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A man choses, a slave obeys.
They told me, "Son, you're special, you were born to do great things." You know what? They were right.
We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.
Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? "No," says the man in Washington, "it belongs to the poor."
"No," says the man in the Vatican, "it belongs to God."
"No," says the man in Moscow, "it belongs to everyone."
I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor; where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality; where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.

BioShock is a 2007 game released on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game chronicles a plane crash survivor, as he traverses the remnants of the underwater city of Rapture and the consequent exploration of the events behind the now-dystopian society originally founded as an Objectivist utopia.

In 2010 it received a sequel, BioShock 2.


  • They told me, "Son, you're special, you were born to do great things." You know what? They were right.


  • Would you kindly pick up that shortwave radio? [when the player does so] I don't know how you survived that plane crash, but I've never been one to question Providence. I'm Atlas, and I aim to keep you alive. Now keep on moving... we're gonna have to get you to higher ground. Take a deep breath and step out of the Bathysphere. I won't leave you twisting in the wind.
  • Now, would you kindly find a crowbar or something? Bloody Splicers sealed Johnny in before they... Goddamn Splicers.
  • Listen – I've got a family. I need to get them out of here. But the Splicers have cut me off from them. If you can reach them in Neptune's Bounty, then maybe, just maybe... I know you must feel like the unluckiest man in the world right now, but you're the only hope I'll ever see my wife and child again. Go to Neptune's Bounty... Find my family... Please.
  • Plasmids changed everything. They destroyed our bodies, our minds. We couldn't handle it. Best friends butchering one another, babies strangled in cribs. The whole city went to hell.
  • Careful now... Would you kindly lower that weapon for a minute? [when the player sees the Little Sister harvesting a corpse] You think that's a child down there? Don't be fooled. She's a Little Sister now. Somebody went and turned a sweet baby girl into a monster. Whatever you thought about right and wrong on the surface, well, that don't count for much down in Rapture. Those Little Sisters, they carry ADAM – the genetic material that keeps the wheels of Rapture turning. Everybody wants it; everybody needs it. [a Splicer approaches the Little Sister, who then screams, causing the Big Daddy to appear] That's the Big Daddy. She gathers ADAM, he keeps her safe.
  • [after the player escapes from the Welcome Center] Now you've met Andrew Ryan, the bloody King of Rapture. Now find your way to Emergency Access.
  • If you want to use the Emergency Access, you'll be needing Dr. Steinman's key. He's the one what runs this place. But I don't expect him to hand it to you out of the milk of human kindness. Steinman ain't that kind, and frankly, I'm not even sure he's still human.
  • All roads in Rapture lead to Ryan. The security, the Splicers, the Big Daddies, the Little Sisters: he pumps some kind of chemical scent in the air, pheromones they call it, makes them all dance to his tune.
  • [encountering the first Little Sister to either harvest or rescue] Listen, boyo: You won't survive without the ADAM those... Things... Are carrying. Are you prepared to trade your life, the lives of my wife and child for Tenenbaum's little Frankensteins?
  • [if the player chooses to harvest the first Little Sister] That ADAM should do the trick. You did the right thing. Just remember: them things aren't people no more. And it's Dr. Tenenbaum they've got to thank for it.
  • [if the player chooses to save the first Little Sister] Tenenbaum's playing you for a sap. Those things may look like wee little girls, but looks don't make it so. You'll need all the ADAM you can get to survive.
  • Now you've had the pleasure of Andrew Ryan's company. He's the one who built this place, and he's the one who run it into the ground. Nobody knows exactly what happened. Maybe he went mad. Maybe the power got to him. Maybe he just decided he didn't like people. Whichever way you slice it, good men died.
  • [about Peach Wilkins] Grown man, jumping at ghosts. Fontaine's dead and everybody knows it. In the ground for months, and half the place still jumping at his shadow. Christ, even Ryan. You never mind all that. We got work to do.
  • Me wife, Moira – she's a right pain in the neck. But she's a beauty and she means the world to me. I can't help but feel God's punishing me for bringing her and Patrick to this place. I thought this would be a better life for us. Can you imagine a bigger fool than that?
  • [devastated] Moira... Patrick... Ain't that just like Ryan. Waits until we're almost out, and then he pulls the string! We'll find the bastard! We'll find him and we'll tear his heart out!
  • [when the player encounter propaganda posters about him] You might hear things about me, see my name about. Think what you will. There was a time when I cared about politics, but it's just an excuse men use to kill one another. I'm done with all that. I just want to see the sunlight again.
  • I'm gonna need you to listen to me. I'm no sort of botanist, but I think Ryan has just killed Arcadia. The man's put something foul into the air. Bottom of the ocean, boyo. All the oxygen comes from the trees. No trees, no oxygen. Give me a spell to think... Ryan's woman in Arcadia is an old betty named Langford. An okay sort, but not above doing a dirty job for a dollar. If she's still kicking around, I'm sure she's gonna want to save her trees. After all, she planted the damn things.
  • [after Ryan poisons Langford] Every time we get a yard ahead, Ryan goes and moves the goal line down to the other side of the field!
  • [about the Splicers] Why do they wear those masks? Maybe there's a part of them that remembers how they used to be, how they used to look. And they're ashamed.
  • Ryan's handed the keys to Fort Frolic over to a guy named Sander Cohen. Cohen's an artist, says some. He's a Section Eight, says I. I've seen all kinds of cutthroats, freaks, and hard cases in my life, but Cohen, he's a real lunatic, a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath...
  • [after completing Sander Cohen's masterpiece] What happened to you? I've been trying to raise you for a dog's age. Never mind. Would you kindly leg it over to the 'sphere and head to Hephaestus? It's time to settle up with Ryan.
  • Watch yourself. Ryan's stirring. We best keep to our knitting. It's time to either run the table or go home empty. Ryan's got the genetic key to Rapture. We get that from him and we get out of this hellhole. We don't, then you and I are ghosts. Now, would you kindly head to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch? It's time to finish this.
  • Hurry now, grab Ryan's genetic key! [Jack does so] Now would you kindly put it in that goddamn machine?! [when he does] Aaah! Nice work, boy-o! [laughs evilly, then speaks in a Bronx accent] It's time to end this little masquerade. There ain't no "Atlas", kid. Never was. Someone in my line of work takes on a variety of aliases. Hell, once, I was even a Chinaman for six months. But you've been a sport, so I guess I owe you a little honesty. Name's Frank Fontaine.

