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Code Lyoko: Evolution is a French teen drama science fiction live-action/computer-animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by the MoonScoop Group that premiered on France 2. The series centers on a group of teenagers who travel to the virtual world of Lyoko to battle against a malignant artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A. who threatens Earth with powers to access the real world and cause trouble. The scenes in the real world employ traditional animation with hand-painted backgrounds, while the scenes in Lyoko are presented in 3D CGI animation aired in Paris, on France 2, in January 5, 2013 and was left open-ended, as an unresolved cliffhanger. is the sequel to the French animated television series Code Lyoko which ended on a cliffhanger, leaving many questions unanswered essential plot lines unresolved, much to the disappointment of fans

Season One (2013)


X.A.N.A. 2.O

  • The rogue artificial intelligence/multi-agent system, X.A.N.A., makes an unexpected return after one year
  • Lyoko is fully reconstructed in the digital sea, but the Forest and Ice regions are lost due to the long inactivity of the supercomputer

(The electric pipes suddenly malfunction)
Aelita: Tell me you saw it!

Yumi: Just what did you see?
Aelita: Strange lights. Not natural at all. And those lines of code. I've seen them too much already.
Ulrich: X.A.N.A.? Didn't we destroy it?
Jeremy: It may have had a backup system.
Ulrich: Sure. but Lyoko, the Lyoko's all over now.
Aelita: X.A.N.A. may still be alive and you're just sitting here? Back then, you never had any doubt.

Jeremy: Lyoko is reborn. But, wait. Two sectors are gone. Must be from the long inactivity of the supercomputer.

Jeremy: Oh no. Aelita, there's a tower activated in Sector 5!
Odd: e already see a tower and it's not activated.
Jeremy: No. There's another tower.


Note: The Lyoko Warriors discover another virtual realm called the Cortex which is powered by an additional supercomputer identical to theirs.

William: Hey, it's me!
Aelita: I know. Your super smoke makes me nervous.
William: Sorry.

Jeremy: Aelita, get out of there!
(Aelita suddenly sees a photograph of her late father, Waldo Franz Shaceffer, on the interface)
Aelita: Huh? Daddy?

Jeremy: Are you sure it was your father?
Aelita: I don't understand. What does he have to do with the Cortex?


  • Yumi, Odd and Ulrich are now capable of deactivating towers, due to having X.A.N.A.'s source codes inside them.

Jeremy: The tower was deactivated by Yumi.
Ulrich: Yumi?
Jeremy: I think it's those source codes within you that allow you to deactivate towers.

Miss Einstein



  • Ulrich uses his special ability of super sprint.
  • William Dunbar is welcomed back as the fifth Lyoko Warrior.

Yumi: What are they playing?
Odd: The one who has the bigger sword?

Ulrich: Thanks.
William: I believe you have a tower to deactivate.



Ulrich: Don't worry, Aelita. Your dad's a great guy.
Odd: Yes. He even sacrificed himself for us to destroy X.A.N.A.
Jeremy: I agree.

Aelita: Daddy? Is you who has done this? Are you the one who invented this machine? Answer me, please. Are you responsible for X.A.N.A.'s return?

Jeremy: Aelita, what are you dong?
Aelita: I need to look around. No. I need to feel Lyoko. This desert-It's so calm and serene like my father. Not like the Cortex, which is chaotic.





How to Fool X.A.N.A.


The Warrior Awakens


Ulrich: Jeremy, those things are not programmed creatures. Their human beings.
Jeremy: What?
Ulrich: Yumi, William, we were all wrong. You're not fighting against programmed monsters but human avatars, like us.

Yumi: We'll never make it! Their too fast. William, super smoke!

Jeremy: I'll send you your staff.

Ulrich: Yumi, you can do this! Be smarter than him! Go where he's not expecting you.


Laura: I can't believe it. I'm in charge of a quantum supercomputer.

Laura: X.A.N.A. is an artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligences are logical. It must be using prime numbers to change the sequence of the two towers.

