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Charlie and Lola is a British flash-animated children's television series based on the popular children's picture book series of the same name by Lauren Child. It aired from 2005 to 2008. The series was produced by Tiger Aspect Productions, and has won multiple BAFTA awards. The animation uses a collage style that emulates the style of the original books.

Season 1 (2005)[edit]

I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato [1.1][edit]

Lola: Carrots are for rabbits. I don't ever eat carrots.

Charlie: They're not carrots. They're orange twiglets from Jupiter.
Lola: They look just like carrots to me.

Lola: But I don't eat green things!
Charlie: Goody! More for me, then.

I Can Do Anything That's Everything All on my Own [1.2][edit]

Lola: Captain Lola saved the day. Captain Lola saved the day. That was fun. [giggles]

Marv: The seesaw will not see or saw with only one person.

Lola: I can do anything that's everything... I can. [buttons her coat inside out] I can... I can do my coat all my own. [grunts] I can... [grunts] I can... [grunts] Ah. I can open things all on my own. [picks up a banana chip and eats it]

I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed [1.3][edit]

Charlie: Everyone in the world is tired at midnight, Lola.

Charlie: Now will you please hop into bed?
Lola: Yes, yes, Charlie. I'm hopping.

But That is My Book [1.4][edit]

Charlie: Lola, dad took that book out for you last time. And the time before that.

There is Only One Sun and That is Me! [1.5][edit]

Charlie: Poor, poor Mrs. Hampton.

Lola: I am a leaf. Not even a green leaf. A brown one.

Lola: You know, Charlie, I know absolutely, surely that Mrs. Hampton is going to choose me to be the sun.

We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog [1.6][edit]

Lola: Oh no! There are two Sizzleses.

Lola: Dogs must go outside and must walk.
Lotta: Otherwise, what is the point of the legs?

Charlie: My cereal bowl is now a dog bowl and she has made a dog bed.

I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won [1.7][edit]

Charlie: Lola, have you cheated?
Lola: Charlie, I've won.

Charlie: It's not snap. You've just made up a story.
Lola: I've won! I've won!

I Like My Hair Completely the Way it Is [1.8][edit]

Lola: If they cut mine shorter than yours, I'll... I'll look like you.

Lola: It's just that some people are supposed to have long hair and I'm one of them.

I'm Really Ever So Not Well [1.9][edit]

Lola: My pink milk tastes green.

Charlie: Quickly, we're gonna have to cloud-hop.
Marv: I love cloud-hopping, Charlie.

I Am Hurrying I'm Almost Nearly Ready [1.10][edit]

Lola: I just hurry up slower than you.

Charlie: You see, Lola always finds something else she has to do.

Lola: Charlie, wait. These squares are magic squares, with music.

It's a Secret [1.14][edit]

Charlie: I have this little sister, Lola.
Lola: ♪ I know, you don't; I know, you don't! ♪
Charlie: She is small and very funny.

Charlie: Lola's not very good at not telling.

I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's And It's Just That... [1.15][edit]

Charlie: Today, Mum and Dad are taking us to Granny and Grandpa's house by the sea. Lola loves going to Granny and Grandpas' house. Don't you, Lola?

Lola: It's hard to choose just one pony because what about all the other ponies? They're all so sweet.
Charlie: Well, you might have time to go on all the ponies if you hurry up. Are you ready?
Lola: Nearly ready, Charlie. But what about my hoolie hoop?

Lola: I need to talk to Mum and Dad every day.

I Do Not Ever, Never Want My Wobbly Tooth to Fall Out [1.16][edit]

Marv: Why don't you want it to fall out?
Lola: I just need to keep completely all my teeth.
Charlie: Yes, but everyone gets new teeth, Lola. Those are just your baby teeth and they always fall out.

Charlie: Me and Marv have lost lots and lots of teeth, haven't we? How many is it, Marv?
Marv: Uh, I think I lost, uh, 54.
Lola: [gasps]
Charlie: Maybe not 54, Marv. Maybe, maybe more like 6 or 7.
Marv: Oh.

Lola: I didn't know there was a special fairy who gives you presents when your teeth fall out!
Lotta: Yeah.

Lola: But now the tooth fairy won't come and I won't get a coin and I won't get my giraffe.
Charlie: You can... you can write to the tooth fairy and explain.
Lola: But I don't know how to write in fairy.
Charlie: Fairies can read every language. Come on, I'll help you.

Say "Cheese" [1.17][edit]

Lola: I can do it, Charlie. Tidy hair, tidy clothes, clean shoes, clean hands and face and then big smiling.

Lola: Come, Lotta. Let's just play one game of puddles.
Lotta: I told my Mum I wouldn't jump in any puddles.
Lola: Oh, so did I.

Lotta: Water does make you messy, doesn't it?
Lola: No, water makes you clean.

I'm Just Not Keen on Spiders [1.18][edit]

Lola: [regarding about the spiders] You never know what they're gonna be up to next.

Charlie: And there was a time when you didn't even like beetles.
Lola: Oh, really? Because I can't remember ever not liking beetles because they're so funny.

Lola: What do you think his name is?
Charlie: What do you think it is?
Lola: Um, Sidney.
Charlie: He does look like a Sidney. How could you not like a spider called Sidney?

Charlie: Uh, Lola, should we put them outside now?
Lola: Not now, Charlie. It's raining. Maybe after we've all had a spiders' tea party.

Snow is My Favorite and My Best [1.19][edit]

Lola: I want snow all the time. Why can't we have snow all the time?

Lola: Is it snowing yet?
Charlie: No.
Lola: When the snow comes, will I hear it?

Lola: Don't the penguins look smart, Charlie? They look like they're going to a party.

You Won't Like This Present as Much as I Do! [1.20][edit]

Charlie: Lola, another thing about presents is you need to choose something that actually exists.

Lola: Maybe we can unwrap it a little bit?
Soren Lorenson: I don't think it's allowed. It's for Lotta, isn't it?

