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A caiman

Quotes about the caiman.

  • Even if there are no piranhas, there are always some caimans. (Cannibal Holocaust:)
  • In the middle of the lake you don't make fun of the caiman. (African proverb)
  • If the diver thought | to the caimans' throat, | a pearl of value | will never have it in his hands. (Saˁdi) [citation needed]

Gene Gnocchi:[edit]

  • Given time, the caiman would stay underwater even longer.
  • During the rainy season the caiman gets fed up. The female caiman, which for brevity we will call caiman, sweats if provoked.
  • It is very rare to see a caiman spying on its companions while they are bathing.
  • A baby caiman born prematurely weighs three and eight kilos.

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