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The Market House, near to Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, Great Britain

Biggleswade is a market town and civil parish located on the River Ivel in Bedfordshire, England.


  • Thy road, my Biggleswade, deserving draws
    From the pleas'd traveller his just applause;
    Nor less the lucid stream that laves thy side
    Deck'd in the flowing pomp of ready pride;
    Wether for gain, or in the finny line
    For on thy eels, good gods, how we did dine!
  • Pleasantly situated on the Ivel and furnished with commodious Inns.
  • Biggleswade, the next market town we visited, is situated in a most pleasent manner, on the banks of the river Ivel, over which there is a good stone bridge and lighters come up with coal to the town.
    • N. Spencer,Complete English Traveller, 1772
  • Biggleswade after all for my money. with its young
    Rabbits, and silver eels; a sandy flat soil to ride upon.
  • The Church was built in 1230. The parishoners are free tenants and all have equal rights to any of the seats. Thus it should ever be. In the sight of god all distinctions are levelled. For this privilege however the inhabitants are constrained to repair and rebuild the church when necessary.
    • F.W. Brayley and J. Brittom, Beauties of England and Wales, 1801
  • The neat and respectable appearance of the town may in a great measure be ascribed to a terrible fire that happended upon the 16th June 1785.
    • Edward Mogg, Patersons Roads, 1829
  • With the revival of the popularity of the road in the pursuit of healthful and enjoyable exercise,cycli ng, a new era of prosperity has set in for the old town … now the favourite rendevous of wheelmen from all parts on tour through the district.
    • Illustrated Bedfordshire, 1895
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