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Brother is a 1997 russian crime film directed by Aleksei Balabanov and starring Sergei Bodrov, Jr. The film sequel Brother 2 was released in 2000.


  • K: 'Take burden for youself,

— to fall not when you'll run.'

  • D: German, you are clever.

— Tell me, what do we live for?
H: Oh, everyone decides for himself. There is a proverb:
— 'What is good for a Russian
— is deadly for a German.'
— So l live to disprove it.

  • D: How do you do, bandits!
  • D: Listen, do you have a tablet from headache?

— Better drink vodka.

  • V: Forgive me, brother.

D: You are my brother!
— You were for me instead of my father.

  • D: And remember, l have punctured my leg when fishing?

— You carried me to home ten kilometers.

  • (some guy) You promised!

D: l keep my word.
— And you tell them:
— l will kill everyone who will touch my brother! Go!
— (some guy) lt was him who set you up.
D: l know.

  • D: You said - city is the force, and yet everybody is feeble here.

H: City is the evil force. Strong comes and becomes feeble.
— The city takes force.

  • D: Come on. Take it! A lot of money here. Live.

H: 'What is good for a Russian - is
— deadly for a German.'

K - the mob boss Krugly
D - Danila is a former conscript after demobilisation
H - Hoffman, a german who is a kind homeless man
V - Viktor is an accomplished hitman, Danila's elder brother


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