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Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill, Baroness Spencer-Churchill, GBE (née Hozier; 1 April 1885 – 12 December 1977) was the wife of Winston Churchill and a life peer in her own right.


  • Never talk rich, never talk poor, never talk money.”
    • Clementine Churchill, in Mary Soames, Clementine Churchill: The Biography of a Marriage (1979)
  • I think my Darling you will have to be very patient - Do not burn any boats - The P.M. [ H. H. Asquith ] has not treated you worse than Ll. G has done, in fact not so badly for he is not as much in your debt as the other man, (i.e. Marconi).* On the other hand are the Dardanelles. I feel sure that if the choice were equal you would prefer to work with the P.M. than with LI. G. - It's true that when association ceases with the P.M. he cools & congeals visibly, but all the time you were at the Admiralty he was loyal & steadfast while the other would barter you away at any time in any place. I assure you he is the direct descendant of Judas Iscariott [sic]. At this moment altho I hate the P.M, if he held out his hand I could take it, (tho' I would give it a nasty twist) but before taking Ll. G's I would have to safeguard myself with charms, touchwoods, exorcisms & by crossing myself -

    I always can get on with him & yesterday I had a good talk, but you can't hold his eyes, they shift away -

    You know I'm not good at pretending but I am going to put my pride in my pocket & reconnoitre Downing Street.

  • It is for you [Winston Churchill] to give the Orders & if they are bungled — except for the King, the Archbishop of Canterbury & the Speaker, you can sack anyone & everyone — Therefore with this terrific power you must combine urbanity, kindness and if possible Olympic calm. You used to quote:— 'On ne règne sur les âmes que par le calme' [One can reign over hearts only by keeping one's composure.] — I cannot bear that those who serve the Country and yourself should not love as well as admire and respect you

    Besides you won't get the best results by irascibility & rudeness. They will breed either dislike or a slave mentality — (Rebellion in War time being out of the question!)

    • Letter, June 27, 1940

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