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Chicago P.D. (2014–presesnt) is a police procedural, airing on NBC, about a uniformed police patrol and the Intelligence Unit that tracks the perpetrators of the city's major street.


Season 1[edit]

Stepping Stone [1.1][edit]

Dawson: Morning, sunshine.
Platt: [unamused] Funny.

[Lindsay is making coffee in the pantry when Halstead walks in]
Halstead: That stuff will kill ya now, apparently. Saw an article online.
Lindsay: Well, that is last on the very long list of things that I'm concerned about. [pours coffee into her mug]
Halstead: [holds his mug to her] Pleasssee?

Voight: You ever heard the expression "10% percent of the cops do 90% of the work"?
Halstead : I have.
Voight: Well, this Intelligence Unit is part of the 10%.

Halstead : How long have we worked together, a month? I think it's time we could be honest with each other. Wouldn't you agree?
Lindsay: No.
Halstead : Two things: One, you driving all the time, I'm not down with that.
Lindsay: Seniority rules.
Halstead : I've been on the job longer.
Lindsay: I've been in this unit longer.
Halstead : Okay, look, I feel like a househusband.
Lindsay: Aw. What's the second thing?
Halstead : What's the deal with you and Voight?
Lindsay: This stays between us.
Halstead : Of course.
Lindsay: We went to prom together.
Halstead : I mean, is he your secret dad or something? Put it this way if I were to ask you out, would I have to get his permission first?
Lindsay: [scoffs] Any guy who needs to ask my dad's permission to date me should save himself the trouble.

Halstead: Flight attendant.
Burgess: Uh, yeah, three years, waiting until I got into the police academy.
Halstead: [looks at Burgess disbelievingly] Flight attendant? [Lindsay snickers into her glass]
Burgess: You can break my balls all you want, but I learned more about crowd control and conflict resolution and intimidation tactics traits that will serve me well when you guys detail me up into Intelligence. Hint, hint.
Lindsay & Halstead: [grin to each other] Oh. Wow.
Halstead: Okay. Noted.
Burgess: Thanks. How about you?
Lindsay: Oh, I just kicked around. Nothing glamorous.
Burgess: You?
Halstead: I was in the military.
Burgess: You see any action?
Halstead: I did. Yeah.
Burgess: Ever see anything like you did today? [Lindsay looks warily at Halstead] I'm sorry. I forget I asked that. That was a stupid question.

Wrong Side of the Bars [1.2][edit]

[Ruzek and Olinsky are getting their disguises ready for their undercover assignment]
Ruzek: When's the last time you brushed your teeth?
Olinsky: I'm supposed to be homeless, man.
Ruzek: That's not a good excuse.

[Atwater and Burgess get into their squad car and realize Platt assigned them to a smelly one]
Atwater: What did you do to Platt?
Burgess: I didn't do nothing to Platt.
Atwater: What did you do to Platt? You must have done something. Burgess, I'm gonna tell you this right now. Don't walk down a road you can't come back from.
Burgess: Okay, fine. I called her a house mouse.
Atwater: You didn't.
Burgess: She ran me all over creation for this gaudy ring of her cousin's, and then she–– I'm sorry. Sometimes my temper can hinder my ability to communicate.

Lindsay: I used to think that cops under Voight were invincible, and then Jules died. I was holding her hand. As a soldier, how did you deal with it?
Halstead: [looks away uncomfortably] Generally...take it out on those who didn't deserve it.

Voight: [to the team] I've been given the go-ahead to run Intelligence - the way I want to run it. No interference. This is our unit now. You do things my way, our way, you'll unclip your badge at night knowing you did right. The police standing next to you are your family. And to me, there's nothing more important.

Erica Grashiar: Key witness was found dead. Is that right?
Voight: Something like that.
Grashiar: I am informed, however, in how you got reinstated. You were supposed to be a pipeline for I.A. into some heavy hitters, but you haven't given us a damn thing.
Voight: I'll make a move on him soon.
Grashiar: Hey. Don't jerk me off with "soon." You work for me, Hank. You work for me! Do you understand?!
Voight: I work for Chicago. You understand? Chicago. [looks at the city skyline] Look at that. I remember when I was in grade school, the teacher read us a story by some precious little writer from a long time ago. I think he's English or something. And he was bagging on this place after visiting here. Know what he called it? He called it "A city inhabited by savages." [looks seriously at Gradishar] We move when I say we move.

Chin Check [1.3][edit]

Lindsay: [after Dawson holds up his fist for a fist bump] Do me one favor: Do not give me one of those open-fingered explosion hands that people do. I hate that. If it's your thing, I'd rather high five.
[Lindsay and Dawson fist bump and Dawson does the open-fingered explosion]
Lindsay: [glares at Dawson] Never again.

Ruzek: Hey, Halstead. Any word on Banfill?
Halstead: He's still in the ICU. You seen the counselor yet?
Ruzek: Yeah, this afternoon. You know, I'm gonna send out a memo so people can stop asking me.
Halstead: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who do you think you're talking to? You got 10 minutes on this job.
Ruzek: It's a lot of people have been asking me.
Halstead: Say that next time.

Severide: Hey, um, I didn't know where else to go, and, um, and I don' one's heard anything. I don't know what to do.
Lindsay: Hey, we're gonna find her, okay?
Severide: Yeah. [steps into Lindsay's hug]
Lindsay: I promise. We've got really good guys on this. And I know it's scary, and I know your sister's alone, but we're gonna find her.

Now Is Always Temporary [1.4][edit]

[Antonio enters the locker room with a cold ice pack while Ruzek sat on the bench with his trousers down his thighs after getting painfully slammed in the crotch by Nadia]
Antonio: Here! [handing him the cold ice pack]
Ruzek:Thanks, [placing the cold ice pack on his crotch and softly wincing in momentary discomfort] I think they're swollen, seriously dude. [breathing in agony]
Antonio: I'll take your word on that. [as Halstead enters the room]
Halstead: Uniforms have picked up on Nadia trying to score over on Roosevelt they're bringing her in. You all right?
Ruzek: No!
Halstead: Just checking!
Ruzek: Yeah I'm glad we're all having fun with this Antonio, Wendy and I wanna have kids, if I'm sterile, I'm gonna have that chick's neck.
Antonio: Uh uh, this is all on you Ruzek, can't let your guard down like that ever. [exiting the room]
Ruzek: [sighing with relief] Good talk!

Thirty Balloons [1.5][edit]

Voight: You like working in this unit, you keep it in your pants.
Halstead: I didn't know it was out.
Voight: Erin's off-limits. End of discussion.

[Olinsky takes Ruzek shopping for supplies for their stakeout]
Ruzek: [notices the adult diapers Olinsky is holding] Wait, wait, wait. What are those for?
Olinsky: You're on a stakeout for who knows how long drinking that fluorescent poison you're not gonna be able to hold it.
Ruzek: You can't be serious. I'll find somewhere to take a leak.
Olinsky: You know, when I was a rookie, I was assigned to keep eyes on this B&E crew that nobody could touch.
Ruzek: Right.
Olinsky: The first time I got eyes on him, I lost him. You know why?
Ruzek: No.
Olinsky: 'Cause I had to take a piss. And I'm gone three, four minutes tops. And I say to myself, "Next time I got eyes on him, I'm not gonna move. I'm not going anywhere." And that's where these came in. And I nailed the crew pulling a million-dollar score.