Charlie: Lola, it's not nice to play with someone else's present before you've given it to them.

Lotta: His knees are all funny.
Charlie: Lola.
Lola: Do not speak to the doctor, please.
Charlie: [whispering] Well, you chose a good present, didn't you?

I Must Take Completely Everything [1.21][edit]

Lola: Without the wand, I can't wish at all.

Charlie: How much stuff have you got in here, Lola?
Lola: Quite a few things. Nearly lots.

Charlie: But Cinderella is a pretend story.
Lola: Yes, but I need to pretend with actual things.

I Want to Play Music Too [1.22][edit]

Lola: I don't want to shush. I want to play music too.

Charlie: It takes quite a long time to get good at an instrument. I've been learning for a whole year.
Lola: But I want to play music now, Charlie.

I'm Far Too Extremely Busy [1.23][edit]

Lola: Hurry up, Charlie. I haven't got time to do stopping.

Lola: Sorry, Lotta. Mr. Albertine is eating up everything, so I have to go to my other job. Bye.
Lotta: Huh?

Lola: Would you like to see the dentist?
Charlie: Now I seem to be at the dentist, when all I want to do is play cards, so I say "Can I have an appointment, please?"

Marv: Telephone and butterfly. Flip flop.
Charlie: Flip flop?!
Marv: Yeah, they're both orange.

I Want to be Much More Bigger Like You [1.24][edit]

Charlie: You see, today is measuring day and every month, Dad measures us to see how big we're getting.

Lola: I'm trying to stretch myself to make me... bigger.

Lola: [wearing a set of self-made stilts] Measure me now, Charlie.
Charlie: Lola, the people who run the super duper loop-the-looper will know you're cheating. You'll just have to wait and see if you're big enough.

Charlie: Okay, imagine if we really did change places.
Lola: Hmm... I have this little brother, Charlie. He is small... and very funny. Sometimes I have to keep an eye on him.
Charlie: Ooh, ooh, ooh. Can I have some pink milk now, please?

Lola: I think I might be slightly too small... still. Perhaps it will be a little more fun if I went on something made for more slightly smaller people.

My Little Town [1.25][edit]

Charlie: You can build buildings and roads and it's called "My Little Town".
Lola: It's called "Our Little Town". Granny and Grandpa gave it to you and me, remember?
Charlie: I know, Lola, but really it's actually called "My Little Town". See, if you look on the box...
Lola: I know! I know! But it's our little town, isn't it?

Charlie: My town doesn't have flowers. It has cars and airplanes and dogs.
Lola: And big flowers.
Charlie: My dogs will eat your flowers.
Lola: Dogs don't eat flowers.
Charlie: They do in my little town.

Charlie: Why aren't you playing "Our Little Town", Lola?
Lola: Because it's not Our Little Town, Charlie. It's your little town. You spoiled it anyway. I don't want to play with you. And I'm coloring.

But I Am an Alligator [1.26][edit]

Charlie: You make a good crocodile, Lola.
Lola: Oh no, Charlie. This is not a crocodile. This is an alligator. It is my favorite fancy dress costume and it's my best.

Charlie: Lola, you can't wear an alligator costume all the time.
Lola: I can.

Lola: Alligators love frozen prawns.
Charlie: Shh. Everyone's looking at us.

Season 2 (2006–07)[edit]

It is Absolutely and Completely Not Messy [2.1][edit]

Charlie: It's like a whole herd of buffalo have stomped through! It's all messed up!

Lola: Don't touch my bedtime water!
Charlie: Yuck. You've had it there for two days. You can't drink this.
Lola: What if wake up in the middle of the night, absolutely and completely thirsty?

I Spy with My Little Eyes [2.2][edit]

Charlie: At the moment, Lola likes watching what's going on and then pretending to write things down.
Lola: It's called "spying," Charlie, and I am noticing things every minute.

Lola: There aren't any ogres in this garden because Dad told me.
Soren Lorenson: I'm sure it is the shoe of an ogre.
Lola: Well, I don't think it's an ogre shoe.

Charlie: I'm Charlie and this is my little sister, Lola. We live over there. Have you just moved in?
Arnold: Oh yes. I'm Arnold. Arnold Wolf.
Lola: Arnold wha? huh? Wolf? I knew it! And is your dad, Mr. Wolf?
Arnold: Yes.
Lola: And is your mom, Mrs. Wolf?
Arnold: Yes.
Lola: And you are Arnold Wolf. Arnold Wolf?
Arnold: Yes.
Lola: This letter is for you. I'm Lola Sonner and I am very pleased to meet you.

I am Extremely Magic [2.3][edit]

Charlie: Watch this, Lola. Abracadabra. Alakazam. Make my pink milk stick like jam.
Lola: Whoa! That is extremely magic.

How Many More Minutes? [2.4][edit]

Lola: Do minutes go longer when you're not doing anything?

Captain Squidbones: Why waste your time brushing teeth when you can steal them?

This is Actually My Party [2.5][edit]

Lola: Look, this one's a talking card, from Granny and Grandpa.
Voice from Card: I'd like to say happy birthday, before I gobble you up.

Lola: Charlie, it's a telespoke.
Charlie: Thanks, Marv. I really wanted a telescope. [whispers to Lola] Lola, please let me unwrap my presents by myself.

I am Collecting a Collection [2.6][edit]

Lola: I want a collection too.
Charlie: Well, collecting is fun and it's really easy to do, Lola. All you have to do is to think of something you really like and then you start collecting it.

Lola: It's a collection of things that people do need and I can give to them and they'll be very pleased.

Lola: It's the ptero-thingy.
Charlie: The pterodactyl. It's as big as an actual airplane and it can fly for squillions of miles.