Frank Fontaine

ADAM's the ultimate score, kid. No more grifts. No more scams. A monopoly on ADAM makes Standard Oil look like the Piggly Wiggly.
  • I gotta say, I had a lot of business partners in my life, but you... 'Course, the fact that you were genetically conditioned to bark like a cocker spaniel when I said "Would You Kindly" might've had something to do with it, but still... Now, as soon as that machine finishes processing the genetic key you fished off Ryan, I'm gonna run Rapture tits to toes. You've been a pal. You know what they say: never mix business with friendship. Thanks for everything, kid. Don't forget to say "Hi" to Ryan for me.
  • And now you've got hooked up with Tenenbaum, huh, kid? She's a regular Mother Goose. All right, fun's fun, kid, but now ... go get stepped on by a Big Daddy, would you kindly? [nothing happens] Huh? I says, would you kindly go get stepped on by a Big Daddy? [pause] Ah. Seems like Mother Goose has been playing around in your egg salad. If you won't dance to that tune, I got others. "Code Yellow". [Jack cries out in pain] I just told your brain to tell your heart to stop beating. Not right off the bat, mind you. The heart's a stubborn muscle. But, not that stubborn.
  • Ryan's flesh and blood. Why'd I go to the trouble? Otherwise you'd have been cut in two by the first Security Bot you crossed paths with. But not Ryan. He made it so his security would recognize his genetic structure. With half his genes, you ain't immune, but you got just enough to throw them metallic mooks off their game.
  • That Tenenbaum ain't what you think. Florence Nightengale, huh? That'll all come crashing down 'fore you can say "canned tomatoes". I've seen good bunco, and I've seen great bunco. But, when you waltz through Rapture and World War II without even a scratch? You got more than leprechauns watching over you.
  • ADAM's the ultimate score, kid. No more grifts. No more scams. A monopoly on ADAM makes Standard Oil look like the Piggly Wiggly. All that's left is burying the bodies... And, when they're already six miles under the Atlantic, you got one helluva head start!
  • You think you're some kind of hero? I ordered you up from Suchong like a Chinese dinner: a little from column A, a little from column B. What do you plan on going back to? Your fake family? Your phony dreams? Putting you out of your misery will be the nicest thing anyone's ever done for you.
  • Made Ryan good and mad when I started playing the charity angle. Fontaine's Home for the Poor. 'Fore I knew it, I was calling myself Atlas and leading an army. Ryan and his precious Rapture. You don't have to build a city to make people worship you... Just make the chumps believe they're worth a nickel.
  • I'm gonna miss this place. Rapture was a candy store for a guy like me. Guys who thought they knew it all. Dames who thought they'd SEEN it all. Give me a smart mark over a dumb one every time.
  • [angered] You broke the spell?! [pause] But layin' all your chips on Mother Goose – it's not like you never been double-crossed before, you know what I'm sayin'? Hoof it to Point Prometheus. We'll discuss this like men. You, me, a submarine topside, and more ADAM than you could possibly imagine.
  • All right, all right, you looking to slug it out? I'm game. But I've got all the ADAM in the city, pal. And now, I'm jake to take her out for a spin...
  • Last chance, kid. You pack it in now, and I'll leave this dump to you and Frau Kraut. You keep on comin', and Rapture a fish tank.
  • Look around you, kid. You think two-bit heroics count for a fig in this pit? You're staring down the puke stain of Ryan's busted dream. You think there's something worth saving down here? Then you deserve to gargle with the rest of these scrubs.
  • Where you gonna go? Your life? Your family? They're a fairy tale, kid. No more real than something you read about in the Saturday Evening Post. Poor bastard. A motherless freak whipped up in a half-baked science experiment.
  • [laughs cruelly] I really wound you up with that wife and child bit: [in Atlas' voice, mockingly;] "Oh, me poor Moira! Ah, me wee baby Patrick!" [laughs again, normal voice;] Maybe one day I'll get me a real family. They play well with the suckers.
  • Don't know what I was thinkin'. Never spliced up once the whole time I was down here in this aquarium. Figured it was bad to mix business with pleasure, but whooo! Forget all the nose-candy and floor polish I been wastin' time with! This stuff is the mother's milk!
  • Hah! That might be enough for the working scrubs and the pencil pushers, but I need more, more. I want to splice 'till there ain't nothing left to splice with!
  • I remember when me and the Kraut put you in that sub. You were no more than two. You were my ace in the hole, but you were also the closest thing I ever had to a son. And that's why this hurts. Betrayal, kid. Life ain't strictly business.
  • I had you built! I sent you topside! I called you back, showed you what you was, what you was capable of! Even that life you thought you had? That was something I dreamed and had tattooed inside your head! Now, if you don't call that family, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!

