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Bride Wars is a 2009 film from 20th Century Fox, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as two brides who book their weddings at the Plaza Hotel on the same day, and then compete against each other for the wedding that is, in their eyes, rightfully theirs. It was released in theaters January 9, 2009.

Even best friends can't share the same wedding day. (taglines)


  • (when she notices during a haircut that her hair was dyed blue) MY HAIR'S BLUE! IT'S BLUE! I have BLUE HAIR! I'm getting married in a week!
    • Hairdresser: Congratulations.
    • Liv: In a week! A WEEEEK!!!!
  • (on the phone) Erin, no, I did not sleep with him. Alright, okay, I did actually, once....... twice...... What difference does it make? He was a loser and he was lousy........ You did? Really? I didn't hear..... Two kids! Wow, you guys must have really cute kids..... Uhhh.. yeah tell him I said "Hi" and actually I'm hopping into a cab so I'm gonna give you a call...


  • (to Liv) Your wedding will be huge, just like your ass at prom. (Note: censored during tv spots with gasps from the congregation during the nuptial catfight scene)
  • (on the phone) Oh,sweetie, you are my second cousin's best friend, of course you're at the very top of my maid of honor list, honestly..... (looks at list) Carla..... Caitlyn?


  • Wedding Curator: (to Kate and Liv unknowingly booking their weddings on the same day) Do you want to tell your grooms about this?
  • Liv and Kate: No.


  • Even best friends can't share the same wedding day.
  • Best friends should share everything.. expect their wedding day!
  • Childhood friends. Best Friends. Two Brides. Two Weddings. One Mistake
  • This January, all bets are off
  • May the best bride win
  • Something New - Something Borrowed - Something Blu


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