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Chris Walla

Chris Walla (born November 2, 1975 in Bothell, Washington) is the guitarist and producer for the band Death Cab for Cutie, as well as producer for a number of indie bands.


Hall of Justice Recording: Blog[edit]

Quotes from Chris Walla's blog at Hall of Justice Recording

  • It's become clear that absolutely everyone is either an art major or a science major at heart. No English or communications or business or politics or whatever: Only art and science. I'm an art major, I think. We can still play chess together, you know?
  • Do you understand what a bitch it is to write HTML code after two glasses of wine? Holy crow, man. It's serious shit.
  • Trust neither a zero nor a one.
  • Having a blog just makes you feel, like, totally huge.
  • MySpace is complicated. How do you make it, like, all rad and stuff? You know, with photos and songs and a minimum of ads?
  • I wonder when 'genius' became a relative term.
  • I have a lifelong dream of removing the letter 'W' from every neon Walgreen's drug store sign in the lower 48, so that they all read 'algreen's'. Because I love Al Green.
  • I wonder if Mick Jagger actually can't always get what he wants.
  • I will personally fight you if you miss an election, because I love my country.

20 questions with Christopher Walla (2000)[edit]

Quotes from 20 questions with Christopher Walla

  • My favorite sport is Scrabble.
  • If I could be a vegetable, I'd be a pumpkin. It's realistically the only vegetable you can use as a weapon, or in any manner of defense.

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