Lucky, Lucky Me [2.7][edit]

Lola: Maybe today I'm absolutely the most luckiest person in the whole world.
♪ Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me-eee-ee. ♪

Charlie: There are no more tickets, Lola. They've sold them all.
Lola: Does that mean we can't see Batcat?
Charlie: Not today.
Lola: Oh. Oh. I think my luck has gone away now, Charlie.
NOTE: The movie in the story "Lucky, Lucky Me," Batcat, is an obvious reference to the popular character and series of movies, Batman.

I Just Love My Shiny Red Shoes [2.8][edit]

Lola: Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, where are you?
Charlie: Why don't you wear a different pair of shoes?
Lola: Charlie! They are my extremely, most favorite red shiny shoes. I wear them all of the time.

Charlie: Lola, think really hard.
Lola: I am, Charlie. I am thinking. am thinking I'm thinking the hardest I can really think.

My Best Best Bestest Friend [2.9][edit]

Lola: I don't think Lotta likes me anymore.
Charlie: She's your best friend. You do everything together.
Lola: That was ages ago.

Charlie: I know. I'll be your friend.
Lola: It's not the same, Charlie.
Charlie: Why not?
Lola: Because you're already my brother and you're not in my class and you don't sit next to me.

I Really Wonder What Plant I'm Growing [2.10][edit]

Lola: What are you doing, Charlie?
Charlie: I'm growing my own plant. It's a tomato one.
Lola: Ew. I am not keen on tomatoes.

Lola: Uh, Charlie, why are you talking to your plant? They don't have ears.
Charlie: Lots of people talk to plants. Mrs. Finch says it helps them to grow.

Lola: What will my seed grow into?
Charlie: We'll have to wait and see.
Lola: It's a "wait-and-see" seed. [giggles]

Charlie is Broken! [2.11][edit]

Lola: Charlie, why is your arm white and ginormous?
Charlie: It's my plaster, Lola. It's protecting my arm until it's all better.

Lola: Soren Lorenson, I'm a bit slightly scared.
Soren Lorenson: Why are you?
Lola: Because Charlie isn't Charlie anymore. He is broken.

I Will Be Especially, Very Careful [2.12][edit]

Lola: The shopping trolley has got Lotta's coat!

Yes I Am No You're Not [2.13][edit]

Charlie: I have this little sister, Lola. She is small and very funny.
Lola: I'm not small.
Charlie: You are quite small, Lola.
Lola: No, I'm not, Charlie. I am big. Look. [stretches]

Charlie: Sometimes when we squabble and won't stop, Mom and Dad make us sit on the simmer-down chairs. They're called the simmer-down chairs because sometimes we get boiling mad so we have to sit quietly until we have simmered down.

I Am Really, Really, Really Concentrating [2.14][edit]

Charlie: Today, Lola is very excited because it's sports day on Friday and this is Lola's first ever sports day.

Charlie: Lola, did you glue the egg to the spoon?
Lola: Yes, Charlie. Now it doesn't fall off.
Charlie: You can't do that. Glue is cheating.

Lola: Mrs. Hanson gave me a ribbon because my egg did not fall of my spoon one time.

Please May I Have Some of Yours? [2.15][edit]

Charlie: Today, Lola is really excited because Granny and Grandpa are taking us both to the zoo.
Lola: Oh, oh! Seals, Charlie, seals!

Charlie: Lola is not very good at saving things for later.
Lola: Yes I am, Charlie.
Charlie: You are not.

Lola: I want to see the seals.
Charlie: The anteaters are amazing, Lola. Look... look how long his wiggly nose is. That's for winkling out termites and ants from ant hills.

Can You Maybe Turn the Light On? [2.16][edit]

Lola: I think funny things come out when it's dark and I hear funny noises.

Lola: Can I have the night-light on?
Charlie: You haven't had the night-light on for ages. You know I find it hard to sleep with it on.

Ogre: If only someone will come and sing me a song, I'll fall asleep all night long.

What if I Get Lost in the Middle of Nowhere? [2.17][edit]

Lola: [singsong voice] ♪ Foxy, where are you? ♪ I know you're here somewhere, but I can't find you.
Charlie: Foxy is Lola's toy fox and she's been looking for him since yesterday.
Lola: ♪ Foxy, foxy, foxy... ♪

Lola: It's completely disappeared, into the middle of nowhere. Oh, I think he is lost.
Charlie: I'm sure he's not lost. I'll help you find him.
Lola: Thank you, Charlie.
Charlie: When we get back from school.

Charlie: What does Mrs. Finch always say?
Charlie and Marv: [reciting together] If you do get lost, all you have to do is stay still, and someone will come and find you.
Lola: We could still get lost.
Lotta: Yes, we could.

Lola: You see, we know exactly how not to get lost.
[Lola and Lotta giggle]

Welcome to Lolaland [2.18][edit]

Charlie: People live all over the world, Lola and they speak lots of different languages. If you go and get the globe, I'll show you where all the different countries are.

Marv: Hola. Me llamo Marv.
Lola: Pajama Lola.

Lola: What music do people do in other countries?
[Marv sighs]
Charlie: Lola...
Lola: It's my last question, I promise!

Lola: It is time to begin our dancing. The springy, boingy, jumpy dance of Lolaland!
Soren Lorenson: I love jumping!

Marv: Lola, give globo Marv now, now, now!
Lola: Why didn't you just say so?

Will You Please Stop Messing About? [2.19][edit]

Lola: Well, Mom said we can all watch Space Family Hudson when we've all done our little jobs.
Charlie: They're not little jobs. They're big.

Charlie: I'll never be able to watch Space Family Hudson because on this planet we have to do all the boring jobs ourselves.

Lola: I love sheet-folding. [covers herself with one of the sheets] Whoo, Charlie! I'm a spooky ghost. Whoo-whoo!

I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs [2.20][edit]

Charlie: What are you doing at the moment?
Lola: I'm being a guinea pig. Wrink!

Lola: Come here, Burt! It's all right.
Burt: Wrink! Wrink!
Lola: Oh, stop wriggling!

