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Bhishma (Devanāgari: भीष्‍म) is a major character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, and is well-known for his pledge of celibacy.


  • My oath is not for myself. My dharma is far beyond my own selfishness and more important than your life. Forgive me for what has happened if you can. You may remain here in our city for the rest of your life and your every comfort will be seen to. But as for marrying you, Amba, that I cannot do.

Quotes about Bhishma[edit]

  • They called him Bhishma, one who was terribly harsh on himself, without anyone forcing him to take such a step.
    • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in: Mahabharat Ep7: Devavrata Becomes Bhishma
  • Krishna was meditating, when Yudhishtra approached Him and asked Him of whom He was thinking. The Lord replied that He was thinking of Bhishma, the best of His devotees, and the one who was always thinking of Him. How great should a person be to have himself described in such glowing terms by the Lord Himself!

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