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Cobra Kai is an American comedy-drama web television series based on The Karate Kid film series created by Robert Mark Kamen that premiered on May 2, 2018 on YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium).[1] It takes place 34 years after the original film and follows the reopening of the Cobra Kai karate dojo by Johnny Lawrence and the rekindling of his old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso, starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka in their respective roles.

The Karate Kid Saga Continues.

Season 1[edit]

Ace Degenerate [1.1][edit]

Miguel: Hey, I just wanted to say thank you.
Johnny: Alright, well, you said it.
Miguel: So last night, was that, like, tae kwon do, or Jiu-Jitsu, or MMA, or something?
Johnny: It's karate. Old school karate.
Miguel: Do you think you could teach me?
Johnny: What? No.
Miguel: What? Come on, when school starts, those guys are gonna make my life miserable.
Johnny: It's not my problem.
Miguel: If I just knew a little bit of what you knew then I would be--
Johnny: Forget it! I don't do karate anymore! All right? Besides, I need to find a job.
Miguel: Well, You can open your own karate school.
Johnny: It's called a dojo.
Miguel: Well, you could open your own dojo.
Johnny: Look, I'm not getting into this with you, all right? I'm not even sure I'm allowed to be around kids right now.

[Johnny goes to the LaRusso dealership to follow up on insurance for his car]
Anoush: Wait, is this the karate guy? The guy from the tournament?
Louie: Oh, this is the guy whose ass you kicked.
Daniel: It was a really close match. But, if you want to get technical, I kicked his face. [Chuckles] I'm just busting your chops.
[The others laugh. Johnny is totally not amused]
Johnny: It was an illegal kick.
Daniel: Oh, illegal? Really? Come on, what about that elbow to my knee?
Johnny: Yeah, I got a warning. You got the win.

Strike First [1.2][edit]

Johnny: Cobra Kai isn't just about karate. It's about a way of life. [Points to wall with "Strike First Strike Hard No Mercy" written on it] Take that first lesson. Striking first is the initial step towards victory. Okay, like when you're at a party, and you see a hot babe. You don't wait for some other guy to go talk to her first, do you?
Miguel: I mean, I've never been to a party, so...
Johnny: Big surprise. Alright, look, striking first is about being aggressive. Alright? If you're not aggressive, then you're being a pussy. And you don't wanna be a pussy! You wanna have balls!
Miguel: Don't you think you're doing a lot of genderizing?
Johnny: ...what?
Miguel: Oh, sorry. Don't you think you're doing a lot of genderizing, sensei?
Johnny: No, what the hell are you talking about?
Miguel: Oh, uh, my guidance counselor says that certain words can perpetuate the sexist world view that can trigger-
Johnny: QUIET! From now on, you won't listen to your guidance counselor, you're gonna listen to me! Is that understood?
Miguel: Uh, yes, sensei.

Daniel: Some things never change.
Johnny: Yeah? What are you talking about?
Daniel: I heard you beat up a bunch of teenagers in that parking lot out there.
Johnny: Oh, that. No, I didn't beat up any teenagers. I kicked the shit out of a bunch of assholes who deserved it.
Daniel: Wow. Johnny Lawrence calling someone else an asshole. That's rich, man.
Johnny: Yeah, what's that supposed to mean?
Daniel: Alright, look. I'm not here to rehash the past. Just stay away from my daughter's friends.
Johnny: Your daughter's friends? Yeah, that makes sense. Nice company she keeps.
Daniel: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Johnny: It means those friends of hers were wailing on a kid half their size. Maybe you don't know your daughter as well as you think you do. Get your house in order, LaRusso.
Daniel: Who the hell do you think you're talking to?
Miguel: Bathroom's clean! [walks into the scene] Is there anything else you need me to do?
[Johnny motions towards Miguel. He pulls out his earphones.]
Miguel: I'm sorry, Sensei. I...
Daniel: Sensei? Really? Oh my god. [To Miguel] Kid, I don't know what he's told you, but you shouldn't believe a word this guy says, or you're gonna end up just like him. [Back to Johnny] You and I, this...we're not done.

Esqueleto [1.3][edit]

Miguel: I wish I could show my mom what I did to those boards, but if she knew where I was right now, she'd kill me. What's wrong with you?
Johnny: [After reading "Final Notice" bills] Nothing. Put your costume on, I'm driving you to that dance, and we're gonna pick up some more students. [Sees Miguel's horribly homemade halloween costume] What the hell is that?
Miguel: It's my halloween costume. My ya-ya made it. It started off as Deadpool, then I think it was Spider-Man, and then it just kinda became some generic superhero.
Johnny: Yeah, a poor one at that. You're Poor-Man.
Miguel: Yeah.
Johnny: Well, I can't let you go out like that. We have a reputation to uphold.
Miguel: What do you suggest?
[At the high school dance, Miguel is seen wearing Johnny's skeleton costume from the first movie]

[Daniel sees Johnny in the high school hallway hanging Cobra Kai flyers]
Daniel: What do you think you're doing?
Johnny: I'm promoting my business. Why don't you try minding yours?
Daniel: Minding mine? You know what, look, this is ridiculous, okay? We can both be adults here. I just don't know why you'd ever wanna bring back Cobra Kai after what your sensei did to you.
Johnny: Because I'm not Kreese...and the lessons worked.
Daniel: "Strike first, no mercy?" Real good lessons. If you think I'm gonna let you fill these kids heads with that garbage, you're nuts, man.

Cobra Kai Never Dies [1.4][edit]

Miguel Diaz: My mom says I can train again.
Johnny Lawrence: She did?
Miguel Diaz: Yeah. I mean, if we still have a dojo.
Johnny Lawrence: We do for now. All right, but I need to know are you ready to take things to the next level?
Miguel Diaz: Yes, Sensei.
Johnny Lawrence: You got your ass kicked because you didn't have any defense. So I'm gonna teach you the best defense that you can know. And the best defense- [holds up his fists to Miguel's face] -is more offense.

Counterbalance [1.5][edit]

[Miguel shoves Kyler away from humiliating Sam]
Kyler: I'm ready for your lame-ass karate this time!
Miguel: It's not lame-ass karate. [Blocks punch from Kyler] It's Cobra Kai. [Punches Kyler in the face.]

[Daniel visits Mr. Miyagi's grave]
Daniel: Hey, Mr. Miyagi. I know it's been a few months, but better late than never, right? I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I, um... You know, it's... it's funny. When I was a kid, you seemed to always have all the answers, and I guess I thought when I got older, I'd have it all figured out too. But now I just... feel like I'm clueless. Makes me wonder, was it different for you, or were you just better at hiding it? Maybe that was it, huh? [trims part of bonsai tree] I feel like lately I've let my anger take control. You know me, I've always been a bit of a hothead, so... I really wish you could be here right now.
[as he starts up his car, he feels Mr. Miyagi is calling him from the grave]
Mr. Miyagi: Daniel-san. You remember lesson about balance?
Daniel: [remembers lesson] Yeah.
Mr. Miyagi: Mm. Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life. Have balance. Everything be better. Understand?
Daniel: [in present] Yeah. I understand.

Quiver [1.6][edit]

Since you joined Cobra Kai, I have been hard on you. I've called you names, I've humiliated you - some of you, I've hit. And for that, I don't apologize. Cobra Kai is about strength. If you can't be strong on the inside, you can't be strong on the outside. ~ Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence: Since you joined Cobra Kai, I have been hard on you. I've called you names, I've humiliated you - some of you, I've hit. And for that, I don't apologize. Cobra Kai is about strength. If you can't be strong on the inside, you can't be strong on the outside. And right now - you're all weak. And I know that because I was you. I used to have no friends, I used to be the weird kid. Well, maybe not that weird, I still hooked up with babes 'n all but the point is - I wasn't always the badass Sensei that I am today. Just like a cobra, I had to shed my loser skin to find my true power. And you guys will too.
[Eli enters sporting a new mohawk. No one recognizes him]
Johnny Lawrence: Welcome to Cobra Kai.
Miguel: Eli... what happened?
Eli: I'm flippin' the script.
Johnny Lawrence: Wait, are you the kid with the lip? Nice cut, bro! You see that? It doesn't matter if you're a loser, or a nerd, or a freak. All that matters is that You... Become... Badass! "Hawk" - fall in.
[Eli/Hawk kicks off his shoes and falls in at the front of the class next to Aisha and Miguel. The other Cobra Kais stare in awe]
Johnny: Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Eli: No, Sensei!
Johnny: Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Aisha Robinson: No, Sensei!
Johnny: Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Miguel: No, Sensei!
Johnny: Class! Are you ready to learn the 'Way of the Fist'?
Miguel, Aisha, Eli: Yes, Sensei!