Lindsay: Hey, we need to talk.
Voight: Come on. [he ushers Lindsay into his office and she shuts the door] Yeah?
Lindsay: The overprotective father thing was fine when I was a teenager, but I don't need you looking out for me anymore.
Voight: It's Halstead I'm looking out for. I've seen what happens to the guys you date.
Lindsay: What is that supposed to mean?
Voight: You've left a string of broken hearts behind you since you were 15. I need Halstead 100% effective, not throwing pebbles at your window at 3:00 in the morning.
Lindsay: You don't get to tell me who I can and can't hang out with on my personal time.
Voight: My unit, my rules. You wanna date a cop? There are plenty other districts out there.

Conventions [1.6][edit]

Halstead: You speak Italian? Where'd you pick it up?
Olinsky: I was stationed in Vicenza.
Halstead: You served?
Olinsky: Yeah, A.B.C.T., part of a rapid response team. It's about an hour away from everyone. You?
Halstead: Rangers. Afghanistan.
Olinsky: Well, that explains a lot.
Halstead: [smirks] Were you ever injured in the line of crushing grapes?
Olinsky: Excuse me?
Halstead: Was that in World War II?
Olinsky: I can't hear you.

Rollins: [jokingly to Lindsay as they both make coffee in the pantry] Oh, yeah, that confirms it. Chicago cops cannot make a good cup of coffee either.

Lindsay: I want the bad guys to get what's coming to them.
Rollins: Well, sometimes they do. Do you believe in karma?
Lindsay: I believe in payback.
Rollins: Just a little unsolicited advice, just because I've been careful 'cause payback is the biggest bitch when it consumes you.

The Price We Pay [1.7][edit]

Platt: Hey, Olinsky, department's pushing back on these expense reports you turned in.
Olinsky: [to Ruzek] You owe me 27 bucks.
Ruzek: No, no, no. Nobody told me that we got to go out of pocket on stakeouts.
Platt: Is that so? Oh, great. Order some caviar and lobster tails next time, then.

Platt: Hey, Turner and Hooch, get over here.
Atwater: I better be Turner.
Burgess: What is it?
Platt: Need a photo.
Atwater: Because we found a body. If this is for the Tribune, my mama might want a couple––
Platt: For your new I.D. badge, Einstein.

Lindsay: Would you spit out whatever you're trying to spit out?
Halstead: Okay. Maybe this last month I don't like being the guy you use to get a rise out of your father figure.
Lindsay: You wish I was using you.
Halstead: Oh, I'm serious. You have issues. You need to work them out. Work them out without me.
Lindsay: I repeat, we haven't done anything. And if you want to keep it that way...
Halstead: Hey, that'd be great.
Lindsay: All right, perfect.
Halstead: Fantastic.
Lindsay: You done?
Halstead: I was done long before this conversation started.
Lindsay: Really? Then shut up.

Ruzek: Al. Alvin, you're not listening to me.
Olinsky: Well, you talk so much, it's hard to know when I'm supposed to listen and when I can just tune out.
Ruzek: Sheesh. You're miserable.
Olinsky: No kidding, kid. But you'll learn.
Ruzek: I'm not you, old man. You can keep your misery. I'm all sunshine and roses over here. Peachy keen, Mr. Bean.

Voight: You were just going to walk up, shoot Ross in the middle of the street, huh? Let me ask you something. How stupid are you?
Joe Catalano: I got a damn good insurance policy.

Dawson: [to Gradishar] His family lost a father because you used him as the bottom rung of your ladder. You don't know. You don't know what we do or what we sacrifice or the price we pay for this for the job. And you'll never know.

Different Mistakes [1.8][edit]

Gradishar: It's funny. They warned me about you. Upstairs said, "Manage him.", "Use him. Keep him in line. And as soon as you start to lose him, take him down." But they didn't do you justice, Hank.
Voight: They set you up to fail.
Gradishar: No, I don't think so. They know this place needs a guy like you, as long as he's controlled. But now you're an experiment gone wrong, Hank, and they're gonna find a way to break you.

Dawson: First rule of a gunfight: bring a gun. Second rule: bring friends with guns. [raises his glass] Here's to having friends in Chicago.

A Material Witness [1.9][edit]

Halstead: Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Voight got arrested last night?
Dawson: He was put in cuffs once before by me. He got out of those pretty easy. Why should this time be any different?
Halstead: Wait, so let me get this straight. The rule of law doesn't apply to Voight? Just so I'm clear.
Dawson: Just do your job.

Atwater: So what's the scoop, Sarge?
Burgess: Yeah, what's the scoop?
Atwater: If Voight got arrested, what were the charges?
Burgess: Yeah, they're not gonna take the unit from him, will they? He actually likes us.
Platt: You're like two washerwomen from the old country. Why don't you take your laundry down to the river?
Ruzek: [grabs Burgess' arm] Hey, listen. Come with me. [to Platt] We need her today.
Atwater: What about me?
Ruzek: Don't really have the curves I'm looking for, Atwater. Sorry man.

At Least It's Justice [1.10][edit]

Djurovic: I'm gonna sue you! I'm gonna sue the city! I'm gonna sue your mother for having you! I'm gonna sue your father for even thinking about doing––
Dawson [glares at Djurovic] Shut up.

Halstead: [opens his door and sees Olinsky at his doorstep] Hey.
Olinsky: I figured you might be drinking. A man shouldn't be drinking alone.

Turn the Light Off [1.11][edit]

Ruzek: Sarge, I'm willing to help you and everything, but you gotta tell me what's going on here.
Platt: [sighs] I gotta close the dad deal.
Ruzek: The the what now?
Platt: I'm accustomed to living in a nice house in Lincoln Park, a house I can't afford on my CPD salary.
Ruzek: Okay.
Platt: My dad is very wealthy. Investment banker wealthy. Cover of Forbes wealthy.
Ruzek: Really?
Platt: I'm his older single daughter who's never been married. We do this dance every year where I bring my new fiancé to dinner and tell him I'm sure this is the one. He then writes me a check and tells me he's proud of me. We're both just going through the motions at this point, but he's old-fashioned, and I don't want to think about what would happen if I don't play the game.
Ruzek: All right, say no more. I get it. I do. It's just I you think he's going to buy this?
Platt: Why wouldn't he?
Ruzek: Well, the, uh the age difference.
Platt: Exactly how old do you think I am?
Ruzek: I have no idea.

[Nadia prepares Burgess to go undercover as a hooker]
Nadia: Your daddy ever touch you when you were a kid?
Burgess: What?
Nadia: Turn the light off in your eyes.

Robert Platt: What do you like most about my daughter Trudy?
Platt: [glares at her father] Dad.
Ruzek: Well, I would have to say that I like the fact that she knows exactly who she is. That she doesn't take crap from anybody, and I mean anybody. She's a –– she's just a she's a tough cookie, my little cookie.

Ruzek: Why haven't you told him you're gay?
Platt: Gay?
Ruzek: Yeah, I just I think and I know I'm speaking out of school here, but I think he'd be cool with it. He seem like a––
Platt: I'm not gay.
Ruzek: What?
Platt: I did half the guys in my class in the academy.

8:30 PM [1.12][edit]

Voight: [interrogates suspect] You tell me everything you know, every participant. Because as a coward, Vaughn. and I know you're a coward, 'cause that's who lays bombs at cancer fund-raisers You will not endure the pain that I'm going to put you through.

Powell: [video recording] I'm declaring war on the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department. If you are a member of either department, you are not safe. If you are a family member of someone in either department, you are not safe. This is just the beginning. You've been warned.

My Way [1.13][edit]

The Docks [1.14][edit]

Voight: I deal with things in the moment. I make the best decision that I can. Sometimes I'm right. Sometimes I'm wrong. And I accept that, and I move forward, knowing I did the best I can to protect this city. I have my convictions, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks of 'em. You have yours as well, Jay. I know that. And I respect that.

