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Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers (born June 21, 1981, in Las Vegas, Nevada) is the vocalist and keyboardist in the American rock band The Killers.


  • A rental car in Savannah, Georgia. In the middle of touring, we had a week off. I have a problem with flying, so instead of going home, my wife came to me and we rented a car and drove around. Just pulled off on some dirt roads...
    • When asked the craziest place he's ever had Sex.
    • Joshua (October 2006), "The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: Brandon Flowers". JANE. Volume and issue unknown:42
  • What song do I hate? I think "Daughters," by John Mayer, would be a good candidate. I don't know why he bugs me so bad."
  • "Look at a band like the Bravery. They're signed because we're a band," Flowers said. "I've heard rumors about [members of] that band being in a different kind of band, and how do you defend that? If you say, 'My heart really belongs to what I'm doing now,' but you used to be in a ska band. I can see the Strokes play or Franz Ferdinand play and it's real, and I haven't gotten that from the Bravery. I think people will see through them."
    • "Killers' To-Do List: Lawsuit, Long-Form Video, Beef With The Bravery" (03/28/2005) from
  • "Now he's just signed Fall Out Boy, which means more of his attention will go to them that should have gone to The Killers".
    • "The Killers get a new feud" (9/27/2005), from
    • On why The Killer's weren't getting all the attention they deserved from their A&R man
  • "It's something that you dream about, but Milli Vanilli got a Grammy. So it's hard to decide whether you're happy or not."
    • When asked by Rolling Stone if he was "psyched" to be nominated for another Grammy.
    • "Grammy Preview: The Killers," Rolling Stone magazine (issue 993), February 9, 2006
  • "Barack Obama being elected. I think about how… um… how my sons will grow up only knowing a black President. [Wells with tears] I can’t explain how that’s changed America. There’s an optimism now that wasn’t there for black people."
    • When asked what the most culturally significant event for him between 2000 and 2010
    • "Brandon Flowers On His Sons", BabyCouture (accessed December 20, 2010)
  • "I think I always knew that I would have kids but I didn’t… understand… the… whooooo [brims with tears once again]. That I could love my kids the way that I love ‘em. I didn’t know there was… room for that. You love your wife, your family, but it’s different with your kids. I didn’t know I could be so selfless. I would do anything for my kids. Anything. I guess everybody goes through it."
    • When asked what surprised him about being a husband and a father?
    • "Brandon Flowers On His Sons", BabyCouture (accessed December 20, 2010)

You know what I would change about this moment? Nothing(looking at his band mates while recording at Abby Road Studio)(Sun dance Chanel For the T.V. Show "Live at Abbey Road")

About Brandon Flowers[edit]

  • "He is a little genius. He's a deep soul and a spirit man. I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg [with 2010's Flamingo]."
    • Daniel Lanois, S. V. L. (November 12, 2010). Entertainment Weekly (1128):76
  • "The Killers' lead singer doesn't like me, but he can eat it. I think he has some great tunes." ~ John Mayer
    • On why he loves the song Mr. Brightside, from his August 1, 2005 column in Esquire magazine.
  • "If you have seen them live, they are incredibly boring. You remember what they used to look like? Then people started comparing them to us and suddenly they got a stylist," he said. "And Brandon frosted his hair and he's buying the cute pink jacket."
    • "Lean Beef: The Killers Vs. The Bravery" (05/05/2005) from
    • Bravery guitarist Michael Zakarin in response to Flowers disparaging comments.
  • "I think both [Killers frontman] Brandon [Flowers] and I are alike because we both use too much hair product and run our mouths way more than our bands like."
    • "Fall Out Boy/ Killers Beef Gives Birth To A Song," 10/07/2005 from
    • Pete Wentz on why there's no "beef" between his band, Fall Out Boy, and The Killers

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