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Beverly Hills Cop III is the second sequel to Beverly Hills Cop. Released in 1994, it was directed by John Landis and starred Eddie Murphy as street-wise cop Axel Foley. After his police chief is murdered, Axel pursues the killer to Beverly Hills and uncovers a link between him and a theme park.

Axel Foley[edit]

  • [To his team] Ok everybody's ready here ok, nobody need to take a nervous piss or nothing right? We got this? Ok? Let's mount up.
  • [To CIA Agents] Police Officer trying to catch a goddamned killer! Move it! Move it! Get the fuck out of my way! I'm a cop!
  • [To Wonderworld Park Security] You know you should have your tailor cut your jackets a little wider in the chest, that way your gun won't bulge in the back.
  • I told you I was investigating a crime, and I think I'm in the right place as I've been here ten minutes and I've already been shot at.

Billy Rosewood[edit]

  • [Door Knocking] Come in. [Door Knocking] It's Open. [Door Knocking, Billy goes to the door. Opens blinds] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Axel Foley!

John Flint[edit]

  • And Axel, Don't forget. We play by the rules down here.I've heard Taggart's stories.
  • Turn that fucking song off!


Axel Foley: Boss I cancelled the SWAT team.
Inspector Todd: You what? I wouldn't raid a church bingo game without SWAT!
[Then later]
Axel Foley: Do you think we should have used SWAT?
Detective: Fuck SWAT.
Axel Foley: That's what I said. "Fuck SWAT."
[Later again, after the raid is gone to hell]
Detective: We should have called SWAT!

[On Inspector Todd to his widow]
Axel Foley: His last words where about you.
Mrs Todd: That does not sound like my Douglas, Axel. Try again.
Axel Foley: [Resigned] Actually, his last words were "Axel, are you on a coffee break? Go get that son of bitch." Those were his last words.
Mrs Todd: [Nodding] That sounds like my Douglas.
Axel Foley: Yeah and it sounds like a good idea too.

[Whilst hanging from a tall fairground ride]
Woman: Are you alright?
Axel Foley: [Breathless] Yeah I'm ok, just don't let go.

[On the appearance of Todd's Killer, Ellis De Wald]
Axel Foley: That's the fucking guy I'm looking for!
Ellis De Wald: Orrin, do want to tell me what's going on here?
Axel Foley: Fucking guy shot a Detriot police officer last weekend.
Ellis De Wald: Last weekend? I was at my beach house in Laguna last weekend.
Axel Foley: Your beach home in Laguna? [Beat] Wait. Wait. I think I got the wrong guy. I'm sorry. This is a big misunderstanding. [Security releases him] I know you were at beach...[Charges Ellis again, gets held back by Security] There weren't no beach house you motherfucker!
Orrin Sanderson: [Into intercom] Miss Bruce? Call the police.
Miss Bruce: [Voice-over] They just walked in!
[Flint enters]
Flint: Axel?
Axel Foley: That's the guy, that's the killer!
Flint: Ellis De Wald?!
[Door flies open and hits Flint]
Billy Rosewood: Axel?

[Axel is inspecting some suspicious paper]
Axel Foley: [To Flint] Man, you got a fifty dollar bill?
John Flint: I got a wife and three kids, I haven't seen a fifty in twelve years.
Axel Foley: [To Billy] You got a fifty dollar bill?
Billy Rosewood: When will I get it back?
Axel Foley: Man! Give me fifty dollars!

Janice: Hey. I don't think you've seen the Tunnel of Love ride. Have you Axel?
Axel Foley: [Coy] Well I didn't know you had a Tunnel of Love ride at Wonderworld.
Janice: Oh there will be shortly.
Axel Foley: Aha!
Janice: Aha!

Quotes about Beverly Hills Cop III[edit]

  • Cop 3 was a very strange experience. The script wasn't any good, but I figured, "So what? I'll make it funny with Eddie." I mean, one of the worst scripts I ever read was the [original] Beverly Hills Cop. It was a piece of shit, that script. But the movie's very funny because Eddie Murphy and Martin Brest made it funny. Everything funny in that movie is not in the screenplay, so I thought, "Well, we'll do that."
  • But then I discovered on the first day when I started giving Eddie some shtick, he said, “You know, John… Axel Foley is an adult now. He’s not a wiseass anymore.” So, with Beverly Hills Cop 3, I had this strange experience where he was very professional, but he just wasn’t funny. I would try to put him in funny situations, and he would find a way to step around them. It’s an odd movie. There are things in it I like, but it’s an odd movie.


Eddie Murphy - Axel Foley
Judge Reinhold - Billy Rosewood
Hector Elizondo - John Flint
Timothy Carhart - Ellis De Wald
Theresa Randle - Janice


  • In for the ride of his life!

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