Sign Language. Set and filmed in the United States, the series stars Rachel Coleman, Alex Brown, Leah Coleman, and Aaron de Azevedo. The series ran between 2002 and 2008.

For the spin off series that aired on PBS, see "Baby Signing Time!".

Opening theme[edit]

  • There's singing time and dancing time
    And laughing time and playing time
    And now it is our favorite time
    It's SIGNING TIME with Alex and Leah
    It's SIGNING TIME with Alex and Leah
    Come and play, come and play, come and play

Season 1[edit]

My First Signs [1.01][edit]

Rachel: Eat or food. It's just like you're putting food to your mouth. Eat.
Rachel: Milk. It's like you're milking a cow. Milk.
Rachel: Water. Your fingers make a W at your chin. Water.
Rachel: Ball. Just like you're patting a ball. Ball.
Rachel: More. Just put your fingers together. More.
Rachel: Bird. It's like a bird's beak. Bird.
Rachel: Cat. It's like you're touching its whiskers. Cat.
Rachel: Dog. You can pat your leg or pat and snap. Dog.
Rachel: Fish. You make your hand swim like a fish. Fish.
Rachel: Car. It's like you're driving a car. Car.
Rachel: Make your hand like an airplane heading toward the sky. Airplane.
Rachel: Want. Just like you grab it and pull it to you. Want.
Rachel: Shoes. Tap your fists together like a pair of shoes. Shoes.
Rachel: Flower. It's like you're smelling a flower, side to side. Flower.
Rachel: Mom. Put your thumb to your chin. Mom.
Rachel: Dad. Same as mom, but on your forehead.
Rachel: Baby. It’s just like you’re holding a baby. Baby.
Rachel: Sleep. Bring your hand over your sleepy face. Sleep.

Playtime Signs [1.02][edit]

Rachel: Friend. Hook your fingers together and then switch them. Friend! Play. Shake your hand with your thumb and pinky. Play.
Rachel: Train. Slide your fingers like a train on a track. Train.
Rachel: Doll. Brush your curved finger on your nose. Doll.
Rachel: Bike. It's like you're pedaling a bike. Bike.
Rachel: Bear. It's like a bear hug, and then you scratch. Bear.
Rachel: Please. Your flat hand goes around and around because you really want something. Share. Slide your hand back and forth like you're dividing it up. Some for you and some for me. Share. Your turn. My thumb and finger reach toward you. Your turn. My turn. My thumb and finger come to me. My turn. Thank you. The thanks comes from me and goes to you. Thank you.
Rachel: Book. Just like you're opening a book. Book. Read. It's like your fingers are reading the book. Read.
Rachel: Socks. Slide your fingers pointing down at your socks.
Rachel: Yes. Your fist rocks like you're nodding yes. No. Close your two fingers to your thumb. No, no, no.
Rachel: Thirsty. Your finger shows the drink going down. Drink. It's just like you're drinking out of a cup. Drink.
Rachel: Dirty. Wiggle your fingers under your chin like your chin is dirty. Dirty. Clean. Wipe your hand clean. Clean.
Rachel: Potty. Tuck your thumb between your fingers and shake it. Potty.
Rachel: Wash hands. Pretend you're washing your hands. Wash hands.
Rachel: Bath. It's like you're washing your body. Bath.
Rachel: Hurt. Point your fingers together or you twist them. Hurt. Sorry. Circle your fist around your chest like you're really, really, sorry. Sorry.
Rachel: Go. Throw your fingers toward where you want to go. Go. Stop. One hand stops the other hand. Stop.
Rachel: Wait. Wiggle your fingers like you're waiting, waiting, waiting.
Rachel: Grandma. Just like the sign for mom, but it bounces forward. Grandma. Grandpa. Just like the sign for dad, but it bounces forward. Grandpa.

Everyday Signs [1.03][edit]

Rachel: Hungry. Your hand shows that you want food to go down to your tummy.
Rachel: Apple. Twist your knuckle on your cheek. Apple.
Rachel: Cookie. Show the shape of a cookie on your hand. Cookie.
Rachel: Cereal. It's like you're wiping cereal off your chin. Cereal.
Rachel: Banana. It's like you're peeling a banana. Banana.
Rachel: Bread. Show the slices of bread on the back of your hand. Bread.
Child: Cheese. Cheese.
Cow: Moo.
Rachel: Cheese. Swish your hands back and forth. Cheese.
Cow: Moo.
Rachel: Cracker. Knock your fist on your elbow. Cracker.
Rachel: Ice cream. It’s like you’re eating an ice cream cone. Ice cream.
Rachel: Candy. Twist your finger right under your cheek. Candy.
Rachel: Help. It’s a thumbs up on your hand. I can help you, or you can help me.
Rachel: Full. It’s like you’re full up to here. Full.
Rachel: Hot. Pretend you're taking something hot out of your mouth. Hot.
Rachel: Cold. It's like you're shivering.
Rachel: Dry. Your finger drys off your chin. Dry! Wet. It’s just like you’re grabbing water with your hands. Wet.
Rachel: Like. Take your thumb and middle finger and pull it back. Like. Don’t like. It’s the same as like, then you throw it away. Don’t like.
Rachel: Day. Your hand is like the sun going across the sky. Day. Sun. Your finger draws the sun, then shows its rays. Sun.
Rachel: Night. Your hand is like the sun going down behind the mountain. Night. Moon. Make a moon shape on your cheek and put it up in the sky. Moon. Stars. Slide your fingers pointing up at the stars. Stars.
Rachel: Happy. Your hand shows the happiness you feel in your heart. Happy. Laugh. Your fingers draw smiles on your face. Laugh.
Rachel: Sad. Bring your open hand over your sad face. Sad. Cry. Your fingers show the tears coming down your face. Cry.
Rachel: Boy. It’s like you’re grabbing your hat. Girl. Your thumb slides to your chin.

Family, Feelings and Fun [1.04][edit]

Rachel: House. You show the roof and two walls.
Rachel: Home. It’s where you eat and where you sleep.
Rachel: Family. You make two Fs and make a circle.
Rachel: Brother. You sign boy and stack your pointers.
Rachel: Sister. Sign girl.
Rachel: Son. You sign boy and then rock your baby.
Rachel: Daughter. You sign girl and then rock your baby.
Rachel: Uncle. Circle a U by your forehead. Uncle.
Rachel: Aunt. You circle an A by your chin. Aunt.
Rachel: Cousins. Sign a C by your chin for a girl cousin and a C by your forehead for a boy.
Rachel: Tree. You make your arm look just like a tree.
Rachel: Wind. It's just like your hands are feeling the wind.
Rachel: Leaf. This hand is your leaf, and this is the stem. Leaf.
Leah: Grass.
Rachel: Grass. It's like you're resting your chin in grass.
Alex: Come on, Leah.
Leah: Okay, I'm coming.
Rachel: Cloud. You take Cs and draw the shape of a cloud.
Rachel: Rain. Your fingers show the rain coming down.
Rachel: Snow. Your fingers are like the snowflakes.
Rachel: Coat. Well, it looks just like you're pulling on your coat.
Rachel: Boots. You make Bs and knock them together. Boots.
Alex: These gloves are a little too small for me.
Rachel: Gloves. It’s just like you’re pulling on your gloves.
Rachel: Hat. Tap your head where you put the hat. Or hat, like you're putting it on your head.
Alex: Yeah! Come on, Leah!
Leah: Okay, I'm coming.
Rachel: Feelings. You brush your middle finger right by your heart.
Rachel: Grumpy. You crinkle your hand over your face. Grumpy.
Rachel: Surprise. You show the surprise in your eyes!
Rachel: Silly. Use your thumb and pinky and brush your nose. ‘Cause you’re such a silly.
Rachel: Scared. Open up your fingers and show that you’re really scared.
Rachel: Excited. Remember feelings? Well, this is excited. It’s a lot of feelings!
Rachel: Sick. It's like your forehead or your tummy feels sick.
Rachel: Love. It’s like you’re hugging somebody you love.
Child: The End. Bye-bye, Hopkins.
Rachel: We had so much fun signing with you today. And here's some more signs about families: Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. And more signs about things that you'd see outside: like bugs, or spiders, or butterflies. And more signs about feelings: tired, proud, sad and happy. We love signing with you, and we can't wait to play again.