All Valley [1.7][edit]

[Johnny attends the All-Valley Karate Championship organizing committee meeting to press his case over revoking Cobra Kai's lifetime ban against Daniel's stern objections]
Johnny Lawrence: Look, I admit Cobra Kai had its share of problems in the '80s. My sensei didn't always play by the rules. That's why I left. But my Cobra Kai is different. It's a place where kids can come and feel like they belong. Where they won't get picked on because they're a bunch of losers, or because they're unique. I've watched firsthand as my students have gotten stronger, gained confidence, or had to stand up for themselves. Cobra Kai is making a difference to these kids' lives. And honestly, they're making a difference in mine as well. Thank you.

[Johnny brings out a liquor bottle to celebrate Cobra Kai's return to the All-Valley Karate Championship - and Miguel's successful date with Samantha LaRusso]
Miguel Diaz: [toasts] To Cobra Kai.
Johnny Lawrence: Never accept defeat.

Molting [1.8][edit]

Johnny: You've trained hard. You've gotten stronger, tougher, faster. You've done your best! You're ready for this tournament! Am I right?
Students: Yes, Sensei!
Johnny: WRONG! Your best ain't shit! If you wanna win the All-Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament, you gotta give me better than your best! Which is why, from now on, you're gonna be getting my worst! Is that understood?!
Students: Yes, Sensei!
Johnny: Are you losers?!
Students: No, Sensei!
Johnny: Are you nerds?!
Students: No, Sensei!
Johnny: Are you sure?!
Students: No, Sensei!
[Johnny facepalms]

Johnny: It was the summer of '82. Rocky III had just come out. My buddy Dutch was a huge Mr. T fan, so we went to a local theater to check it out. Sitting in front of us was this group of cute chicks, eating popcorn, and Dutch started throwing Milk Duds at 'em.
Miguel: What? Why would he do that?
Johnny: 'Cause, it's an alpha move, man. Chicks love it when you treat 'em like crap. Anyway, eventually the girls got so pissed off one of 'em stood up and started yelling at us. That's when I saw her for the first time.
Miguel: Saw who?
Johnny: Ali.

Different But The Same [1.9][edit]

Amanda LaRusso: What is going on?
Anthony LaRusso: Dad's about to fight this guy!
Daniel LaRusso: Amanda, please, just go inside. This is between me and Sensei Lawrence.
Amanda LaRusso: Yeah, you two seem to have this pretty well in hand. Just a normal Saturday afternoon, a couple of grown men about to kick each other into a pool. You know, as much as I would love to watch you and your childhood karate rival duke it out, I kinda don't wanna get any blood on the patio, so what do you say we try to resolve this over some breakfast instead?
Daniel LaRusso: Want to go inside?
Johnny Lawrence: I could eat.

[Daniel agrees to let Johnny have a free car on the trade-in lot as compensation for Louie and his goons destroying Johnny's Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am]
Johnny Lawrence: [looks at a red-orange Dodge Challenger with black racing stripes] This one's not half bad.
Daniel LaRusso: It's a 2009 Challenger, 5.8 liter.
Johnny Lawrence: 5.7.
Daniel LaRusso: What, you know cars?
Johnny Lawrence: What kind of man doesn't?

Mercy [1.10][edit]

Miguel: I found his weakness, Sensei; it's his shoulder.
Johnny: Look, we wanna win, but it's gotta be the right way. You don't have to fight dirty.
Miguel: There's nothing dirty about winning, Sensei. You taught me that. Don't worry; I got this. No mercy.

[Johnny nurses a drink over Cobra Kai willing the All Valley Karate Championship, but hears a noise]
Johnny Lawrence: [steps out to the dojo area] Miguel? [sees a man's silhouette]
Man: Congratulations. You did what I always thought you could do. You won. Cobra Kai is back where it belongs: Back on top. Everyone closed the book on us. They thought we were done. But now they see... [man appears in the light as John Kreese, smoking a cigar] that the real story's only just begun.

Season 2[edit]

Mercy Part II [2.1][edit]

Johnny Lawrence: Everyone, fall in!
[The students fall into position, with Miguel and Hawk in front]
Hawk: Must've been a rager, sensei.
Miguel Diaz: Yeah, were you celebrating all weekend?
Johnny Lawrence: Celebrating what? That my students are a bunch of pussies? Diaz, Hawk, up front!
[Miguel and Hawk step forward, facing the other students]
Johnny Lawrence: Hawk, did you attack your opponent when his back was turned?
Hawk: Yes, Sensei?
Johnny Lawrence: Diaz, did you purposely attack your opponent's injury?
Miguel Diaz: Yes, Sensei.
Johnny Lawrence: You think that makes you badass? [Hawk and Miguel look at Johnny, visibly confused] What's the matter? Too tough a question? Maybe you need some help. Miss Robinson!
Aisha Robinson: Yes, Sensei.
Johnny Lawrence: Two cobras in the jungle. One kills the strongest lion. The other kills a crippled monkey. Which cobra do you want to be?
Aisha Robinson: The one that kills the lion, sensei.
Johnny Lawrence: And why is that?
Aisha Robinson: Because it killed the stronger animal.
Johnny Lawrence: Correct! Cobra Kai is about being badass. And the baddest badass is the one that beats his opponent when he's at his strongest. [facing Hawk] Not when his back is turned. [Facing Miguel] Not when he's injured! Is that understood?
Cobra Kai: Yes, Sensei!
Johnny Lawrence: That means no more cheating. No more fighting dirty. From here on out, those are pussy moves. And you don't want to be pussies, do you?
Cobra Kai: No, Sensei!
Johnny Lawrence: Good. That's why I had you wear your white belts. You're starting over. Diaz, Hawk, fifty push-ups, on your knuckles. Miss Robinson, warm them up.
Aisha Robinson: Yes, Sensei.

John Kreese: I'm sorry. I realize that I was too hard on you. You were young, and I went overboard. You were my best student. You had so much potential. I just couldn't stand seeing you lose. I know I could be a tough son of a bitch. But if you'd seen some of the things that I've seen... Well, that doesn't change what I did. For years I've regretted that night. But when I heard that you brought back Cobra Kai, I thought that maybe this could be a shot for me to redeem myself. 'Cause believe me, there ain't nothing that I'd like more in this world than to have another chance. I understand if you never want to see me again. But just remember: I am the guy who always rooted for you. Ah, I almost forgot. [Takes out Johnny's 2nd place trophy from the 1984 All Valley Karate Championships] I fixed it for you. It may say second place. But in my opinion, you were always the better fighter. See you, kid.

Back in Black [2.2][edit]

[Johnny is in his office, on the phone with an interested customer]
Johnny Lawrence: Uh-huh. No, we're always looking for new recruits. We have a 4PM class and a 5PM class, but they're filling up fast. No no, we accept boys and girls. Gender what? Hey, is this a prank call?

[Johnny has his students lined up in front of a cement mixer truck]
Johnny Lawrence: You think winning the All Valley gives you the right to goof off? Well, I got news for you. Winning one championship don't mean squat! A true champion never stops training. You gotta keep moving forward, or else you can get stuck exactly where you are. It's like the cement in this truck. If that drum doesn't start turning, the cement inside will harden and get stuck. Is that what you want to happen to you?
Cobra Kai: No, Sensei!
Johnny Lawrence: Good. Then climb up, get inside, and make it spin.
Aisha: Sensei, we're sorry for messing around.
Hawk: We learned our lesson.
Johnny Lawrence: [lowers the cement mixer's ladder]Get in!
Miguel Diaz: Sensei, this seems kind of dangerous. I mean, the fumes alone-
John Kreese: Quiet! This man led you to the mountaintop and you question him? Look at you. Look at all of you. I can't believe this pathetic pack of pussies competed in the All Valley, and let alone won. It's an absolute miracle. And who's responsible for that miracle? Johnny Lawrence. The best student in the history of Cobra Kai. My student.
Hawk: You were Sensei's sensei?
John Kreese: You better believe it, kid. And I tell you I've never trained a tougher student in my whole life. So if you know what's good for you, you better listen to every goddamn word he says.
[long pause before Miguel steps forward]
Miguel Diaz: I'll do it, Sensei.