A Beautiful Friendship [1.15][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Call It Macaroni [2.1][edit]

Lindsay: Nadia's first day.
Halstead: Can she even type? [Lindsay looks at him] Did we look into that at all?
Lindsay: Yeah. She can, smart ass. [Halstead shrugs] Do not hit on her.
Halstead: [in mock offense] Nadia?? What kind of a dog do you think I am?

Roman: You hear about Jeff Gamble today?
Lisa: I did. He went out in a blaze of glory, huh?
Burgess: Ah, yeah. Shooting at cops it's...real glorious.

Get My Cigarettes [2.2][edit]

Ruzek: I'm just saying, Jay, you got a target on your head and you don't seem too phased.
Halstead: Overseas, my unit and I, we always had a bounty on us.
Dawson: Most gangs only pay 10G for a cop. If you're really worth 100, I should take you out myself. Pay off my mortgage.
Halstead: Right. Try it.
Olinsky: Coke dealer, one time, put a million dollar tag on me and Voight. [everyone stares at Olinsky]
Halstead: What?
Ruzek: How'd you handle that?
Olinsky: Well, you dust yourself. Never go home the same way twice. Run red lights. If a car follows you through one, you chamber a round and you handle business.

Lindsay: For the last 10 years, you've told me I.A. is a bunch of rats who hide behind their badge instead of standing in front of it.
Voight: And I meant it. Cops who go after other cops are the lowest. I never did that. I played a game with them to get my job back. A game I won, I might add.

Dawson: Parents do dumb things, the kids take the brunt.

Lindsay: I didn't think a 70 pound girl could lift a grown woman like that. But see, I knew I couldn't call 911 for help 'cause then CPS would take me from you. Yeah, I dragged you into the bathtub. Kept filling it with ice cubes. Just sitting there hoping you didn't die.
Bunny: Do we really have to bring up all this negative stuff?
Lindsay: I was nine. And do you know what you said to me when you woke up? "Get my cigarettes."

[Ruzek pulls up to an informant]
Belz: (hands Ruzek a folder) I could've just emailed this to you.
Ruzek: Yeah, my boss is old school. He doesn't much like electronic footprints.
Belz: We're cool now.
Ruzek: Well, we're getting there.
Belz: Dude, it was just some graffiti.
Ruzek: You tagged the entire scoreboard at Cellular Field. That's a class three felony. Like I said, you got a little more work to do, but this? It's a good start.

The Weigh Station [2.3][edit]

Platt: What are you doing here, Nadia, answering phones for 12 bucks an hour?
Nadia: Hey, it's a start.
Platt: No, pumpkin, it's an end. You're going to be up there until your boobs are bouncing off your knees, and all you're going to have to show for it is free dental, maybe a couple of flings with some married cops.
Nadia: I'm going to be a cop one day, and a damn good one.
Platt: Not going to happen. Not with your resume.

Olinsky: So they got you in protective custody, I hear. You got a lot of enemies in gen pop, don't you?
Bembenek: [scoffs] Nah. Just friends. I got friends everywhere.
Olinsky: Me too. The warden used to be a cop. I know you're afraid to die, Oskar. I could always see it in your eyes. So I'm here to give you one chance to live. You call off the hit on Halstead, and you tell me who it was tried to take him out at that bar.
Bembenek: Wait, wait we're talking about the Detective Halstead that killed my brother? That Halstead?
Olinsky: Listen to me. Carefully. I'm giving you one chance.
Bembenek: [taps the counter] I'm doing time. Trying to get my head around that. [smugly] Can't be worried about the outside world.

Voight: [to Karl, the gunman who tried to kill Halstead] Did you grow up Catholic, Karl? I mean, most Poles are Catholic, right? Remember hearing about purgatory? I mean, if you weren't paying attention, it's it's a way station between heaven and hell. It's like this place. Heaven, for you, is upstairs. Cup of coffee, comfortable chair, we talk. You tell me why you opened up on two cops, put a girl in the hospital with a hole in her neck, clinging to life. Hell. It's a place we call the silos. About a 15-minute drive from here.

Voight: In about two minutes I got to meet Commander Perry so he can brief command staff. You know, no one out there really knows how we operate how we put ourselves in harm's way. If they did, our hands would be tied. And the worst of the worst that we hunt down would go free. So when I say this stays in house, this stays in house so we can keep operating the way we do. Halstead, what you did today-- What you did for this city well, no one will ever know. But this family knows.

Halstead: [to Paramedic Sylvie Brett] You know, I've I've seen dead bodies, and I've seen people shot in front of me. But uh I've never seen somebody take a bullet that was meant for me.

Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw [2.4][edit]

Platt: Got word from headquarters. You're both up for mandatory firearms requalification. Get to the shooting range by Friday.
Halstead: Now, remind me, 'cause I'm drawing a blank here. Who was it that had the most shots in the black the last time we requalified?
Lindsay: I believe the operative words here are "last time".

Roman: How long you known Sergeant Platt?
Dawson: Long time.
Roman: Well, she's a real pain in the ass.
Dawson: That is true.

Halstead: Do you think maybe they'll just let me turn in Dryer's knee for requalification? You know, just put the X-ray in my file. Bam. Done. Requalified.
Lindsay: [scoffs] Yeah, yeah. How much?
Halstead: On this? How much you got?
Lindsay: C-note.
Halstead: You're on.

An Honest Woman [2.5][edit]

Halstead: [about Voight being late for work] He had the flu last year.
Lindsay: No, he didn't. That was you.
Halstead: He gets sick. Everybody gets sick.

Girl: Is it true you got to buy your own duty weapon, or you just got to buy the backup?
Burgess: Oh, Chicago police officers are required to pay for their own sidearm, both primary and backup.
Girl: Hmm.
Burgess: What you carry?
Girl: I like a Walther PPK.
Burgess: You sound like future police to me.
Platt: Or a hit man.

Prison Ball [2.6][edit]

They'll Have to Go Through Me [2.7][edit]

Assignment of the Year [2.8][edit]

Called in Dead [2.9][edit]

[After returning from an undercover drug bust]
Olinsky: [excitedly] Oh, yeah, it's been a while since we pulled a rip. I forgot how much fun it was.
Halstead: [grins] I've done some pretty crazy recon missions. That got my heart pumping.

Burgess: Hey. Um, Sergeant. I heard Intelligence pulled a rip on some major dealers last night.
Platt: Let me guess who leaked this amazing story, your boy toy, Ruzek? [Roman laughs]
Burgess: Boy what? No. Just, if any–– if any back ups needed we're volunteering our services.
Platt: didn't get upstairs, Burgess, so give it up. But, I do love your can-do spirit, so I am assigning you two to "psycho squad" duty. The Bulgarian consulate in Chicago forwarded a list of whackos who've made threats against President Pla-no..Pla..Pre...President...Pla...President whoever, who arrives in two days for some trade conference. You're gonna do spot checks on all persons on that list, see if they pose a danger.
Roman: Yeah. Can't you put Garcia or Sikora on this one?
Platt: Roman, be grateful I don't park you at a desk doing traffic reports.

Lindsay: [discussing a suspect's background check] Not even a parking ticket.
Halstead: So, aside from operating a heroin lab, he's also a Boy Scout.

Halstead: So, Blue. You got a real name?
"Blue": Barack Obama.
[Halstead and Ruzek look at each other and laugh]
Ruzek: [plays along] Ha, oh, I wasn't prepared for this. It's an honor. Mr. President, we know that you're part of a heroin ring. Runs out of Angels strip club.