Andrew Ryan

I believe in no God, no invisible man in the sky. But there is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction. The chain is too powerful and too mysterious for any government to guide. Any man who tells you different either has his hand in your pocket, or a pistol to your neck.
  • We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.
  • A man chooses. A slave obeys.
  • I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? "No," says the man in Washington, "it belongs to the poor." "No," says the man in the Vatican, "it belongs to God." "No," says the man in Moscow, "it belongs to everyone." I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor; where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality; where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.
  • Good evening, my friends. I hope you are enjoying your New Year's Eve celebration; it has been a year of trials for us all. Tonight I wish to remind each of you that Rapture is your city. It was your strength of will that brought you here, and with that strength you shall rebuild. And so, Andrew Ryan offers you a toast. To Rapture, 1959. May it be our finest year.
  • [upon finding out Jack is in Rapture] So tell me, friend, which one of the bitches sent you? The KGB wolf, or the CIA jackal? Here's the news: Rapture isn't some sunken ship for you to plunder, and Andrew Ryan isn't a giddy socialite who can be slapped around by government muscle. And with that, farewell, or dasvidaniya, whichever you prefer.
  • [before the player picks up the Incinerate Plasmid] A Parasite wanders the halls. We rebuilt the city, and the doubters send a fly to spoil our ointment. One thousand ADAM to the man or woman who pins its wings.
  • [to Jack over the radio, after the submarine explodes] You ooze in like an assassin and then you try to sneak out like a thief. You're no CIA spook. Who are you? Why have you come here? There's two ways to deal with a mystery...uncover it, or eliminate it.
  • I came to this place to build the impossible. You came to rob what you could never build. A Hun, gaping at the gates of Rome. Even the air you breathe is sponged from my account. Well, breathe deep ... so later you might remember the taste.
  • [speaking to Jack over the radio in Arcadia] On the surface, I once bought a forest. The Parasites claimed that the land belonged to God, and demanded that I establish a public park there. Why? So the rabble could stand slack-jawed under the canopy and pretend that it was paradise earned. When Congress moved to nationalize my forest, I burnt it to the ground. God did not plant the seeds of this Arcadia; I did. [Arcadia fills with poisoned gas]
  • Julie, we made a business deal, you and I, did we not? Money changed hands. Let me read to you from the agreement... Section 3, Subsection 4: 'Ryan Corp maintains exclusive rights to the creation, use, and exploitation of the Lazarus Vector'. [floods Langford's office with poisoned gas] Ownership is civilization, Julie. Without it, we're back in the swamp...
  • Why are you so resistant to the traditional methods of separating a man from his soul? You're not CIA, are you? You belong to Atlas, the one roach I can't seem to exterminate. Don't worry. I just need time to find the proper poison.
  • A worm looks up and sees the face of God! But look's a regular convention of worms in here. They all had mothers, fathers, people who loved them. They got married, fucked their wives. What makes you think you're any different? I haven't chosen a spot for you on the wall yet. Let me know if you have a preference.
  • Rapture is coming back to life. Even now, can't you hear the breath returning to her lung? The shops reopening, the schools humming with the thoughts of young minds? My city will live. My city will thrive. And, when that day comes, we'll use your tombstone for paving tiles.
  • A man builds a city at the bottom of the sea. That's a marvel. Another man happens to be on a plane that crash lands on the same city in the middle of the ocean. Why, that sounds more like... A miracle.
