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Chrono Crusade is a manga and anime series released in the late 1990's and early 2000's. The main characters are a nun (Rosette Christopher) and demon (Chrono) who work together to perform exorcisms in the late 1920's. The manga was orignially published by Kadokawa Shoten and authored by Daisuke Moriyama; it was released in the United States by ADV Manga. The anime was produced by GONZO Digimation in Japan and released by ADV Films in North America.

Rosette Christopher

  • Let me ask you the reverse. How is it that you can give up so easily? [exaggerated sigh] I can't understand that...attitude! "It's bad luck! I have no choice!" People who passively accept their fate...because no one knows their future, least of all me, so I don't dare put things off. I have to do what I can, while I can still do it, so...I'll be kicking and screaming, 'til the very end.
  • Good, because only those who believe will be saved, so they say. Get it? Ha ha ha!
  • When you're having fun, have fun, and when you're angry, act angry...and when you want to cry your eyes out, do it! Because after you've cried, you feel better.
  • When you keep your problems to yourself, and force yourself to smile, the person it's hardest on is you.
  • [to Chrono] It's because my time is limited, that I don't have any doubts. It's all thanks to this. That's why I can walk straight ahead, it's why I can always keep going...because I have you with me.


  • Oh, applesauce! You've wrecked another jalopy. Sister Kate is going to KILL us!
  • [to Rosette] I change things. I want to believe that anything can be changed. The moment I met you, a new world opened up for me. You see, after wandering in the darkness for so long, a light brought me happiness. It's all thanks to you.
  • I want to protect much, that it covers your part of my heart.
  • Now I understand that we have to be incomplete.
  • Azmaria: Wait - you're a sister?!

Rosette: Yeah, well sometimes all that glitters isn't a gold digger, kid.

Azmaria Hendrich

  • My wings have always called forth unhappiness.
  • Are regrets...all you have? You're not the only one with regrets, you know! I couldn't help her either...and now Rosette is suffering by herself! The two of us are the same, we both fought alongside Rosette! And...Satella too. Maybe there's something I could have done to help her, but's too late to change any of it. But the friendship, the time we had together, means something! [ holds up the photograph ] Look! You can't deny even the good things we shared! You can't pretend those precious moments didn't exist!
  • Rosette...Chrono...I will become stronger! So please, watch over me, okay?

Satella Harvenheit

  • Feelings can overcome everything, talent, destiny, and even people's deaths.

Father Ewan Remington

  • I have no attachment to torn wings.


  • Even at a time like this there’s not a single word of rescue from the one you worship. You see? That is the truth of this world. He doesn’t watch anything and doesn’t save anyone.
  • I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the end.
  • I am eternity given birth by desire, the shadow caused by God. Pandemonium was filled with Light, Heaven with Darkness. Look at the times. No matter how hard people struggle, their fates are in our hands


[During a conversation with Chrono, Rosette looks down and sees Elder under the table looking up her dress]
Edward 'The Elder' Hamilton: I see Paris, I see France, I see someone's...
Sister Rosette Christopher: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
[Rosette blushes red and covers her skirt]
Edward 'The Elder' Hamilton: This time more whiter than the french fry.
[Rosette takes the spoon from Chrono's bowl]
Sister Rosette Christopher: Perverted old man! I'll kill you with this spoon!
[Elder rolls to his side, dodging Rosette's thrust with the spoon]

Chrono: [watching the rain fall] Depressing, isn't it?
Sister Rosette Christopher: No. Considering we were up all night on a mission, and they ask us to do the shopping on our way home. I'd say it's more than depressing, it's the absolute worst.
Azmaria Hendrick: [being tossed around in the back seat] I'm sorry, I said I could do it by myself.
Sister Rosette Christopher: What are you talking about? It was obvious to all of us that you couldn't do it alone!
Azmaria Hendrick: [the phone rings] Oh, the Phone! Whoah! [falls down]
Chrono: Oh, are you all right, Azmaria?
Azmaria Hendrick: Yeah, I'm jake.
Sister Rosette Christopher: You just stay put. Chrono answer the phone!
Chrono: Huh what?
Sister Rosette Christopher: Can't you see I'm busy? Someone's gotta drive!
Chrono: Hello? Oh, Father Remington, Rosette can't answer the phone right now.
Sister Rosette Christopher: [grabs the phone and talks excitedly] Oh, hello, Father.
Chrono: Oh boy.
Azmaria Hendrick: Should she do that while driving?