ABC Signs [1.05][edit]

Rachel: A. Make a fist, but keep your thumb on the side, and that kinda looks like a lowercase a.

A is for Alex and Alligator

Rachel: B. Put your palm out, tuck your thumb in. B.

B is for Best Friends and Baseball

Rachel: C. Curve your hand so it looks like a C.

C is for Caterpillar

Rachel: D. Put your pointer up. Looks like a little d, doesn't it? D.

D is for Diaper and Dance

Rachel: E. Curl up all your fingers really tight, and that's an E.

E is for Elevator

Rachel: F. Your thumb and your pointer touch, and the rest stand straight up. F.

F is for Funny and Fright

Alex: Boo!
Leah: Aaaah!
Rachel: G. Looks like you're gonna squish something. It's G.

G is for Good Morning and Good Night

Rachel: H. Two fingers pointing out. H.

H is for Hopkins and Helcopter

Rachel: I. Just point your pinky up, like the little letter i.

I is for Ice

Rachel: J. Put your pinky up, and then draw a J. J.

J is for Juice

Rachel: K. Put your two fingers up, and your thumb in between for a K.

K is for King and Kiss

Rachel: L. Just like the letter L.

L is for Leah

Rachel: M. Put three fingers over your thumb. M.

M is for Mouse

Rachel: N. Two fingers over your thumb. N.

N is for Nice and Never

Rachel: O. It looks just like an O. O.

O is for Owls

Rachel: P. It's just like K, but it tipped over. That's P.

P is for Picnic and Peanut Butter

Rachel: Q. Your pointer and your thumb point down. Q.

Q is for Quiet

Rachel: R. Cross your fingers, and that's R.

R is for Ready and Run

Rachel: S. Make a fist, but this time, put that thumb in front. S.

S is for Sit and Swim

Rachel: T. Put your first finger over your thumb. T.

T is for Tree and Tired

Rachel: U. Two fingers up, and keep them together. U.

U is for Under and Umbrella

Rachel: V. Two fingers up, but they're apart. And that's a V.

V is for Vacation

Rachel: W. Three fingers up, and they look like a W.

W is for Work

Rachel: X. It's your thumb and your pointer and you squeeze them in. X.

X is for X-ray

Rachel: Y. Your thumb and your pinky. Y.

Y is for Yo-Yo

Rachel: Z. Take your pointer and draw a Z. Z.

Z is for Zipper

Rachel: Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! We love signing with you, and we can't wait to see you again.

Alex, Leah in ASL[edit]


  1. A is for Alex, Alligator and Apple
  2. B is for Best Friends, Baseball and Bubble
  3. C is for Caterpillar and Car
  4. D is for Diaper, Dance and Dog
  5. E is for Elevator
  6. F is for Funny, Fright and Feet
  7. G is for Good Morning, Good Night and Grass


  1. H is for Hopkins, Helicopter and Hat
  2. I is for Ice and Ice Cream
  3. J is for Juice and Jump
  4. K is for King, Kiss and Kick


  1. L is for Leah and Light
  2. M is for Mouse and Monkey
  3. N is for Nice

My Favorite Things [1.06][edit]

6 Colors

Rachel: Colors. Wiggle your fingers on your chin. And that’s the sign for colors.
Child: I like to color.
Rachel: Red. Your lips are red, so you point to them and pull it down. And that's the sign for red.
Rachel: Orange. It's like you're squeezing an orange under your chin.
Rachel: Yellow. Make a Y and shake it. Yellow.
Rachel: Green. Make a G with your fingers and then shake it just a little bit. Green.
Child: Green grass.
Rachel: Blue. Make a B and then twist it. Blue.
Rachel: Purple. You make the letter P, because purple starts with P, and then, you shake it like this. And that's the sign for purple.
Rachel: Rainbow. First, you sign colors. Remember on your chin? And then draw the rainbow in the sky.
Alex: I once saw a rainbow. It was red, and orange, and yellow, and green, and blue, and purple.
Leah: I once saw a rainbow. It was, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
Alex: That's the best rainbow I've ever seen.


Child: Fruit.
Rachel: Fruit. You make an F and you twist it right by your mouth.
Child: Strawberry.
Rachel: Strawberry. It’s like a strawberry on a stem. Strawberry!
Child: Pear.
Rachel: Pear. Show the shape of a pear.
Child: Peach.
Rachel: Peach. Your cheek is soft, just like a peach.
Alex: Grapes.
Rachel: Grapes. It’s like clumps of grapes on a vine.
Child: Watermelon.
Rachel: Watermelon. You know the sign for water. Now you thump a melon. Water. Melon.


Child: Vegetables.
Leah: Vegetables. Vegetables.
Rachel: Vegetable. Make a V for vegetable, and then you tap it right by your mouth. Vegetable.
Child: Carrot.
Leah: Carrot. Carrot.
Rachel: Carrot. Like you're holding a carrot, and you chomp it off.
Child: Corn.
Leah: Corn.
Rachel: Corn. It’s like you’re holding and eating corn.
Child: Lettuce.
Leah: Lettuce. Lettuce.
Rachel: Lettuce. You tap your palm on your head. It’s called a head of lettuce.
Child: Bean.
Leah: I love beans.
Rachel: Bean. It can be a little bean or a string bean. Bean.
Child: Potato.
Leah: Potatoes. Potatoes.
Rachel: Potato! It’s like a potato that you’re sticking a fork in. Potato.
Rachel: Walk. It's like your hands are walking.
Rachel: Run. Make two Ls, hook them together, and make them run.
Rachel: Sit. Here's your chair, and here's your legs, and you sit.
Rachel: Swing. Here's your swing, here's your legs, sit down and swing!
Rachel: Dance. Here's your stage, here's your legs. Dance.
Rachel: Sing. It's just like you're leading music right over your arm. Sing.
Rachel: Jump. Here's the ground, here come your legs, and jump! Jump.
Rachel: Swim. It's just like you're swimming through the water. Swim.
Rachel: Wow, you we're really good at signing today. Now here's some more signs for foods: like soup or noodles. Or this one's kinda silly, because many people, they think it's a vegetable, but it's really a fruit, it's a tomato. Tomato. And here's some more signs for colors: like white, black, brown, and pink. That's my favorite. Pink. And more signs for activities: like work or practice. And you know, everybody's good at something, but sometimes you have to work, and sometimes you have to practice. We love signing with you. See you soon!

Sign List[edit]

6 Colors

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple

5 Fruits

  1. Strawberry - Hopkins is picking a strawberry.
  2. Pear - Hopkins is lift and do NOT fall down a pear!
  3. Peach - Hopkins is right in the treetower hill, hurt and smile the peach.
  4. Grape
  5. Watermelon - Hopkins is lift up and flat the watermelon!

