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Crash of the Titans is an action/adventure game from the Crash Bandicoot series. It was released by Radical Entertainment for Wii, PS2, PSP, DS and Xbox 360 on October 3, 2007. Titans follows the story of Crash Bandicoot trying to stop Doctor Neo Cortex of assaulting a magical substance called Mojo so he can create more powerful mutants and power-up a gargantuan robot that he'll use to smash Wumpa Island, Crash's new home.



Aku Aku[edit]

  • I'll deal with them. I have been fighting evil for many centuries!
  • Dark magic is behind these creatures. Strange things are afoot!
  • Listen up, corn dog. You help us or Crash will give you some knuckle music.
  • No, probably not food, Crash. A bad treat!
  • Will you stop scratching your butt?


  • Crash! Help me get this gizmo working! At long last, the world will have a way to recycle butter.
  • Your... hair is dumb!
  • Whip her butt, and then we'll get pancakes with cherry topping!
  • Now we have to stop the Dominator before it destroys Wumpa Island!


  • Is... Is this thing on? Yeah? Ha ha! I'm back, babies! Surrender to Cortex!
  • Hey, genius. I can't actually hear you. I'm really far away and I'm flying like a hovercraft or something.
  • I'm off to do bad things! Ta ta!
  • Crash, you gullible fool! You walked right into my trap. Now I'll have you and the Mojo!
  • You terrible, ungrateful child! You'll never get away with this.
  • Ohh, your going to get some punchie-punch NOW! CRASH, come over here and take out this terrible excuse for a niece.
  • Oh gross, get a room.
  • Oh, Nina... betraying me is the most vile, evil thing you could have ever done. You are a skank! I'm so proud of you right now.
  • I'm still going to spank you stupid for this!
  • How long have had that in your pants?

When a Titan is jacked[edit]

  • Not that guy! I liked that guy! As a friend...
  • Stop helping him! Snap out of it!
  • You were my favorite!


  • Oh, I hope Crash tries. I really do. After all, I need a new fur coat. [laughs]
  • Get to work on the Dominator! Make more mutant soldiers! I want Wumpa Island smashed flat!
  • What? Spit it out, kindling face!
  • Crash and Aku Aku are here? Oh, I'll take blondie and make her finish working on the robot. You, stay behind and kill Crash.
  • And as for you, I really didn't want to do this myself. I really wanted one of my idiot underlings to destroy you. I really didn't want to get hair all over my clothes! But if you want something done right, use a giant spider-bot!
  • The minion that defeats Crash gets a $20 gift certificate for ice cream! I'm talking Moose Tracks.
  • Oh god! Now there's fur everywhere.
  • Cut it out! You'll chip the paint.
  • Hey, what did I ever do to you? And you're fat!
  • Even Coco's snappy dialogue hurts more than that!
  • No fair. I'm supposed to win! I even cheat!
  • Yeah, you should see Mother Cortex... she's gross like trance music!
  • Save the robot or all my evil treachery was in vain!
  • You dare raise a hand to me? You insect!
  • Why did you rescue me? I betrayed you, took over your evil plan, and then failed.

N. Gin[edit]

  • Thank you, master!
  • Argh! Thank you again!! Hotter than the first!
  • Ah, come on. He didn't even have a cup.
  • That's right, tough guy! Unless you want to buy a new stationery, you respect the master!!
  • Crash, you fool! You are too late! It's time to drop the doom hammer on you. Eh, the doom hammer of doom... upon you, and... LET'S JUST DANCE, BABY!
  • I should stick a missile in YOUR head for that!
  • Of course not! Disgusting, filthy bandicoots! I hate them with cheese.
  • They made it here! Now they can help us save Dr. Cortex! / Don't be ridiculous, you stupid hominid! We're with Nina now! We're with the winner! / But Doctor Cortex is our friend... / You don't have any friends! He always kicked you in the tokus! And other... very... gentle spots! / But I liked it when he did that... / It was kinda fun... Listen: we make a deal with this filthy rodent and pie-nuts-face, and they help us save the master! Then we shower them with doom! / Yes! We shower them good! Right in the eyes!
  • I'll be good! I promise I'll be good! And once my precious master has been freed, I'll gladly betray you! You don't even look like a bandicoot!
  • That's right, stupids! You have to go to Uka Uka's lab and stop him. That's where they make all the delicious mutants! Maybe your revolting sister is there, too. Eww... girls...