Aelita: Leave me alone. I hate you.
Jeremy: It wasn't your mother, Aelita. It was just another of X.A.N.A.'s tricks.
Aelita: Yes, but...
Jeremy: I understand how much it meant to you. But remember, X.A.N.A. is just a program. It can make mistakes. We'll find a way to beat it for good this time. I promise.

Aelita: Laura, thank you.

Chaos at Kadic

Jeremy: Laura, what are you doing!!
Aelita: Jeremy, what's happening?
Jeremy: Laura brought her father here!
Aelita: What!? Yumi, devirtualize me!

Friday the 13th



Aelita: But why this date, June 13, 20003?
Jeremy: Maybe that was the day when he argued with your father.
Aelita: Then why doesn't he do something?
Jeremy: He doesn't waste time. He fears us.


Laura: You're not very discreet. Your father created Lyoko, right?
Aelita: Just what right do you have to get into other people's lives and tell nonsense?
Laura: Franz Hopper- a computer scientist who taught at a school that hides a quantum supercomputer? It wasn't that hard to figure out. By the way, why he disappear? Don't tell me he preferred his research over his little girl? Did he abandon you?
Aelita: My father did not abandon me. He sacrificed himself for me. And what about your daddy? Don't you think he would sacrifice himself for you?

Tyron: So, tell me, you little avatars. What is this essential news I need to know. Do you know who I am?
Aelita: We sure do, Tyron.
Tyron: Professor Tyron.
Aelita: Professor Tyron, do you know about X.A.N.A.?
Tyron: X.A.N.A.? Never heard of it. What is it? A video game?
Aelita: X.A.N.A. is definitely not a game! It is an artificial intelligence that is trying to gain control the network. We have reason to believe it is hiding in your supercomputer.
Tyron: Heh. Impossible. If anything were hiding in my supercomputer, I would know about it.
Jeremy: Tell him that if X.A.N.A. gains full strength it'll take over the entire network.
Aelita: Yes. X.A.N.A. lies within your supercomputer.
Tyron: Tyron fears no one! Especially not this X.A.N.A. that is supposedly hiding inside my supercomputer! Do you want the proof!!?
(Summons two of his Ninjas)

The Codeless

Odd: So, how many codes did I lose?
Jeremy: All of them.
Odd: What!?
(shows X.A.N.A.'s power at 85%)

A Bright Career Ahead

Jeremy: Aelita, I don't have much time. graven is Tyron's minion.
Aelita: What!? Are you all right?
Jeremy: I'm OK. But he talked about a beacon, I think is somewhere on Lyoko.
Aelita: Okay. We'll track it down.
Jeremy: Be careful.

Graven: One of those avatars might be yours. No. None of them looks like you. Perhaps you're the one left behind. The one who is not trusted.

Graven: Good job, kid. You almost got me. Tyron said not to underestimate you.

Aelita: Bye, Graven. Have a nice return to the past.


  • Aelita's presumably late mother, Anthea Hopper, is revealed to be very much alive, in some unknown part of Switzerland.

Jeremy: Did anybody knock?
Laura: No.

Aelita: Can you send the Megapod, please?
Laura: Let her persist. Once she gets devirtualized, she'll realize how stubborn she was.

Aelita: Mom!? It's my mom! She's with Tyron!
Jeremy: Calm down, Aelita. Are you sure it's your mother?
Aelita: Yes! I recognize her. She's in the lab with him! I'm sure of it!

William: I thought her mother was dead.
Jeremy: We don't know what really happened to her. Aelita never talks about it.

Aelita: Why did you stop me!? I had time to inject the virus!
Jeremy: We all decided to, Aelita. Your mother's still alive.
Aelita: I know, but X.A.N.A. has 85% of its power.
Jeremy: But the supercomputer is the only link with your mother. If we had destroyed it, you will never see her again.
Aelita: Why do think I want...?
Jeremy: What you want is to see your mother again. We couldn't let you make such a sacrifice. Look, if X.A.N.A. gains 95% we'll inject the virus. Okay?

The Trap

  • This episode has the exact same title as the fourteenth episode of its 2D animated show, Code Lyoko.