5 Vegetables

  1. Carrot
  2. Corn
  3. Lettuce
  4. Bean
  5. Potato

Leah's Farm [1.07][edit]

Rachel: Farm. It’s an open hand that slides all the way from jaw to jaw like the fence across the front of the farm. Farm!
Rachel: Chicken. This is the sign for chicken. Make the sign for bird and then you peck at the ground. Chicken.
Rachel: Horse. Make your two fingers flap like a horse's ear. It's also an H for horse. Horse.
Rachel: Goat. Show the goat’s chin hair and its horns. Goat!
Rachel: Mouse! Take your pointer and brush the end of your nose, showing the mouse’s little nose. Mouse!
Rooster: Cock-a-doodle-doo. Cock-a-doodle-doo. Cock-a-doodle-doo.
Alex: Leah.
Child: Rooster.
Rooster: Cock-a-doodle-doo.
Rachel: Rooster! Make a 3 and put your thumb on your forehead! Looks just like a rooster’s comb. Rooster!
Child: Oh, Hopkins.
Sheep: Baa.
Child: He sheared the sheep.
Rachel: Sheep! Take your two fingers and move it up your arm like you are shearing sheep. Sheep!
Cow: Moo.
Child: Cow.
Rachel: Cow! Make a Y and put it up on the side of your forehead like a cow’s little horn. Can you sign cow?
Rachel: Donkey! Put your thumb on the side of your forehead and wave your whole hand like a donkey’s ear. Donkey!
Rachel: Pig! Put your hand under your chin and wave it like food dripping off a pig’s chin. Pig!
Rachel: Turkey! Take your thumb and pointer at your chin, pointing down like the turkey’s waddle. Turkey!
Rachel: Pet! Just like you are petting an animal. Pet!
Rachel: Remember cat? You show the cat's whiskers.
Rachel: Dog. Pat your leg or pat and snap, just like you're calling a dog. Dog!
Rachel: Fish. Make your hand swim like a fish. You can use one hand or two. Fish.
Rachel: Bird. Your fingers make a bird's beak. Bird.
Child: Show the bird's beak. Bird.
Alex Brown: It seems like everybody has a pet! I want a pet, too! Hey, that squirrel’s always hanging around in my yard. I can't play with him, but, I can watch him play. Yeah, he's my squirrel. I'm gonna call him Marvin-- Marvin the squirrel.
Rachel: Here’s the sign for squirrel! It’s like a squirrel’s little teeth munching a nut. Squirrel!
Rachel: Duck! It’s just like bird but with two fingers to show the duck’s bill. Duck!
Rachel: Rabbit. Cross your arms and show the rabbit’s ears with your two fingers. Rabbit! Or you might see it signed like this. Rabbit!
Rachel: Snail! Show the snail slowly moving along your hand. Snail! Or show the snail and here’s his shell. Snail!
Rachel: Frog. Your fingers jump out like a frog jumping. Frog.
Rachel: Snake! Your two fingers move out like a snake’s tongue. Ooooo, snake.
Alex: Lizard.
Rachel: Lizard! Make an L for lizard and run it up your arm. Lizard!
Alex: Turtle.
Rachel: Turtle! Your thumb is the turtle’s head and your other hand is the shell. Now make his head nod. Turtle!
Rachel: Wow, that was sure fun visiting Leah's Farm. You learned a lot of signs. To sign "barn," you finger spell it. Try it with me: b-a-r-n. Barn. And did you catch the sign the "rock" during TURTLE Rock"? Rock. We love signing with you, and we can't wait to play again.

The Great Outdoors [1.08][edit]

Rachel: Backyard. Sign “back” and show the space of the yard. Backyard.
Rachel: Explore! Just like you are looking and looking through a telescope. You can use one hand or two. Explore!
Rachel: Tent! Your index finger and pinky show the shape of a tent. And this is camping. It is almost the same as tent. Tent!
Rachel: Trail! Show the trail or the path. Trail!
Rachel: Bridge. Your arm is the bridge and your fingers show the supports for the bridge. Bridge.
Rachel: Stream! Sign water, then show it flowing down. For river, you show a lot of water. Stream.
Rachel: Forest. Just like ‘tree,’ but a whole forest full of them! Forest.
Rachel: Mountain! Sign rock and show how big it is! Mountain. Mountain!

Song: My Great Backyard

Rachel: Porcupine! Show his body and his quills pop up! Porcupine.
Rachel: Raccoon! Make Vs and show the raccoon’s mask. Raccoon.
Rachel: Deer. Show the deer’s antlers. Deer!
Rachel: Bear. It's like a bear hug, and then you scratch. Bear.
Rachel: Owl! Make Os and show the owl’s eyes. Hooo hooo. Owl!
Rachel: Skunk! Your two fingers show the skunk’s stripe. Skunk. Skunk!
Rachel: Beaver. Show the beaver’s teeth gnawing on wood. Beaver.
Rachel: Wolf! Show the wolf’s snout! Wolf.
Rachel: Eagle! Make the eagle’s curved beak on your nose. Eagle!
Rachel: Fox! Make an F and twist it on his sneaky fox nose. Fox!

Song: Right Place, Right Time

Rachel: [singing] Catch them passing by a shadow under the moon in the morning in the clear through the cabin cool night air in the forest on a bough. Something really stunk! Well, who stack sticks in the river? You might just in the track. Don't forget to check the sky, it's just a lucky toss.
Rachel: Bug. Touch your thumb to your nose and your two fingers look like a bug's antenna. Bug.
Rachel: Ant. Some people just sign bug, or you can spell it: A-N-T. Ant.
Rachel: Fly! F, L, Y or swoop your hand like you’re catching a fly. Fly!
Rachel: Spider! Cross your hands and show the spider’s legs crawling. Oooo spider!
Rachel: Bee. Make an “F” and touch your cheek, then brush the bee off. Bee. Bee.
Rachel: Worm. Your finger is a worm inching across your hand. Worm.
Rachel: Mosquito! Make an F, touch your hand and smack it. Or show the long nose of a mosquito. Ooo mosquito!

Song: When the Bugs Come Marching In

Rachel: Caterpillar. Show the fuzzy little caterpillar crawling up your arm! Caterpillar.
Rachel: Butterfly. Cross your hands like the wings of a butterfly. Butterfly.

Song: Caterpillar Dreams

Rachel: Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! We love signing with you, and we can't wait to see you again.

The Zoo Train [1.09][edit]

Rachel: Rhinoceros. Use your pinky to show the rhino’s horn. Rhinoceros!
Rachel: Bat. Cross your arms like the bat’s wings. Bat.
Rachel: Seal! Clap the back of your hands like his flippers. Seal!
Rachel: Panda! Make a P and show the panda’s eye markings or spell it P A N D A. Panda! Panda.
Rachel: Hippopotamus. Show his teeth and his big mouth opening. Hippopotamus.
Rachel: Zebra. Make the stripes on the zebra. Zebra.
Rachel: Tiger! Your fingers show the stripes on his face. Tiger!
Rachel: Lion. Show the lion’s big mane! Lion.
Rachel: Monkey! Move your arms like a monkey. Monkey!
Rachel: Kangaroo! Hold your hands like you’re a kangaroo and bounce them. Kangaroo.
Rachel: Camel. You show the camel’s humps. Camel.
Rachel: Gorilla! Bang on your chest like a great big gorilla. Gorilla!
Rachel: Crocodile! Show his big mouth and his sharp teeth. Crocodile!
Rachel: Elephant! Here’s his trunk! And that’s the sign for elephant.
Rachel: Penguin! Put your hands out like penguin feet waddling. Penguin.
Rachel: Giraffe! Show his long neck. Giraffe!

