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Bad Girls Club (BGC) is an American reality television series created by Jonathan Murray. The show focuses on the altercations and physical confrontations of seven highly aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women. Each of the women tend to have psychological and behavioral problems.

2:00 A.M. Somewhere in Vegas Girl:Bitch try me.

  • Slapping and punching*


1.1 Welcome to Vegas Bitch!!!! LoRenna:I'm a crazy bitch!!! *Picture freezes* "The Ghetto Fabulous" I'm from Boston so watch out.

  • Enters House*

LoRenna:This house is crackin.

  • All the girls enter the house*

Lindasy:Let's Go To The Club.

  • Girls Enter the limo*

Maria's confessional:I'm ready to blow Las Vegas out.

  • Enters Club*

LoRenna:*Dances* Catlina:*Looks at LoRenna* Trashy. Karina:*Whispers to LoRenna* She called you trashy. LoRenna:Really??? I'm a f her up. LoRenna's Confessional:She called me trashy say to my face Wh***.

  • Goes to limo*

LoRenna:Fake ass Bitches. Catalina:I'm a fake ass bitch. *Looks at her* LoRenna:Bitch you are. *Gets in her face* Catalina's Confessional:Is this bitch drunk. Catalina:*Pushes her* Bitch you need to chill.

  • Enters Limo*

Karina:I'm going to be honest I did tell her that you called her trashy Catalina. Maria:It's stupid shit either way. *Fixes hair*