Sister Anna, Sister Mary, Sister Claire: [In unison] Hi, Chrono!
Sister Anna: Is Rosette writing more apologies? Then again, I guess that's what happens when a servant of God destroys an entire building.
Sister Mary: A building? I heard it was a whole block.
[Sister Anna, coils in surprise]
Sister Claire: Actually I heard it was a whole island.
[Anna coils in greater shock]
Sister Claire: It must be so hard.
Chrono: [sheepishly] Well, it happens every time.
Sister Rosette Christopher: [shouting] It happens every time?
Sister Anna, Sister Mary, Sister Claire: [In unison] Oh, Rosette!
Sister Rosette Christopher: A whole block, was it? An island? Blowing people's mistakes out of proportion is so much fun, isn't it? [shouting] BUT WERE YOU THERE?!
[Rosette moves her head around, seeing the girls run away]
Sister Anna: Who would want to be teamed up with you?

Sister Rosette Christopher: [while driving erratically] Say, why do you think Sister Kate is such a pill anyway?
Chrono: Could it be because you are always doing things that make her angry?

[The slot machine in the casino rolls two 7's and a lemon, Rosette is frustrated]
Sister Rosette Christopher: Chrono... gimme another! [Chrono slaps her hand] Hey! What's in your bonnet?!
Chrono: You've had it, nun girl! This is no time to be gambling around in a casino!
Sister Rosette Christopher: [suddenly coy] Oooh, but poopsie... we've come all this way to Sin City, so why not sin a little? Besides, how often does a girl get to wear something like this? [she wiggles her rear at him] Don't try to tell me you don't like it, too. Loooook, Chrono! Gimme a coin! C'mon, big spender... just one more?
Chrono: [obviously half-tempted, half-scandalized] No... the mission comes first!
[he attempts to pull her away from the machine, she holds on]
Sister Rosette Christopher: [whining] Whaaa, I don't want to go! Can't you hear?! The slots are CALLING me! Pleaaaase?
[she breaks the machine handle, both panic and run away]

[Rosette and Satella enter a shop]
Shopkeeper: Can I help you with something?
Rosette: [startled, then nods] Yes!
Shopkeeper: Please, tell me!
[Awkward laughs and chuckles are exchanged until Satella can't take it anymore]
Satella: Hurry up and tell him what you want!
Rosette: Okay, already! [she squares herself and takes a deep breath; deathly serious] Do you have a cold medicine that would work, even on a devil?

Sister Rosette Christopher: You know, I really do like this view. I wish I could go on looking at it forever. [Chrono smiles, then sits beside Rosette] Hey...
Chrono: Hm?
Sister Rosette Christopher: ...I was thinking about undoing the seal. If I did it, then you could heal all of your wounds, and everything would be jake--[puts her hand to the pocketwatch]
Chrono: [stopping her with his hand] No, applesauce, Rosette. Being here with you is what's really important right now... and I don't want to lose anything else. Not ever again.
[Rosette considers, then takes her hand off the watch, and instead places it on top of Chrono's hand]
Sister Rosette Christopher: I think about them sometimes, and wonder how everyone is doing.
Chrono: Uh-huh.
Sister Rosette Christopher: But for right now...I'd rather just be here with you. [they watch the sunset in silence for a moment] In these past few months we've spent together, I've wanted to say so many things to you. But the words... just won't come. [her eyes begin to tear]
Chrono: [looks at her concernedly] ...let's go back inside. I think you should lie down and rest.
Sister Rosette Christopher: But I don't want to rest yet...not yet. I'm just... [beginning to cry] so scared, Chrono! [their fingers lace together and Chrono's grip tightens; sobbing freely now] I'm scared! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! [she throws herself into Chrono's arms, crying against his chest; weakly] I...just live a little longer. that so wrong?
Chrono: [now crying along with her, holds her tighter] Oh, Rosette...

Azmaria: Wait, your a sister?!
Rosette: Yeah, well sometimes all that glitters isn't a gold digger, kid.
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