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This is Hon. Senator Beth Mugo.

Beth Wambui Mugo (born 11 July 1939 in Kiambu district) is a Kenyan politician. She belongs to Party of National Unity (Kenya)|Party of National Unity and was elected to represent the Dagoretti Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya in the 2007 Kenyan parliamentary election.[1]


  • We read in the press all the time about billions of shillings being embezzled. Of course the money is used by some people for personal reasons. It could be because of their lifestyle. We know that they drive big cars and live in mansions. They also have other things to show off that they are in another level. Some of them have not even worked for years to amass their wealth. Most of them have worked for few years because you can tell how old they are. If we want the fight against corruption to materialize and take effect, we must support this Bill. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, our hospitals lack medicine to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, cardio illnesses and many others. This is because a few people have embezzled money meant for medicine so that they live a luxurious life. They do not care about patients who eventually die because they cannot afford the medicine. Medicine should be available in public hospitals for free or subsidized prices. Mothers and old people in Gatundu Hospital which is a big hospital are crying due to lack of medicine.
    • As quoted in the article [1] by Mzalendo; on Tuesday, 10th March, 2020 At 2.30 P.m

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