Bruce Baillie

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Bruce Baillie

Bruce Baillie (born 1931, in Aberdeen, South Dakota - April 10, 2020)) is a U.S. experimental filmexperimental filmmaker and founding member of Canyon Cinema in San Francisco. His film Castro Street (1966) was selected in 1992 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.


  • I want everybody really lost, and I want us all to be at home there. Something like that. Actually I am not interested in that, but I mean that's what you could do. Lots of people would like it. I have to say finally what I am interested in, like Socrates: peace... rest... nothing.
    • As cited in: P. Adams Sitney Professor of Visual Arts Princeton University (2002) Visionary Film : The American Avant-Garde, 1943-2000,

  • The Angel was in the earth, and she led me to fix my eyes in Heaven. - And the remnants of the world were renewed by children and it was called Paradise.

- BB Cantos, 'Memoirs of an Angel'

    • Cited In Private Correspondence To Bruce Baillie's student, the abstract 16mm motion-picture maker, Douglas Graves("Palms")

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