The Aquarium

Leah: Starfish.
Rachel: Starfish! Sign star, pointing up towards the stars. And fish, like a fish swimming. Starfish. Starfish!
Rachel: Shrimp! Your finger is like a little shrimp swimming. Shrimp!
Leah: Alex, look at that rock!
Alex: That's not a rock. It's a lobster!
Rachel: Lobster! Make scissors with your fingers like the lobster claws. Lobster!
Leah: Crab.
Rachel: Crab! Take your two fingers and open and close them like crab claws. Or use your whole hand for big claws! Crab or crab.
Rachel: Octopus! Make the body and the legs. Octopus!
Rachel: Dolphin! Your finger is the dolphin’s nose diving through the water! Dolphin!
Rachel: Whale! Make a Y for the tail and splash it in the water! Whale!
Rachel: Shark! Oooooo. Show his fin in the water. Shark!

My Day [1.10][edit]

Act 1: Wake Up

Sign List[edit]

  1. Awake: Alex and Leah wake up the bed!
  2. Good Morning
  3. Brush Hair and Comb Hair: Leah is brush hair and Alex is comb hair.
  4. Brush Teeth and Floss Teeth: Alex is brush teeth and Leah is floss teeth.
Rachel: Awake or wake up. Hold your thumb and finger next to your eyes, then open them. Awake. Wake up.
Rachel: Good morning. Sign ‘good’ from your chin to your hand, good. And ‘morning.’ Your arm is like the sun coming up. Morning. Good morning.
Rachel: Brush hair. Just like you’re holding a brush and brushing your hair. Brush hair.
Rachel: Comb hair! Shape your hand like a comb and comb your hair! Comb hair.
Rachel: Brush teeth. Your finger is the toothbrush. Then brush your teeth! Brush teeth.
Rachel: Floss teeth! It’s just like you’re flossing your teeth! Floss teeth.

Act 2: Get Dressed

Sign List[edit]

  1. Clothes
  2. Get Dressing
  3. Shirt - Leah is white shirt.
  4. Shorts - Alex is signs shorts!
  5. Pants
  6. Sweater
  7. Dress - Show your dress. color:pink
  8. Skirt
  9. Choose
Rachel: Clothes! Brush your open hands to show your clothes. Clothes.
Rachel: Get dressed. It is just like ‘clothes,’ but your hands take turns showing your clothes. Get dressed!
Rachel: Shirt! Pinch your shirt like this! Shirt.
Rachel: Shorts! You show where your shorts end! Or you can sign shorts. Shorts.
Rachel: Pants! Your hands brush the two pant legs. Pants!
Rachel: Sweater. Pretend you’re pulling on a sweater! Sweater.
Rachel: Dress! Your hands follow the shape of the dress. Dress!
Rachel: Skirt! Your hands follow the shape of your skirt. Skirt!
Rachel: Choose or pick! Your thumb and pointer finger pick something! Pick or choose.

Act 3: Imagination

Sign List[edit]

  1. Pretend
  2. Imagination
  3. Game: Alex and Leah plays chess.
  4. Blocks and Build: Alex and Leah are plays the blocks, hops, laughs and fall down! ( laughs )
  5. Puzzle: The kids are playing.
  6. Fun - Alex and Leah are playing jump rope.
  7. Clean Up
Rachel: Pretend. Put your thumb on your opposite cheek and tap it with your fingers. Pretend!
Rachel: Imagination. Your hands show all the neat things in your imagination! Imagination.
Rachel: Game. Thumbs up, and your fists meet for a game. Game.
Rachel: Blocks. Hold your hands up and your thumbs tap showing the shape of a block. Blocks.
Rachel: Build. Put your hands on top of each other like you’re building up and up and up and up and up! Build.
Rachel: Puzzle! It’s like you are holding puzzle pieces and putting them in place! Puzzle.
Rachel: Fun. Your two fingers brush the tip of your nose and land on your other two fingers. Fun. Fun!
Rachel: Clean up! Brush your hand clean. Clean up.

Act 4: Bedtime

Sign List[edit]

  1. Pajamas
  2. Bed
  3. Pillow - pillow
  4. Blanket - blanket
  5. Light
  6. Good Night
  7. Dream
Rachel: Pajamas. Sign "sleep", bringing your hand over your sleepy face and closing. Sleep. And then you sign clothes. Pajamas or sleep clothes.
Rachel: Bed. Pretend your hands are the pillow and put your head down on them. Bed.
Rachel: Pillow! Your hands fluff the pillow under your head. Pillow!
Rachel: Blanket. Pretend you're pulling a blanket up to your shoulders, or you can pull it all the way up. Blanket.
Rachel: Light. Your middle finger flicks your chin. Light! And you can show the light turning on or off. Light. On. Off.
Rachel: Good night. Remember ‘good?’ And ‘night.’ Your hand is like the sun going down. Good night.
Rachel: Dream! You show all the dreams inside your head. Dream!

My Neighborhood [1.11][edit]

Rachel: Playground! Sign play, pinky and thumb, and show the ground. Playground.
Rachel: Rollerskate! Your two fingers are the front wheels skating. And this is the sign for inline skates. Rollerskate!
Alex: Picnic.
Rachel: Picnic! Rub your hands together like you're excited to have a picnic! Picnic!
Rachel: Kite! This hand is the string and the other is the kite waving in the wind. Kite!
Rachel: Swing! Your two fingers swing on the other two. Swing!
Rachel: Slide! These two fingers slide down the others like a slide! Slide.
Rachel: Climb. Pretend you're climbing up a ladder. Climb.
Leah: Sand.
Rachel: Sand! Feel the sand between your fingers. Sand!
Rachel: Helicopter. Your first two fingers and thumb make the body of the helicopter and these are the blades spinning. Helicopter!
Rachel: Bus. Reach up with your two fingers like you're holding the handrail as you ride through town, or you can ding for the next stop. Bus.
Rachel: Boat. Make your hands into the shape of a boat floating through the water. Boat.
Rachel: Motorcycle! Hold those handle bars and rev it. Vroom, vroom! Motorcycle.
Rachel: Slow! Draw your hand slowly up your other hand. Slow!
Rachel: Fast! Make your pointers pull back fast! Fast.
Rachel: Store! Your hands are in front of you like you are pushing a shopping cart but you shake them. Store!
Rachel: Buy. This is the sign for money, so buy is money that you give to someone. Buy.
Rachel: Stamp! Your two fingers are the stamp. Pretend to lick it and press it on the other two fingers. Stamp!
Rachel: Mail! Now your thumb is like the stamp being licked and put on the letter. Mail. A piece of mail or a letter.
Rachel: Library. Circle an L for library. Library.
Rachel: Story. Your fingers grab and slide like you're telling a neat story. Story.
Rachel: Office! Make Os and show the walls of the room, the front walls and the side walls. Office!
Rachel: Work! Tap your wrist on the other fist like it’s hard work. Work.
Rachel: Restaurant! Brush an R for restaurant on the sides of your mouth! Restaurant.
Rachel: Firefighter. Show the shield on the firefighter's hat. Firefighter.
Rachel: Police officer! Make a C and show the police officer's badge! Police officer.
Rachel: Doctor! Tap your fingers on your wrist, like a doctor taking a pulse. Doctor!
Rachel: Nurse! Just like doctor but an N for nurse taking a pulse. Nurse!
Rachel: Every day there are places to go, things to do, and people to meet. Here are a few other places we go: the bank, to see a movie, or to school. To sign it: P-A-R-K. Park.

Sign List[edit]

  1. Playground
  2. Rollerskate: Alex and Leah riding go rolleskates.
  3. Picnic: Alex and Leah sitting in the picnic.
  4. Kite: Alex and Leah playing a kite!
  5. Swing
  6. Slide: Alex and Leah down the slide.
  7. Climb: Leah up the climb ladder/Alex down the climb ladder.
  8. Sand: Alex and Leah sitting a sand.

