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Basuti Gerty Bolo grew up in the village of Mathangwane, Botswana. She is a space scientist and multi award winner for her role in technological development. She runs multiple initiatives that aim to empower women and girls, reduce gender inequality, promote women in entrepreneurship, leadership and use of technology for sustainability.


  • Whatever an whenever I do something, I do it for the best and benefit of others, my culture my country, and my continent and for the world. My focus is not on winning but on learning, gaining experiences and networking with other women who can be my role models and mentors that I can work with together as a team to address global challenges.
  • Driving my goals is one of the most important things, my passion is to see more women into technology and to reduce gender inequality in the sector, and also to promote Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for girls and women.
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