Fire and Ice [2.3][edit]

[Daniel LaRusso makes a video ad]
Daniel LaRusso: Inner peace. Focus. Balance. These are just some of the skills that you will master when you join Miyagi-do Karate. I'm Daniel LaRusso, and before I was the number one auto dealer in the Valley, I was two-time All Valley Under-18 Champion. Now, you can learn the secrets of Okinawan karate, true karate, by joining the Miyagi-do team. Don't be a snake in the grass. Be a champion. Tweet us at hashtag TeamMiyagiDo. And all lessons are free. That's right, free. Because at Miyagi-do, it's not about the money. It's about the karate.

[Johnny Lawrence makes his own video ad for Cobra Kai]
Johnny Lawrence: There's a lot of talk going around the Valley about free karate. But everyone knows that in life, you get what you pay for. You wanna really kick the competition? [Johnny kicks a bonsai tree into pieces] Then you need to get your ass over to Cobra Kai. Screw that lame meditation bullshit. What you need is bone-crunching, face-smashing, good ol' American karate. [Johnny punches and elbows a body opponent bag] Enough about self-defense. Learn self-offense. Don't be a pussy. Join Cobra Kai, and let me teach you [clenches fist] the Way of the Fist.
Aisha: And cut.
Johnny: All right, did we get it?
Aisha: I think so.
Johnny: All right, great. Just make sure the Cobra Kai snake comes in at the end, all right? I want it to really pop. Make it chrome. And throw "Thunderstruck" under it.
Aisha: I'm pretty sure the rights for that song will cost too much.
Johnny: No, I already own it. Cassette's in the car. Oh, and put one of those hash browns at the end. You know, like, "Hash brown. Team Cobra Kai," or something. And then send it to the Internet!

The Moment of Truth [2.4][edit]

John Kreese: The key to this move is making your enemy think you are retreating. But just as they let their guard down, that's when you strike the hardest.

All In [2.5][edit]

The fight is only over when you say it is. ~ John Kreese
[after breaking up with Moon, Hawk storms into the Cobra Kai dojo and starts attacking a punching bag. Kreese enters the room]
John Kreese: You get into a fight?
Hawk: With Miyagi-do. We lost.
John Kreese: No, you didn't. The fight is only over when you say it is.

[Demetri has posted a one-star review of Cobra Kai on Yelp; Hawk confronts him about it at a comic book store]
Demetri: You think I'm afraid of you? I know who you really are, Eli. So, why don't you, Rocksteady, and Bebop just leave me alone, okay?
[Demetri turns around to see two other Cobra Kai members approaching him]
Demetri: Great. So this is what it comes to: gang assault.
Hawk: Take it down, or we take you down.
Demetri: You’d actually hurt me?

Take a Right [2.6][edit]

[Daniel explains to his new students what Cobra Kai is really about]
Daniel LaRusso: Cobra Kai sells power, strength, and when I joined I was, well, I was weak. It was 1985, I had just won my first All-Valley, and, Mr. Miyagi didn't want me to compete anymore. He never really like the idea of fighting for trophies in the first place. So, you know, I-we got into this big argument, and what did I do? I joined Cobra Kai. I learned to strike first, strike hard, show no mercy, and it turned me into an angry and violent kid. It changed me.
Samantha LaRusso: You never told me about any of this.
Daniel: It's not something I'm proud of, Sam. And my point is anyone can be seduced by Cobra Kai, even me, and I'll admit: Cobra Kai makes you feel stronger, tougher, but it will also get you in trouble. And that's what happened to me. I'm just lucky Mr Miyagi was willing to take me back. So remember, it doesn't matter who anyone was before they stepped into this dojo. All that matters is that right now, today, we are all Miyagi-Do.

[Johnny and Tommy have some campfire drinks, but some things needed to be said]
Tommy: Today was fun, Johnny.
Johnny Lawrence: You still got some moves, man. You should stop by the dojo sometime.
Tommy: Yeah, right. Just like the good old days. [reflects] Man, where did all that time go?
Johnny: I don't know.
Tommy: Man, there was something I never told you. Didn't think you needed to know, but screw it. [deep breath] I was in love with Ali.
Johnny: [smiles at him] What?
Tommy: Yeah. Freshman year. We were in the same homeroom. We used to talk all the time. I was building up the courage to ask her out, [looks at Johnny] when someone else struck first. That's why I joined Cobra Kai. I wanted to have the balls that you had. Without the smell. [he and Johnny laugh and drink]
Johnny: I don't think I ever really got over her. I mean, I dated plenty of babes after, but I never really let my guard down with any of them, you know? Not like with Ali.
Tommy: You still got one thing that's more important than anything, Johnny.
Johnny: What's that?
Tommy: Time. You still have time.
Johnny: Yeah. Time for what?
Tommy: Meet someone new, change your life. Do what you wanna do.
Johnny: I don't know. Right now, all I wanna do is make sure my students don't make the same mistakes that we did. I don't want them to look back at their life full of regret.
Tommy: You'll do it, Johnny. [looks at him] You're the champ.

Lull [2.7][edit]

Tory: My Mom worked at this restaurant when I was little, and she would bring home leftovers so my brother and I had enough to eat. When her manager found out, he fired her. No warning, no notice. He said it was against company policy. She wasn't stealing; the food was gonna end up in the trash! The world shows no mercy. So why should we? Some people have it good, but the rest of us, we have to fight for every inch of what's ours. Not just to score a point. For everything.

John Kreese: Ah, hey, Johnny. Here to congratulate me on my victory?
Johnny Lawrence: We need to talk.
John Kreese: Talk about what?
Johnny Lawerence: About what you've been putting in my students' heads since I've been gone.
John Kreese: The same lessons I taught you, the way of the fist: strike first, strike hard, no mercy.
Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, that's where we have a problem.
John Kreese: Oh, do we?
Johnny Lawrence: Yeah. Cobra Kai needs to change. What you taught didn't work back then and it doesn't work now.
John Kreese: Well, whaddya want to change it to? Something nice and snugly like a blanket?
Johnny Lawrence: No. Cobra Kai will always be badass. But there's a difference between no mercy and no honor.
John Kreese: Ah... honor. Lemme tell you something. When you're in a war, the other side never fights with any "honor." Take it from me. Trust me; I know, I've been there. Be glad that you don't know.
Johnny Lawrence: Yeah, I don't know what shit you went through back then, but these are good kids, and they don't need to relive our mistakes.
John Kreese: The only "mistake" is teaching them weakness. Like what you did when you backed down from LaRusso's challenge. Is that what the new Cobra Kai is all about?
Johnny Lawrence: You trying to get me riled up? It's not gonna work. I am responsible for these students.
John Kreese: And I am responsible for you. I'm worried about you, Johnny. I see what's gonna happen; you're gonna let your guard down, and that's gonna leave you vulnerable.
Johnny Lawrence: Maybe that's what you think, but this is my dojo, and I make the rules.
John Kreese: Your dojo? You forget who started Cobra Kai?
Johnny Lawrence: I haven't forgotten anything. You know what? I'm sorry, I thought this could work, but I was wrong.
John Kreese: Look-
Johnny Lawrence: We're done. I don't ever wanna see you in this dojo again.

Glory of Love [2.8][edit]

Miguel Diaz: Okay. The app is downloaded. What type of women are you looking to meet? Super hot babes. Dumb question. Okay. What are your likes?
Johnny Lawrence: My likes?
Miguel Diaz: Mm hmm.
Johnny Lawrence: What am I supposed to say? Long walks on the beach? I like muscle cars, martial arts, and "Iron Eagle". And "Iron Eagle II". Why aren't you texting this down? Computer dating is your idea.
Miguel Diaz: Look, you have to take this seriously.
Johnny Lawrence: It used to be simple. Find a chick in a bar. Bump into her hard, but not too hard. Pretty hard. Then you buy her a beer.
Miguel Diaz: Yeah, no.
Johnny Lawrence: Tried and true, Diaz. That's how the cavemen did it. Cavemen. That's another like. You know, like the ones in those insurance commercials.
Miguel Diaz: [sighs] Look, I think I can fill out the rest of this on my own. What about clothes? What are you wearing?
Johnny Lawrence: You gonna teach me about fashion now?
Miguel Diaz: Might have to.

