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  • "I was a porker when I was a child."
    • Referring to him being chubby as a young one.
  • "I know it's kind of shameful to be a rock n' roller who works out but I actually I d- I go on the tread mill."

-When asked if he was gym junkie of any kind

  • "I am not a rocket scientist. I am....I am jealous."*
  • "You don't have to be a poet to say something profound, but a poet in the midst of jealousy helps"
  • "When all else fails, bring out the jazz hands!"
    • One of Brandon's motto
  • "Be nice"
    • When asked if he had a motto, AOL Sessions 2004
  • "I use eyeliner. I got 4 sisters."
    • When asked about using eyeliner.
  • "I have never done illegal drugs in my whole life. Not even a drag of a joint."
    • Attributed without citation at imdb
  • "I think we are the cleanest band in the world, and we are also the busiest. I think these two things go together."
    • Attributed without citation at imdb