Platt: One last name came in from the consulate, sounds like a real winner. Some guy upset at Bulgaria 'cause they're trying to join the EU.
Burgess: Maybe after this we can get back to real police work?
Platt: Hey, how's that K-9 girl working out for ya?
Roman: If I have to do another day with her, I'm gonna transfer. To Milwaukee.
Platt: Oh, don't kid yourself, Roman. You're so in love with that girl it ain't even funny.

Shouldn't Have Been Alone [2.10][edit]

Vought: Halstead you got this?
Halstead: Yeah, I got this.

Platt: Two surgeries in one day?
Ruzek: Yeah.
Platt: Third one gets ya free toppings.

Lindsey: Hey, how's Burgess?
Ruzek: She’s great, great - just a little follow up thing.

We Don't Work Together Anymore [2.11][edit]

Cassie: Having nice things isn't a crime.
Halstead: No, but buying things with drug money is.

Cassie: Thought you were the delivery guy.
Halstead: Wish I was.

Disco Bob [2.12][edit]

Halstead: Why'd you put him up to it?
Voight: We can sit here for days, kid. I make good money for over time.

Bob: What about the guy I gave Voight?
Ruzek: I said we got it. If we need anymore of your help, we'll ask.

A Little Devil Complex [2.13][edit]

Ruzek: Listen, we... [writes something on a post-it note and sticks it to his coffee mug] We're thinking about putting together a task force on how to make coffee.
Dawson: Maybe you can help us arrange a press conference for that.
Ruzek: I got you started. Cream, two sugars. It's real simple.
Lindsay: I am not gonna make you coffee. [to Halstead] Come on, what about you?
Halstead: [laughs] I wasn't going to say anything. And then Lang called and he said you left your pant suit at the headquarters.

Voight: I hear you like to start fires, Gish.
Adrian Gish: Only when appropriate.
Voight: According to who? Fires that kill innocent people?
Gish: Yeah, I've heard about men who do that. Men who kill their own families. Men who wipe out city blocks with a single match.
Voight: You just gonna tiptoe right to the edge, huh?
Dawson: [mutters] I promise you I'll stand right behind you to give you the last push.
Gish: God's mistake? God's mistake? Really? You think I was made by God? [chortles] Last I checked, fire was the devil's tool. [looks at Dawson] I'm warning you, Detective. Do not push me.
Dawson: Or what, Gish? You gonna burn me up?
Gish: [seethes] When I'm done with you, you're gonna burn yourself up.

Dawson: [to the team about Gish] This guy killed Leslie Shay, my sister's best friend. Years ago, he killed Peter Mills' father, and burned Chief Boden and who knows how many others. As far as I'm concerned, we don't sleep until this lunatic roasts.

Halstead: I'm not really a sneak-around- behind-dad's-back kind of guy.
Lindsay: Says the guy that works undercover.
Halstead: [laughs] Let's just come clean. Voight will respect us more if we look him in the eye.

[Voight and Olinsky look at Gish/Lamont's mugshot]
Voight: Devil in the white city.
Olinsky: Back in hell where he belongs.

Erin's Mom [2.14][edit]

Halstead: Couldn't sleep the other night. So I was up watching TV, and I saw this doctor talking about commitment phobia. He was saying it had to do with family patterns and survival instincts. I'm just saying, you know, Bunny's been married, what, five times?
Lindsay: Don't try to psychoanalyze me, Jay. Have you given any more thought to whether or not we should tell Voight?
Halstead: No, we're not telling Voight.
Lindsay: He pardoned Burgess and Ruzek.
Halstead: Burgess was shot. Her and Ruzek are an exception to the rule. Do you want to take a bullet so that Voight will give his blessing?
Lindsay: I'd take a bullet just to come over to your house tonight. [raises eyebrows]
Halstead: [grins] What part of your body would you sacrifice?
Lindsay: Uh Shoulder? Fleshy part of the thigh.
Halstead: Now I feel special.
Lindsay: You should.

What Do You Do [2.15][edit]

[Halstead is telling Lindsay about his grandfather's log cabin in rural northern Wisconsin]
Lindsay: This is in Wisconsin?
Halstead: Yeah. Great fishing. Musky. Largemouth.
Lindsay: Mosquitoes? Like birds.
Halstead: But it's a great place to retire.
Lindsay: I'm not living in Northern Wisconsin.
Halstead: [grins teasingly] I don't remember asking you.
Lindsay: Antonio, would you ever live in Northern Wisconsin?
Dawson: Yeah. Snowmobiling, ice fishing, meth labs. It's paradise.
Halstead: You're not helping.

[The team is going through taser recertification with Jenkins and are to be tasered as part of the process.]
Halstead: [laughs as Ruzek is being tasered] That was worth the price of admission.
Jenkins: [looks at Halstead] You're next. [Halstead's smile disappears]
Atwater: [goads Halstead] Come on, man.
Lindsay: I volunteer to tase him.
Halstead: Okay, I mean, this doesn't seem, like, official enough.
Lindsay: Where do you want it? [smirks] S, P, A or G?
Halstead: Shoulders.
Dawson: G!
Atwater: [laughs] G!
[Lindsay looks back triumphantly at Halstead]
Halstead: [glares at Lindsay] Don't you dare.

What Puts You On That Ledge [2.16][edit]

Voight: [after Mouse shows him some intel he got] That's a nice pull. Interesting cat, Mouse.

Mouch: Hey, kitten.
Platt: What are you doing here?
Mouch: I wanted to see if you'd be interested in taking this exercise class with me. It's called Zumba. I think you'd really like it.
Platt: Hold on. Are you trying to tell me I'm fat?

Mrs. Manning: Can I give you some advice?
Lindsay: Sure.
Mrs. Manning: Marry a dentist.

Mouse: Roll call, chain of command, it's almost like being back in fatigues, you know. I didn't think I'd miss it, but I do. I like the the structure. I need this.
Halstead: Don't screw it up.
Mouse: I won't. Hey, I want to let you know that I really appreciate you doing this for me.
Halstead: You were there for me, right?
Mouse: Yeah. Hey, you know what's crazy? Is that you and I we went through the exact same thing that day, and I've been I've been bouncing around ever since, and you've got the the world by the tail.
Halstead: Don't be so sure.
Mouse: Yeah. So what's going on? You, uh you seeing somebody?
Halstead: I guess I was for a minute.

Lindsay: Can you date someone that you work with in our jobs? I mean, I know what brings us together. If you almost die by noon, you're pretty ready for a date at 6:00 p.m.
Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson: Ooh, I hear that. experience, the same risks that bring you together end up weighing too much for anything long term.
Lindsay: Mm. [lifts her glass] Here's to plowing ahead anyway.
Gabby: Cheers.

Say Her Real Name [2.17][edit]

Platt: Hey, Chuckles.
Halstead: Detective Chuckles, if you don't mind.
Platt: Little donnybrook down at Kitty O'Shea's. Officer on the scene wanted to know if you'd stop by.
Halstead: To do what, show him how to do his job?
Platt: No, keep your brother from getting locked up.

Get Back to Even [2.18][edit]

Platt: [looks at Nadia's application forms] Do our public institutions no longer teach penmanship?
Nadia: Well, everything's digital.

Atwater: We need more brothers on this unit, man.
Ruzek: I'm your brother, Kev.
Atwater: Yeah, you are. Don't tell Halstead, though. He gets jealous about stuff like that.

Jay Halstead: You should have been here. Mom was dying, you were off partying.
Will Halstead: You left.
Jay: I left to fight a war. I came home.
Will: I saw Dad. He, uh, said you haven't spoken in a year.
Jay: Probably two.

The Three Gs [2.19][edit]

Olinsky: If I didn't screw up, those girls wouldn't be dead.

