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Cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation)

Quotes about cosmetic surgery.

  • Plastic Surgery Center. Let's correct God's mistakes. (The Simpsons)
  • We all have to make do with what God has provided us with, unless the full plastic surgery staff comes knocking on your door. But I believe that they too would lack the courage to improve this human disaster. (Scrubs - Doctors in their first years)
  • It's the hypocrisy fair. Contemporary society censors death and hides old age with cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. (Luca Zaia)
  • – It is an absolutely necessary and important step in your life!
    – Why does everyone want to force me to do something I don't want to do?
    – For your own good, dear! For what else? Why does the state burden itself with so much trouble and expense? Many years ago, wiser men than I decided to try to eliminate the causes of injustice and inequality from our world. They understood that physical ugliness was a cause for hatred and envy. So, they tasked the best and brightest scientific minds to erase the ugliness from humanity. (The Twilight Zone)
  • The wonders of cosmetic surgery were generally used to make people beautiful; but an attentive observer would have understood that the scalpel had also been used on those faces, to remove every trace of individuality. (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
  • As I grow older, I reveal my character, not my death. [...] For the good of humanity, cosmetic surgery should be prohibited and facelift considered a crime against humanity. (James Hillman)
  • I find cosmetic surgery to be excellent. I was once too pretty, so I had my beauty reduced here and here. (Futurama)
  • The face is the first sign from which the ethics of a society begins. [...] The face of the mature person is an act of truth, while the mask behind which a face treated with surgery hides is a falsification that reveals the insecurity of those who do not have the courage to expose themselves to sight with own face. Preferring a showgirl to a mature person means preferring the anonymity of a body to a body formed by a character, which in mature age appears in its uniqueness, finally letting us know what a person really is in his specific uniqueness. [...] It ends up giving credence to that myth of youth which visualizes old age as the antechamber of death. (Umberto Galimberti)
  • I am in favor of surgery. But only when it corrects defects that create complexes. Then it becomes a drug. (Anna Falchi)
  • – Things that are worth redoing are rare.
    – You say that because you are not a plastic surgeon! (Ellekappa)
  • Dylan Dog's Office. If you have a monster to kill we are at your service. If you are a monster, we can recommend a great plastic surgery specialist. (Dylan Dog)
  • Victim of the deception of this... | century | that chases the myth of attractive forms | and cosmetic surgery. (Carmen Consoli)
  • We will live in a world of Capodimonte statuettes. All equally lucid, uniform, with proportions and disproportions repeated in series. Cosmetic surgery and its miracles are available to make everyone a little more equal to each other. Its power surpasses, today, that of fashionable clothing, of expressive conformism, of depersonalized taste. Children, dogs, old women, hypo-endowed men, normal or hyper men with some "but" distant from the pubic region, young women who are almost beautiful or almost ugly, calves, knees, physiological or pathological almond-shaped eyes, caring parents, pretentious children, small change of intelligence, tides of ignorance and envy. A beautiful whole of the world traveling towards the minute hope of changing its characteristics through invisible scars. The figurines become all ready and perfectly approved to be placed in classic compositions such as nativity scenes, country scenes, dance parties, grocer's shops, television studios, beauty contests, seaside holiday postcards, multi-ethnic gatherings. (Mina)

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