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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated comic science fiction film produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film is the sequel to the 2009 film, which was loosely based on Judi and Ron Barrett's book of the same name.

Directed by Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn. The screenplay was written by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein and Erica Rivinoja based on an original idea.
Something big was leftover (taglines)

Flint Lockwood[edit]

  • [to Chester] They're my wedgie-proof underpants. I, uh... invented them when I was 6.
  • There's a leak in the boat!! [camera pans down to an actual leek who starts screaming in panic]
  • That's right. [Shake it off cheeses] Hands up, give me back my friends?!

Sam Sparks[edit]

  • [taming the Cheese Spider] See? She's not mean. She's just a little stupid like me, duh.

Tim Lockwood[edit]

  • There's a leek in my boat!

Steve the Monkey[edit]

  • [being chucked into a teleporter] AFRAID!
  • [spasming after the food animals chuck him back out of said teleporter] BANANA! BANANA! [attacks Flint]


  • [repeating line] Tacodile! Supreme!
  • [to Brent] You keep it waiting for 2 hours.

Earl Devereaux[edit]

  • [as a tear rolls down his cheek] It's enough to make a grown man cry.
    • But not this man. Get back in there, tear. [sucks the tear back into his eye]
    • And that's okay. You go right ahead, tear.
  • I'm not a barista! I'm a police-sta!
  • [to Flint] Wait your turn, fancy pants!

Chester V[edit]

  • [repeating line] Can your ideas change the world?
  • [after Flint said that his friends were his island] Eww! Okay, first, shut up!
  • [his last words] My holograms, save me! [his holograms form into a net to save him from the Food Bar machine] See, young Lockwood? With my holograms… [as soon as his holograms touch him, however, they disappear] Oh, fudge. [ducks into his vest which bounces off the Food Bar machine like a pinball until he's finally launched towards the exit] I saved myself! [just before he could go through the exit, however, the Cheese Spider grabs him with his cheese tongue and eats him... alive, killing him]


  • [to Steve] Monkey…
  • I'M AN APE!!!


Flint: [first lines] My name is Flint Lockwood. My whole life I wanted to be a great inventor, just like my hero.

[Sam is holding a big strawberry in her hands]
Flint: Sam! Don't touch it! Put it down! Put it DOWN.
Sam: Look at him.
Sam: Seriously? Aww. I think I'll name him... Barry!

A shrimpanze: [snatches Steve's though device] Shrimpanze!
Steve the Monkey: [snatches it back] Steve!
Shrimpanze: [snatches Steve's though device again] Shrimpanze!
Steve: [snatches it back] Steve!
Shrimpanze: [snatches Steve's though device once more] Shrimpanze!
Steve: [rips it out of the shrimpanze's grasp then pushes said shrimpanze overboard] Shove. [dancing] STEVE!

Earl: I'm (kinda) glad you're still wearing that diaper!
Brent: I wish I brought a fresh one!

Brent: [squeezes into Flint's smaller clothes] Thanks for lending me these skinny jeans, Flint.
Earl: Those aren't skinny jeans.
Manny: Nope.
Brent: My feet are turning purple. Is that bad?

Brent: [Eating soup made by Manny] Dr. Manny, this is delicious!
Manny: I call it "Manny's Gorilla Stew".
Brent: So how do you make a gorilla stew?
Manny: You keep it waiting for 2 hours.

