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Flowers in 2010

Brandon Lavar Flowers (born 18 February 1986) is a former American football cornerback. He played college football at Virginia Tech, and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft.


  • I wanted to get involved with [PETA’s anti-fur campaign] because first off, I’m an animal lover. I have a dog. And I couldn’t imagine someone just taking my dog’s fur or skinning my dog alive or killing him just to be selfish. … If you have a heart, I’m pretty sure it’ll touch you to see how these animals suffer.
  • During OTA’s I was up there in weight even though I felt like I was eating ok. Just going vegan, I just got just the history of being a vegan, how to fix your body and everything like that, so I fell in love with it. I lost 12 pounds, a good 12 pounds coming into training camp so I feel good, I’ve got to keep building on it. … You know, it wasn’t tough at all because everything that I love, you can have something that tastes just like it. It’s what I had to figure out. You don’t just cut out the taste of having a hamburger. They have vegan hamburgers that taste like hamburgers, you know, so why not go with that instead of putting the meat of an animal inside your body.

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