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Kenya is a country in Africa.


  • Every state organ must respect the government of the day and TSC is no different. They should understand that the country belongs to teachers who are voters, human beings and workers just like other Kenyans and therefore their rights should not be violated. The government should not encroach and snatch deductions in favour of the two medical bodies. As a matter of fact, teachers have never received quality medical services since NHIF deductions started and we would like them to leave us alone to decide where we should head to.
  • The prime minister of Canada had to apologise to the Indians… the other day the prime minister of Australia apologised [for historical injustices]. There is something useful in that apology. Although I wasn't involved during the 2007-2008 [crisis]… I say I apologise for what has happened as a leader of this nation something has gone wrong.
  • The terrorists could be running and hiding in some stores, but all floors now are under our control. There is no room for escape.

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