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Simmonds in 2013

Billy Simmonds (born 21 November 1980) is an Australian entrepreneur, martial artist, bodybuilder, performer and winner of the 2009 INBA Mr. Universe title.


  • Vegan Body­build­ing is not on­ly pos­si­ble, it’s op­ti­mal. Within three years from first lift­ing weights prop­er­ly and walk­ing on a Body­building stage as a novice, I had won Mr. Universe and be­come a Pro Body­builder. Steroids? Meat? Not a chance.
    • Interview with Living Vegan magazine (Au­tumn 2012); quoted in "Billy Simmonds", Not Your Typical TreeHugger.
  • As a teenager I started to learn about what was on my plate – where it came from and what it was doing to my body. I became vegetarian then later on vegan. … Each and every person who decides to be vegan makes a massive difference. From literally saving animals from suffering and death, to improving their health and the environmental benefits – being vegan means seeing the bigger picture and saying I'm going to do what I can and take a stand. … I'm motivated by being the best example I can of what can be achieved physically and ethically. I strive to excel in what I love doing and don't believe in the idea that I can't be strong and muscular because I'm vegan, that I can't be fast or flexible because I'm a bodybuilder, and that one person can't make a difference.

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