Song List:

  • Down at the Park

Song Lyrics: My favorite spot is down at the PARK.

  1. Helicopter
  2. Bus: Alex stops a bus.
  3. Boat
  4. Motorcycle
  5. Slow
  6. Fast

Song List: Watch Me Go

  1. Store
  2. Buy
  3. Stamp
  4. Mail
  5. Library: Alex is shh and Leah is signing say, Library.
  6. Story
  7. Office
  8. Work
  9. Restaurant

Song List: My Job

  1. Firefighter
  2. Police Officer
  3. Doctor
  4. Nurse

Time to Eat [1.12][edit]

Rachel: Grow! Your hand grows out of your other hand like a plant growing out of the ground. Grow.
Rachel: Garden. Show plants growing in a lot of places and show the area. You can show a flower garden, or a vegetable garden, or a garden full of plants. Garden.
Rachel: Every day! Make an A and slide your knuckles across your cheek a few times. Every day.
Rachel: Cook. This hand is the pan and this hand is like the food being turned over. Cook. Now cooking is something that is only safe to do with a grown up, it is also fun to pretend you are cooking, like Alex and Leah love to do.
Rachel: Kitchen. Sign "cook", and "room", show the walls of the room, or sign "cook", but with a K for kitchen. Kitchen. The kitchen is a neat place, but we must be extra careful and always be there with a grown up.

Make: The kids are making.

Rachel: Make! Stack your fists and twist them. Make! Make.


Rachel: Fork! Your fingers are like a fork poking your food. Fork.


Rachel: Plate! Pretend to set down a plate. Plate!


Rachel: Napkin. Pretend you’re wiping your mouth with a napkin! Wipe, wipe. Napkin!


Rachel: Knife. One finger is the knife, the other finger is the food. Knife. Be really careful!


Rachel: Spoon! Your two fingers scoop food out of your other hand. Spoon!


Rachel: Cup! Make the shape of a cup on your hand. Cup!


Rachel: Bowl. Show the shape of a bowl. It can be a small bowl or a big bowl. Bowl.
Rachel: Breakfast. Sign eat and morning, like your hand is the sun coming up. Eat, morning, breakfast.
Rachel: Lunch! Sign eat and noon. Your hand is the sun at high noon. Eat, noon, lunch!
Rachel: Dinner! Sign eat and night. Your hand is now the sun going down. Eat, night, dinner.
Rachel: Dessert. Make Ds, lay them down and tap them together. Dessert! It does not have to be sugary. It can be fresh fruit, or yogurt, or whatever your family enjoys.
Rachel: May I be excused? This is the sign ‘may’ or ‘can’ I (point to yourself) be excused (slide your hand across the other hand). May I be excused?
Rachel: Egg! Your two fingers are like the egg being cracked open. Egg!
Rachel: Sandwich! One hand is the bread, the other is the filling inside. Sandwich!
Rachel: Soup! Just like spoon, but bring the soup all the way up to your mouth. Soup!
Rachel: Popcorn! Your fingers alternate popping open like popcorn. Popcorn!
Rachel: Peas! Your finger shows the peas in the pod. Peas.
Rachel: Tomato! One hand is the tomato. The other hand starts at your chin (like the sign for red because the tomato is red) and it slices the tomato. Tomato!
Rachel: Salad! Your hands toss the salad! Or you can toss it with forks. Salad!
Rachel: Spaghetti! Your pinkies show the long winding spaghetti noodles. Spaghetti. Oh, no! The silly pizza! Okay, here we go.

Welcome to School [1.13][edit]

Alex: Crayons.
Rachel: Crayons! Sign colors on your chin and then sign write, just like you’re writing. Crayons!
Leah: Scissors.
Rachel: Scissors! Pretend your fingers are scissors. Scissors!
Rachel: Paper! Brush your palms like there is a paper between them! Paper.
Rachel: Glue! Finger spell it. G L U E. Glue.
Leah: Pen.
Rachel: Pen! Finger spell it. P E N. Pen!
Alex: Pencil.
Rachel: Pencil! Like you are holding a pencil. Touch your lip, and then write. Pencil!

( Hopkins boings )

Rachel: Table! Your arms pat into a table shape. Table!

( Hopkins boings )

Rachel: Chair. Make your fingers sit on the chair. Tap it for ‘chair.’ Leave them sitting for ‘sit.’ Chair.
Leah: Backpack.
Rachel: Backpack. Show the straps of your backpack. Backpack.
Rachel: School. Clap your hands like the teacher getting the class’s attention. School!
Rachel: Line up. Your hands show a long line of people. You can line up this way, or you can line up this way. Line up!
Alex: Hopkins. ( angry, mad, grumpy, shouts, yells, screams and whispers to at once )
Rachel: Pay attention. Move your hands like you are showing someone what to pay attention to! Pay attention.
Rachel: Learn. Take the information from the page and put it in your head. Learn.
Rachel: Remember! Take your thumb from your forehead down to your other thumb. Like you’re remembering what’s in your head! Remember!
Rachel: Smart! Swing your middle finger up from your forehead showing how smart you are! Smart!
Rachel: Principal. Make a P for principal. Circle it and set it on your other hand. Principal!
Rachel: Teacher! Sign teach. Teach. And sign person. Teacher!
Rachel: Class! Make Cs for class and draw a circle with them. Class!
Rachel: Student! Sign learn and show that it is a person. A student is a person who learns. Student!
Rachel: Name. Using your first two fingers, you cross them. Name!
Rachel: Word! Thumb and pointer. One word or lots of words. Word.
Rachel: Write. It is just like you are holding a pen and writing. Write!
Rachel: Numbers! Twist your hands as you touch them together. Numbers.
Rachel: Count! Make an F and pretend that you are counting things in your hand. Count!
Rachel: Draw! Use your pinky and draw. Draw!
Rachel: Paint! Your hand moves just like a paintbrush. Paint!
Rachel: Read. Your two fingers trace the words on the page. Read.
Rachel: Quiet. Cross your hands and "shhh" all the noise. Quiet.
Rachel: Rest! Cross your arms over your chest and rest! Rest.
Rachel: Wow, I could sure some rest, too.

( light piano music playing begins and alarm rings )

Sign List[edit]


  1. Crayons - Alex and Leah are draws the crayons.
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper
  4. Glue
  5. Pen
  6. Pencil
  7. Table - Do NOT in the tablehall!
  8. Chair - Do NOT in the chairwall!
  9. Backpack

Song List:

  • Hello, Backpack
  1. School
  2. Line Up
  3. Pay Attention - ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Hopkins!!!''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  4. Learn
  5. Remember
  6. Smart

Song List:

  • Welcome to School
  1. Principal
  2. Teacher
  3. Class
  4. Student

The Learning Centers Song

Song List

1. Learn the Alphabet, ABC's

  1. Name
  2. Word
  3. Write

2. Learn Your Numbers

  1. Numbers
  2. Count

3. Draw Picture of Yourself

  1. Draw
  2. Paint

4. Listen Closely and Obey

  1. Read
  2. Quiet
  3. Rest

The Last of the Song:

  • I'm On My Way Home

The End

Season 2[edit]

Nice to Meet You [2.01][edit]

