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Colossal is a Canadian-Spanish-American-South Korean 2016 science fiction black comedy about an unemployed writer who unwittingly manifests a giant monster in Seoul.

Directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo.
There's a monster in all of us.


  • Have you ever noticed how it just keeps destroying everything in its path but it never looks down. It’s like it’s being operated by remote control.


Tim: You are out of control!
Gloria: What?
Tim: I’ve packed your things, they’re in the bedroom.
Gloria: What?

Oscar: You alright?
Gloria: Yeah, it’s this nervous tick I have, I get this itch.

Oscar: You don’t remember anything last night, huh?
Gloria: I got really melodramatic, didn’t I?
Oscar: You told me that you weren’t really on a vacation, that you’ve been looking for a job for a year, your boyfriend didn’t work out. And since you didn’t have any money you decided to move back here.
Gloria: Is there anything else?
Oscar: You don’t remember anything?

Gloria: I just watched the news and I think I’m in shock. A giant monster just materialized over Seoul.
Tim: That happened like nine hours ago, and you’re just hearing about this. What have you been doing all day?

Gloria: I’m going to show you guys something.
Garth: Gloria, you’ve got to see this, it’s dancing.” Referring to the giant monster dancing.
Gloria: It’s dancing like…
Oscar: Holy shit!

Gloria: What was that?
Garth: A helicopter.
Gloria: What with like the pilot and everything?

Gloria: Keep it cool. These people are looking at us.
Oscar: [looks at the women at the next table] Hi. She's the monster; I'm the robot.

Gloria: [throws the bar keys towards Oscar] Here! There are your keys; I'm not coming back to your shitty bar!
Oscar: [picking up the keys] Yeah you are.
Gloria: [panting] Oh yeah?
Oscar: Yeah.
[Throws the keys at Gloria with enough force to hurt her]
Gloria: [holding her stomach in pain] Ow!
Oscar: [calmly] You're gonna keep working at the bar, or I'm gonna come back here tomorrow, and destroy an entire neighborhood.
Gloria: [through her teeth, bringing her face close to Oscar's] Then I'll come back and I'll kick your fucking ass!
Oscar: [still calm] No you won't. I'm done being Mr. Nice Guy.
[Knocks her to the ground. Gloria grunts in pain as she hits the ground hard]
Oscar: [leans down, calm] see you at work?
[Gloria looks up at him speechless]
Oscar: I'll see you at work.


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