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Bones (2005–2017) is a crime drama television series on the FOX Network, inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist, Kathy Reichs. Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan specializes in reading clues left behind in a victim's bones. Consequently, law enforcement calls her in to assist with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned, or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless.

Season 12: The Final Chapter[edit]

The Hope in the Horror [12.1][edit]

The Brain in the Bot [12.2][edit]

Hodgins: If I've learned anything from being in this chair it's that happiness comes from accepting what you have.

Brennan: That is one of the many benefits of growing older, we grow wiser in the process.

The New Tricks in the Old Dogs [12.3][edit]

Booth: I'm a sniper, you hear me, and snipers, they do not fire blanks.
Brennan: And in that analogy, my ovaries are what, target practice?

Brennan: Angela, is this one of the computers from the retirement home?
Angela: Yeah. And you won't believe what I'm finding.
Brennan: I assume you're referring to pornographic material?
Angela: Enough to make a teenage boy blush. You'd think at a certain age enough would be enough.
Brennan: Not for the male of the species. They are biologically programmed to keep wanting sexual gratification. Which is why I told Booth he needs to get a vasectomy.

Aubrey: Unlike Booth, I am an equal opportunity accuser. See, I don't care about sex, age...just motive and opportunity.

The Price for the Past [12.4][edit]

Caroline: I hear Aldo was in rough shape. What was going on with him?
Booth: I don't know, Caroline. I hadn't spoken to him for over a year.
Caroline: If I know you, you tried.
Booth: You know what? I'm not gonna let myself off the hook on this one, all right? Anytime I needed anything, anything, Aldo was always there for me.
Caroline: I'm sure that goes for the other men in your unit, too.
Booth: What does that mean?
Caroline: He took on all their troubles.

Brennan: Moving forward, there is only one thing you can do for Aldo.
Booth: Look, if you're gonna tell me to forgive myself, please don't.
Brennan: Forgiveness would be ineffective.
Booth: Okay then, what? I mean, what works?
Brennan: Revenge.
Booth: That's not me. I mean, there are rules.
Brennan: You will follow those rules. The act of bringing a murderer to justice is, anthropologically speaking, a form of revenge. You have suffered a loss. Making the killer suffer for that loss will help.
Booth: Yeah, well, I hope so, Bones. Because right now I couldn't feel much worse.

Brennan: It didn't go well with the men?
Booth: These guys saw hell. You know, most of them are still paying the price.
Brennan: You feel the effects of war, too, Booth.
Booth: Yeah. Yeah, but I got lucky. I got a great family and great life. Got all this.
Brennan: You're an addict, just like Aldo.
Booth: Yeah.
Brennan: Unlike him, you got help.
Booth: Yeah. But you're in my corner. That's the difference. Aldo had no one.

Aubrey: Look, there's something else that I've been thinking about. I want you to know that I'm not him [his father].
Jessica: Uh, I know that, Aubrey.
Aubrey: [chuckles nervously] He left his wife, he left me. You know, I would-- I would never ever do that.
Jessica: What are you saying?
Aubrey: I'm saying that when I commit to something, it's real. That I'm serious about us. [looks at Jessica staring at him] Did I say the wrong thing?
Jessica: No. Of course not, Aubrey...but there's a lot going on...
Aubrey: I know. And when it's all taken care of, I'm gonna feel the same way.

The Tutor in the Tussle [12.5][edit]

Fisher: Cartoons upset me as a child.
Hodgins: More of an Addams Family kid?
Fisher: Twilight Zone reruns actually.
Cam: Everything about you makes more sense now.

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