Voight: Dennis Lee. CPD's most wanted fugitive for almost six years.

The Number of Rats [2.20][edit]

Lindsay: Do you have any travel plans Mr Yates.
Yates: None, I just came to your beautiful city.

Benson: Do me a favor, play this one by the book please.

There's My Girl [2.21][edit]

Voight: How you holding up?
Lindsay: I'm fine. I just wish everyone would stop asking me.
Voight: I'm not everyone.
Lindsay: I miss her. Like everybody else, I'm here. I'm doing my job.
Voight: Job part I'm not worried about. Don't let this turn into a banana peel for you, and I think you know what I'm talking about.

Halstead: I still can't believe you let me drive.
Lindsay: It's my gift. [pauses] Well, it's from Nadia. I told her how you said you feel like a house husband riding shotgun all the time. [reminisces] And she got all righteous and she goes, "Erin, you need to let him drive a little."

Push the Pain Away [2.22][edit]

Owen: You don't know a damn thing.
Voight: Well tell me.

Lindsay: I don't need you to cover me.
Voight: I'm not covering you, I'm protecting you.

Born Into Bad News [2.23][edit]

Halstead: Erin, I'm not your boss. I don't care where you were. But know that I am looking out for you. Whatever you got going on upstairs, you gotta face it head on.

Voight: Erin is grieving. She's in a vulnerable space. That's exactly where you want her isn't it? Easier for you to get your hooks into her. Listen to me, don't ever come back here.

Season 3[edit]

Life is Fluid [3.1][edit]

[Platt is showing Burgess a wedding catalog.]
Burgess: The ad says Woolworth's. I think they went out of business.
Platt: Burgess, dreams never go out of business. Ever.

Voight: You here as a cop or to save your boyfriend?
Lindsay: Does it matter?

Natural Born Storyteller [3.2][edit]

Actual Physical Violence [3.3][edit]

[Mouse is being held hostage by Jeff Frazier]
Mouse: When did you serve? [Frazier looks at him curiously] Your sidearm is military issue. M9. When I asked your name, you said your last name first. I was Rangers. 75th Regiment. I did two tours in Korangal Valley.
Frazier: Marines. Gunnery Sergeant. 6th Division. Took a few strolls through Baghdad. I was gone pretty much from the time Sarah was born till the time she got her learner's permit. [looks at Mouse] You did it. You got me talking. The sergeant looking for Sarah, can I trust him?
Mouse: Hank Voight? Well, picking his district was about the only thing you did right today.

Voight: So what's this for?
Trevor Dunn: Scare tactics.
Voight: I've heard of those. Me, I prefer actual physical violence.

Debts of the Past [3.4][edit]

Burgess: Hey, did you know that Adam was engaged, before he was engaged?
Roman: To you? Yeah.
Burgess: No. Before that.
Roman: You mean you're the third?
Burgess: Yeah. Just found out.
Roman: Just think of it like the Olympics. A bronze medal's nothing to sneeze at.

Lindsay: We're celebrating.
Halstead: What are we celebrating?
Lindsay: Hank is letting me move back into my apartment. He trusts me.
Halstead: Wow, that's huge.
Lindsay: Yeah. I think he just wants his bathroom back but whatever.
Halstead: Well, you can do some serious damage in a bathroom. [Lindsay slaps his arm in mock anger] What?? [chuckles] I just meant you're messy. You're a messy person. Seriously though, this is good. I was worried that hole you were digging was gonna be too deep.
Lindsay: I was lucky I had a lot of people reaching in to pull me out.

Climbing Into Bed [3.5][edit]

Lindsay: Hey, you have a "couch guy"?
Halstead: I don't know what that means.
Lindsay: You have a guy for everything: construction guy, car guy. I need a couch guy.
Halstead: Huh.
Lindsay: I'm moving back into my place. I just want a fresh start. I kinda blew through my savings on my "sabbatical". Don't make me ask Atwater.
Halstead: What's in it for me? [Lindsay raises an eyebrow flirtatiously at him] I'll make some calls.

Voight: Remember the 8 P's from your academy training?
Ruzek: Yeah.
Voight: Let's hear 'em.
Ruzek: Proper police planning prevents piss poor police performance.

Platt: You know what Moses had when he parted the Red Sea?
Ruzek: What?
Platt: Permission from his supervisor.

Halstead: I'm the last guy you should ask about decorative furniture. I'm a "function over form" man.
Lindsay: [smirks] What does that mean?
Halstead: It means that if its comfy then I don't care what it looks like. You know, we could always give it a "test drive"
Lindsay: Test out the "function"?
Halstead: [cheekily] I hope we're talking about the same thing.

Dawson: [to Ruzek] You start chasing things in the air instead of the ones on the street you don't get to anybody.

You Never Know Who's Who [3.6][edit]

Platt: Overtime is like gold around here.

Voight: Secret operation or not, you can't commit murder and steal bodies with impunity.

[Dawson and Voight are interrogating a suspect who kept claiming he was a CIA operative.]
Dawson: Says here you took the CPD test three times and each time you were rejected. You're color blind.
Voight: [deadpan] Yet somehow you were recruited into the CIA.

Lindsay: Dr. Charles, welcome to Intelligence.
Dr. Charles: [looks around the squad room] So, this is it. The infamous black side I've been reading about all these years?
Dawson: Not everything you read is true.

Herrmann: So, Jay, I'm not usually the matchmaking type of guy but my wife wants to set you up with somebody.
Will Halstead: Woah, Herrmann, what's wrong with me?
Jay Halstead: [holds a finger to shush Will] Slow down. [to Herrmann] Who is it?
Herrmann: She's a great gal. She's cute, you know, and she's in my wife's bridge club.
Will: [snickers] Ok, I take it back. Jay, you can have her.
Herrmann: [chuckles] Shut up.
Jay: Thanks.

A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes [3.7][edit]

Ethan Jones: Why am I here? I'm the one who got beat up.
Halstead: Ethan, I think the kids were just scared, not just about Colin. They're scared about you.

Crawley: You're just gonna let this kid walk?
Voight: I can't arrest him for something he might do. I can't even hold him. He's a minor.
Crawley: Since when did Hank Voight become such a stickler for the rules?

Landlord: It's called a halfway house for a reason. You only know half the stuff that's goin' on.

Halstead: I was a soldier too.
Ethan: Yeah?
Halstead: Yeah man. [pauses] I've known some heroes. But what you did, going public, telling the truth about what might just be the bravest thing I've ever seen.

Ethan: Did you lose friends?
Halstead: Many. Yeah.
Ethan: How'd you deal with it?
Halstead: When I get down, I...uh, try to remind myself that they made a sacrifice so that I could come home and live my life. I just try to honor that.

Forget My Name [3.8][edit]

Never Forget I Love You [3.9][edit]

Now I'm God [3.10][edit]

Knocked the Family Right Out [3.11][edit]

Platt: [to some patrol officers] When it comes to diamonds, there are the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity, and...and character.
Burgess: [walks over to Platt's desk] No, it's color. It's color.
Platt: Must be a regional thing. [holds out her ring finger] God, that bling is so shiny. I get distracted all the time. Hey, Burgess, I'm going to need my wedding book back now that you and runaway groom have kicked your date into the next century.
Burgess: My pleasure.
Platt: Hey, wait a minute. I got an idea. Help me plan my wedding. Get a little contact high while you wait in line.
Burgess: That's very tempting.

Looking Out For Stateville [3.12][edit]

Hit Me [3.13][edit]

The Song of Gregory Williams Yates [3.14][edit]

Yates: [to Lindsay] We're killers, and at the end of the day, what is more liberating than killing someone? Bad begets bad begets bad, and you, my lovely, you get to tell this story.