His factory intercom announcements[edit]

  • I'll ruin you like I ruined my prom!
  • Shower him with fisticuffs, or is it cuftifists? GAH, just hit him!
  • More polka themes or cantastic doom. Cabbage rolls and coffee!
  • Ooh, you're going to love this part! YES! LOVE IT!
  • Enjoy... your SCREAMING DOOM!
  • Oh, I am the worst thing to happen to music... since Andrew Lloyd Webber!
  • Attention disgusting doom monkeys, Crash Bandicoot is loose in the facility. Please take a moment to look around your workspace. If you find a bandicoot, please DROP HUGE BOMBS ON THEM! CAUSE EXPLOSIONS, AND SHARP THINGS TO FLY INTO THEIR BODIES! AH HEH HEH HEH HEH, EH HEH! Reminder - tomorrow is muffin day in the cafeteria, mmm, muffins! That is all.
  • Come on everybody! Sing along, you all know the tune! Doooomy doomy-doooom doom... shooby-doomy-doomy doooom doom... Eh heh heh!
  • Ooh, I love this part! I could be on "Cyborg Idol" if that show existed, WHY DON'T THEY MAKE THAT SHOW!?
  • More minions! I covet it! VICTORY!
  • Ha ha! Ha ha! Who is the toady sidekick now?!
  • Running a little low on minions, I gotta wonder why I don't send them all in at once.
  • Attention FILTHY MONKEYS! I have lost my toast recipe. Repeat, my family recipe for toast has been lost, the butter supply arrives shortly, BUT I'LL HAVE NOTHING TO PUT IT ON! SOMEBODY HELP ME! I wrote the recipe down on a little post-it note, but can't find it. Also Crash Bandicoot has been sighted, yadda yadda yadda... Peace out, homies.
  • I wish my brother George was here. Oh, but he was always so superficial.
  • I should do a bit on phonetic punctuation while I am up here.
  • Stop him, minions! He's after my radioactive... RUBBER PANTS!
  • Maybe these little cupcakes will be your undoing! Mmm, cupcakes! You are like little cups of cake! I just told you but you already know...
  • Let's go underlings, let's go! Let's go- LET'S SEE SOME TEAM SPIRIT OUT THERE!
  • Attention, my simpering simian gibbons of doom- that means you, YOU IDIOT DOOM MONKEYS! Look to the monkey to your left, and to your right. If one of them is Crash Bandicoot, inflict unspeakable horror and pain upon it - with pointed sticks, and wrenches, and terrible devices, no man nor monkey was meant to wield! AH HEH HEH! Please note, company pensions have been canceled in favor of bagel Wednesday. That is all.
  • Someone take out the trash! And by trash, I mean Crash! Hey that rhymes, I should start a record label... THEN I CAN GET SOME CHICKS! I'M TIRED OF MONKEYS!
  • Spew forth more bad guys! DO IT!
  • Try this one for size, Mister Hairy Butt! ...GROSS, I'm gonna be sick!
  • You have no one to blame... but your stupid face!
  • Attention, revolting yet beloved Doom Monkey servants. Tomorrow is "Make Your Child Work In The Corps" Day. Be sure to bring your many rat-like offspring so we can make them do work considered unsafe for robots. Also, please note that Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day, so try to find a sufficiently tacky shirt. That is all.

Tiny Tiger[edit]

  • Crash, I really am crossed with you! I'm just trying to do my job, and you go and cause all this chaos! I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to eat your face.
  • Yeah, I'm really sorry about that. I wish some sort of reconsideration is possible here. And frankly, I'm still mad about the last game! You didn't even invite me! That really hurts!

Uka Uka[edit]

  • That was ridiculous and appalling! You failed to destroy Crash Bandicoot!
  • I got away with the Mojo! And the big deal is that Crash Bandicoot is still alive!
  • Oh, yes. I will kill Crash Bandicoot. Kill him... forever. [sinister music continue] Oh, I love this part. [sinister music continue until the final note] Okay, it done.
  • This is... Let's get some mutants in here, it's looking a little hairy right now.
  • Ow, look, stop that!
  • This is going so well. Let's get some mutant in here, somewhat?
  • I'll get the last laugh! [laughs] I'm laughing now too, just in case.


  • Make us, sucker!
  • Hi, everybody! What the fudge happen out here? Give me some hug!


