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Cop and a Half is a 1993 American criminal-comedy film directed by Henry Winkler, and starring Burt Reynolds, Norman D. Golden II and Ray Sharkey in his final role. It was originally planned to be a sequel of the 1990 hit Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy, Kindergarten Cop.

Det. Nick McKenna[edit]

  • We don't have a love/hate relationship. We have a hate/hate relationship.
  • Hey, kid, what comes after "L"?

Devon Butler[edit]

  • Damn Cilvlians.
  • (citing his school's principal for a traffic violation) I'm your worst nightmare: an 8-year-old with a badge.

Vinnie Fountain[edit]

  • McKenna, I'm gonna kill you!


Det. Nick McKenna: People are trying to kill you! Are you some kind of bonehead or what?
Devon Butler: I'm not! And you don't have to yell!
Det. Nick McKenna: I can't handle this anymore! I cannot handle it anymore. Uh, pick a city! Cincinnati! Cleveland! Take you and your grandmother, you go there, I'll pay for it!
Devon Butler: You call this being a father?
Det. Nick McKenna: I'm not your father. I'm not your partner, either!
Devon Butler: Fine! I don't want you to be my father! I don't want you to be my partner! I don't want you to be anything! I can handle things myself! (walks highway and sidewalk)
Det. Nick McKenna: Oh, Devon. Devon! (he stops walk in the sidewalk) Come back over here! (Devon waits for the bus and disappeared) Would you come--? Devon!
Rachel: This is the life.


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