Lola: [to Burt] If you were my very own guinea pig, I would take you everywhere. I would always take you grocery shopping with Mom. I would take you to the cinema and the library. I would take you everywhere.

Lola: Burt!
Charlie: Uh-oh.
Lola: Where is he? Burt is completely, extremely gone!
Charlie: He can't be completely gone. He's got to be here somewhere.

Lola: [regarding about Burt] Maybe he didn't like me. Maybe he's run away.
Charlie: He didn't run away. He has to be here somewhere.

Lola: Lots of Burts. Where did they all come from?
Charlie: Hmm. I don't think Burt is a boy, Lola.
Lola: What do you mean?
Charlie: I think Burt has had babies.
Lola: Ooh. I said he was a girl.

Never Ever Never Step on the Cracks [2.21][edit]

Lola: If you touch any of the deep blue sea, Dad said it will make the sea ticklers come up and tickle your feet.

Lola: Did the bedbugs bite?
Charlie: No.
Lola: I don't want them to bite me, Charlie.
Charlie: Lola, it's not all true, you know. Some things are just superstitions.

Charlie: There are no bears, Lola, I promise. No bears, no crocodiles, and certainly no lions. It's only something people say.

I Will Not Ever Never Forget You, Nibbles [2.22][edit]

Lola: [regarding about Nibbles] I just want to hold him for a bit more longer-er.

Charlie: Tomorrow's our Bring Your Pet to School Day. Marv's bringing Sizzles and I'm gonna bring Nibbles.
Lola: Oh, Nibbles will definitely be the cleverest pet in the whole school.

Charlie: When Nibbles is older and bigger, he'll probably be able to do all kinds of tricks.
Lola: Millions and a hundred of people come to see Nibbles the daredevil mouse.
Charlie: The first-ever mouse to cross a waterfall on a tightrope.

Charlie: I'm afraid, Lola, Nibbles is definitely not going to wake up.
Lola: You're just not seeing properly, Charlie. [gasps] Oh. Nibbles is completely not moving, Charlie.
Charlie: I know.

Marv: All mice are different. That's why they make such good pets.

Look After Your Planet [2.23][edit]

Marv: [regarding about his brother; Marty] Mom says his room looks like a complete pigsty.
Morton: A pigsty. [snorts]
[Lola giggles]
Charlie: He can't be that bad.
Marv: Ha. Yes he can.
Morton: He is.
Marv: We can just peek.

Lola: I do not ever never want my room to look like Marty's, so I am throwing everything away.

Charlie: [explaining the concept of recycling to Lola] I suppose it's a way that people can reuse old things in a different and new way.
Lola: Why?
Charlie: If we just threw everything away, then we'd all, maybe, be completely buried under a massive huge pile of rubbish.

Lola: I would love to plant a tree.
Charlie: Well, you'd better start recycling.
Lola: Yes, Charlie.

Marty: Who's been in my room?!
Marv: Let's get out of here! Quick!

Too Many Big Words [2.24][edit]

Lola: Too many big words, Charlie. I will leave words until later, when I am bigger. Oh, and I don't really think I'll go to school tomorrow.

Lola: Charlie, at school, we also have to do writing, which is all loopy, and my loops go all over the paper.
Charlie: But, Lola, if you learn how to write, you can send letters and cards to people you like.

Lola: [reading story about the bird; Piccolo] "Well, you can fly now," said his mother. "And you'll be able to sing too. You just have to keep trying."

Lola: Piccolo is puh... printed in China. It costs...
Charlie: Lola.
[Lola giggles]

You Can Be My Friend [2.25][edit]

Marv: Morton's not a really big talker. Are you, Morton?

Lola: Look at me. I'm a grand lady. Clip-clop. Clip-clop. Now I'm a mermaid. [sound of bubbling] Meow. Meow. And you, Morton, you could be a pirate.
[Lola places a paper hat on his head, but he removes it and she sighs]

Lola: Morton, don't you want to play?
[Morton shakes his head]

Lola: He didn't say one single word, even. He doesn't like me.

Lola: What do you think it would be like to be inside a bubble?
Morton: Bubbly.

I Wish I Could Draw Exactly More Like You [2.26][edit]

Lola: I'm just sharpening my pencil. I like it all pointy.

Lotta: The walls are all straight.
[Lotta's pencil suddenly breaks and the line goes jagged]
Lotta: Oh no! They are not all straight! Oh.

Lola: The walls don't have to be completely exactly straight like your house, Lotta.
Lotta: They do.
Lola: Oh.
Lotta: A rule. This will help me be unwobbly.

Charlie: This is a book of Dad's. It's a book of all different artists. Look at this one. It's by an artist called "Van Goog."
Marv: I think it's "Van Goff," Charlie.

Season 3 (2007–08)[edit]

I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses [3.1][edit]

Charlie: Today, Lola is thinking about seeing because Mum is taking her to have her eyes tested.
Lola: At the opstician.

Lola: But, you know, Charlie, I can actually see all my shapes and colors very well. I can see my spaghetti and my bowl and my spoon and my pink milk. [slurps] Ahh! And you. So I really, absolutely do not need to go to the opt... opt... eye-test lady.

Lotta: Lola, I would like to choose some glasses.
Lola: I wonder what glasses I would choose.

Charlie: Lola, you're going to the optician's to get your eyes tested. She'll only give you glasses if you really, really need them.
Lola: But I do need them, Charlie. I absolutely, completely need a pair of lovely glasses that are green. Maybe orange. With pink side-a-bits right here.
[Charlie sighs wearily]

Lola: Wake up, Charlie! Today's the day that I'm going to get my glasses. Come on, hurry up. Mum, Mum!
[Charlie sighs grumpily and tucks himself in, hoping to get a bit more sleep]

Thunder Completely Does Not Scare Me [3.2][edit]

Charlie: If you aren't frightened of storms, then why have you got cushions on your ears?

Charlie: If you watch the storm, then it's not so scary.
Lola: But I'm not scared, Charlie.
Charlie: I know you're not scared. That's why we can watch the real storm. It's really exciting.

