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Big Wednesday is a 1978 American coming of age film directed by John Milius. Milius co-wrote Big Wednesday with Denny Aaberg, and it is loosely based on their own experiences at Malibu and a short story Aaberg had published in a 1974 Surfer Magazine entitled "No Pants Lance." The picture stars Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt and Gary Busey as California surfers facing life, the Vietnam War, and use of the ever-changing surf as a metaphor for the changes in life.


Girl at Party: You've got a great figure.
Peggy: Thank you. You too.
Girl at Party: Is that a padded bra?
Peggy: No, this is all me.
Girl at Party: God.
Peggy: You should try a padded bra.
Girl at Party: I have one on.

Matt: I don't want to be a star. Have my picture in magazines, have a bunch of kids looking up to me. I'm a drunk, Bear, a screw up. I just surf because it's good to go out and ride with your friends. I don't even have that anyone.

[Waxer pretends to be homosexual to avoid being drafted]
Sergeant: Are you a homosexual?
Waxer: Well, I guess I am. I wrote it down, "Homosexual Tendencies: Yes." Yes.
Sergeant: Well, you're just going to love it in the United States Army. There's lots of men there. And they get real close in foxholes and tanks, and in combat. Get him out of here and process him in the Marine Corps.
Waxer: If you send me to Vietnam, I'll just die.

[Leroy the Masochist pretends to be insane to avoid being drafted]
Psychologist: I see here they call you a masochist.
Leroy: I like pain.
Psychologist: Can you be specific? What kind of pain do you like?
Leroy: Any kind of pain.
Psychologist: Such as?
Leroy: I like fights, I've done through windows, I've eaten light bulbs, I like sharks, any kind of blood. If you gave me a gun, I'd shoot you in the face just to see what it looked like when the bullet hit.

Matt: You know, Mrs. Barlow. There's something I'd like straighten out.
Mrs. Barlow: What's that, Matt?
Matt: Well, I did a lot of things around here I'm kind of ashamed of. I tore up your lawn with my '40 Ford...
Mrs. Barlow: Many times.
Matt: Took my pants off in front of your friends...
Mrs. Barlow: Oh, yes.
Matt: And I even passed out in your closet, but I never, and I don't know who could have if I didn't, but I never, and I repeat never, ever pissed in your steam iron.

Bear: That's the lemon next to the pie.

Leroy: Why don't you get back to Burbank!

Spectator: Hey, do you surf, man? Are you a surfer?
Bear: Oh, no... Not me, I'm just a garbage man.

Leroy: He ain't no hodad Squidlips!

Leroy: More beer!

Narrator, Fly: Stay casual, Barlow.


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