  • Imagine the will it took to create a place like this. And what have you built? Nothing, you can only loot and break. You're not a man... you're just a termite at Versailles.
  • So far away from your family, from your friends, from everything you ever loved. But, for some reason, you like it here. You feel something you can't quite put your finger on. Think about it for a second, and maybe the word will come to you: Nostalgia.
  • Though my physical defences fall, you'll not defeat me. My strength is not in steel and fire, but in my intellect and will. You hear me, Atlas?! Andrew Ryan offers you nothing but ashes!
  • [as Jack enters Rapture Central Control room] Even in the book of lies, sometimes you find truth. There is indeed a season for all things. And now that I see you flesh-to-flesh and blood-to-blood, I know I cannot raise my hand against you. But know this: you are my greatest disappointment. Does your master hear me? Atlas! You can kill me, but you will never have my city! My strength is not in steel and fire, that is what the parasites will never understand. A season for all things! A time to live, and a time to die. A time to build... And a time TO DESTROY! [suddenly sets core to self-destruct] Come now, my child. There is one final thing to discuss.
  • [casually playing golf in his office as Jack approaches] The assassin has overcome my final defense, and now he's come to murder me. In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No. A man chooses; a slave obeys. You think you have memories: a farm, a family, an airplane, a crash, and then this place. Was there really a family? Did that airplane crash, or was it hijacked? Forced down... Forced down by something less than a man. Something bred to sleepwalk through life until they are activated by a simple phrase, spoken by their kindly master. Was a man sent to kill, or a slave? A man chooses; a slave obeys. Come in. [Ryan's office door opens; Jack approaches] Stop, would you kindly? [Jack obeys] Would you kindly? Powerful phrase. Familiar phrase? [Jack recalls all the times Atlas said "Would you kindly"] Sit, would you kindly? [Jack sits] Stand, would you kindly? [Jack stands, Ryan motioning him up with his club] Run. [Jack runs away from Ryan] Stop! [Jack stops] Turn. [Jack turns to face Ryan] A man chooses; a slave obeys. [hands Jack his golf club] Kill! [Jack strikes Ryan in the head] A man chooses...! [Jack strikes again] A slave obeys! [Jack strikes again; Ryan grabs Jack as he screams in agonizing pain] OBEY!! [Jack lodges the golf club in Ryan's skull; Ryan falls over dead]
  • To build a city at the bottom of the sea! Insanity. But where else could we be free from the clutching hand of the Parasites? Where else could we build an economy that they would not try to control, a society that they would not try to destroy? It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea. It was impossible to build it anywhere else.
  • I will dictate no laws. The Great Chain moves slowly, but with wisdom. It is our impatience that invites in the Parasite of big government. And once you've invited it in, it will never stop feeding on the body of the city.
  • What is the difference between a Man and a Parasite? A Man builds. A Parasite asks, "Where is my share?" A Man creates. A Parasite says, "What will the neighbors think?" A Man invents. A Parasite says, "Watch out, or you might tread on the toes of God..."
  • Free will is the cornerstone of this city. The thought of sacrificing it is abhorrent. However… we are indeed in a time of war. If Atlas and his bandits have their way, will they not turn us into slaves? And what will become of free will then? Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • [On Protectors/“Big Daddies” and Gatherers/“Little Sisters”] On my walk today I had my first encounter with a pair of them… he, a lumbering palooka in a foul-smelling diving suit, and she, an unwashed moppet in a filthy pink smock. Her pallor was off, green and morbid, and there was a rather unpleasant aspect to her demeanor, as if she were in an altogether different place than the rest of us. …I understand the need for such creatures, I just wish they could make them more presentable.