No Mercy [2.10][edit]

[Amanda forces Daniel to end Miyagi-do after the West Valley High School karate war]
Daniel LaRusso: [Looking at a picture of Mr. Miyagi] I tried my best. I thought I was doing the right thing. I'm so sorry.

John Kreese: Class! We have a visitor.
Johnny Lawrence: The hell do you think you're doing?
John Kreese: What does it look like? I'm teaching my students.
Johnny Lawrence: Your students?
John Kreese: You let them down when they needed you the most. Somebody needed to remind them what it takes to win.
[Johnny starts toward Kreese, but the Cobra Kai students block the way.]
Johnny Lawrence: After everything I did for you?
Hawk: Miguel is in the hospital because of you. He showed mercy to Robby Keene because of you. If he dies, that's on you.
John Kreese: I did warn you about this. I told you not to show weakness.
Johnny Lawrence: Get out.
John Kreese: This is my dojo. Oh, I forgot to tell you. When you were outta town, I had a little talk with the landlord. Turns out he doesn't like you much. But you know the problem with those handshake deals: there are no guarantees.
Johnny Lawrence: You can't do this.
John Kreese: Of course I can. I founded Cobra Kai. It belongs to me. It always has. And it always will. I will never let my students lose... even if they have to learn the hard way. One day you'll thank me for this, Johnny.
Johnny Lawrence: This was a mistake. You want Cobra Kai? It's yours.
[Johnny leaves the room; Kreese watches him go.]
John Kreese: Class! Forward strike.

Season 3[edit]

Aftermath [3.1][edit]

[Daniel goes to Cobra Kai after hours looking for Johnny]
Daniel LaRusso: Johnny? [In the main room, he sees a life-sized cardboard cutout of Kreese] What the hell?
[Kreese comes out of the backroom]
John Kreese: We're closed. [sees it's Daniel who has come to see him] The dojo's gone through some renovations. What do you think?
Daniel: Where's Johnny?
John: He's not here right now. But he'll be back. You know, it's a shame what happened at the school. Such a tragedy. But I don't really blame Robby. 'Cause you know what they say: "there's no such thing as a bad student." [Daniel begins to squirm] It must really hurt to see the Miyagi name dragged through the mud. Wish I could see the look on the little bastard's face. [Daniel clenches his hands into fists]
Daniel: That "little bastard" kicked your ass...more than once. You're lucky he taught me true karate. That's why I'm not gonna fight you.
John: Oh but you will. It's inevitable. But this time, Johnny and I will finish it, once and for all.
Daniel: You're not gonna do anything. Not while I'm around. [Daniel walks out of the dojo]
John: You know where to find me. [laughs as the door closes behind Daniel]

Now You're Gonna Pay [3.3][edit]

[Johnny sits at the altar with Bobby eating coffee cakes after he had drunkenly disrupted Bobby's sermon.]
Johnny: I still don't understand how they get the coffee in the cake.
Bobby: Johnny...what the heck was that all about? I know you're upset, but you can't blame yourself for what Robby did.
Johnny: I'm not even allowed to see him. I'm not allowed to since I'm on probation for that little incident in the parking garage.
Bobby: Yeah, well, you're lucky it was only probation.
Johnny: I'm lucky I knew a priest who put in a good word with the judge, thank you very much.
Bobby: Not a priest. How about we make a deal? You promise yourself to do positive things, be a better person.
Johnny: I already tried that. I put everything I had into my students, I taught them to be tough and show mercy. I thought I was doing the right thing.
Bobby: You were.
Johnny: Yeah? Then why did all this happen? I mean, you wanna punish me, fine. But Robby and Miguel, they're just kids.
Bobby: I know. I know. It isn't fair. But you gotta remember you don't do the right thing because it always works out. You do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. Both those kids need you, and you need to be there for them, whether it works out or not. I can help you with Robby. The detention center will let you in if you're accompanied by a member of the clergy, so, how about we meet there tomorrow?
Johnny: Alright, great.
Bobby: Good. And as for Miguel and his surgery, the church could make a nominal donation, but, we're still trying to pay for our new roof.
Johnny: Wasn't gonna ask.
Bobby: Hey, why not ask your stepdad to help out? He's still loaded, isn't he?
Johnny: No way. Sid? That'd be his dream come true, me groveling for his money. I'll figure something out.
Bobby: I know you will.

The Right Path [3.4][edit]

[Kumiko and Daniel catch up after seeing each other again at Tomi Village Green]
Kumiko: After graduation, I joined the Hijikata Tatsumi Dance Company and we traveled all around the world, Sydney, Paris, Singapore..
Daniel: So you got your dream. That's terrific. You got a favorite place?
Kumiko: Hai, London.
Daniel: Ah, let me guess, the tea.
Kumiko: [laughs at the English tea reference] No, I got to see the Cranberries open up for Radiohead; 1995, they played Zombie, Linger and Dreams.
Daniel: [short pause] So when did you start teaching?
Kumiko: After I moved back to Okinawa, Aunt Yukie got sick, and this has always been my home.
Daniel: I'm sorry to hear she passed. I know she was proud of you.
Kumiko: Arigato... although I know she wanted me to get married, I stayed - what was your word for it, a free agent?
Daniel: Come on, I'm supposed to believe that a guy never got a ring on that finger?
Kumiko: Many tried, but... none of them fought to the death for me.
Daniel: It's a hard act to follow!
Kumiko: Salut.
Daniel: I'm sorry this is absolutely surreal. I feel like I haven't seen you in like five minutes, but its been over 30 years... [Kumiko nods in assent] 30 years!
Kumiko: Maybe if we had Facebook and Instagram back then, we would have never lost touch. [pauses] Why did you come back to Okinawa, Daniel-san?
Daniel: I told you my business is, not bad..
Kumiko: No. Why did you really come back?
Daniel: I got my dream too, you know. I have an incredible family. I have my own business, I should be counting my blessings, but so many things have been going sideways for me lately, everybody looks to me for answers, and I'm spinning around so much I can't tell which way is up.
Kumiko: I used to have this nightmare that I had to go on stage and did not know the choreography. I felt out of control.
Daniel: Exactly. I used to go to Mr Miyagi for help, but you know, I'm the same age now as Mr Miyagi was when he met me. He had it all figured out, I wish he could be here to help guide me.
Kumiko: [face lights up] I think I can make it happen.

[At Yukie's old house, Daniel and Kumiko browse through Mr Miyagi's old letters to Yukie but Daniel looks at one particular envelope]
Kumiko: What is it?
Daniel: This was... this was written the week Mr Miyagi died.
Kumiko: Do you like me to read it?
Daniel: [looks at her] Please.
Kumiko: [translates Japanese text] "One umoyagawa, my sweetheart Yukie. I'm sorry it has been a long time since my last letter. I'm so happy to hear that Kanhizakura is in good health."
Daniel: Who is that?
Kumiko: Kanhizakura is Okinawan cherry blossom. [reads letter] "I am sorry to tell you that I am back in hospital. Please do not worry. There is nothing to do except watch TV and think. Think about family. Think about us. Think about where I have been and where I am going. In life, I have always looked for signs to show me the right way, but I got lost. Until I met Daniel-san. [Daniel reacts at mention] His kind heart, strong chi, and loyalty and love for those around him is a guiding light to me. I am very proud for the man he has become even though he still has a hard head. [Kumiko sighs but her face changes as the gravity of the words hit her too] I never thought I would have a family again. Daniel-san has welcomed me into his family, and he has passed on what I teach him in Miyagi-Do to his daughter. Samantha... makes me feel like I'm her tanme."
Daniel: What's tanme?
Kumiko: Grandfather. [continues reading] "In life, we always lose our way, but it is people, not the signs, that guide us back to the right path. Do you like that, Yukie? I heard that in a car commercial. [Daniel and Kumiko laugh at the joke] Kanashii, love, Nariyoshi Miyagi."
Daniel: [looks up after Kumiko puts the letter back in the envelope] Thank you Mr Miyagi. [to Kumiko] Thank you.
Kumiko: [presents him the letter] Arigato.