Lola: The rain has gone really loud.
Charlie: That's because it's not rain anymore... it's hail.

Charlie: See? Storms are fun. There's no need to be scared of the thunder.
Lola: I'm not scared of the thunder, Charlie.

Lola: I don't like the thunder. I'm scared.
Charlie: Oh, Lola. It's just weather.

Charlie: Lola, the storm has stopped!
Lola: I AM THUNDER! [laughs]
Charlie: Lola, the storm has stopped!

I Slightly Want to Go Home [3.3][edit]

Lotta: I have even got some things for a midnight feast.
Lola: I can't wait! I can't wait!

Lotta: Why are you brushing your teeth?
Lola: Because I always do my teeth before my bath. So does Charlie.
[A flashback shows when Lola and Charlie are brushing their teeth in the bathroom]
Lola: When do you brush your teeth?
Lotta: After my bath!
Lola: Why do you brush your teeth after?
Lotta: Don't know. Just do.

Lola: And we didn't even play "I Went to the Moon."
Lotta: What's that?
Lola: It's a game me and Charlie play at bedtime.
Lotta: How do you play it?
Lola: Well, you have to pretend you are going on holiday to the moon. You have to take turns saying funny things to bring.

I Am Extremely Absolutely Boiling [3.4][edit]

Lola: I'm not just hot, Charlie. I am extremely, absolutely boiling. And the only thing that will make me completely not boiling anymore is strawberry ice cream. Yum.

Lola: Arnold, could you pant a little bit more quieter, please? Your panting is making me more hot.
Arnold: Why don't you try panting too?
Lola: Because I'm not a dog, Arnold.

Lola: Arnold Wolf is a meanie-pegs.
Marv: Oh. I'm sure he didn't mean to be a meanie-pegs.
Lola: Well, he was one.

Arnold: Charlie, would you like to play in my paddling pool. And Lola?
Lola: Tell Arnold that we're very, extremely happy splashing over here, Charlie.
Charlie: Ugh.

I Can Train Your Dog [3.5][edit]

Morton: Hello, Lola.
Lola: Hello, Morton. Marv says Sizzles is being naughty today. He's not being naughty, is he? He's just a little bit sad because he can't go on his walk.

Lola: Sizzles must have thought the newspaper was a bone.
Marv: I don't think so, Lola.

Lola: You're a good dog.
Marv: Sizzles isn't a good dog.
Lola: Hmm. He could learn to be good.

Lola: No, Sizzles. No howling, or chewing, or naughtiness. Okay?
[Sizzles shreds the newspaper into pieces]
Charlie: It's no good, Lola. Marv is right.
Lola: No! Sizzles can do anything!

Lola: You know, Marv, Sizzles is now a completely, extremely and absolutely good dog.
Marv: I don't think that's very likely, Lola.
Charlie: We'll prove it.
Lola: We'll do a dog show.

Marv: Mum! Mum! Sizzles has found your handbag!
Lola: You're a completely good dog, Sizzles.
Charlie: Well done, Sizzles.
Marv: Even though you messed up the whole house. It was worth it because you found Mom's handbag.

Do Not Ever Never Let Go [3.6][edit]

Marv: You'll be much faster on a real bike, Lola.
Lola: No, Marv. I really like my trike. It is exactly almost nearly like Lotta's trike and it goes exactly as fastest as her trike, so we can tricycle along together at the same exact time.

Lotta: Dad took my stabilizers off.
[Lola gasps and moans]
Lotta: It's really easy, Lola.

Lola: Are you holding on, Charlie?
Charlie: Yes, Lola.
Lola: [moans] Oh, too fast, too fast, too fast. TOO FAST!


Lola: You let go. You promised you wouldn't let go.
Charlie: Maybe you should put the stabilizers back on.

Our Shop Sells Everything [3.7][edit]

Charlie: Today, Lola is playing shops with her friend, Lotta.

Lotta: Sorry, customer. There are no biscuits.
Lola: Lotta, we definitely have biscuits in our shop.
Lotta: Well, we did, but doing shops makes you very nibbly, Lola.
Lola: Lotta!

Lotta: I would like to be a fairy, please.
Lola: [whispering] I don't think we have a fairy, Lotta.
Lotta: Oh.
Lola: Oh, wait! Actually, we do have one.

Lotta: Fairies are very difficult customers.
Lola: Yes. I hope no more fairies go buying in our shop.

Lotta: [recommending an item to Morton] What about this?
Lola: Lotta, all the pictures are all colored in.
Lotta: But is is really good coloring, Lola.

Charlie: Have fun with your shop.
Lola: It's not our shop, anymore. It's Morton's shop now.

I Am Inventing a Usefullish Invention [3.8][edit]

Lola: What are you reading?
Charlie: It's a book about invention.
Lola: Hmm.

Lola: I can. I can invent something. You'll see.

Lola: Charlie!
Charlie: What is it?
Lola: I am an actual inventor.

Lola: So am I really, completely an inventor?
Marv: You are. You are an actual, factual inventor, Lola.

But We Always Do It Like This [3.9][edit]

Charlie: Today, Lola can't wait. Because we're going to Granny and Grandpa's.
Lola: And Granny and Grandpa live at the seaside. And you know what we do at Granny and Grandpa's?
Charlie: Uh... eat ice cream?
Lola: Pat, pat, pat...
Charlie: Jump in the water?

Clem: Shells! [places them on sandcastle haphazardly]
Lola: No! Not wonky! All straight! Charlie, I don't think it's a very good idea to let Clem do helping, 'cause we always do it together and she's going to spoil it.

Charlie: A whole sand city.
Luke: It's amazing.
Lola: Let's get grandpa to take a picture of all of us and the crab and the city.

I Can't Stop Hiccuping! [3.10][edit]

Charlie: Oh, Lola, you've given yourself the hiccups.
Lola: [hiccups] I can't... [hiccups] it.