Peach Wilkins

  • Atlas radioed on ahead. Says you were looking for an invite to the fisheries. Nuts, I say. But, if'n you heads up to the wharf master's office and find ol' Peach a Research Camera, maybe I could manage an invite.
  • Just remember, sonny friend: I smell an ounce of Fontaine on you, and I'll have you in a box! Atlas gives you the vouch, but I ain't turning my eye just on his say so!
  • The wharf rat didn't get himself wet. You got something for me and my crew, or are you just looking to get criticized? You set here a spell. I needs to put on some coffee. Maybe puts on silverware and the like.
  • Now, I bet when your boss waggled out of Hell, he done told the Devil he'd be right back, and the Devil says "Sure thing, Mr. Fontaine. I'll hold you a spot." Ryan promised Fontaine was dust, and now here you are, doing his dirty. I guess that makes Ryan a bum and you a –

Dr. J.S. Steinman

What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? She WON'T - STAY - STILL! I want to make them beautiful, but they always turn out wrong! That one, too fat! This one, too tall! This one, too symmetrical!
  • With genetic modifications, beauty is no longer a goal, or even a virtue; it is a moral obligation. Do we force the healthy to live with the contagious? Do we mix the criminal with the law-abiding? Then why are the plain allowed to mingle with the fair?!
  • Why do we have two eyes? Is there some law that says we must? Two arms, two legs, two ears, two breasts...
  • No, Goddess! He'll ruin everything! Get 'im! Have your harpies tear 'im to bits!
  • What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? She WON'T - STAY - STILL! I want to make them beautiful, but they always turn out wrong! That one, too fat! This one, too tall! This one, too symmetrical! And now... What's this, Goddess? An intruder?! He's ugly! Ugly, ugly, UGLY!

Prof. Julie Langford

  • My trees! It wasn't you, was it? No... Ryan...! I think I've got a way to save the trees, it's a genetic vector that- Oh, look who I'm talking to... Could you find me a sample of Rosa Gallica for me? Look in the Grotto... I've got to keep working while there's still time...
  • You've brought the Rosa Gallica? Well, what you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Send it through the Pneumo! [when the player does so] Yes, this is perfect... Perfect... [the door to her office opens] Come on up to my office... I'm letting you in now... I think I've got just the thing to put the green back in this forest.
  • [passing the Bot Shutdown Panel in the office] I've got the security system in this joint hacked, so those turrets won't bite. Come on up to my office.
  • [when Ryan addresses her over the radio; fearful] Mr. Ryan? [Ryan poisons the air in Langford's office] No... Wait... No! Please! [begins choking] MR. RYAN! [chokes to death]