Miyagi-do [3.5][edit]

[Daniel meets Kumiko and is curious about her female companion]
Daniel: Friend of yours?
Kumiko: Friend of ours.
Daniel: Oh I'm sorry I -
Woman: Don't worry it's been a long time since we met. I was a child then and it was during a typhoon.
Daniel: [remembers the girl he rescued] Yuna?!?!
Yuna: You remember?
Daniel: Are you kidding me?! How could I forget? [embraces her] Oh my God, how have you been? Your English is so perfect.
Yuna: Good, thank you. I work in international sales. Perfect English comes in handy. [nods to Kumiko]
Daniel: Sales, wow that's great, same here. Well maybe not for much longer, but who do you work for?
Yuna: Doyona.
Daniel: What, you work for Doyona?
Yuna: Senior vice-president of sales for Doyona International.
Kumiko: [when Daniel looks at her, thinking she delivered for him again] Like auntie Yukie said, nan kurenai-sa- put good out into the world and good will come back to you.
Daniel: Mr Miyagi was right for loving her. [Kumiko smiles at him. to Yuna] So Yuna, can I buy you a drink?
Yuna: I should hope so, Daniel-san. I'm about to save your business.

[Amanda goes to Cobra Kai looking for Kreese]
Amanda LaRusso: Hello? Is anyone here? [Kreese comes out of the backroom, an exercise towel around his neck]
John Kreese: We're closed, darling. But if you've got a youngster you'd like to put on the list for karate lessons, I'd be happy to help you.
Amanda: Is one of those lessons "how to jump a bunch of kids and break one of their arms"? Because that's what your students did tonight.
John: ...Did they? [beat] Must've had it coming.
Amanda: Like my daughter deserved it when one of your minions attacked her at the high school? [It dawns on Kreese who he's talking to]
John: [laughs] Ahh....that must make you Mrs. LaRusso! [chuckles] What's the matter? Little Daniel's not manly enough to fight his own battles anymore?
Amanda: Hey Rambo, kids are getting hurt! Just cull your band of karate thugs or I'm going to the police! Got it?
John: You're a feisty one. But I like that. I like it-[Amanda slaps Kreese hard across the face]
Amanda: I don't give a shit what you like, you sociopath. And I'm shutting you down if it's the last thing I do...[leaves]

The Good, The Bad and the Badass [3.8][edit]

[The three senseis are giving speeches to their students]
Daniel LaRusso: I know it's been a while since our last class. After the fight at the school, I wasn't sure Miyagi-Do should stay open, but things have gotten worse since we shut down. That's why we're back. The only way to stop Cobra Kai is if we all work together. But always remember, the reason we learn karate is—
Johnny Lawrence: To show the world that you're not a bunch of pansy-ass nerds! We're gonna show 'em that you're tough, because eagles don't get shit on! They're the ones that do the shitting. Just don't forget, being a badass doesn't mean being an asshole. The goal isn't to hurt other kids. The goal is to—
John Kreese: Win at all costs. Those we thought to be our allies have turned against us. Now our enemies are attacking us from all sides. There is no turning back. Now is the time to show them—
Daniel LaRusso: Forgiveness. Compassion. Mr. Miyagi used to say, "If you're looking for revenge, you could start by digging two graves." He was right. If you have hate in your heart, then you've already lost. I know it's not easy, but you have to do whatever you can—
Johnny Lawrence: To beat the living crap out of 'em! Don't let 'em push you around. You gotta swoop down like an eagle, grab 'em with your claws, and sink your fangs into 'em...but I don't ever want you to start the fight. I just want you to—
John Kreese: Finish it... for good. Do I make myself clear?
Eli "Hawk" Moscowitz, Tory Nichols, Miguel Diaz, Samantha LaRusso, Demetri: YES, SENSEI!!

[Miguel barges into the town hall meeting, and makes his way down to the podium for petitioners to speak at]
Miguel Diaz: My name is Miguel Diaz. I was in the school fight. I was the one who got kicked off the second floor. I know...I thought I was going to be paralyzed. I relearned how to stand. I relearned how to walk. And I want the tournament to continue.
Councilperson Roberts: We are very happy for your recovery, young man. But I'm afraid you don't understand-
Samantha LaRusso: [stands up] Yes, he does. We're the ones getting hurt. We're the ones fighting! [Sam joins Miguel at the podium] Our voices should matter the most. And we want a place where we can compete, fairly and safely.
Miguel Diaz: When I first moved here, I was bullied. I realized that there’s no escaping it. There's always going to be some kid will want to steal your lunch money, or give you a wedgie, or give you a swirlie.
Councilperson Roberts: A swirlie?
Johnny Lawrence: It's when you, uh, dunk someone's head in a toilet and flush it. Pretty funny, actually.
Miguel Diaz: [to Johnny] Sensei! [to Councilperson Roberts] Instead of burying your heads in the sand and pretending that bullying doesn’t exist, or that you could get rid of it, what you need to do is to teach kids how to defend themselves.
Samantha LaRusso: Physically and... mentally. Because... sometimes the scars you can't see are the ones that hurt the most.
Miguel Diaz: Karate is about discipline. It’s about inner strength. it’s about confidence! Lessons that you could use the rest of your life! Look, I don’t know where I would be today, or who I would be today, if it wasn’t for my sensei. Look, we don’t need this tournament to do cool kicks or to sell tickets. We need it to show the bullies of the world that we’re not afraid. It’s called the All-Valley because it’s for everyone, to give everyone the chance to show what they can do, to fight, to become a champion. And we deserve that chance.

[Miguel and Sam toast to saving the tournament at Miyagi-Do, and almost have an intimate moment, when...]
Robby Keene: ...Should've known. [Sam gasps and breaks her embrace of Miguel]
Samantha LaRusso: Robby! It's--it's not what you think!
Robby: What, did you two get together the second I was gone or wait a week to make it look good?
Samantha It's not like that.
Robby: [looks at Miguel accusingly] So now I know why you stopped writing.
Samantha: I stopped writing because you never answered!
Robby: Yeah? Well, it’s kinda hard to write back in between getting my face busted in!
Samantha: [weakly] I didn’t know...
Robby: [rolls his eyes] Oh, you wouldn’t have cared even if you did know!
Miguel Diaz: It’s not her fault-
Robby [points an accusing finger at Miguel] Stay out of this!
Miguel [gets in Robby's face] I don’t think I will.
Robby I was hoping you’d say that.
[Robby clenches his right hand into a fist and swings at Miguel. Sam steps in front of Miguel, catches Robby's arm, puts both of her hands on his shoulders, and shoves him backwards]
Samantha: ROBBY, DON'T!!! [Robby glares at her and Miguel]
Robby: [disgusted] You two deserve each other...[walks away]

Feel the Night [3.9][edit]

[Daniel has caught Sam making out with Miguel, when they should have been sparring]
Samantha LaRusso: Look, I'm sorry, Dad. I should've told you that I invited Miguel over.
Daniel: All right, new rule. If you're gonna bring boys over to the dojo, leave the door open.
Samantha: [rolls her eyes] Come on, Dad, it's not 1984...
Daniel: [sighs]'ve grown up. You're a young woman now, okay? I get it. I just feel like in this past year, there's been Kyler, and Miguel, and Robby. Now back to Miguel? Seems like you're adding more drama to your life than you need. And just imagine if Robby knew Miguel was back in the picture! [Sam grimaces and she shifts nervously on her feet] Oh no. Sam, really?!
Samantha: He came by last night, when I was here with Miguel.
Daniel: And he saw you two...?
Samantha: [makes disgusted face] NO! God, Dad!
Daniel: What, I saw it!
Samantha: I know, it's been a lot. But can you please try to remember that I'm still your daughter? And that you can trust me?
Daniel: It's not you I don't trust, Sam.
Samantha: Miguel's changed. He's a good person. He's not Cobra Kai's #1 bully; he's not even in Cobra Kai anymore!
Daniel: [sighs] Maybe you're right...

