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Chrono Cross is a Japanese role-playing game produced by Squaresoft and released in Japan on November 18, 1999 for the Playstation and in North America on August 15, 2000. It is the long awaited second installment in the Chrono series, though on the surface its story has relatively little do with Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross makes references the original plot of Chrono Trigger, but it is only a small piece in the much broader scope of the second story.

  • What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn? Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now, From deep within the flow of time... But, for a certainty, back then, We loved so many, yet hated so much, We hurt others and were hurt ourselves... Yet even then we ran like the wind, Whilst our laughter echoed, Under cerulean skies... Opening words


  • "..."
    • During the course of the game, Serge says nothing (Similar to Crono in Chrono Trigger).


  • Let love bleed. Darker and deeper than the seas of Hell!
  • There are two sides to every coin. Love and hate. Life and death. They are all the same.


  • If the world's gonna be destroyed, then let it be destroyed! If history is gonna be changed, then let it bloody well be changed! (reference to Magus' words in Chrono Trigger)
  • Show your face, Lynx! Yer 9 lives are up!!!
  • I'll kick yer sorry arse so hard you'll kiss the moons!
  • Only the ones who don't think anything of hurtin' others are the ones who get blood-stained fortunes.


  • Don't shy away from darkness. You must face it. Mwa hahahah hah... Dark Uchimichi"'
  • Be very careful when you stare into the flame...For the flame will also stare back at you... Ancient Legend
  • There's nothing in the world as ruthless or impartial as death. All living matter ages over time and eventually dies... No matter how mighty or tiny its life force... So being alive means you're creeping closer to death with every second... But there's none of that here. No one and nothing ages. Nothing wastes away. This quiet, boundless, and beautiful world... An ideal world, straight out of a fairy tale, isn't it? A place and time that belongs to no one... Res nullius... It's because this is a future that was eliminated!!! History is composed of choices and divergences. Each choice you make creates a new world and brings forth a new future. But at the same time, you're eliminating a different future with the choices you didn't make. A future denied of all existence because of a change in the past... A future that was destroyed before it was even born rests here... condensed into the Dead Sea. Miguel
  • In order to survive, all living things in this world fight desperately and devour those they defeat... Must one kill other living things in order to survive? Must one destroy another world in order to allow one's own world to continue? The wounded in turn wound and torment those weaker than they themselves are... There are only the killers and the killed... The sinners who are judged, and the victims that do the judging. What meaning is there to such a world? Dragon God/Time Devourer
  • Fate has no forgiveness for those who dare stand against it. (upon 'Game Over')
  • Wilt thou change this world... Or wilt thou change thyself? Wilt thou live on with thy mother planet... Or wilt thou turn thy back on the planet and treat another path? Water Dragon
  • Insanity leads to chaos, Then to solitude. The fruitless effort of adding meaning to what is meaningless. A lone, crimson tear falls to the sea... The echo of the remaining star cries out in the infinite vacuum. The least I can do is send my distant prayers over the wind of time, setting sail on dreams... Arni Villager
  • Love and Hate, although contradictory, are two sides of the same coin. Steena

About Chrono Cross[edit]

  • To tell you the truth, the world couldn't be made any bigger in terms of graphics, because of hardware limitations. We've squeezed in data to the limit. If it were possible, I would've liked to make the world a little wider. However, since we're making players jump between two parallel worlds, making the world map wider would confuse the player and get out of hand. I intended not to make the world map unnecessarily wide from the beginning, though.
Take Pierre, for example: we started off by saying we wanted a wacko fake hero like Tata from Trigger. We also said things like "we need at least one powerful mom," "no way we're gonna go without a twisted brat," and so on so forth. Basically a bunch of selfish wishes (laugh). Also, the staff as a whole came up with many ideas of what types of characters we wanted to put in the party. Mojo was actually a test 3D model of a doll made by one of our staff early in development. I decided, based on personal taste, "This guy's cool. Let's make him join the party!" Everyone probably thought I was just making a joke, though (laugh).
  • Masato Kato, scriptwriter Gamepro

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