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Cocaine Bear is a 2023 American comedy horror thriller film, loosely based on a true story, about an American black bear that ingested a duffel bag full of cocaine in 1985.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks. Written by Jimmy Warden.
Inspired by true events. (taglines)


  • I'm looking for my daughter.
  • I am taking the fucking children home!


  • When the plane's going down, the pilot knows where to dump our load and we just go and get it.
  • You left him with me. Do I look like Daddy Daycare Center to you?
  • They are gonna come after me, my family, if I don't get them every penny's worth.
  • I'm not leaving without that cocaine!


  • News Anchor: Millions of dollars worth of cocaine fell from the sky this morning in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Eddie: The bear, it fucking did cocaine. A bear did cocaine!
  • Elsa: We have such good luck in nature.
  • Henry: I'd love to not remember this. But it kind of seems like the thing that stays with a man forever.


Henry: Have you ever done cocaine?
Sari: What? Why do you ask?
Henry: Just wondering if it has long term side effects. For the bear, of course, if it just did a little bit.
Sari: Well, it could create habit for the bear.
Henry: What if it never wanted to do it again?
Sari: Oh, then it should be fine. But Mama and Papa bear would be very angry, because drugs, especially cocaine, are very, very bad.
Henry: What if they never find out?
Sari: Oh, Henry, we always find out.




  • Inspired by true events.
  • Get in line.
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