Rachel: My name is. Sign my: It’s a flat hand on your chest. My. Name: Your first two fingers tap the top of your other two fingers. They make a shape like an X. Sometimes you write your name by an X. Name. My name is. Then, you can say or sign your name. My name is Rachel!
Rachel: What is your name? Sign what. Put both hands palm up in front of you. What. Your. It's just like the sign for my but it pushes toward the other person. Your. Name. Sign the X. What is your name? What’s your name?
Rachel: Old. It’s like you’re showing the beard of an old man. Try it. Old.
Rachel: New. With a cupped hand, scoop something new off your palm. New.
Rachel: Nice to meet you. Sign nice. One palm moves nicely across the other palm. Nice! Meet. Pretend your pointers are two different people. When they come together they meet. Meet! You. Just point right at the person. You! Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
Rachel: Alike. Move your hand back and forth with your thumb and pinky. Move between the things that are alike. Sign it with me! Alike. It’s also the sign for same.
Rachel: Different! Cross your pointers then move your hands away from each other. Sign with me. Different. Different!
Rachel: Friend. Hook your pointers, then switch. Show me. Friend!
Rachel: How are you? Or, How are you doing? First, sign how. Put your fingers together, thumbs up, and then roll them forward. How. Then point: you. How are you? How are you?
Rachel: Fine. Or I am doing fine. Open your hand and tap your thumb on your chest. Fine! I am doing fine. First point to yourself and then sign fine. I am doing fine!
Leah and Alex: Stay.

( suitcase thuds and child laughs )

Rachel: Stay. Make a “Y” hand shape with both hands, put them out in front of you, and bring them down like you’re making something stay with your hands. Stay!
Rachel: Fun. Your first two fingers brush your nose and land on your other fingers. Fun!
Rachel: See you later. Make a two hand shape and touch it at your cheek. Bring it forward for see. See. Then sign later. Make an L and roll it forward. See you later. See you later!

Happy Birthday to You [2.02][edit]

Rachel: Happy birthday. This is happy. Your flat hand shows the happiness coming from your heart. Happy! And birthday. Your middle finger touches your chin then your chest. Birthday. Let's try it. Happy birthday. Sign it with me. Happy birthday. Great.
Rachel: Party! Sway your thumbs and pinkies like dancing at a party. Try it. Sign party! Party.
Rachel: Cake. With a C for cake, show a slice of cake on your hand. Mmm. Cake.
Rachel: Game. Your fists are like players coming together to play a game. Will you sign game with me? Game. Good job!
Rachel: Present or gift. Use a bent pointer to give the present to your friend. Do you like presents? I sure do. Sign present!
Rachel: Wish. With a curved hand, show the wish going down to your heart. Wish. Yep. Wish. Like you’re wishing for something really special. Wish.
Rachel: Hat. You can pat your head to show a hat, but this is a birthday party hat so it’s shaped like a cone. Hat! You try. Hat.
Rachel: Invite! When you invite someone, you’re asking them to join you. To sign invite, welcome them in. You try. Invite.
Rachel: Friend! Friends like to be together. To sign friend, hook your fingers together then switch them. Just like two friends close together. Hey friend! Let’s sign friend.
Rachel: Thank you. Doesn't it make you feel good when someone says thank you? You know they appreciate you. Signing thank you is easy. The thanks goes from me to you. Thank you.
Rachel: Candle. One hand is the candle and the other is the flame. Sign candle with me. Nice job!

Move and Groove [2.03][edit]

Alex and Leah: Dance.
Rachel: Dance! One hand is the floor. And use two fingers to show legs dancing. Try it with me. Dance!
Alex and Leah: Jump.
Rachel: Jump! One hand shows the ground. Use your two fingers to show legs jumping up and down. Jump! Your fingers are jumping!
Leah: Spin. ( giggles )
Rachel: Spin. Your fingers show a spinning motion. You can spin slow or fast! Spin!
Alex: Walk.
Rachel: Walk. Your hands are like your feet – walking. Walk. Did you sign it? Walk.
Rachel: Run. Your hands make two Ls. Then hook one of your pointers to your thumb and make them run! Try it with me. Hook your pointer and run. Run.
Alex and Leah: March.
Rachel: March. Show how you march with your arms. March! March, march, march, march, march.
Alex: Bike.
Rachel: Bike. Your hands are like the pedals of the bike going around and around. Move those pedals! Bike!
Alex: Hike.
Rachel: Hike. Make threes and hike them up the hill. Try it with me. Hike!

( laughs )

Rachel: Swim. Move your arms just like you’re swimming. Swim!
Rachel: Shake.
Rachel: Freeze.
Rachel: Sway.
Rachel: Kick.

My Favorite Season [2.04][edit]

Rachel: Seasons. Make an S for season, then circle it against your palm. Seasons. Seasons!
Rachel: Weather. Make Ws with both hands and wiggle them down. Weather.
Alex: It took my favorite!
Leah: Favorite.
Rachel: Favorite. Tap your middle finger on your chin. Favorite! Try it with me. Favorite.
Rachel: Summer. Use your finger to wipe the sweat from your forehead, because it sure gets hot in the summer. Sign it with me. Summer!
Leah: Hot.
Rachel: Hot. It's like you're pulling something hot out of your mouth. Hot. Let's sign it together. Hot!
Rachel: Autumn! Brush your elbow with your hand. Autumn. Sign autumn.
Rachel: Cool. Your hands are like fans cooling you down. Cool. Sign cool.
Rachel: Winter and cold. Pretend you’re shivering because it's so cold. Winter and cold.
Rachel: Spring. Show plants growing out of the ground. Spring. Sign spring!
Rachel: Warm. Your hand shows warm air coming out of your mouth. Sign it with me. Warm.
Rachel: Year. A year is when you’ve had all 4 seasons. Or, when 365 days pass. To sign year, stack your fists one on top of the other. Move your top fist over, under, and back on top. Year.


  1. Do don't like Hopkins is a cold ice? No!
  2. Do don't like Hopkins is a cold flower? No!
  3. Do don't like Hopkins is a ice skate? No!

Going Outside [2.05][edit]

Rachel: Open and close your hand as you move it further outside. Outside. Try it with me. Outside!
Rachel: Sun. Draw the sun and then show the rays. Sun.
Rachel: Flowers. First sign flower. It’s just like you are smelling a flower. Then show lots of flowers. Flowers!
Alex: Grass.
Rachel: Grass. Let the grass tickle your chin just like this. Grass!
Kid: No, Hopkins!
Rachel: Bug. Show the bug's antenna on your nose. Bug.
Rachel: Today. To sign today, make Ys with both hands, turn them upside down and bounce them twice. Today.
Rachel: Wind. Your hands show the wind blowing back and forth. Wind.
Rachel: Trees. Make a tree with your arm. When you twist it you’re showing a lot of trees. Trees.
Rachel: Leaves. Use your pointer to show the stem, and your hand is the leaf. Twist it to show leaves all over. Leaves.
Rachel: Sky. Use your hand to show the sky. Sky!
Rachel: Clouds. Make Cs with both hands and outline the clouds! Clouds.
Rachel: Rain. Your hands show the rain falling. Rain!
Rachel: Thunder. Point to your ear and then make fists to show the loud thunder. Thunder. Okay! That’s enough thunder!
Rachel: Snow! Use your fingers to show snowflakes drifting down. Snow!