A Night Owl [3.15][edit]

Brianna Logan: I don't know what Mouse told you.
Halstead: He said you used to be a lawyer and now you own a pot shop.
Brianna: Well, I like to tell people that I entered a budding industry with growth potential.
Halstead: [impassively] I bet that always gets a laugh.
Brianna: Usually a smile. Uh, so Mouse did my security system, and recommended you for security detail. I like ex-cops, um, ex-military, preferably ones that don't scare the customers away. We're an all-cash business. The Feds still won't let us open bank accounts.
Halstead: If this were, like, six months ago I'd be putting you in handcuffs.
Brianna: Times change.
Halstead: [deadpan] Yeah, that's what they say.

[Halstead meets Terry Egan at the marijuana farm]
Terry: Want to know something crazy? I just got out of rehab.

Lindsay: Love makes us do crazy things. We know we can't control it, and we spend our whole lives chasing it.

The Cases that Need to be Solved [3.16][edit]

Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb [3.17][edit]

Ruzek: You know, I read that something like 73% of men mess around with their wives.
Olinsky: Where'd you read that?
Ruzek: [smirks] Playboy
Atwater: You took out the centerfold right?

[Briggs is locked up in the "cage" while Voight and Halstead are on the outside interrogating him.]
Halstead: I'm gonna testify against you at your trial. I'm gonna make your life a living hell.
Briggs: [pulls up his sleeve to reveal a gang tattoo] Inside a cage or on the street I'm doing time wherever I stand. I'll never rat. So how about you just get my jungle juice and baloney sandwich ready in my holding cell? [goads Halstead] You think you can manage that, pretty boy?
Voight: [to Briggs] That's kinda funny. The only reason I'm here is to keep him from getting to you. And I'm standing over here thinking what the hell I'd do to you if you'd talked to me like that. If there's one thing I hate, it's a hypocrite. [to Halstead] You've got five minutes.
[Halstead hands his gun and badge to Voight and prepares to go into the "cage".]

Halstead: The thing is, firefights never scared me. It was coming home and having to look at the faces of the wives and the families of the guys who didn't make it back.

Kasual With a K [3.18][edit]

Lindsay: [after interviewing a woman who ran a battered women's shelter] They name parks and streets after politicians in this city. Women like that are the real heroes and nobody ever knows their names.

Voight: You know, every once in a while, a worm like you slips the hook. You know, State's Attorney says there's not enough evidence to prosecute. So, you know, some patsy takes the fall. Worse, he ends up dead, that sort of thing. Me and my unit end up muzzled, even though we know who did it. Hmm? I was thinking about something. See, a long time ago, they told me, those little statues of Justice are blindfolded so she can What is it? So she can remain impartial. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking I'm glad she's blindfolded, 'cause there are times I gotta do things she wouldn't want to see.

Voight: Go back to Atlantic City, Ainge. You got 24 hours, and trust me, I'll come looking for you. I mean, you're not out of my city by then you and me are gonna take a ride. I'll show you parts of Chicago you never seen before. You understand what I'm saying?

If We Were Normal [3.19][edit]

Burgess: I mean, nothing has happened at all at all, but last night there was this moment.. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Lindsay: Yeah, I do.
Burgess: But having been engaged to Ruzek, what you are saying is that I should not be opening the door, right?
Lindsay: You want me to be the one to tell you that you should not date your partner? [raises eyebrows] I––
Burgess: Ohhhh! Yeah, no. You know why I forget? I forget sometimes that you and Jay are dating, 'cause you guys make it look so easy.
Lindsay: [surprised] Really??

Halstead: Ruzek and Burgess...and Roman. That sounds like a horror movie right there.
Lindsay: It'll probably be a PG-13 deal. Nobody's gonna kill anybody.

[At Molly's]
Herrmann: Hey, shots on the house. Just something that I created in honor of Mouch and Platt. Two great tastes that taste great together.
Lindsay: Hermann, thanks.
[Herrmann, Halstead and Lindsay down their shots and gag immediately.]
Herrmann: Unlike gin and scotch.
Halstead: [laughs] Why would you do that to somebody?
Herrmann: I don't know. Stupid.
Lindsay: That's disgusting.

Lindsay: Burgess did ask me for advice about dating a partner.
Halstead: Yeah? What did you tell her?
Lindsay: You know, just That there is one thing that's really hard.
Halstead: What's that? [Lindsay looks away] Hey, you can tell me.
Lindsay: [sighs] It's just that, you know, when you work together all day and you got to be professional, and you can't tell him that you bought a new outfit and it's sitting in the apartment, still in the box.

In A Duffel Bag [3.20][edit]

Lindsay: Welcome back. I heard the Wisconsin Dells treated you and Mouch very well.
Platt: The Wisconsin Dells is God's country. Seven mornings of sleeping in, seven afternoons at the indoor water park, the Ho-Chunk Casino.
Lindsay: It sounds like a dream come true.
Platt: Yeah.
Lindsay: Did anybody fill you in on the baby we found this morning?
Platt: [interrupts Lindsay] Mm, that's good. I'm good. Look, I am in a mood the likes of which have not been seen since 1997, so I just need a 24-hour freeze on people getting shot, running drugs, bashing each other's heads in, and especially abandoned babies on lakefronts, okay?
Lindsay: Okay, but the baby's not dead.
Platt: That is great.

Lindsay: Mothers like that make me wish I could send Bunny a greeting card.
Halstead: There's a whole section: Glad You Weren't as Bad a Mom as I Thought.

Justice [3.21][edit]

She's Got Us [3.22][edit]

Start Digging [3.23][edit]

Season 4[edit]

The Silos [4.1][edit]

Olinsky: You have to make so many death notifications on this job. I remember every one. Now to be able to walk up to someone's door, someone who's lost so much, and bring good news? It's a blessing.

Made a Wrong Turn [4.2][edit]

Lindsay: A.C. went out in my apartment last night. It's like Dante's Inferno in there.
Voight: Yeah? Which Circle of Hell?
Lindsay: All of them.

Platt: [to Burgess] I can name at least two detectives, both married, and a stable's worth of patrolmen who have confided in me their desire to take you to the futon, hard.

Halstead: We didn't find any drugs or "paraphenalia" in the car.
Antonio: Para-pher-nalia. There's an R in there. A lot of people miss it.
Halstead: Okay, Hooked on Phonics. You want to step outside?
Antonio: Let's go.

Mouse: I've just been thinking, man. What am I gonna do? Join the academy? Be a 31-year-old rookie? Come on. Over there, I got stripes.
Halstead: Do you forget what it did to you? Depression? Can't sleep at night? You want that? You want to be You want to be calling me 3:00 in the morning? You can't sleep, you're popping pills?
Mouse: I'll learn to deal with it, just like you did.
Halstead: Greg, you're in the middle of a war in Chicago. You want a war? You're right here, okay?
Mouse: I'm just being honest, man. Here, there's just Just too much noise. You know, who's right and who's wrong? Over there in Afghanistan, I know that I'm the good guy and they're the bad guys.

All Cylinders Firing [4.3][edit]

Big Friends, Big Enemies [4.4][edit]

Ruzek: So, what, you avoiding going home already?
Lindsay: What? Dude, I'm working overtime so we can pay off my place faster.
Ruzek: It's your place.
Lindsay: Our place.
Ruzek: Uh-huh.
Lindsay: It's been four days.
Ruzek: Well, still.
Lindsay: What?
Ruzek: Nothing.
Lindsay: I'm not avoiding going home, know, out of all of my friends, I am not going to take relationship insight from you.
Ruzek: You can learn from my mistakes. I just think you and Halstead should have a plan.
Lindsay: Dude, you and Burgess had the ultimate plan. What happened?
Ruzek: That's a fair enough point.

