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Bluey is an animated television series that premiered on ABC Kids. The series was created by Joe Brumm with Queensland production group Ludo Studio. The series follows Bluey, a cheerful and smart Blue Heeler puppy who is characterized by her abundance of imagination and curiosity about the world. She lives with her father, Bandit; mother, Chilli; and younger sister, Bingo. Other characters featured are each depicted as a different dog breed.

Season 1[edit]

[1]Magic Xylophone[edit]

Bingo: Bluey is mine turn

Bluey: Here you go Bingo (gives her the Xylophone)
Bingo: Thanks Bluey


Bandit: Is there a game were I lie on a comfy bed or something?
Bluey and Bingo: Hospital!
Bandit: (Disappointed) oh man not hospital
Bluey: This episode of Bluey is called hospital

Bingo: (After Putting Bandit to sleep) He's asleep
Bluey: Good I can give him another Needle (stings Bandit
Bandit: (after Bluey stings him with a Needle) Aaaaah Bluey!!
Bluey: Your supposed to be asleep
Bandit: No...more... Needles
Bluey: Fiiiine

[3]Keepy Uppy[edit]

[4]Daddy Robot[edit]


Bluey: You can't keep changing the rules
Coco: you still haven't told me why

Bluey: (after a cloud covers the sun) Run!!

[Bluey, Bingo and Coco all run to the picnic before the sun rises again]

Bluey: we made it

[They celebrate]

Chilli: Cupcakes am I right.

[6]The weekend[edit]

Bandit: the day is...?
Bingo: It's the weekend
Bandit: Good how many games you wanna play?
Bingo: This much
Bandit: (surprised) wow that's definitely doable
Bluey: Delivery! (Gives bandit a letter)
Bandit: Wow what is it
Bluey: It's a Drum stick
Bandit: wow!

[Bandit Plays a Drum solo and Bluey and Bingo dance to the beat]

Bluey: This episode of Bluey is called the weekend

Bluey: Daaaad
Bandit: Coming
Bluey: Daaaaad!
Bandit: yep coming,Bonjour
Bluey: Hello Kind sir would like to buy a statue
Bandit: Oh yeah I would definitely like to buy a statue...wait a minute this isn't a magic statue is it?
Bluey: Oh no
Bandit: Good, cause I've went that rode before

Chilli: Goodnight Bluey,(goes over to Bingo) already tucked in you little ster (See's Bingo sad) aaaaah what's the matter

[Cuts the seen to Bandit lying on the matress)

Chilli: Bandit!
Bandit: Yep coming

Bingo: Dad you didn't come and see the walking leaf
Bandit: Aww I didn't hear you
Bingo: (saddened) it's okay
Bandit: the thing is I bought this statue from a salesman and it appeared to be a magic statue I went to get my money back
Bluey: I ran all over the courtyard, I kept running away
Bandit: yeah and I still haven't got my dollary doos yet so I'm sorry


[Bluey and Bandit hold their barbeque]

Bluey and Bandit: (starts the Barbeque) come on work you piece of junk,(it lights) wooo! There it goes.
Bluey: This episode of Bluey is called BBQ

Bandit:he doesn't listen to the farmer he goes straight for sheep.

Trixie: Ooooooo I love your salad dressing chillie
Chillie: oh thank you I made myself it's narirama recipe

[8]Fruit Bat[edit]

[9]Horsey Ride[edit]



Muffin: Got it
Bandit: Go muffin!

[12]Bob Bolby[edit]

[13]Spy game[edit]



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