(In the core chamber of the Heart of Lyoko, in Sector 5)
Aelita: Mom. I saw her. I'm sure of it. I saw my mother in the Cortex. She's alive. Daddy, I promise I'll do everything I can to find her. Everything.

(Aelita flashes back to time the photograph was taken, several years ago)
Young Aelita: You can't catch me.
Anthea Hopper: Got you, sweetheart.
Young Aelita: Daddy.
Anthea Hopper: Daddy.

Jeremy: We're find her. I promise.


  • Anthea Hopper comes to shocking realization that the daughter she had believed dead is very much alive.

Jeremy: Tyron noticed our presence because of a new security system he's installed. But he doesn't know we are hacking his sound system. I repeat: He doesn't know we are hacking his sound system!
Aelita: Hurry, Jeremy!
(Throws an energy field at a Ninja, devirtualizing him)

Aelita: Mom! Mom, it's me! Aelita! Listen to my voice. Can you remember my voice?
Anthea Hopper: What is going on? Am I dreaming?
Aelita: Mom, it's me! Your daughter, Aelita! Hear my voice!
Anthea Hopper: My daughter is dead. Who are you?
Aelita: Mom, I survived, thanks to Daddy. He put me on Lyoko! I love you, Mom! Mom!!
Anthea Hopper: Lyoko? Franz? (Is dazed) Aelita?

Aelita: I don't know. Tyron cut off the connection.
Jeremy: she understood. She was in shock, but she understood.



Jeremy: "Impossible to tell the difference." Laura, are you interested in creating a little program?"
Laura: "Thoroughly."


  • The Scyphozoa ensnares William, enabling X.A.N.A. to partially possess him again.

Jeremy: I propose that Laura be expelled from the Lyoko Warriors!
(Everyone except William raises their hand)
Ulrich: Jeremy, you can launch a return to the past. She won't remember a thing.
Laura: (looks smug): That doesn't work on me.
Jeremy: Not so fast. I created a new version. This way, the supercomputer will focus only you and...bam!
Odd: You're the best, Einstein.
Laura: You can't do that!
Jeremy: Oh, yes I can.

Jeremy's Blues

  • Aelita's "birthday" is celebrated here since she could not recall when she was born, Jeremie told her to choose one. But, she had asked him to choose for her, which would be a surprise, in Episode 78 "Lab Rat."

Aelita: Tyron seems to be the only one who was regained confidence.

Time Warp

Jeremy: It was a close one. Tyron nearly found us.
Odd: Think about it. If you hadn't sprained your wrist, we'd have been stuck with J.I Jim forever.

(Shows the virtual avatars of Yumi, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich and William on his iPhone)
Tyron: I'm guessing these faces don't look familiar to you?
Laura: They look like caricatures of Jeremy Belpois' gang.
Tyron: Jeremy Belpois?
Laura: A kid in my class. He's also really interested in quantum physics. But I'm better than him at some other subjects.
Tyron: Thank you, Miss Gauthier. This interview has been more than productive.


  • Only Yumi and Aelita still have source codes inside them, leaving X.A.N.A. at 95% of his strength.

Jeremy: Sorry, Yumi. It left you with almost nothing.
Odd: Almost nothing is better than nothing! We lost everything.
William: Let's scare ourselves. How much power is X.A.N.A. at?
Jeremy: 95%
Odd: What about 96%?
Aelita: No. We said at 95% we attack!
Jeremy: You know what that means.
Aelita: Of course I know. I won't be able to contact my mother. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. All the risks you've taken. I want to find my mother, but if X.A.N.A. wins, that won't mean a thing.
Jeremy: Aelita, have I ever told you how awesome you are?
Aelita: Plenty of times.