[Dawson and Olinsky find what appears to be a threesome in bed.]
Olinsky: You're her roommates?
Boyfriend: I'm her boyfriend.
Man: I'm nobody.
Olinsky: We're gonna need a little bit more than that.
Man: Really? Look, I don't know what you think you saw, but just so you know, nothing was happening between me and him.

Voight: Look, I know you're gonna do what you're gonna do, but this is your neighborhood, this is your families getting shot up. And we got the offender, he's in custody. So now this is about nothing.

A War Zone [4.5][edit]

Mouse: I've done my job. I've done my job since the day I got here. Busted my ass for you. I never never once asked for OT. And all I'm asking for is a favor a favor so that maybe I can live my life the way that I'd like to.
Voight: Don't go out like this, Mouse. You've come too far.

[Lindsay breaks up an argument between Halstead and Mouse]
Lindsay: Listen. What you two went through and what you carry is real. And you know that if you ever need my help carrying it, you just have to ask me. Why are you not listening to him?
Halstead: Because going back is not the right move for him.
Lindsay: For you. Him going back is not the right move for you. But if it was if you were the one that wanted to go would you let anybody stand in your way?

Burgess: [to Voight] I just wanted to I just wanted to reiterate my desire and my commitment to one day be detailed up to Intelligence. I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol. And I'm glad that I stayed. But if the opportunity ever presented itself again, I just want you to know that it would be the best decision that you ever made to have me be a part of your unit.

Some Friend [4.6][edit]

Voight: Relationships count for something in an interview, until they don't, which is something I'll determine.

300,000 Likes [4.7][edit]

Oliver Tuxhorn: Your case against me is dead. You need to move on. Anything else?
Halstead: Oh, I got a couple things I could add. But I really don't feel like losing my job over a little turd like you.

Platt: [to Burgess] You're pissed. You're miserable. You want a new partner. I get it, but, Burgess, it is not that easy. You're just gonna have to suck it up.

A Shot Heard Around the World [4.8][edit]

Halstead: It's good to see you, Bunny.
Bunny: Jay, nice to meet you formally.
Lindsay: So Jay and I are living together now.
Halstead: I've heard a lot of good things about you.
Bunny: No, you haven't.
Lindsay: Okay. Let's just keep this short and sweet, even if we all have to fake it.
Bunny: Sweetheart, I've been meaning to call you because... [looks at Halstead] Jay, would you mind? Could we just have one minute?
Halstead: Sure. [gets out of his seat but Lindsay grabs his arm]
Lindsay: No. [Halstead sits back down] What is wrong with you? What do you need? Do you need to borrow money? You can't just come have breakfast with my boyfriend and be nice and leave it at that?
Bunny: We need to talk.
Lindsay: Then talk.

Suspect: [after being arrested] If I killed the police, I wouldn't waste a bullet on a kid. I'd go after one of the old-timers, just like you, where all our problems really started.

Voight: I heard your partner...what's his name, Sorensen?
Burgess: Yeah.
Voight: That he turned his badge in.
Burgess: [bitterly] Yeah. He's not here to give his version, so I'm gonna hold off on mine.

Don't Bury This Case [4.9][edit]

Voight: [to Burgess] I'm not looking for the "Yes" police, I'm looking for the real police, which we both know you are.

Burgess: What did he [Adam] say about me moving upstairs?
Atwater: Um, seemed pretty delighted, actually.
Burgess: I know that you got your bro code and all, but you and me we go way back.
Atwater: Okay, maybe "delighted" is the wrong word.

Olinsky: Hank, do me a favor, man. Put Burgess with somebody else.
Voight: Well, there is nobody else.
Olinsky: Have her run plates, or write up warrants, or something.
Voight: Come on, what's the problem, Al?
Olinsky: This job is going to rip her heart out. And I don't want a front row seat.
Voight: Either it will or it won't but she's earned the right to find out.

Burgess: Hi, Sarge.
Platt: Well, look at you. All overdressed.

Don't Read the News [4.10][edit]

You Wish [4.11][edit]

Sanctuary [4.12][edit]

I Remember Her Now [4.13][edit]

Lindsay: Hey Sarge, you got a minute?
Platt: For you, but if you see Burgess the "nod and go" policy is still in effect. My desk is not a coffee klatch.
Lindsay: A what?
Platt: Somebody said that to me. That my desk had turned into a coffee klatch, a chit-chat coffee klatch.

Social worker: [to Platt] My sister-in-law is a paramedic. She says that the only way to do the job is to treat them, drop them at the hospital, then forget. Says otherwise it empties you.

Seven Indictments [4.14][edit]

Lindsay: [shows Halstead her paper target during firearms requalification] You can frame this if you want, you know, for younger generations to marvel.

Voight: Torching the place is one way to get out of paying the rest of your lease.

Halstead: [to Rixton] Uh, hey, um, I'd I'd like to publicly apologize. There were some whispers and some gossip. I ran with it, and I shouldn't have, okay? You know, this this whole nonsense I was leading the charge on this. I'm sorry, man. I had a bad experience with a guy in my unit when I was overseas, who was not who he claimed to be. And that's my problem. That's not yours. You're a solid dude, and a good cop, so whatever happened in the gang unit doesn't matter, all right? Man to man, and to the whole team, um, I'm sorry.

Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will [4.15][edit]

Omar Fry: Running like he was just shooting. And I know what that looks like.

Burgess: Him coming back? It sounds like Voight just shut the door on that.
Rixton: Yeah, but where do you stand on that?
Burgess: You've been great, Kenny. A real asset.

Emotional Proximity (2) [4.16][edit]

Remember the Devil [4.17][edit]

Platt: [to Jay, shows Will up to the squad room] Thought they were rousting vagrants when this one stumbled in.

Ruzek: [speaking to witness about the suspect] Do you think you could remember his face?
Anthony Ochoa: Would you remember the devil if you met him?

Halstead: [to Lindsay] Who I was back then, I'm not proud of it, and and I know you think that everything's behind, but it's not.

Little Bit of Light [4.18][edit]

Last Minute Resistance [4.19][edit]

Lindsay: Harry Klinsman. Chicago PD. We need to talk.
Harry Klinsman: About what?
Lindsay: Manslut and what you were doing last night.
Klinsman: I'm sorry. I'm in the middle of something but if you leave your card, I'll get back to you. [returning to phone call] Sorry about that. Yeah, it's like I said..
Halstead: Are you sure that's how you want to play this, man?
Klinsman: I went to law school, okay? I know my rights. [back to phone] A thousand apologies.
Halstead: [loudly to the entire office] Excuse me! Chicago Police. Was anybody here with Manslut last night? Anybody? Manslut?
Worker: Who's Manslut?
Halstead: It's - what do you call it? It's like his alter-ego.
Klinsman: [hanging up] I will give you a call back.
Halstead: Anybody? Manslut?
Klinsman: All right. All right. Let's talk. Just don't do that.

Grasping for Salvation [4.20][edit]

Fagin [4.21][edit]

Army of One [4.22][edit]

Fork in the Road [4.23][edit]

Jay Halstead: I want you to give me the key to Mom's safety deposit box. I'm gonna ask Erin to marry me. She's all I think about, and she has been there for me every step of the way.
Will Halstead: Why now? You two aren't even together. Are you?
Jay: No, we're not. But she's in real trouble right now, and I want to be there for her. I blew it once, but I'm ready.
Will: Jay, this girl does not want to be saved. Okay, what you should be doing is putting some distance there.