Lotta: Do you like my tower, Lola.
Lola: Hmm.
[Lola hiccups, knocking the tower down]
Lotta: You hiccuped down my tower.
Lola: Sorry, Lotta. It was an accident.

Charlie: How did they start?
Lola: [hiccups] Lotta made me laugh. [hiccups]
Charlie: Hmm, I'll tell you what. Why don't you two try to make laugh, so that I could catch your hiccups? If I catch them, then you won't have them anymore. See?

I Am Completely Hearing and Also Listening [3.11][edit]

Lola: [as Elephant] He's very big, isn't he? [giggles; as herself] Look, it's a puppet. Did you think it was really an elephant, Charlie?

Charlie: Lola, I don't think you were listening.
Lola: Yes, I was, Charlie. But Elephant is an actual puppet, and he knows all about puppet theaters, so he told me exactly just where to glue it.
Charlie: But you've left a piece out.

Charlie: You didn't listen. You never listen.
Lola: I do, Charlie. I am absolutely hearing and also listening.

Charlie: What time are we supposed to get there, Lola?
Lola: Hmm. 5 o'clock. Yes. 5 o'clock. That's what Arnold said.

Lola: But you said 5 o'clock.
Arnold: No. You couldn't have listened properly. I said come early for teatime. And then your Mum and Dad to pick you up at 5 o'clock. Everyone's gone.

Lola: Sometimes I don't think I always listen very hard enough.
Charlie: That's true, Lola. But I know you can.

But I Don't Really Like This Present [3.12][edit]

Lola: Charlie! [whining] Charlie!
Charlie: What is it, Lola? [notices the garishly colorful hat Lotta got for Lola] Oh.
Lola: I don't want my present from Lotta.
Charlie: It's very, um, bright. What don't you like about it?

Lola: But I don't like it, Charlie. And I don't want to wear it.
Charlie: Don't you think Lola will be a bit sad. You did tell her you'd wear it all the time.
Lola: But I really, absolutely don't like it.

Lotta: I can't wait to show everyone at school the beautiful bracelet you got me from holiday, Lola. You will wear your hart to school too, won't you?
Lola: Oh, yes, yes, I'll wear it tomorrow. Bye, then.

I Can Dance Like a Dancer [3.13][edit]

Lola: Country dancing makes me a bit dizzy and I don't think it's my favorite.

Lola: I'm an ever-so-good dancer. Look. This is my drinking-pink-milk dance. [blows bubbles, taps and giggles]

Lotta: I do ballet dance after school. You can come over for a try.

Lola: I like ballet, but it's too floaty for me. And tap dancing's good, but it's too shuffly and not enough tapping. I don't think I'm ever going to be a good dancerer.

Help! I Really Mean It! [3.14][edit]

Lotta: Hello, Caspar the cat.
Lola: You can come in, Lotta, but you just have to open the door a tiny bit. It's called "Caspar's not allowed out, or he might run away."

Lola: Did you know, Lotta, that Caspar was actually a tiger?
Lotta: Yes, a tiger.

Lola: Caspar, where are you?
Charlie: You haven't lost him, have you?
Lola: No, he just didn't really want to ride in my pram.

Lotta: Why isn't Charlie coming, Lola?
Lola and Lotta: HELP!!!

Lola: [sniffles] I told you I need you, Charlie!
Charlie: But I didn't believe you because you keep shouting "help" when you don't mean it.
Lola and Lotta: Sorry, Charlie and Marv.

I Would Like to Actually Keep It [3.15][edit]

Charlie: Lola, who are you talking to?
Lola: Foxy, of course. [as Foxy] Hello, Charlie.

Charlie: What's the matter, Lola?
Lola: Well, I'm worrying about the rabbit. He's still there.

Lotta: Hello, Charlie, it's Lotta. Has anybody rung about Rabbit yet?
Charlie: No, not yet.
Lola: Lotta, you have to get off the telephone. Somebody might be calling.
Lotta: Oops, sorry. Bye.

Lola: Rabbit is actually a very fast and very clever rabbit. I don't know why somebody hasn't called for him.

Charlie: [regarding about the stuffed rabbit's owner] Well done, Lola. He was really happy.
Lola: Yes! He was really happy because I looked after his rabbit really well.

It's Raining, It's Boring [3.16][edit]

Charlie: Today, Lola's excited because mum and dad are going out, so we're going 'round to Marv's.
Lola: No, we're going over to the park to play with Sizzles all day long.

Lola: I don't like it when it rains.
Charlie: It's not that bad, Lola.

Marv: What's this?
Lola and Charlie: What does it say?
Marv: [reading] "Is it raining?"
Charlie: Yes.
Marv: "Are you really bored?"
Lola: Yes!
Marv: "Well, open this box and you won't be bored anymore."
Lola: Open the box! Open the box!

Lola: I don't like these rainy day games. You said it was going to be fun, but it wasn't. I'm going to play with Sizzles.

Charlie: We didn't finish the rain race in time.
Marv: But we did find an even better game for the rainy day box.
Charlie: Yeah. Lola's story game.

I am Goody the Good [3.17][edit]

Charlie: At the moment, Lola's absolute favorite books are all about a girl called Goody.
Lola: Goody the Good, Charlie.
Charlie: Sorry, Lola. Goody the Good.

Lola: She helps a turtle to get teh right way up again.
Goody: Happy to help.
Lola: Happy to help. Happy to help.

Lola: To beat Marv, you must do lots of eating to be big and strong. So I'll help you to choose some grapes.
Charlie: Um, thanks Goody. Mmm.
Lola: Happy to help.

Charlie: Why did you eat my broccoli?
Lola: Certainly, I was helping you, Charlie, because you don't like broccoli.
Charlie: I love broccoli, Lola.
Lola: I was only being helpful, like Goody.

Charlie: You've ruined my mountains!
Lola: It's not ruined, Charlie. If you look at it like this, it looks actual wet snowy.