[Daniel and Miguel sit in the 1948 Ford Supe Deluxe that Mr. Miyagi gave to him as a birthday present, talking about Daniel's history, but when one part about Johnny is brought up...]
Daniel LaRusso: He said I sucker-punched him? Did he not mention the fact that he knocked me down first?
Miguel Diaz: You were moving in on his girl.
Daniel: They hadn't talked in weeks. I had no idea Johnny even existed when I got to that beach. All that I knew is that he broke her radio. She was upset. I was being chivalrous.
Miguel: But what about Halloween? The water hose?
Daniel: Wha-the water hose? These guys were beating the crap out of me me every other...[catches himself] The water hose was the least of it, believe me. And it was just--it was sitting there. It teed up. Trust me, if you were in my shoes, you would've done the exact same thing. Johnny clearly overreacted to that.
Miguel: I think Sensei was just upset because Ali was his first love.
Daniel: Well...she was mine too. There was just something about her. I thought she was "the one". I guess Johnny felt the same way. That's what started it all. [checks his watch] Oh wow, I didn't realize what time it was. I got-I gotta get going. [they both step out of the car] Well, it was good talking with you, Miguel. From one All-Valley champ to another. [extends a hand to Miguel]
Miguel: [shakes Daniel's hand] Thanks, Mr. LaRusso. [Daniel looks past Miguel and turns to the dojo]

December 19th [3.10][edit]

[Johnny and Ali reflect on their group date with Amanda and Daniel, and his own feelings for Carmen]
Johnny Lawrence: Well like I told you, I always screw things up.
Ali Mills Schwarber: Thanks for making me feel like a kid again.
Johnny: We have our own little time-machine.
Ali: Sometimes it's good to visit the past to know where you are now... but you can't live in the past.
Johnny: Yeah we have to live for today...
Ali: And the future, whatever that might bring.
Johnny: Well, I know you're gonna be happy.
Ali: I know you will be happy too. I have faith in you.
[they look at each other, then embrace]
Johnny: I needed this.
Ali: I did too. [pulls out of embrace and laughs at Johnny's Dodge Caravan pulled up by the valet] Oh my god, you were not kidding.
Johnny: Can I give you a lift?
Ali: Ah, I gotta go find my parents. I will always be there for you, you know that.
Johnny: Yeah, me too.
Ali: Yeah, so get out of here. You have a future to find.

Kyler: It's payback time, Rhea. Let's go!

[Sam has just defeated Tory after a drawn out weapon duel. Miguel shows up, accompanied by Hawk and Demetri]
Hawk: Tory, the fight's over.
Tory Nichols: It's not over. This will never be over, LaRusso, you hear me?!
Samantha LaRusso: You know where to find me.
Tory: [takes a long look at Miguel and Hawk] Traitors. [to Hawk] You better watch your back.
Demetri: He won't have to. He's got friends watching it for him.

[Daniel and Johnny have managed to subdue Kreese]
Daniel LaRusso: You keep your Cobra Kais away from our kids!
John Kreese: It's a free country.
Johnny Lawrence: Not for you. Cobra Kai's gotta go. For good.
John: Why don't we settle this the old fashioned way. Tournament. If we lose, I go. If you lose-
Johnny We won't lose.

Season 4[edit]

Let's Begin [4.1][edit]

[at a lull in Terry Silver's party]
John Kreese: Nice view from up here. I guess you get what you pay for.
Terry Silver: Is that what you want, John? A check?
Kreese: I wanna finish what we started.
Silver: [scoffs] "Finish what we started". Just like we were supposed to do 35 years ago? Before you vanished?
Kreese: I was in a bad place. There's no question about that. But I'm back now, and you can be too.
Silver: Look around. I'm doing just fine.
Kreese: Are you? Because the Terry Silver that I knew would have roundhoused old Four-Eyes back there for calling Cobra Kai "adorable." Do you remember when we got back from 'Nam? We went through hell watching our friends die, only to be welcomed home by a bunch of hippies calling us killers. People needed to learn some respect, some discipline. That's why we started Cobra Kai. Together, we made a difference.
Silver: Yeah. We did.
Kreese: We can do it again. There's a whole new generation out there that can use what we know. The only thing standing in our way is Daniel LaRusso.
Silver: Danny boy?
Kreese: He's even teamed up with... Johnny Lawrence.
Silver: Wait, wait. Your champ and LaRusso working together?
Kreese: That's why I'm here. I need a partner. And the only other person who knows how to teach Cobra Kai is you. What do you say?
Silver: I say... no. Back in the '80s, I thought I could conquer the world. [reflects on how he trained and manipulated Daniel] And I came pretty damn close. I was so hopped up on cocaine and revenge I spent months terrorizing a teenager over a high school karate tournament. It sounds insane just talking about it. After that tournament, I hit rock bottom. But I built myself back up. [raises hands like getting things clear] Got my ass into therapy, found clarity. Turns out you disappearing was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Kreese: You know, people expect men of our age to pack it in and go off into the sunset. [chuckles] That might work for you... but I still have some fight left in me. Please thank Cheyenne for the tofu.

[Robby Keene is holding court at the dojo]
Robby Keene: Over at Miyagi-Do, our enemies are uniting against us. They think by working together, they have the advantage. They think they're better than us. And I should know because I used to be one of them. That officially ends today. I'll admit, at first, I didn't want to join Cobra Kai. But eventually, we all need to look ourselves in the mirror and realize who we really are. Now, we may have taken some losses, but it's not about how you start. It's about how you finish. And to beat the enemy, it helps to know the enemy's playbook. So I'm gonna teach you Miyagi-Do karate, so we can beat Miyagi-Do Karate. [Cobra Kai members are surprised; Kreese enters] They're warmed up for you, sensei. Ah-sah!

First Learn Stand [4.2][edit]

[At the Japanese restaurant where Tory is a waitress, Amanda warns her against going anywhere near Sam, but everybody and the manager sees them argue]
Manager: Is everything okay here, ma'am?
Amanda LaRusso: I don't know. Is it?
Customer: Miss? I don't want my soup to get cold.
Tory: [to customer following up on the order; bangs table] Will you shut the hell up??!!?
Manager: Tory! That's it. Put away your uniform. I've had enough of your attitude. You're fired.
Tory: [Throws manager her apron] Yeah, thanks a lot. [addresses customers] This place got a B on the health inspection. They hide the sign so you can't see it. And I saw one of the cooks dip his balls in the miso. [storms out as some customers are disgusted]
Customer: [to manager] Uh, you know what? You can cancel my soup.

[Five Tujunga Terrors players chance upon Daniel and Johnny after the game]
Hamm: Hey, shithead!
Daniel LaRusso: Hey, good game, guys. No hard feelings, right?
Hamm: Because of you, I spent half the game in the box.
Daniel: Yeah, but you still eked out a win. It was great.
Hamm: So you can kick my ass any day of the week. Is that right?
Daniel: No, I didn't say that. He... [gestures to Johnny, who's nowhere to be found]
Hamm: Looks like your lover boy bailed on you.
Calloway: Wait, wait, wait. You know who this is? It's LaRusso Auto. The chopping prices guy from TV? He's got that smoking hot brunette running the place. [goalie wolf whistles]
Daniel: [offended at whistle] Easy guys. That's my wife.
Hamm: Oh. Maybe I'll take her for a test drive. [nudges Calloway]
Calloway: I'll ride shotgun.
Vaughn: I got the backseat to myself. [everybody laughs until Daniel has had enough. He attacks and defeats all five Terrors players]
Johnny Lawrence : [surveying the damage with pretzel in hand] Kick ass! Nice work, LaRusso. Way to assert your dominance.
Daniel: Where the hell were you?
Johnny: No be there. [bites pretzel]

Then Learn Fly [4.3][edit]

[The Eagle Fang students are scared of Johnny ordering them to jump the gap between two buildings with a long way drop to some mattresses below]
Johnny Lawrence: I know what I'm doing.
Samantha LaRusso: Do you? Based on your track record, you don't have the best judgment.
Johnny: Oh, you wanna talk judgment? How about smashing into my Firebird and driving off with your girlfriends?
Samantha:I wasn't even driving.
Johnny: Showing up at my place drunk, causing your dad to kick down my door? Guessing that wasn't your fault either.
Samantha: I'm a teenager who's made mistakes. You're a 50-something-year-old man who lives alone, drinks all day, and clearly hasn't figured out his own life.
Johnny: I figured out one thing for sure. If I did everything my parents wanted me to do, I'd be wearing a suit and tie in some worthless job while I wait out the clock. I didn't want that. And now I get to do what I love every damn day. I get to try to help kids like you find their own way. If you wanna sit in the back seat your whole life, go right ahead. It's no sweat off my back.