The Ultimate Mission

  • This season finale has ended on an unresolved cliffhanger, leaving many things left unresolved:
    • Tyron is still on the move, being Aelita's stepfather and legal guardian
    • X.A.N.A. remains at large ,having not been destroyed nor gained its source codes from Yumi and Aelita and is still at 95% of its strength
    • Yumi and Aelita still have source codes within their bodies
    • Aelita being reunited with her long-lost mother, Anthea Hopper, who has yet to know the truth about Tyron's true motives for marrying her
    • The Forest and Ice Sectors being restored
    • The identities of the Ninjas
    • Yumi utilizing her stronger telekinetic abilities and superhuman balance, Aelita her second sight, Odd regaining his "future flash" and teleportation ability and using his purple energy shield, Ulrich using his triangulate ability
    • Jeremy modifying their weaponry as well magnifying their powers and newer, greater abilities

Jeremy: Aelita, you all right?
Aelita: I'm fine. I was thinking of my mother.
Yumi: Look, if you want to contact your mother one last time, we're totally okay with it.
Aelita: No. We've waited long enough. X.A.N.A. must be destroyed.
Odd: Are you sure?
Aelita: My mother may work for Tyron, but she must has a life on the other side for sure. I can only to talk to her through Tyron's supercomputer for now, but I believe I'll find her. I will find another way. If she knew the danger X.A.N.A. is, I'm sure she would tell to fight it.
Yumi: I think so, too.

(Fails to get inside the Cortex's main core room as the doorway shuts)
Yumi: No! We were so close!!
(Destroys a Manta with her Tessen)
Yumi: That's right! Get lost.

Odd: That did not end well.
Yumi: X.A.N.A. was never this strong.
Aelita: What if X.A.N.A. has become too powerful? Too powerful to entirely destroy again?
Jeremy: We were caught off guard. That's all. You have twelve hours until I can re-virtualize you on Lyoko.

Aelita: Tyron!? Let me go! I don't feel good.
Mr. Delmas: Aelita, what's wrong? Aren't you happy?
Aelita: About what?
Mr. Delmas: That your mother is alive?
Tyron: It's understandable to feel shock that your mother is alive and remarried at the same time. But whether you like it or not, I am your stepfather now.

Aelita: I refuse to go with him!
Tyron: Your mother thought it wouldn't be so easy for you, so she left you a message.
(Hands her his iPad, in which her long-lost mother's face appears on the screen)
Anthea Hopper: "Aelita, my love. I don't know where to start. I'm just so happy to know that you're alive. It's like a miracle. You're going to meet Mr. Tyron, my dear Lowell. You can completely trust him. I'm having him bring you back to Switzerland, where we can finally see each other again. I love you, Aelita."
(Hands Aelita a small, circular necklace; the one that Anthea was seen wearing)
Tyron: Your mother's medallion. She wanted me to pass it on to you.

Tyron: Now that it's just the two of us, we can talk more clearly. You are to obey me, you understand? First of all, I want to contact your friends and tell them to stop everything. I know all about your virus.
Aelita: No.
Tyron: If you don't obey me, I will ensure that you never see you mother again. But if you obey me, you can tell her what you want, even leave with her. I do not really care. I already got what I wanted from her: Your father's archives. So?
Aelita: I can't do that.
Tyron: To "virus up" a supercomputer is more important to you than seeing your own mother again!?
Aelita: We already told you. We have nothing against your system. Only that your system houses X.A.N.A. And X.A.N.A. is very dangerous.

Yumi: Let me in!!
Jim: It's a private matter!
Yumi: A private matter!? You gotta be kidding! Aelita!!?
(Barges in and is shocked to see none other than Tyron)
Aelita: Hurry, Yumi!!

Tyron: Well, stop them!
Jim: I can't use force. It's against my jurisdiction.

Aelita (on her cellphone): Tyron and my mother are married. He became my stepfather and legal guardian. But my mother doesn't know about us or X.A.N.A. He's manipulating her.
Jeremy: What!? Didn't we cover our tracks? Where are you?
Aelita: The passage in the park. Why?
Jeremy: Stop! A GPS signal is near you. The man with the receptor just entered the park.

Aelita: The tracker must be in the metal.
Jeremie: Give it to Yumi. She'll take it as far away as possible. If Tyron discovers our lab, it'll all be over.

