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Statue of Clio
History, by the Greek painter Nikolaos Gysis (C.E.1892)

Clio (Κλειώ, also spell Kleio)), Greek mythological person, muse of history or of lyre playing, daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Mnemosyne.

Quotes about Clio:[edit]

  • The Muse Clio plays her lyre, as melodious as memory, seated on a frightful mountain of corpses – she tries to evoke, from the dead of the deceased centuries, figures more alive than those of us today. (Andrea Emo)
  • Because basically, things – open space or not is only the absence of the body at every point? This is why Urania is older than Clio.

(Josif Brodski)

  • Clio in a dove-colored dress, He adorns his temple with a laurel halo. A triumphant fanfare in one hand, in the second, a volume of ancient history. This is how he poses for posterity

(Jacek Kaczmarski)


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