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Dear friends,

I have been fortunate enough to have film artist Bruce Baillie as a friend for nearly fourteen years. A founding member of San Francisco's 3rd Avant-Garde, his ground-breaking films are in the Library of Congress, are considered American national treasures and are internationally renown.

Bruce has informed me that he is now working on his last major creative project: transferring his life's work to DVD. This transfer is vital to the continued longevity of his films. If it does not take place, I fear that his works may become eventually lost (like at least one other film-artist's I am aware of), scattered and buried in forgotten vaults, deteriorating beyond recovery. The transfer requires funds, however. Mr. Baillie is attempting to raise funds through tax deductible donations directed through Anthology Film Archives in New York. The funds would go directly to the artist, save for a small amount that Anthology takes for administrative costs. I make nothing from spreading the interest in this venture is only that I am aiding a friend and trying to help keep alive films that helped shape the nature of modern moving media. This is quite possibly his last chance to update his work's medium. After this effort is over, Mr. Baillie has declared that what income he does have will go to help his children through school.

Please help if you can. No amount is too large or small. Please make sure to include a notation that funds are to be directed to Bruce Baillie. Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003 USA Telephone: (212) 505-5181