(Has captured Yumi in the park)
Tyron: Were is Aelita!!? Where are the others!! It's Tyron. Let me know if there's a presence inside. I'll hold.
Man on Phone: Two presences detected in the Core. They just entered.
Tyron: Shut down the supercomputer! Now!! That's an order!!
Yumi: No!! You don't understand!!
Tyron: On the contrary, I understand quite well. I'd rather shut down my supercomputer than lose all of my work to your filthy virus!!
Yumi: But my friends. If you shut it down, they will...

Aelita: Jeremy, the light from the Core is dimming. What's going on?
Jeremy: Oh no! It can't be!
Ulrich: What's happening?
Jeremy: Tyron is shutting off his supercomputer! Aboard the mission! Come back to Earth!
Aelita: Jeremy, I'm opening a patch for the virus for you!
Jeremy: Aelita, you don't have time! You need to get out of there!!
Ulrich: What good will it do if Tyron shuts off his supercomputer?
Aelita: He's only doing this to prevent us from acting! But he'll just turn it back on again!
Jeremy: Oh no. The shut down procedure is clouding your virtual signatures! You have to go to the Skid immediately!
Ulrich: Okay, we're on it!

Odd: What's going on?
Jeremy: Tyron is shutting down his supercomputer! You have to get to the Skid fast!!
William: Or else...?
Jeremy: Or else you'll be lost forever in the digital sea!

Yumi: I was afraid.
Odd: Us too. It took five minutes for us to appear in the scanners.
Yumi: What of the virus? Did it work?
Jeremy: Yes and no. It almost got through, but due to Tyron shutting down his supercomputer, it didn't quite reach it.
William: So, did we win?
Jeremy: No quite. X.A.N.A. still exists and doesn't have all of his source codes to reach full strength.
Yumi: Tyron didn't think it would work. He left smiling.

Jeremy: You lost the game, X.A.N.A.
(Shuts down the supercomputer, therefore rendering X.A.N.A. dormant yet again, but not destroying him)






  • Laura Gauthier (12 Episodes)
  • Jim Morales (20 Episodes)
  • Waldo Franz Schaeffer/Franz Hopper (3 Episodes; photographs and video clip)
  • Anthea Hopper-Tyron (7 Episodes)
  • Jean-Pierre Delmas ("Ultimate Mission")
  • Sissi Delmas ("How to Fool X.A.N.A." and "False Pretenses")
  • Suzanne Hurtz ("Espionage")
  • Samantha ("Friday the 13th")


  • X.A.N.A.
  • Professor Lowell Tyron (7 Episodes)
  • The Ninjas (10 Episodes)
  • X.A.N.A.'s Polymorphic Specters (16 Episodes)
  • X.A.N.A.'s Monsters
    • Scypozoa ("Mutiny")
    • Megatanks
    • Mantas
    • Hornets
    • Bloks
    • Congers ("An Bright Career Ahead")

Code Lyoko characters that Never Appear

  • Mr.and Mrs. Stern
  • Michael Belpois
  • Mr. and Mrs. della Robbia
  • Akiho Ishiyama
  • Takeo Ishiyama
  • Hiroki Ishiyama
  • Samantha Knight
  • Amelia "Milly"
  • Taymia
  • Nicolas Poliakoff
  • Herb
  • Johnathon "Johnny"
  • Kiwi
  • Emily
  • Heidi Clinger
  • Talia
  • Theodore

Series Elements


Lyoko Abilities and Weapons



  • Creativity
  • Winged Flight (via Angel Wings)
  • Second Sight
  • Energy Fields
  • Tower Deactivation (7 Episodes)


  • Laser Arrows
  • Superhuman Climbing
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Tower Deactivation ("Spectromania" and "Friday the 13th")


  • Super Sprint ("Rivalry")
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Triplicate ("Intrusion")
  • Triangulate (not used)
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship
  • Tower Deactivation ("Rivalry")


  • Super Smoke
  • Zeiwieldander
  • Levitation
  • Energy Disc (from his sword)


  • Tessen Fans
  • Bo Staff (4 Episodes)
  • Enhanced Balance
  • Telekinesis (never used)
  • Tower Deactivation (3 Episodes)
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