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Being is a broad concept encompassing objective and subjective features of reality and existence.


  • Wir kommen für die Götter zu spät und zu
früh fürs Sein. Das Gedicht des Seins, erst
begonnen, ist der Mensch.
  • We are too late for the gods
and too early for being
being’s poem, just begun, is man.
  • Λέγω δὴ τὸ καὶ ὁποιανοῦν τινα κεκτημένον δύναμιν εἴτ᾿ εἰς τὸ ποιεῖν ἕτερον ὁτιοῦν πεφυκὸς εἴτ᾿ εἰς τὸ παθεῖν καὶ σμικρότατον ὑπὸ τοῦ φαυλοτάτου, κἂν εἰ μόνον εἰς ἅπαξ, πᾶν τοῦτο ὄντως εἶναι· τίθεμαι γὰρ ὅρον ὁρίζειν τὰ ὄντα, ὡς ἔστιν οὐκ ἄλλο τι πλὴν δύναμις.
    • I'm saying that a thing really is if it has any capacity at all, either by nature to do something to something else or to have even the smallest thing done to it by even the most trivial thing, even if it only happens once. I'll take it as a definition that those which are amount to nothing other than capacity.
      • Plato, Sophist, 247e, as translated by Nicholas P. White, in Plato: Complete Works (1997), p. 269

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