What Can I Wear for Halloween? [3.18][edit]

Charlie: Tomorrow night is Halloween.
Lola: Whoo! Whoo!
Charlie: So there's going to be a special party at school. We've all got to wear Halloween costumes.
Lola: Are you going to dress up, Charlie?
Charlie: I am dressed up, Lola. I'm a wizard!

Lola: I knew everyone would be going as a wicked witch.
Lotta: Not me. I'm going as a wiggly, hairy monster with eyes that are all woggly wobbly.

Charlie: That is actually the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen.
Lola: It is as big and orangey as the sun.
Lotta: Mmm. And when my dad does the face, it's gonna be the best pumpkin lantern in the whole of Halloween.
Lola: Yes!

Lola: [sighs] I still don't know what to go as, Charlie.
Charlie: Uh, why don't you dress up as a... wolf?
Lola: Unh unh. Arnold Wolf is going as a wolf.
Charlie: What about a deep sea monster that's all made out of seaweed?
Lola: Blah! Too slimy!

Marv: Still no idea what to dress up as, Lola?
Lola: I can't think of anything extremely scary, Marv.
Charlie: I told you, Lola. It doesn't have to be scary.
Marv: Yes, it does. It has to be totally terrifying.
Charlie: It doesn't have to be scary. It'd just better be quick. It's not long until the party.

Charlie: Are you ready?
Lola: [giggles] Yes, Charlie.
Charlie: Okay, everyone. Behold our very own Halloween pumpkin! The biggest, orangiest pumpkin in the whole of Halloween!

But Marv is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend [3.19][edit]

Marv: I wish we could watch Pirate Squidbones all day.
Charlie: So do I. [imitating Squidbones] You good-for-nothing jellyguts!
Marv: [also imitating Squidbones] Not as much as I do, you wretched limpet!

Lola: [having overheard part of Charlie and Marv's fake Squidbones argument] I have ever, never heard Charlie and Marv be cross before, ever.
Lotta: Maybe we should get Charlie and Marv to do a making-up card.

Lola: Oh no. Marv's got a new best friend.
Marv: These biscuits are the best.
Jack: They're my best, too. You like all the same things I do.
Lotta: [whispering] They're definitely best friends because they like the same biscuits.

Marv: [on the telephone] Just tell Charlie he's a mean jellyguts.
[Lola gasps]
Marv: Bye, Lola.
Lola: Oh.
Lotta: Don't tell Charlie he's a mean jellyguts.
Lola: Oh no, I won't.

Charlie: [regarding about himself and Marv] Oh, Lola, we're the best friends ever.
Marv: [chuckles] Lola.
Charlie: We've just been playing Squidbones.

I Am Making a Craze [3.20][edit]

Lola: Would you like to do some real, actual skipping now?
Lotta: No, because I have to practice my hulie-skipping.
Lola: Oh. What about hide and seek?
Lotta: No thank you.

Charlie: Hi, Lola. Why aren't you playing with your hulie-hoop?
Lola: Why is everyone doing hulie-hooping and not anything but hulie-hooping?
Charlie: Because it's a craze, Lola.
Lola: How long does a craze go on for, Charlie?
Charlie: Until the next craze comes along.

Charlie: What are you doing, Lola?
Lola: I'm making a craze, Charlie.

Lola: You can even play cuppy catch ball with two people. That's called "twosies."
Charlie: Hey, Lotta.
Lotta: If we did it with our eyes closed, we could call it "sleeping twosies." [throws the ball with her eyes closed, but it doesn't come anywhere close to the cup] Oh.
Charlie: Or "dropsies."

But Where Completely Are We? [3.21][edit]

Lola: I would quite like to be an explorer. Why don't we go now?
Charlie: All the exploring places are really far away and you have to take water and food for surviving.
Lola: We can do that.

Lola: Mum gave me some raisins in case we get really hungry out in the wild. And dad said he'll come down if we need some help with the tent.
Charlie: We won't need any help, Lola, because we're explorers.
Lola: I know. Where are we going?
Charlie: We're going through blizzards and tropical rain.
Lola: And jump over biggish rocks.
Charlie: We may even have to wade through rivers. But we'll keep on going and going until we get there.

Charlie: We can't just go back home every time you want something.
Lola: Can't we?
Charlie: No. That's cheating. We're in a wild and faraway place, remember? And we have to find our own food.

Charlie: [popping out of a bush] Lola, it's me!
Lola: Oh! I thought you were a tiger!
Charlie: Sorry, Lola. I was just foraging for food in the bush.

Lola: I definitely don't like explorer camping. It's wet and it's cold. I don't like it! Please. [sniffles] Can we just go inside, please?

Charlie: Day one-- talked to a parrot and saw... 23 orangutans. Lola, when are you going to tidy your side of the camp?
Lola: Not now, Charlie.
Charlie: Where are you going?
Lola: Foraging.
Charlie: Foraging for what? Giant coconuts?
Lola: No. Cheese, from the fridge.

I Really, Really Need Actual Ice Skates [3.22][edit]

Lola: Hi, Morton!
Morton: I'm a very good scooterer.
Marv: But not a very good stopperer. You'd better take it inside, Morton.

Lotta: I love ice skating!
Morton: So do I.
Lola: So do I.
Charlie: Lola's never been ice skating before.
Marv: Neither has Morton.

Lola: You know, Charlie, I really do think I absolutely and extremely must have my own skates.
Charlie: But we're getting the scooters tomorrow with dad.
Lola: I'm going to have real ice skates instead of the scooter, Charlie, because then I will be a very good and very twirylish ice skater.

Lola: Dad said I must be very, very good and promise not to change my mind and that he doesn't want to find my skates in the bottom of the cupboard.
Charlie: Mmm.

I Am Going to Save a Panda [3.23][edit]

Lotta: And we can save the... giraffes.
Marv: Giraffes?
Lola: Yes. 'Cause sometimes, because they're so tall, giraffes get their heads stuck in the clouds.
Lotta: Oh-no!

