Censorship in China

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  • 莫谈国事
    • Translation: Do not discuss national affairs.
    • Catchphrase possibly populated by Lao She's Teahouse. Translated by Wikipedian. Originally describing censorship in Republic of China (1912–1949), the catchphase has become
  • 要深入实施网络内容建设工程,弘扬主旋律,激发正能量,让科学理论、正确舆论、优秀文化充盈网络空间。发展积极向上的网络文化,引导互联网企业和网民创作生产传播格调健康的网络文学、网络音乐、网络表演、网络电影、网络剧、网络音视频、网络动漫、网络游戏等。加强网上热点话题和突发事件的正确引导、有效引导,明辨是非、分清善恶,让正确道德取向成为网络空间的主流。
    • Translation: [We] must deeply implement the Internet Content Construction Project. [We must] promote the main theme, stimulate the positive energy, make the scientific theories, correct public opinion and outstanding culture fill the cyberspace. [We must] develop the positive Internet culture, guide the Internet companies and netizens to create content-healthy Internet literature, Internet music, Internet performance, Internet film, Internet series, Internet audio and video, Internet anime, Internet game, etc. [We must] enhance the correct and effective guidance of the hot topics and breaking events. [We must] clearly distinguish between right and wrong, and make the correct moral orientation become the mainstream of the cyberspace.
    • 新时代公民道德建设实施纲要 (lit. The Summary of Citizen Moral Construction in the New Era). Translated by Wikipedian.

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