[Will, Jay and others are having drinks at Molly's]
Ruzek: I texted both her and Burgess. Kim's on her way, but I never heard back from Lindsay.
Atwater: I wonder if she heard back from the board already.
Ruzek: Maybe, but that's all the more reason to celebrate, right?
Upton: Yeah, or drown her sorrows.
Ruzek: Jeez.
Upton: Sorry. I'm Greek. I see tragedy in everything.
Will: I thought you guys were supposed to be fearless.
Upton: Yeah. And on the streets, I'd like to think I am, but the ivory tower that place is like a minefield with an elevator.

Season 5[edit]

Reform [5.1][edit]

The Thing About Heroes [5.2][edit]

Promise [5.3][edit]

Snitch [5.4][edit]

Home [5.5][edit]

Fallen [5.6][edit]

Care Under Fire [5.7][edit]

Halstead: Was your brother in the Army?
Camila Vega: Yeah, he was. Ranger.
Halstead: Me too. I must have seen him at Benning.
Camila: Hoorah!
Halstead: That's the Marines.

Denny Woods: Young people like you hang around Hank Voight long enough, you start thinking he's real police. Old timer. Tough. Invincible. Rubs off on you a bit, huh?
Ruzek: Who in the hell do you think it is taught him to be that way?
Woods: You don't talk to me like that ever.

Politics [5.8][edit]

Monster [5.9][edit]

Rabbit Hole [5.10][edit]

Upton: You're off the hook for the murder. But you will be charged with felony drug distribution. And more than likely, accessory to murder. However, if you cooperate, I can probably convince them to look the other way on that. And help you out with that drug charge.
Camila: What do you mean "cooperate?"
Upton: Just keep your mouth shut about Jay. He's a guy that came into your bar, asked questions. The night of the murder, you were at a party with a bunch of your friends. One of them was Ryan. Later, you found out he was a cop. No sex. No back room.
Camila: What, like I never even knew him?
Upton: You didn't. You do that, I'll give you a chance to have a life. You don't, I'll bury you.
Camila: I won't say a word. [pauses] Like hell if I didn't know him. The person you know, that's the lie.

Confidential [5.11][edit]

Eduardo: I didn't help get no one killed. That's not what I'm about.
Atwater: Right, because you teach Sunday school.

Ruzek: Antonio, man now I know why he's got so many CIs. He sees the opportunity, he just makes the ask.
Atwater: Right? I mean, we were all there. I feel like Eduardo should be a group CI or something. I mean, I don't understand how Antonio gets dibs.
Ruzek: Because he asked.

Ruzek: Why is she protecting that son of a bitch? I don't get it.
Burgess: Because she's in love with him.
Ruzek: In love with him?
Burgess: Yeah.
Ruzek: That's not love. That's Stockholm syndrome.
Burgess: Try telling her it's not love. Sometimes people....they trick themselves into believing what they want to believe, because it feels better than the alternative.
Ruzek: Well, sometimes it's real. And there's no tricks or delusions. It's just good. It might be complicated, but it's honest.

Upton: Hey, how you doing? How's therapy?
Halstead: Not really my thing.
Upton: All right, well, if you're not going to take it seriously or even attempt to take it seriously, let me know. For real, because I need to find a new partner.

Captive [5.12][edit]

Ruzek: [to Platt and Burgess] Ladies, it's Friday night. Let's get to Molly's and make some bad decisions.

Burgess: Okay, so I heard that Otis convinced Herrmann to put a karaoke machine in at Molly's.
Platt: Bad idea. Attracts the wrong kind of crowd.
Burgess: I don't know, could be really fun.
Platt: When pigs fly, Burgess.
[Scene cuts to Platt loudly singing Rose Royce's "Car Wash" and Intelligence in the audience cheering]
Upton: You're next, Antonio. How about a little Sinatra?
Dawson: That's grandpa music. [flips through the karaoke machine catalog] I'll find something.
Upton: Seriously?
Dawson: Yeah.
Upton: [to Halstead] You understand the majesty of the Chairman of the Board, right? [sees Halstead staring off and smacks him in the shoulder] Jay, come back.
Halstead: I wouldn't mind hearing a little "Summer Wind".

Chasing Monsters [5.13][edit]

Dawson: Guess it doesn't matter where you're a cop, huh? Job has the same effect.

Anthem [5.14][edit]

[Halstead and Upton are undercover at an anti-police protest.]
Protester: When we protest racism, some people think - we protest America. [crowd cheers] But protesting injustice, that's what the flag stands for.
Halstead: [to Upton] I got no respect for this kid. I got six friends who died for this flag.

Sisterhood [5.15][edit]

Profiles [5.16][edit]

Breaking Point [5.17][edit]

Ghosts [5.18][edit]

Halstead: You gotta tell Voight.
Upton: I can handle this, Jay.
Halstead: That's exactly what I said to you. You remember that? And then you called me out and you told me I was full of crap.

Payback [5.19][edit]

Saved [5.20][edit]

Allegiance [5.21][edit]

Homecoming [5.22][edit]

Season 6[edit]

New Normal [6.1][edit]

Voight: Listen, it has been a very long few days. With a lot of pain. A lot of anger. I get it. And I don't expect these emotions to just disappear overnight. But going forward, we need to be a team. One team. No more fighting. No more crap.

Endings [6.2][edit]

Halstead: All right, look, my father and I we never clicked. He didn't want me to enlist. He didn't want me to be a cop. Guy didn't even show up when I graduated from the academy. He was embarrassed. So I learned to keep my distance, and now he's gone. That's it. I'm learning how to deal with it on my own. You don't have to question if I'm all right.

Voight: It's my job to keep you alive, to look out for you.

Bad Boys [6.3][edit]

Ride Along [6.4][edit]

Fathers and Sons [6.5][edit]

Ruzek: I need you to know that my father, you know, he he's not perfect but he's not dirty.
Voight: Hey, he's your father. Means he's family.

True or False [6.6][edit]

Trigger [6.7][edit]

Upton: Hey, give you a ride home? Buy you a beer?
Halstead: Thanks, I think I'm just––
Upton: [cuts in] Yeah I know you wanna be alone but this is just part of the thing so...
Halstead: What "thing"?
Upton: The thing that works between us. Bad case. One of us doesn't want the other one around. The other one stays anyway. We talk, we feel better and we're able to go to work the next day. It works.

Halstead: A lot of horrible things happened when I was overseas. And I know I can't just, like, flip a switch and just turn that off but I do the work and you learn to deal with the triggers and stress. The war was a part of my life, it's not who I am. Not anymore.

Black and Blue [6.8][edit]

Descent [6.9][edit]

Brotherhood [6.10][edit]

Trust [6.11][edit]

Outrage [6.12][edit]

Night in Chicago [6.13][edit]

Ties That Bind [6.14][edit]

Good Men [6.15][edit]

The Forgotten [6.16][edit]

Pain Killer [6.17][edit]

This City [6.18][edit]

What Could Have Been [6.19][edit]

Sacrifice [6.20][edit]

Confusion [6.21][edit]

Reckoning [6.22][edit]





  • Monica Raymund as Paramedic in Charge / Firefighter Candidate Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson: sister of Antonio Dawson
  • Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide: Rescue Squad 3 and ex-boyfriend of Erin Lindsay
  • Christian Stolte as Randy "Mouch" McHolland: Truck Co. 81 and boyfriend of Sergeant Platt
  • David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann: Truck Co. 81 and co-owner of Molly's with Gabby Dawson
  • Kara Killmer as Paramedic Sylvie Brett: Ambulance 61
  • Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden: Battalion 25


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