Days of the Week [2.06][edit]

Rachel: Day. Your finger is like the sun going across the sky. Day.
Rachel: Week. Your finger crossing your palm shows the whole week. Week.
Rachel: Sunday. Put your hands up, palms out, and circle them. Sunday! Sign it with me. Sunday.
Rachel: Monday. Make an M. Now turn it towards you and circle it. Monday.
Rachel: Tuesday. Make a T. Now turn it towards you and circle it. Tuesday.
Rachel: Wednesday. Make a W. Now turn it towards you and circle it. Wednesday.
Rachel: Thursday. Make a T and then an H. You try. Thursday.
Rachel: Friday. Make an F. Now turn it towards you and circle it. Friday.
Rachel: Saturday. Make an S. Now turn it around and circle it. Saturday.
Rachel: Weekend. Sign week. Your finger crossing your palm shows the whole week. Then drop your hand to show the end. Weekend. Show me weekend. Nice job!
Rachel: Again. One hand is flat out in front of you. The other hand meets it in the middle. Again. Let's sign it again. Again!
Rachel: Calendar. One hand is the paper, and the other hand shows the squares on the paper. On a calendar you can see all the days of the week. Calendar. Try it with me. Calendar.

My Favorite Sport [2.07][edit]

Rachel: Team. A team is a group of people who work together. Make Ts with both hands and bring them around in a circle. Team.
Rachel: Football. Your hands meet together for a huddle. Football.
Rachel: Practice! Your closed hand moves back and forth on your pointer. When you practice, you practice over and over again! Practice.
Rachel: Baseball. Just pretend you’re holding a baseball bat. Baseball. Show me the sign. Baseball.
Alex: ( whistle blows ) All right, frogs. You listen up. I want to see some really good hustling up there. So, let's get up there and show that who's boss! ( whistle blows ) Coach.
Rachel: Coach. Tap your fingers on your shoulder. Coach! Because the coach is in charge. Coach.
Rachel: Sports. With your thumbs up, your hands compete against each other. Sports. Try it! Sports.
Rachel: Soccer. Your hand kicks at the bottom of the other hand. Soccer. It’s also the sign for kick. Soccer!
Rachel: Lose. Make a 2 and bring it down on your flat hand. Lose.
Rachel: Win. One hand grabs the win from the other hand. Win. Let’s do it one more time. Win.
Rachel: Basketball. Make threes and put your hands up like you’re holding a basketball. Get ready to throw it! Basketball. Swish.
Rachel: Game. Your fists go head to head. Game. Try it with me. Game.

My House [2.08][edit]

Rachel: Kitchen. Using the letter K, sign cook. Like you’re flipping your food. Cook with a K. Kitchen.
Rachel: Refrigerator. Just sign R E F, the first three letters of refrigerator. R E F. Refrigerator.
Rachel: Freezer. Sign freeze and open the freezer door. Now you try it. Freezer.
Rachel: Stove. Just finger-spell it, S-T-O-V-E. Stove.
Rachel: Sink. Your hands turn on the water, just like turning on the water at a sink. Sink.
Rachel: Family room. Make the sign for family: two Fs and bring them around in a circle. Then sign room: showing all the walls of the room. Family room. Family room.
Rachel: Sofa. Show the legs of all the people sitting on the sofa. Sofa.
Rachel: Rug. Rug is only 3 letters, so you just finger spell it. R U G. Rug. Rug!
Rachel: Table. Your arms show the top of a table. Table. Sign it with me. Table!
Rachel: TV. You sign T-V. It’s that easy! Sign TV. TV.
Rachel: Bathroom. Make a T and shake it from side to side. It’s also the sign for toilet. There’s always a toilet in the bathroom. Bathroom or toilet.
Rachel: Bathtub. You sign bath like you’re washing your body and then you finger spell tub: T U B. Bathtub. Bathtub.
Rachel: Shower. Show the water spraying down on your head, just like water coming down in the shower. Shower.

My Things [2.09][edit]

Rachel: Clean up. Use one hand to clean everything off the other one. Clean up. Try it with me. Clean up!
Rachel: Room. Use your hands to show the walls of the room. Room. Now you try it. Room. Nice job!
Rachel: Make the bed. First your head rests on your hands like a pillow. Then use both hands to tuck in the sheets! Try it with me. Make the bed! Great job.
Rachel: Shoes. Knock your fists together. Shoes. Let's sign it together. Shoes.
Rachel: Toys. You finger spell: T-O-Y-S. Toys. Let’s try it together. Toys.
Rachel: Books! Your hands open just like a book. Keep opening your hands to show more and more books. You can show a stack of books or books on a shelf. Books. Sign it with me. Books!
Rachel: Blocks. Use your hands to show the shape of the blocks. Blocks. Let's try it together. Blocks.
Rachel: Coat. Use both fists to pull on your coat. Coat. Sign it with me. Coat. Nice work!
Rachel: Mittens! It’s just like you’re sliding your hands into the mittens. Can you sign mittens? Mittens.
Rachel: Hat. You can pat your head to show where your hat goes. Or you can show what kind of hat it is. If it’s a winter hat, the sign looks like you’re pulling a warm hat on your head. Hat. Try it with me. Hat!
Rachel: Socks. Rub both pointers together pointing down at your socks. Sign it with me. Socks.
Rachel: Closet. Use your finger to show hangers hanging up in your closet. Sign closet with me. Closet.

Helping Out Around the House [2.10][edit]

Rachel: Help. Put your fist, thumb up, on a flat hand, and bring it up. Help.
Rachel: Wash clothes. To sign wash clothes or do the wash, your hands show the clothes rotating in the washer. Wash clothes.
Rachel: Fold! Just pretend that you are folding clothes. Fold.
Rachel: Washcloth. Hold the washcloth in one hand and wash your face with it. Washcloth.
Rachel: Towel. It’s just like you’re holding a towel and drying your back! Towel.
Rachel: Socks. Point your fingers down pointing at your socks, and brush them together. Socks.
Rachel: Clear the table! Sign table. Your arms show the flat surface of the table. Then sign clean up. Clear the table. Great!
Rachel: Do the dishes. One hand is the dish and the other hand washes it. Do the dishes.
Rachel: Sweep. One hand is the floor, and the other hand sweeps everything away. Sweep!
Rachel: Broom. Hold the handle of the broom with both hands and sweep. Broom.
Rachel: Dustpan. Pretend one hand is the dustpan and use the other hand to sweep everything into it. Dustpan.
Rachel: Vacuum. It’s just like you’re holding the handle of the vacuum and vacuuming! Vacuum.
Rachel: Dust. It’s just like you’re holding a cloth and dusting. Try it with me. Dust!

Once Upon a Time [2.11][edit]

Rachel: Once upon a time. Many stories start this way. It means a long time ago in the past. Once upon a time. Your hands move into the past. Once upon a time.
Rachel: Beginning or start. It’s like you’re putting a key in and turning it. Start or beginning.
Rachel: Story. Use your hands to tell a story. Try it. Story.
Rachel: Together. Put your fists, thumbs up, together, and then circle them. Together!
Rachel: Read. Your two fingers read the words on the page. Read.
Rachel: Page. It’s like you’re holding a book and turning the page with your thumb. Sign it with me. Page!
Rachel: Word. Use your thumb and pointer to tap the word. Word.
Rachel: Book. It's like you're holding a book and you open it up. It's easy. Just open the book. Book.
Rachel: Write. It is just like you are holding a pencil and writing. Write.
Rachel: Learn! Your hand takes the information from the page and puts it in your head. Learn!
Rachel: Favorite. Your middle finger taps your chin. Can you sign favorite? Favorite.