[Terry reflects before the mirror and suddenly looks at a spot under his arm where a tattoo used to be - and it brings him back to a moment in the 70s with Kreese at a tattoo parlor, where Kreese says he volunteered Cobra Kai for the then-relatively new All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament]
Silver: What? We don't have any students yet.
Kreese: We will. And this would be the perfect venue to show the whole world that our way is the right way. [sees Silver's glum face] What?
Silver: It's my father. He wants me to take over his company. [Kreese scoffs] He said if I don't, he's cutting me out of the inheritance.
Kreese: But what about the dojo? We... We were just about to open it.
Silver: You will. No, I can still pay my half of the rent. Even more. I just won't be able to be there.
Kreese: Yeah, but I can't do this without you. Terry, I can't do this without you. We started this together. We gotta see it through together.
Silver: Maybe someday. My father wants me to put all this karate and Vietnam behind me. But I don't know if I can ever go back to a normal life.
Kreese: Hey, remember, fear does not exist. You can get through anything. You know why? 'Cause you got me. I didn't leave you behind in the war and I'm not gonna leave you behind now. [offers hand] Cobra Kai?
Silver: Never dies. [the last two words ring hard in Silver's memory]

Bicephaly [4.4][edit]

[Kenny Payne has just revealed how two Eagle Fang members harassed him over his Cobra Kai shirt]
Kyler: We still owe that Judas some payback.
Kreese: Everyone fall in. As you know, our enemies are working together. They are combining their styles to beat us. But they are destined to fail. Because there is only one way. And what is that way?
Cobra Kai Students: The Way of the Fist, sir!
Kreese: Exactly. However, that doesn't mean that we can't double down. Class, meet Sensei Terry Silver. [a man appears] Co-founder of Cobra Kai and one of the most ferocious fighters in the history of the sport. Together, we built Cobra Kai from the ground up, and now he is here to help you prepare for the All Valley. [they bow to each other]
Silver: Thank you, Sensei Kreese. It's an honor to be here.
Kreese: With two senseis, you will receive twice the instruction. That means twice the work. And if you are not prepared to put in 200%, then you can leave right now.
Silver: But if you dig in and follow our lead, we're gonna take you to the next level.

[Miguel has his first drive with Daniel]
Miguel: [notices Daniel singing to Christopher Cross' Sailing] This is pretty smooth. Who is this?
Daniel: Oh, that's Christopher Cross. He was huge in the '80s.
Miguel: Sensei didn't tell me about him.
Daniel: Yeah, well, not everything from the '80s was hard rock. There were some soft rock songs that were just perfect. Michael McDonald, Billy Joel, Chicago...
Miguel: Who's Chicago?
Daniel: I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that. It's a yellow light. [Miguel drives ahead] When you see a yellow light you're supposed to slow down.
Miguel: Uh, sorry. Usually with Sensei Lawrence we kind of...
Daniel: It doesn't matter what he does. If you're driving with my daughter, you take the extra precautions.
Miguel: Uh, yes. You're right. I'm sorry.
Daniel: I was pretty shaky at first too. Most of the kids my age all had their dads teach them. But for me, well, lucky I met Mr. Miyagi. He made me realize that just because I didn't have a dad didn't mean there wasn't someone who could fill that role.
Miguel: The sad part is I have a dad.
Daniel: You ever see him?
Miguel: I don't know much about him. He got caught up with something illegal. My mom was pregnant and tried to get him to stop and he wouldn't. That's why Mom and Yaya moved up here. I looked him up. It says he lives in Mexico now. I haven't told my mom though. She gets mad whenever I bring him up.
Daniel: Miguel, I hated my mom for moving us to LA. I thought she was only thinking for herself. But, as I got older, I realized she was doing it all for me. She wasn't just looking for a new career. She was looking for a better life. Sounds like that's what your mom did. It may not seem brave, but sometimes avoiding conflict is one of the most heroic things a person can do.

Match Point [4.5][edit]

Terry Silver: Three things make a champion. The three D's.
Cobra Kai Students: Desire. Devotion.
Terry: and Discipline.
Cobra Kai Students: Discipline!
Terry Silver: The first two, I can't give you.
Cobra Kai Students: Desire! Devotion! Discipline!
Terry Silver: The last one, I can, but you have to be willing to receive it. Are you?
Cobra Kai Students: Yes, sensei!

[Daniel and Johnny review the footage of their special match but arguments over who won are forgotten when Hawk appears in a hoodie]
Miguel: [sees somebody in hoodie] Hawk?
Demetri: Shit, Eli what happened?! [Hawk reveals his mohawk is no more and everybody is stunned]
Johnny: Who did this?
Hawk: Cobra Kai.
Johnny: Kreese and Silver did this. They need to pay.
Daniel: Jesus, Johnny. Please. Kreese tried to kill you last time. What, you wanna fight them both?
Johnny: Damn right I do. Look what they did.
Daniel: Dousing the fire with gasoline, that's your answer? [exasperated] Why am I not surprised?
Miguel: Sensei, stop.
Johnny: You still think your way is the only way. You were so proud when they pulled their little sprinkler prank the other day, but if they stood their ground and kicked some ass like I taught them, this never would've happened.
Daniel: And if they fight every time they're provoked, where does that lead? Back to the hospital? Or to jail? Come on, Just because you spent time in both...
Sam: Enough, Dad.
Daniel: What?
Sam: Johnny's right. It doesn't matter how many times we stand up to Cobra Kai, if we don't strike back, they're gonna keep coming at us.
Daniel: [to Johnny] And you were worried about my influence on your kids? Is this what you want, Johnny? To have my daughter and the rest of my students acting like you?
Johnny: You don't have to worry about it anymore. 'Cause we're done.
Daniel: Works for me.
Johnny: Eagle Fangs, let's go. [they leave]

Kicks Get Chicks [4.6][edit]

[Daniel is asking Amanda why she's helping Tory]
Amanda: Did I tell you about the time I was arrested?
Daniel: Sure. What?
Amanda: It was a high school prank.
Daniel: Right.
Amanda: And by "prank," I meant I took a baseball bat to my math tutor's car. With her in it.
Daniel: You... what? Why?
Amanda: She was having an affair with my dad. My parents' marriage was falling apart, I thought the world was ending, and I blamed her for taking it all away from me.
Daniel: know you didn't get along with your dad, but I did... I had no idea.
Amanda: I was charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment. I didn't walk my graduation. And then my parents divorced anyway.
Daniel: Why did you never tell me?
Amanda: Just worked hard to put it behind me. And it's not exactly a first date story. Or an any date story. I was young and upset. And I'm lucky it didn't ruin my life. Tory's young and upset. And maybe she's a lost cause, but... We'll never know if we don't try to help. All I want to do is try to break the pattern, Daniel. Kids like Tory get the same messages delivered to them over and over again the same exact way. Sometimes they just need a wake-up call to change course.

Minefields [4.7][edit]

[Daniel and Amanda are summoned by the West Valley Middle School principal over another incident between Anthony's crew and Kenny]
Daniel LaRusso: We're not sure what happened...
Amanda LaRusso: But whatever it is, we expect there to be a severe punishment for this.
Principal: Oh, there will be. I've already spoken to the parents of the other offending students. We're going to be suspending them. And your son.
Daniel: What? None of this is Anthony's fault.
Principal: Well, I'm afraid we have proof. [activates tablet showing security camera footage of the recent chase] Turns out this isn't the first time. [clip of Kenny opening his locker only to have a lot of milk spill out] Don't know how they got that milk in the locker. Anthony and the others have been cyberbullying Mr. Payne for some time. I've seen enough evidence to conclude that Anthony has been a real bully this year. [Daniel looks outside]
Kenny Payne: [seeing Daniel's sad face; to Anthony as he smiles] I got you!

