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Chris Grayling

Christopher Stephen Grayling (born 1 April 1962 in London) is a British Conservative politician who has been the Secretary of State for Transport since July 2016.



  • It's not us that loses financially if we don't have a free trade agreement, it's Germany and France and other European countries, and that's why of course there will be a free trade agreement that allows all our business to trade freely to and from continental Europe. It will take a relatively short period time in my view because they lose financially.


  • Did anyone honestly think we were going to walk into a room with the European Union, shake hands, and do a deal in half an hour? These are going to be lengthy negotiations, they're going to challenging negotiations.
  • Nobody has ever said the negotiation would be straightforward and simple.


Quotes about Chris Grayling[edit]

  • Finally we have a confirmed use for Chris Grayling. He is the government's secret weapon to make even the most incompetent and second-rate of ministers feel good about themselves. Not content with having wasted the best part of £14m on the government's first-ever roll-on, roll-off pizza delivery service – all toppings guaranteed to be ferry free, the transport secretary has now spent more than £50K on failing to organise a lorry jam in Kent.

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