Box of Crayons [2.12][edit]

Rachel: Red! Your finger slides from your lips down your chin. Red! Because your lips are red. Red.
Rachel: Yellow. Make a Y for yellow and shake it. Do it with me. Yellow.
Child: She has Alex's shirt.
Rachel: Orange. Open and close your fist under your chin just like you’re squeezing an orange. Orange.
Rachel: Green! It’s the letter G and you shake it. Try it with me. Green.
Rachel: Crayons. First sign color. Wiggle your fingers on your chin. And then write, like you're writing. Crayons.
Rachel: Blue! Make a B for blue and shake it. Have you got it? Let me see. Good. Blue.
Rachel: Pink. Make the letter P for pink, and brush it down your chin. Let me see you try. Great job! Pink.
Child: Puprle is Leah's color.
Rachel: Purple! It’s the letter P and you shake it. Let me see you try. Very good! Purple.
Rachel: White. Pretend you’re pulling the white ruffles on your shirt. Show me white. That was great! White.
Rachel: Excuse me. Excuse me! Our next color is black. Draw your pointer across your forehead. It’s easy! Black!
Rachel: Brown. Bring the letter B down the side of your face. Let's try it! Brown. Sign it with me. Brown.
Rachel: Silver. Touch your ear like you’re pointing to a silver earring. Then make an S for silver and twist it down. Silver! Try it! Touch your ear. S. That’s silver!
Rachel: Gold! Touch your ear like you’re pointing to a gold earring. Then sign yellow all the way down. You sign yellow because gold is a yellowish color. Try it! Touch your ear. Yellow. That’s the sign for gold.


Part 1

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Green

Part 2

  1. Blue
  2. Pink
  3. Purple
  4. White

Part 3

  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Sliver
  4. Gold

Who Has The Frog? [2.13][edit]

Alex: Hopkins is our frog. Have you seen our frog?
Leah: Frog.
Rachel: Frog. Put your hand under your chin and flick your first two fingers out. Frog. This is also Hopkins' name sign. Frog or Hopkins.
Alex We've lost Hopkins.
Leah: Lost.
Rachel: Lost. It’s like you’re holding something, then you drop it, and it’s lost. Lost.
Alex: Knock, knock.
Leah: Who's there?
Alex: Zany.
Rachel: Who. Put your thumb at your chin and bend your pointer as you ask, who? Who.
Alex: Hopkins!
Leah: Hopkins!

( treasure chest closing )

Rachel: Where. Wave your pointer back and forth. Where? Alex and Leah are in the treehouse. Where are you? Where.
Rachel: How. Put your fists together with your thumbs up. Roll your hands forward and open. How!
Rachel: Why. Touch your hand at the top of your head. Bring your hand down into a Y shape. Why? Why.
Rachel: When. Your pointer is like the hands of a clock. Your other pointer draws the circle of the clock around it. When.
Rachel: Find. It’s like you find something. And look! It’s the letter F. Find starts with F. Find.
Rachel: Which. Thumbs up and make a choice. This one? Or this one? Which.
Rachel: What. Put your hands out and ask – what? That sign is so simple; people use it even if they don’t know sign language! What.
Rachel: Guess! Open your hand and grab the answer out of the air. Guess.

the end


  1. Who
  2. Where
  3. How

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My First Signs

  1. Eat
  2. Food
  3. Milk - Leche
  4. Water - Agua
  5. Ball - Pelota
  6. More
  7. Bird
  8. Cat
  9. Dog
  10. Fish
  11. Car - Auto
  12. Airplane - Avión
  13. Want
  14. Shoe - Zapato
  15. Flower - Flor
  16. Mom
  17. Dad no! bye!
  18. Baby
  19. Sleep - Dormir

Playtime Signs

  1. Friend
  2. Play
  3. Train - Tren
  4. Doll - Muñeca
  5. Bike - Biciceta
  6. Bear - Oso
  7. Please
  8. Share
  9. Your Turn
  10. My Turn
  11. Thank You
  12. Book - Libro
  13. Read - Leer
  14. Sock - Calcetin
  15. Yes
  16. No
  17. Thirsty - Sedienta
  18. Drink - Beber
  19. Dirty - Sucia
  20. Clean - Limpia
  21. Potty - Orinal
  22. Wash Hands - Lavavrse Las Manos
  23. Bath - Bañera
  24. Hurt - Herida
  25. Sorry - Lo Siento
  26. Stop - Parar
  27. Go - Vamos
  28. Wait - Esperar
  29. Grandma
  30. Grandpa

Everyday Signs

  1. Hungry
  2. Apple - Manzana
  3. Cookie Galleta
  4. Cereal - Cereal
  5. Banana - Plátano
  6. Bread - Pan
  7. Cheese - Queso
  8. Cracker - Galleta
  9. Ice Cream - Helado
  10. Candy - Caramelo
  11. Help - Ayuda
  12. Full - Completa
  13. Hot - Calienta
  14. Cold - Frío
  15. Dry - Seca
  16. Wet - Mojada
  17. Like
  18. Don't Like
  19. Day - Día
  20. Sun - Sol
  21. Night - Noche
  22. Moon - Luna
  23. Star - Estrella
  24. Happy
  25. Laugh
  26. Sad
  27. Cry
  28. Boy
  29. Girl

Family, Feeling and Fun

  1. House
  2. Home
  3. Family
  4. Brother
  5. Sister
  6. Son
  7. Daughter
  8. Uncle
  9. Aunt
  10. Cousin
  11. Tree - Arbol
  12. Wind - Vienta
  13. Leaf - Hojas
  14. Grass - Cesped
  15. Cloud - Nube
  16. Rain - Nieve
  17. Snow - Nieve
  18. Coat - Chaqueta
  19. Boot - Bota
  20. Glove - Guante
  21. Hat - Somberero
  22. Feelings
  23. Grumpy
  24. Surprise
  25. Silly
  26. Scared
  27. Excited
  28. Sick
  29. Love
  30. I Love You
  31. Mom
  32. Dad
  33. Grandpa
  34. Grandma
  35. Bug - Instecto
  36. Spider - Arańa
  37. Butterfly - Mariposa
  38. Tired
  39. Proud
  40. Sad
  41. Happy

ABC Signs

  1. Alex and All

The Great Outdoors

  1. Backyard
  2. Explore
  3. Tent
  4. Trail
  5. Bridge
  6. Stream
  7. Forest
  8. Mountain
  9. Porcupine
  10. Raccoon
  11. Deer
  12. Bear
  13. Owl
  14. Skunk
  15. Beaver
  16. Wolf
  17. Eagle
  18. Fox
  19. Bug
  20. Ant
  21. Fly
  22. Spider
  23. Bee
  24. Worm
  25. Mosquito
  26. Caterpillar
  27. Butterfly

Signing Time Treehouse[edit]

Signing Time Christmas


Sign List[edit]

  1. Christmas
  2. Christmas Tree
  3. Candle
  4. Bell
  5. Candy Cane
  6. Decorate
  7. Holiday
  8. Light
  9. Wreath
  10. Ornament
  11. Star
  12. Christmas Card
  13. Pajamas
  14. Cookie
  15. Give
  16. Wrap
  17. Box
  18. Bow
  19. Gift
  20. Present
  21. Thank You
  22. Santa Clause
  23. Elf
  24. Elves
  25. Toy
  26. Toys
  27. Snow
  28. Sleigh - Away!
  29. Reindeer
  30. Stocking
  31. Chimney
  32. Christmas Eve
  33. Family
  34. Friend
  35. Party
  36. Carol
  37. Song
  38. Joy
  39. Love
  40. Peace
  41. Angel
  42. Mary
  43. Joseph
  44. Baby
  45. Jesus
  46. Manger
  47. Shepherd
  48. Star
  49. Night
  50. Wisemen
  51. Holy
  52. Over
  53. Home
  54. Celebrate
  55. Merry Christmas
  56. Gone

Song List[edit]

( Signs of Christmas music playing )


Leah: Christmas tree.

( O Christmas Tree plays )

Both: Candle.

( Christmas music plays )

Both: Bells

( bells ringing )

Alex: Candy cane. Mmm.

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