Boog and Elliot's Midnight Bun Run

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Boog and Elliot's Midnight Bun Run is a 2007 computer-animated short film from Sony Pictures Animation, a spin-off of the animated movie Open Season.


[The short film starts at the trailer with Bobbie and Bob]
Bobbie: Bob, Keep your hands off Mama's warm buns. They still need to cool.
[The couple exited the trailer. Bob holds a towel and bath brush]
Bobbie: You stay put Mr. Weenie, Mama's gonna go skinny dipping. [closes the door]
Mr. Weenie: [sighs] There's nothing skinny about Mama.
[Mr. Weenie lays in his dog bed. Outside Boog and Elliot from the first film poke their heads out of the trailer]
Boog: OK, they're gone.
Elliot: So, What's is this thing?
[Boog smells the sense of the buns]
Boog: Ooh! These bear claws, Fresh from the oven.
Elliot: Whoo-Hoo! [he picks up a stick] Let's crack this tin can open!
[Boog grabs the stick from Elliot and he bumps into the trailer]
Boog: Whoa, whoa. Elliot, [picks up Elliot] You'll get us into trouble. Now watch and learn. From the master, buddy. [Boog sneaks behind the trailer, Elliot stares straight ahead, then he follows him. Inside the trailer, Boog tries to look inside] Give me a boost.
[Boog looks through the window]
Elliot: Hey, Boog. How come you're on top?
Boog: Because I'm tall.
Elliot: OK, Yeah. You're right.


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