Sander Cohen

  • [after cutting communications with Atlas] Ah, that's better. Atlas, Ryan, Atlas, Ryan, duh duh duh, duh duh duh. Time was, you could get something decent on the radio. The artist has a duty to seduce the ear and delight the spirit, so say goodbye to those two blowhards, and hello to an evening with Sander Cohen! Now, I haven't seen a sign of real life down here in months. Let's see if you're just another Johnny-come-lately, or maybe something more delicious.
  • Ohhhh, I can smell the malt vinegar in this one. I've waited so long for something tasty to come to this little burg, but all that pass are yokels and rubes. Where are my manners? Come in, come in! Sander Cohen awaits you, at the Fleet Hall! WELCOME – to – Fort Frolic! No need to thank me for jamming the transmission of those boors Atlas and Ryan. Let them have their squabble. The artist, yes, the artist, knows there is richer earth to till. For example, I test you, little moth, but for a reason. I test all my disciples. Some shine like galaxies, and some... some burn like a moth at the flame! Come now, into my home.
  • I know why you've come, little moth. You've your own canvas. One you'll paint with the blood of a man I once loved. Yes, I'll send you to Ryan. But first you must be part of my masterpiece. Go to the atrium. Hurry now. My muse is a fickle bitch with a very short attention span.
  • Do you see it? When I am dust, this is what they'll point to! My Quadtych! My masterpiece. Go ahead. Don't be afraid. Touch it.
  • And here's the glorious news: this is just the moment of conception! Out in this place there are three men, all former disciples of mine, all connected by a common thread... Betrayal. Find them, little moth, and immortalize their mortality in my Quadtych. Go. Once they've been sent to their reward, you shall go to yours... and to Ryan.
  • You flutter all around the Fort, taking life as you go. You're not a moth, you're an angel. I've never painted an angel... Maybe I should.
  • That's three of four...what's that look? You don't like it, do you? I don't need to be judged by you, by anyone! Screw you!! Screw all you fucking Doubters!!! Here's what I say to all of you!!!!
  • I'm sorry for that outburst. You'll have to forgive an old fool his artistic temperament. The birth is so close now. The labor pains can blur the judgment and drive the passions of even the finest spirits.
  • [after the player completes the Quadtych] You'll find your path to Ryan is now clear. Tell him Sander said hello...

Dr. Yi Suchong

Once Big Daddy is ready, nobody cross the Big Daddy.
  • Fontaine scary son of a bitch, but Ryan cheap son of a bitch. You can no reuse protector suit. Take a man, graft skin and organs straight into suit, otherwise suit not work. Ryan say Big Daddy too expensive. Ryan can go suck egg.
  • Once Big Daddy is ready, nobody cross the Big Daddy.
  • [referring to Brigid Tenenbaum] That’s quite a little monster Fontaine's dug up. When she does speak, which is almost never, her accent is thick and grating. Her hair is filthy and she seems to wear the same mustard-stained jumper day after day. But I've got to hand it to Frank: Tenenbaum is the all-time diamond in the rough. No formal training, no experience... but put her in front of a gene sequence, and she's Mozart at the harpsichord.

