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Bon Scott in 1979

Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott (July 9, 1946 – February 19, 1980) was the lead singer, lyricist, and frontman of the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC, from 1974 until his death in 1980.


  • When I was married, my wife suggested I write a song about her. So I wrote 'She's Got Balls' and then she divorced me! [citation needed]
  • My new schoolmates threatened to kick the shit out of me when they heard my Scottish accent. I had one week to learn to speak like them if I wanted to remain intact. Course, I didn't take any notice. No-one railroads me, and it made me all the more determined to speak my own way. That's how I got my name, you know. The Bonny Scot, see?
  • Angus? I think he's kinda crazy. Since the first night I saw the band way back in Australia, I knew their manager, and I'd never seen the band before and never even heard of AC/DC. And the manager just said stand here, the band comes on in two minutes. So I stood there and this band comes on and there's this little guy, about that big, with a school uniform and a bag on his back going crazy and I laughed, and I must have laughed for half an hour. And I still laugh, and I think he's great.
    • When asked about Angus Young, lead guitarist of AC/DC. From Reims, December 1979.
  • Malcolm? He's the brain [of the band].
    • When asked about Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist of AC/DC. From Reims, December 1979.
  • No matter how long you play rock and roll, songs might change just as long as the balls are there, the rock balls. And that's what's important to us
    • Interview with Record Review, 1979.
  • What's a punk band? Hey, who's got a beer?
    • When asked if he had any sympathy for punk bands. From Record Review, 1979.
  • I can't even say the word, it's too early in the day to get upset.
    • When asked of his thoughts on disco music. From The Good Times, July 1979.
  • It keeps you fit - the alcohol, nasty women, sweat on stage, bad food - it's all very good for you.
    • When asked about touring. From Circus, January 1979.
  • I've never had a message for someone in my entire life. Except maybe to give out my room number.
    • From The Good Times, July 1979.
  • I'm 33...before AC/DC I've played in a lot of bands in Australia. You're never too old to rock and roll.
    • From Best, December 1979.
  • I don't give a fuck what else on the rider, as long I've got Jack Daniels.
    • About Jack Daniels Whiskey [specific citation needed - this could just be an advert posted by Jack Daniels marketing department]
  • Atlantic reckoned we should use a top Yank producer and appointed one Eddie Kramer to the post. It turns out the guy was full of bullshit and couldn't produce a healthy fart.
    • In a letter to a former band-mate in Fraternity, 'Uncle' John Ayres, circa 1979.
  • It's nothing to do with us at all, our success is due to the taste of the public.
    • Countdown interview, Mascot Airport, Sydney, April 1976.
  • We've got so many ideas for songs and good riffs, and the more we work, the more we tour, we're getting more ideas, just more. It's just gonna get better and better. I can't see an end to it. It's like infinity rock and roll.
    • Australian Music to the World interview at Symphony Hall, Atlanta, August 1978.


  • Bon was the biggest single influence on the band. When he came in it pulled us all together. He had that real stick-it-to-'em attitude. We all had it in us, but it took Bon to bring it out.
  • Often he would trail off with fans who came backstage after a show and go off with them to a party or something. He judged people as they were and if they invited him and he was in the right mood to go, he went. We used to call him 'Bon the Likeable'.
  • We could be somewhere where you would never expect anyone to know him and someone would walk up and say "Bon Scott!" and always have a bottle of beer for him.
    • Angus Young, from Sounds, March 1980.
  • He made a lot of friends everywhere and was always in contact with them too. Weeks before Christmas he would have piles of cards and he always wrote to anyone that he knew, keeping them informed. Even his enemies I think.
    • Angus Young, from Sounds, March 1980.
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