Party Time [4.8][edit]

[Stingray enters the Cobra Kai dojo in his original white gi and tries to be chummy with everybody]
Stingray: Sensei! Sir, I am reporting for duty and I require no thanks.
Kreese: Thanks for what?
Stingray: Oh, uh, you know, just defending the dojo and I-I served my time, Sensei sir.
Kreese: Look, we're trying to train for a tournament. Let's carry on, everyone.
Stingray: The All Valley tourney. I'm well aware. Say, listen, I got a couple of good ideas. Just basic strategy.
Kreese: Don't be ridiculous. You were never part of this team. You're a buffoon. A joker, an embarrassment. You have no value here.
Stingray: Wow, what? But, Sensei, I'm, um, one of the guys, you know.
Kreese: You will never be Cobra Kai. You get that?
Stingray: Oh, wait, wait, w-wait, I got you. Th-This is, um... [chuckles] This is a test, right? Yeah, this is a test.
Kreese: [coldly] Get the hell out of here.
Stingray: Challenge accepted. [leaves]

[Daniel tries to talk to Anthony in the wake of a counselling session with his cousin Vanessa]
Daniel LaRusso: Hey. Look, I know this suspension and the no-screens thing sucks. But not as much as it sucks to be bullied. So I hope you understand why these consequences are necessary. We're trying to help you to grow into the person we know you are, Anthony. I know it's been crazy around here this last little while and that part, that's on me. This tournament stuff made me lose focus on the things that are most important.
Anthony LaRusso: Actually, I'm, uh... I'm looking forward to the tournament. You know, I hope you guys win. Okay? Screw Cobra Kai.
Daniel: Well, on that we can agree. [hears electronic chime] What is that? [gets angry because the suspension order included no electronic devices] We said no more screens. Are you hearing anything we're saying to you? Give me that, Anthony.
Anthony: [brings out tablet] It's not even an iPad. It barely has games. This doesn't count! [Daniel smashes tablet in two] Dad! Dad, are you insane? Do you know...
Daniel: QUIET!!!! You're gonna learn to listen to us and do as you're told, and if you don't, you'd better strap yourself in for one hell of a rough ride because I am done playing games with you. Do you understand me??
Anthony: [meekly] Yes.
Daniel: [coldly] You better.

The Fall [4.9][edit]

[Daniel calls out Robby over how Cobra Kai fighters saw through any Miyagi-Do opponent's moves and defeated them]
Daniel LaRusso: You wanted to beat Miyagi-Do so badly you gave Cobra Kai all of our secrets.
Robby Keene: The goal is to win. I did what I had to do.
Daniel: If all you care about is winning, you didn't learn anything I taught you.
Robby: Everybody thinks their way is the only way. You, my dad, Cobra Kai. Truth is, it doesn't matter which way you fight as long as it works. And I'll use whatever it takes to win.
Daniel: Why? To get back at your dad? Me? Sam? The world? If that's the case, I have another Miyagi-Do secret that you can slip to your friends. Never put passion in front of principle. Because even if you win, you lose.

The Rise [4.10][edit]

[Anthony finds Kenny in the locker room, and tries to apologize over the bullying he and his clique gave him, but when LaRusso claims he could only imagine how Kenny felt...]
Kenny Payne: Oh, you can imagine? Okay, go ahead.
Anthony LaRusso: Uh, go ahead and...
Kenny: Tell me how it felt.
Anthony: Well, like, not, uh, great?
Kenny: Then you wouldn't know. Because no one's ever been such a piece of [angered] SHIT to you!!! Well, maybe it's time you found out. [roundhouse kicks Anthony to the locker] How does that feel, LaPusso? Not great? Man, get up, get up! [pummels him and was set to deliver a final blow until Robby intervenes]
Robby: What are you doing?
Kenny: Just getting payback on the kid who thought he could bully me and get away with it.
Robby: Anthony LaRusso was your bully?
Kenny: Not anymore. [gets closer to Anthony and holds his face] Do you hear that? Get ready for high school next year because you're gonna be in a world of pain. [gleefully smiles]
Robby: Hey. This is not how I trained you.
Kenny: It's Cobra Kai. No mercy. [walks off]

Silver:[pops cork] 1998 Bollinger. Been sitting in my cellar for years, waiting for the right moment.
Kreese: Not unlike yourself.
Silver: Touché. I gotta give you credit, John. You reawakened something in me. Something I forgot was there. And I'll always be grateful for it.
Kreese: Told you. [toasts] To Cobra Kai.
Silver: The number-one dojo in the Valley. I gotta say, I'm surprised you backed off on Nichols in the finals. That's not like you.
Kreese: Well, what can I say? I had a moment of sympathy.
Silver: That's a first. You remember when you asked me what I thought your weakness was? It's Johnny Lawrence. That's what this was all about, right? It was never about us teaming up or bringing back the glory days. That was all bullshit.
Kreese: That's not true.
Silver: Yes it is. And I fell for it. You know why? Because everyone has a weakness, John. And mine is you.
Kreese: You think that I'm your weakness? Well, you've got it backwards, because I am your strength. I have been your strength ever since Vietnam.
Silver: Yes! There it is. I can always count on you playing the guilt card. How many times do you expect me to repay that debt before we're square?
Kreese: [they notice the police arriving; to Silver] What did you do?
[flashback at the hospital]
Detective: It's okay, Raymond. The man who did this can't hurt you anymore. Give me his name and I promise you I'll put him away for a long, long time.
Stingray: [remembers beatdown at the hands of Silver, who made him a certain deal] His name is Sensei Kreese. John Kreese. [detective leaves; Stingray has an attack of conscience] Fuck!!
Silver: I'm shedding my weakness, Captain.
Detective: John Kreese, you're under arrest for aggravated assault and attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent.
Silver: [feigned surprise] John, what did you do?
Police officer: Hands behind your back. Come on. [Kreese shoves him off but elbows another officer] Hey!
Silver: John, take it easy. Don't worry about a thing. I'm sure I can dig up an old friend or two to help out with Cobra Kai while you deal with your legal problems.
Kreese: You're gonna regret this! I am Cobra Kai!
Detective: Put him in the car!
Silver: And don't worry about Lawrence. I'll take good care of him too.

[Carmen shows Johnny a letter]
Miguel: [in letter] Mom, I'm sorry for leaving a note like this, but I thought it was the best way, maybe the only way, to say what I have to say. The last few months have been a roller coaster. My injury, rehab, me and Sam, Sensei and Mr. LaRusso. I convinced myself that I could get over all of that by focusing on the tournament. I thought that if I won that. everything would work out. But I was wrong. Tell Sensei that I'm sorry I bailed. His karate helped me grow, but I'm still not sure who I wanna be. And to figure that out, I think I need to know where I came from. Sensei was scared to find out the truth about his past, and honestly, I am too. But overcoming that fear is the fight I have to face instead of competing for a trophy. I need to meet my father. This is something I have to do. Please try not to worry. I'll be safe and I'll be back soon. I love you, Mom. And Yaya too.
Carmen: I called the police. I-I don't know what else to do.
Johnny: Everything's gonna be fine. I'm gonna find him. I'll make sure he's safe.
Carmen: Johnny. [inhales] There's something I didn't tell you about my ex-husband.
Johnny: I know. You said he's a bad dude. Don't worry. I can handle myself. And I'm sure he'd never hurt his own son.
Carmen: That's just it. He doesn't know Miguel exists. I just want my baby back home safe.

[Daniel visits Mr. Miyagi's grave]
Daniel LaRusso: I did everything I thought was right. I followed all of the Miyagi-Do teachings. I even put aside my rivalry and teamed up with Johnny. None of it worked. Now I'm supposed to give up my dojo and step down as a sensei. But there's too much at stake to honor an agreement made with men who have none. If Cobra Kai is gonna keep growing and getting stronger, I need to do whatever it takes to stop them. Even if that means going on offense. I know this isn't your fight and this is a lot to ask... [camera pans out to reveal Chozen is nearby] but will you help me finally put an end to Cobra Kai?
Chozen Toguchi: Yoosssh!! [stands alongside Daniel and they bow to Mr. Miyagi's gravestone]


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