Christmas Is Here Again

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Christmas Is Here Again is a 2007 American direct-to-video animated Christmas film distributed by Screen Media Films. The first feature production from the Renegade Animation studio, it was co-written, co-produced and directed by Robert Zappia. Narrated by Jay Leno, the film features the voices of Edward Asner, Kathy Bates, Madison Davenport, Colin Ford, Brad Garrett, Andy Griffith, Shirley Jones, Norm Macdonald, and Daniel Roebuck, and marked Asner's third role in a Christmas-themed film after the 1977 film The Gathering and 2003 film Elf.

Santa Claus[edit]

  • Merry Christmas!


Paul Rocco: I will protect this sack before my dying breath.
Krad: I said, HAND IT OVER!
Paul Rocco: [nervously] Here you go. [gives Krad the sack]

Sophiana: [to Krad] Why would you do such a terrible thing like steal Santa's sack?
Krad: [breaking into song] Why do zebras have stripes? Why do the Scottish play bagpipes? Some things just are. Me? I'm evil. Always have been. Always will be... evil...

Buster: What are you looking at?
Charlee: You have the best impersonation of a fox I have ever seen.
Buster: I AM A FOX!

[As he was about to shoot coal on Paul, Buster and Charlee]
Krad: There is no escape! Fire at my command! Ready...
Sophiana: [to Dart, as they fly] Quick! Over there!
Krad: Aim...
[Sophianna and Dart fly above Krad and his minions]
Krad: FIRE!
[Sophianna dumps all the coal in the sack to defeat Krad and his minions]
Krad: [last words before his death] NOOOOO!
[They are buried beneath mounds of coal]


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