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Christmas Is Here Again is a 2007 American direct-to-video animated Christmas film distributed by Screen Media Films. The first feature production from the Renegade Animation studio, it was co-written, co-produced and directed by Robert Zappia. Narrated by Jay Leno, the film features the voices of Edward Asner, Kathy Bates, Madison Davenport, Colin Ford, Brad Garrett, Andy Griffith, Shirley Jones, Norm Macdonald, and Daniel Roebuck, and marked Asner's third role in a Christmas-themed film after the 1977 film The Gathering and 2003 film Elf.


  • You think you've heard all the Christmas there are to hear, right?

One very special reindeer with a red nose that glows so bright. The enchanted snowman with a jolly, happy soul. And how about the little boy and his brum-bum-bum-bum drum? But odds are, even those of you thoroughly schooled in Christmas storyology haven't heard about this story in any book or heard it sung about in any song. No sir, not this tale. For this is the story of Santa's most precious prized possession.

Santa Claus[edit]

  • Merry Christmas!


Miss Dowdy: It's well-passed curfew. You have a lot of explaining to do, Miss Sophiana. Well? I'm waiting!
Sophiana: I was--
Miss Dowdy: I don't wanna hear it! [sees a torn on Sophiana's skirt and gasps] Your dress! What did you do?
Sophiana: I--
Miss Dowdy: Quiet! Good heavens, what's that?
Sophiana: [holding Mr. Caterpillar] Oh, please, don't take--
Miss Dowdy: [grabbing a tree branch] What happened to your cane?
Sophiana: I-it was--
Miss Dowdy: Enough! [gives Sophiana the branch back] You best hang on to this. Your carelessness won't be rewarded with a new cane.
Sophiana: But it wasn't my fault!
Miss Dowdy: Silence! I swear, child, I can hear your endless chatter in my dreams. Now, go to your room, young lady. And don't come out until morning.
Sophiana: But what about...[there was a door slam] dinner.

[Sophiana gets lost in the woods, but couldn't find her way back to the orphanage]
Sophiana: Oh, Mr. Caterpillar, it's no use. We've gone too far. We'll never find our way home. [sits down on a block of ice, crying]

Santa Claus: So you see, it was Krad who took the sack from the sleigh this awful night.
Paul Rocco: Krad! Of course! I should have known.
Sophiana: Why would anyone do such an awful thing?
Santa Claus: Greed. Krad supplied me with the coal to put in the stockings of naughty boys and girls. When I decided to stop punishing the naughty children, Krad swore his revenge. But I never, ever thought he would steal the sack right from under my nose.
Sophiana: Why don't you just take it back from him?
Santa Claus: I wish it was that easy, but Krad lives deep in the Earth with the selves.
Sophiana: What are selves?
Santa Claus: The selves were naughty children who only thought of themselves. [While Santa speaks, we see a flashback of Krad turning naughty children into creepy-looking drones.] Krad recruited them, and turned them into evil drones to mine the coal. Believe me when I tell you, that Krad is one crafty fellow. We searched years and years but could never find the way into his coal mine. We only knew its entrance lies somewhere on the highest peak of the tallest mountain in the North Pole. [The scene changes back to the present] And now, I'm afraid I've just grown too weak to continue searching.

Dart: I'm Dart, Prancer's grandson.
Sophiana: You'll help us find Santa's sack?
Dart: I sure will. We have to find it, cause one day, I'm gonna help pull Santa's sleigh.
Paul Rocco: You? [laughs] Pull Santa's sleigh? [laughing] You "sleigh" me! Ha ha ha! Get it? "Sleigh" me! [continues laughing] He's gonna pull the little guy...That's the funniest thing I've ever...[laughing]
Sophiana: That isn't funny! You shouldn't make fun of someone else's dreams.
Paul Rocco: Hey, that's not a dream. It's a fantasy. It takes a highly-trained physically superior breed of reindeer to pull Santa's sleigh. Show 'em, Donner.
[Donner attemps to fly, but falls onto the snow]
Paul Rocco: He's just out of practice, that's all.
Sophiana: Fine. Dart and I will find the sack, and you can stay here with all the other giver-uppers. [She and Dart set off to find Santa's sack]
Paul Rocco: Giver-uppers? I'm not a giv-- Wait, hold on a second, that's not even a word. Besides, you're wasting your time! You'll never find it! Come back! Come on, Sophiana, come... Oh, fine. You go ahead. [Italian accent] I'm-a staying a-right here, and have a nice big-a meatball sandwich.
[a reindeer eats Paul's meatball sandwich]

Paul Rocco: I will protect this sack before my dying breath.
Krad: I said, HAND IT OVER!
Paul Rocco: [nervously] Here you go. [gives Krad the sack]

Sophiana: [to Krad] Why would you do such a terrible thing like steal Santa's sack?
Krad: [breaking into song] Why do zebras have stripes? Why do the Scottish play bagpipes? Some things just are. Me? I'm evil. Always have been. Always will be... evil...

Buster: What are you looking at?
Charlee: You have the best impersonation of a fox I have ever seen.
Buster: I AM A FOX!

[As he was about to shoot coal on Paul, Buster and Charlee]
Krad: There is no escape! Fire at my command! Ready...
Sophiana: [to Dart, as they fly] Quick! Over there!
Krad: Aim...
[Sophianna and Dart fly above Krad and his minions]
Krad: FIRE!
[Sophianna dumps all the coal in the sack to defeat Krad and his minions]
Krad: [last words before his death] NOOOOO!
[They are buried beneath mounds of coal]


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