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Charlie's Angels is a 2019 film about Elena Houghlin, a scientist, engineer and inventor of Calisto -- a sustainable energy source that will revolutionize the way people use power. But when the cutting edge technology falls into the wrong hands, Elena turns to the Townsend Agency for help. Now, it's up to the Angels -- Jane, Sabina and the newly recruited Elena -- to retrieve Calisto before it can be transformed into a weapon of mass destruction. It serves as a continuation of the television series of the same name and the two films.

Written, directed and produced by Elizabeth Banks.
Sworn to secrecy. Bound like sisterhood. Taglines

Sabina Wilson[edit]

  • [Johnny Smith: Who are you?] I'm just a decoy.
  • Who steals humanitarian aid money?!
  • Jane, is that you flirting with a handsome nerd?

Elena Houghlin[edit]

  • I can’t sleep at night. I'm a lead programmer on a product that can revolutionize the power industry. But there is a possibility it can be weaponized.
  • The best part isn't taking down international criminals. It's you guys.

Jane Kano[edit]

  • I need you to exhibit some attention-seeking behavior.
  • [Elena You're not a waitress?] No. I'm Jane.


Rebekah: Welcome to the Townsend Agency. We exist because traditional law enforcement can't keep up.

Elena: Oh, mints. [She picks up the mints, but the Saint drops them.]
The Saint: Let's just stop the touching. Some of these blows up.

Elena: Oh, God. What did you do?
Jane: I compressed his carotid and deoxygenated his brainstem.
Elena: Well, that sounds painful.
Sabina: Don't worry, he's going to wake up.
Jane: Unless he doesn't.


  • Sworn to secrecy. Bound like sisterhood.
  • Unseen. Undivided. Unstoppable.
  • A new world needs new angels.


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