[Flint and the gang are walking in the Breakfast Bog, getting close to the FLDSMDFR.]
Flint: Almost there. The FLDSMDFR should be across this syrup bog.
Brent: [awed] This is syrup? Syrup is my favorite. [smacks a mosquitoast] Darn mosquitoasts!
Chester: Don’t worry, man baby. They, like all the other abominable food monsters, will soon be no more.
Sam: Wait, Flint! What if we’re making... a big mistake?
Flint: Mistake?
Sam: About shutting off the FLDSMDFR. Some of these creatures... They’re incredible!
Chester: (Yeah.) Incredibly dangerous! We were just attacked by a giant Tacodile!
Flint: He’s right, Sam. I mean, we were almost eaten by a cheese spider.
Sam: It doesn’t mean we have to destroy all of them. Some of the food’s actually been... friendly.
Manny: It is true. The dessert creatures are especially sweet.
Flint: Okay. Maybe we– [Barb smacks him] Ow! (Why'd you do that for?!)
Barb: Mosquitoast... was gonna bite you.
Chester: See? Even the tiniest creatures are attacking us.
Sam: The only reason they're biting is because of the drop of barometric pressure. Bugs do that before a storm. [refers to the storm clouds] And by the look of those nimbostratus clouds–
Chester: Miss Sparks, we are not talking about the weather. [hits Flint in the tracking helmet] We are talking about food here. Dangerous food that does not have human emotion.
Flint: [A mosquitoast landed on his nose and Chester flicks it out] Ow!
Chester: Food that is not friendly! [slaps Flint in the face and holds his helmet] FOOD THAT CANNOT LOVE!! [slaps Flint's again and pinched his lips]
Sam: Flint, we should be studying the food animals, not killing them. What if he's wrong?
Chester: [to Flint] The choice is yours, son - live up to your full potential or walk away and let the food monsters destroy Lady Liberty.
Flint: Sam, finding that FLDSMDFR and saving the world… That's what matters.
Sam: [shocked and hurt] (Wha?) Really? Our opinion doesn't matter?
Flint: (No.) Of course it does! Yes! Yes, it matters, but... just... just not right now.
Brent: Uh, oh!
Earl: Wrong answer!
Steve: Toast!
Sam: [angry] Yeah!? [takes the drawn vest sticky note off the drawing of Sparkswood] Well, I guess this doesn't matter, either, young Lockwood. (Does it?!) [pins the sticky note on Flint’s shirt] I’ll just... see you back on the boat. [drops the drawing on the syrup and storms off... well, sort of]
Flint: (Oh, man.) Wait, Sam! Wait, please! No! No. Sam, come back! Come back, Sam, no! No, Sam, Sam, Sam! Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam…!! (Oh, boy.) Hey, Earl, would you talk to her?
Earl: [sternly] You bet I will. (Go on ahead without us.) Hey, Sam, wait for me! [follows Sam]
Manny: Adios, sayonara. Goodbye, Señor Lockwood. [leaves]
Brent: [sadly] Bye, Flint. [leaves as well]
Steve: Steve! [hops onto Manny]
Flint: Et tu, Steve? (But you're part of this… aren't you?) [his friends leave him on his own with Chester] What just happened? [picks up the drawing from the syrup]
Chester: You have made the right choice, son. (Now, let's go find your machine.) Sentinels, keep them... "safe". [grins evilly as he walks off with Flint and Barb while the sentinels march after the gang]

Flint: The BS-USB... reprogrammed it!?
Chester: It was never gonna turn off the machine. A BS-USB? Hello! (Duh!) Your machine is what I wanted all along.
Flint: You... lied to me. (Didn't you?)
Chester: Of course I lied to you. I knew you'd eventually fall for (most of) these pathetic creatures.
Flint: [heartbroken] But… but you were my idol. (I don't understand!) My whole life, I looked up to you. I wanted to be you! (And this is the help I got? How could you?)
Chester: Oh, Flint. (Ha! As if.) I was just using you to get your invention. We're ready. Commend Operation Slice and Dice.

Earl: Brent, do you ever get the feeling that maybe Steve Lockwood is just a monkey?
Brent: [covers Steve's ears] Why would you say that about him, Earl? Why would you ever say that?!
Barb: Of course he's just a monkey. How stupid are you people? No one should ever put any trust in a monkey.
Manny: Chester thinks you're a monkey.
Barb: Well, I'm an ape. Chester knows that. (Well, technically, I'm an orangutan.)
Sam: But he calls you a monkey.
Brent: Ohh…!
Manny: It is true, he does.
Barb: He's just joking around. (Right? I mean…) Chester's my best friend. (Is he?)
Sam: (Well, ask yourself.) If Chester was really your friend, would he still call you a monkey?

Tim: Look, Flint. They came here to help, we all did. It's time to let us. [cut to a leaf of lettuce]

Earl: Flint Lockwood, you are a fisher man.
Steve: Happy.
Brent: [laughs] Hey, look. Rainbows!

[very last scene]
Barb: Hi, Steve. Hello, Steven. I'm Barb. So do you wanna go get coffee sometime?
Steve: Dinner!
Barb: [grabs Steve] Even better! [laughs]


  • Something big was leftover
  • Fast food.
  • Move your buns!
  • Dill with it.
  • Back for seconds.




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