Charlie: We're helping the endangered animals by raising money for them.
Lola: Are we going to buy them a present?

Lola: I think I would like to save a panda.
Lotta: YES, YES, YES!
Charlie: Okay. Let's save the pandas.

Lola: You know, Charlie, I'm definitely going to save a giant panda tomorrow because I can hop forever. Hop!

I've Got Nobody to Play With [3.24][edit]

Lola: [talking on the telephone] Hello? Oh, hello, Lotta's mum. Lotta has a cold? But she could still come, though. Oh. But I like germs. Okay. Bye, Lotta's mum.

Lola: And now I was wondering if you would like maybe to come upstairs and do some coloring with me.
Morton: Oh, no! I can't, Lola. I've got to go to the vet with my mum. She says Sizzles has got bad breath.
[Sizzles barks]
Lola and Morton: EWW!
Morton: It's smelly. Sorry.

Lola: Where are you hiding?
Soren Lorenson: I'm in the cave. Can't you see me?
Lola: Of course I can see you, Soren Lorenson! Come out. We've got a very big mountain to climb, made out of pillows.

Charlie: Aw. A magic forest in our bedroom. Can I play?
Lola: Well... okay.

It is Very Special and Extremely Ancient [3.25][edit]

Lola: That's a stone, Charlie. A brown stone.
Charlie: It's very, very amazing and special.
Lola: Is it a very special stone from the garden?
Charlie: No, Lola. This stone is ancient. It's really, really, really old.
Lola: Did it come from Granny's garden? Granny's very, very old. She's older than even 25.

Lola: So how did a fosskil get into the stone?
Charlie: Fossil, Lola.

Lotta: Lola, do you think we can start a fossil collection together, you and me?
Lola: Yes, Lotta. i think that is an extremely and good idea.
Lotta: So do I.

Lotta: A fossil of a...
Lotta: Yes! A very old, swimmy fish.
Charlie: It's an ice-lolly stick, Lola.

I Wish I Could Do That And Also That Too [3.26][edit]

Charlie: Lola is really excited because...
Lola: My friend from school is coming to play.
Charlie: Not Lotta?
Lola: No, not Lotta. Someone completely else, who's never come to tea before.

Mini: A skipping rope made of lovely and pretty beads.
Lola: Ooh.
Mini: You know, Lola, only actual queens skip with skipping ropes made out of beads.
Lola: Lotta will love our queen skipping rope made all out of beads.
Mini: We can show her at school.

Lola: Okay, what about "Sorry, I can't come to your house for tea 'cause my fish is ever so not well."
Lotta: But you don't have a fish, Lola.

Mini: You were invited to a real space party?! Why didn't you go?
Lola: Because if I went to Marv's party, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be able to do beads with you.
Mini: Oh. Marv's having a real space party, but you still came here to my house. Thank you, Lola.

Lola: I know! Let's do our own space party! And beads... let's do space beads!


How Many More Minutes Until Christmas?[edit]

Lola: [gasps] The horse with twigs on his head!
Charlie: [giggles] That's a reindeer, Lola.

Charlie: [regarding about Father Christmas] Oh, and he always brings a tangerine.
Lola: Why does he always bring a tangerine?
Charlie: I don't know. 'Cause they are really boring.
Lola: [showing Charlie a Christmas card] That is my card for Lotta.
Charlie: That's really nice, Lola. What is it?
Lola: It's "Away in a Manger" with Baby Jesus. Lotta really likes that song, especially the bit where the cattle are lowing. Uh... What is lowing, Charlie?
Charlie: It's like mooing.

Lola: Oh, Charlie, I'm very excited! We can post our letter to Father Christmas on our way to school tomorrow!

Lola: [as the telephone rings] Ooh. That might be Father Christmas, to tell me he's got my letter.
[Charlie giggles]

Lola: How many more minutes until Christmas?
Charlie: Just time for some Christmas carols and then tomorrow it will be Christmas.
[Lola giggles]

Lola: I told Mom all about the sky paper and how we saved Christmas, Charlie, and she said were very extremely clever.

Everything is Different and Not the Same[edit]

Lola: Everything needs to be exactly, extremely right going back to school.

Charlie: [teaching Lola how to tie a shoelace] Over the top and down below, make a loop and away you go.

Lola: What's a conker?
Marv: You know what a conker is, Lola.
Lola: Mmm-mnh.
Marv: Conkers are the best thing that happen in autumn or maybe they're the best thing all year.

Lotta: Our new desk is funny.
Lola: It even smells funny.

Lola: [sighs wearily] My new tights keep crinkling. I like my old tights. Ugh. And my shoelace has come undone. It's all because of autumn. Everything is different and not the same.

Lola: Autumn is going all wrong. Everything is different and not the same.

Charlie: Why won't you come out?
Lola: We're hidinggating.
Charlie: Why are you hibernating, Lola? Only animals are supposed to do that.
Lola: Lotta and I are not coming out until spring.
Lotta: Yep.
Lola: Everything is different and wrong in autumn, Charlie.

Lola: Where's your itchy scarf, Lotta?
Lotta: [whispers] Don't tell anyone, but I hid it in the time capsule.

Lola: ♪ Autumn, autumn, autumn! ♪
Charlie: I thought you didn't like autumn because everything changes!
Lola: I changed my mind!

Voice cast[edit]

  • Jethro Lundie-Brown as Charlie Sonner. (Season 1)
  • Daniel Mayers as Charlie Sonner. (Season 2)
  • Oriel Agranoff as Charlie Sonner. (Season 3)
  • Maisie Cowell as Lola Sonner. (Season 1)
  • Clementine Cowell as Lola Sonner. (Season 2)
  • Holly Callaway as Lola Sonner. (Season 3)
  • Ryan Harris as Marv.
  • Morgan Gayle as Lotta.
  • Stanley Street as Soren Lorenson.

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