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum

  • [to Jack, after shooting Splicer near a Little Sister] Stay away from her, or it is you who will be shot next!
  • [when Jack starts approaching the Little Sister] Here! [Jack turns to her] There is another way; Use this... [throws Jack a Plasmid bottle] them from their torment... I will make it to be worth your while... Somehow.
  • [if the player chooses to harvest the Little Sister] How can you do this thing? To a child? But there are other Little Ones who have need of your help... Will you be as cruel to them?
  • [if the player chooses to save the Little Sister] The path of the righteous is not always easy, yes? The reward will become clear in time. Be patient.
  • [audio diary "Hatred"] One of the children came and sat in my lap. I push her off, I shout, "Get away from me!" I can see the ADAM oozing out of the corner of her mouth, thick and green. Her filthy hair hanging in her face, dirty clothes, and that dead glow in her eye... I feel... hatred, like I never felt before, in my chest. Bitter, burning fury. I can barely breathe. And suddenly, I know, it is not this child I hate.
  • Welcome back, child. Welcome to the city where you were born. You are angry at Fontaine, yes? Now you know the truth. You are his tool, brought back to Rapture to save him.
    • [if player is a harvester] You have committed many sins, but perhaps you can find some redemption.
    • [if player is a savior] You have saved many of my little ones. I owe you a debt.
  • While you sleep, I undo some of Fontaine's mental conditioning. His control is no longer complete, but he can still pull some very unpleasant strings. We made your mind with many locks und keys. Fontaine has most of those keys, but not all. Suchong designed your mind, taught Fontaine to control you. You might find answers in Suchong's flat in Mercury Suites.
  • [after player takes the first dose of Lot 192] Yes! The compound is taking hold. The effects of the mental suggestion are now gone, but there will certainly be side effects. [the player's Plasmids start changing randomly] Lot 192 has reorganized your entire Plasmid structure. I should have known you would need a larger dosage. You'll have to locate another dosage to fully remove the effects.
  • [about Fontaine] What is this you wait for? Go und get this idiot!
  • [after Fontaine escapes] Scheisse! You let him get away! I need a moment for thinking. Ah! Ach, of course! This will be no problem. Find a Big Daddy und search his body. I would suggest you to be finding a dead one.
  • You see the suit control system? Sehr gut. Get it. That is step one of turning you into one of those disgusting Big Daddies. The only way to get through that door Fontaine went through is to have a little one open it for you. Und they'll only trust you if you look like, sound like, und even smell like one of those big, stinking brutes.
  • Ah, look at you. You look just the same as those... [remorseful] Ah, what things we have done... What things.
  • It would mean very much to me if you will be gentle with the girls. Mein kleines maedchen.
  • [about the cured Little Sisters] Ach, look at them. Even though they are physically free of the need to gather, Suchong's mental conditioning still holds them to their terrible task. For sins such as this we can never atone.
  • [If player has harvested every Little Sister] They offered you everything, yes. And in return you gave them what I have come to expect of you: brutality! You took what you wanted, all the ADAM, all the power! And Rapture trembled, but in the end even Rapture was not enough for you! Your father was terrified the world would try to steal the secrets of his city! But not you, for now have stolen the terrible secrets of the world!
  • [If player has harvested at least one Little Sister] They offered you everything, yes? And in return you gave them what you always did... brutality. You took what you wanted — all the ADAM, all the power — and Rapture trembled. But in the end even Rapture was not enough for you. Your father was terrified that the world would try to steal the secrets of his city. For you now have stolen the terrible secrets of the world.
  • [If player has saved every Little Sister] They offered you the city... And you refused it. And what did you do instead? What I have come to expect of you: You saved them. You gave them the one thing that was stolen from them: A chance. A chance to learn, to find love, to live. And in the end what was your reward? You never said, but I think I know... A family.
  • I was at German prison camp only of sixteen years old when I realize I have love for science. German doctor, he make experiment. Sometime, he make scientific error. I tell him of this error, and this make him angry. But then he asks, "How can a child know such a thing?" I tell him, "Sometimes, I just know." He screams at me, "Then why tell me?" "Well," I said, "if you're going to do such things, at least you should do them properly."
  • This little Sea Slug has come along and glued together all the crazy ideas I've had since the war… it doesn't just heal damaged cells, it… resurrects them… I can bend the double helix… black can be reborn white, tall, short, weak, strong…

Little Sisters

  • [to the tune of Frere Jaques] Mr. Bubbles, Mr. Bubbles, are you there? Are you there? Come and give me lollies, come and bring me toffees. Teddy bears… teddy bears.




  • I traded You, oh Lord, for Mammon, and what did it get me, huh?!
  • He died for you, for YOU, you SON OF A BITCH!"
  • You ungrateful bastard! He offered you salvation, and you shit on him!
  • Where is he Madonna? Where is the little sinner?
  • Run, run to your devil! I'm sure HE will help you!

Baby Jane

  • Closed the theater? Why? Because there's a war on? Bastards!
  • She was up for the part as well, but then they found her in a salt pond.

About BioShock

  • What I was trying to do with BioShock was to say, ‘Okay, well, [in Atlas Shrugged] that’s a utopia where Ayn Rand, who made the philosophy, made all the rules, and all the characters were under her control. What if things weren’t under everybody’s control?’ And I think that’s the problem with utopias — we bring ourselves to it, you know? We think we’re leaving our problems behind but – I don’t mean this in a cynical way – we are the problem. Like whatever social problems that occur come out of us. It’s not like they fall out of the sky. I think people think they’re going to go to a utopian society, and I think it’s not really possible.

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