Cortex: Crash, you gullible fool! You walked right into my trap. Now I'll have you and the Mojo!
Coco: Cortex, why do you keep doing stuff like this?
Cortex: Well, actually, it's pretty fun! You should try it! You know, riding around in huge, rumbling machines and what-not... very stimulating! [Crash looks confused] Uka Uka taught me a new process called "Mojo mutations". I will use the stolen Mojo to create a huge army of loyal mutants! Not rejects like you guys!
Coco: [offended] You jerk!
Cortex: But best of all, I will this army to construct a mighty robot. The largest doomsday device I've ever built! I will smash Wumpa Island and take over the world, and I shall call this robot... the Doominator!
[Crash has a scared look on his face]
Coco: That name sucks!
Uka Uka: Cortex! Deal with Crash and my pathetic brother. I will take the Mojo and the Bandicoot female back to our base.
[the Mojo Vacuum goes back into Cortex's dirigible and drops Yuktopus to deal with Crash and Aku Aku while Cortex watches]

[Crash and Aku Aku unjack Yuktopus]
Cortex: You think you've won, you furry simpleton?! Well, Uka Uka got away with the Mojo and your sister! You'll never find them in time! The next time you see me, Crash, I'll be controlling a world-conquering robot! [laughs maniacally while his rocket shoes take off] Oh, I love to laugh. [flies off]
Aku: Come on, Crash! We're gonna get Coco back! [Crash speaks gibberish] Crash, we must stop them! We have to follow Cortex and find out where they've taken Coco. [Crash speaks more gibberish as he points to Yuktopus] Oh, him, yeah. Leave him here, I guess. He seems okay. [Yuktopus looks confused]

Uka Uka: That was ridiculous and appalling! You failed to destroy Crash Bandicoot!
Cortex: I don't see what the big deal is! We got away with the Mojo and Crash's sister!
Uka Uka: I got away with the Mojo, and the big deal is that Crash Bandicoot is still alive! Cortex, I'm going to replace you!
[Cortex starts to drink the tea N. Gin gave to him, and then spits out on N. Gin's face]
Doctor N. Gin: AAAGH! Thank you, master! [giggles insanely]
Cortex: You can't replace me! My name's on the stationary!
N. Gin: That's right, tough guy! Unless you want to buy a new stationary, YOU RESPECT THE MASTER!
Tiny Tiger: It's really nice stationary, too.
N. Gin: Oh, I know! Glossy!
Uka Uka: Cortex, you have never been more wrong.
Cortex: Uh... [bows] thank you... and what!? What do you mean? [throws the teacup on N. Gin's face]
N. Gin: AAAAUUUUUUGH!!! Thank you again! Hotter than the first! [gives Cortex 2 thumbs up]
Uka Uka: Allow me to announce your replacement - Nina Cortex! [Nina and 2 Brat Girls appear on the screen]
[Cortex spits tea on N. Gin's face again... without the cup]
N. Gin: Ah, come on! He didn't even have a cup!
Nina Cortex: Take out the trash, girls! [has his uncle tied upside down] Sorry, Uncle, but it's time for some young blood to lead us to victory, and now that we have Coco, we can make her build the robot.
Coco: You won't get away with this! Crash will come for me and kick your butt!
Nina: Oh, I hope Crash tries, I really do. After all, I need a new fur coat. [laughs maniacally] Get to work on the Doominator! Make more mutant soldiers! I want Wumpa Island smashed flat!
Coco: Your... hair is dumb!
Nina: Oh, shut her up. [a mind-control helmet is dropped on Coco]

Tiny: Stop! No more, please! You're just too stupendous and fantabulous! Honestly, you're just awesome.
Crash Bandicoot: Hmm-mmm?
Tiny: I'll tell you where to go! Nina took Coco to the factory on the beach.
Crash Bandicoot: Nina? [gibberish(ing) "Cortex's niece?"]
Aku Aku: Nina? You mean Dr. Cortex, don't you?
Tiny Tiger: No, Nina! (And "why her" you ask? Well…) Uka Uka and her got rid of Cortex. They were tired of Cortex failing all the time. (Well… mostly your brother, Aku Aku.)
Aku Aku: This isn't good, Crash. Nina's a lot smarter than Cortex ever could be. I'll take us there now. Get ready, Crash! [they teleport to N. Gin's factory in N. Sanity Island]

[Brainwashed Coco continues making the Doominator while Cortex is still tied upside down]
Cortex: You terrible, ungrateful child! You'll never get away with this.
Nina: Oh, really? And why is that? [pushes tied up Cortex and starts swinging around]
Cortex: I tell you why! This... is my fortress, and that... is my robot out there! And... [Nina grabs Cortex] I threw up in my mouth.
Nina: (Ew…) Sorry, uncle. But with Coco forced to help build the robot, Crash and Aku Aku can't possibly stop me in time. My Doominator is almost ready and when it destroys Wumpa Island, I won't even let you watch.
Cortex: No, but I love watching things get destroyed! No, you're awful.
Nina: [spins her uncle around] Thanks! [evil laugh and snorts]

Nina: Your brother's close, but he's oh, so far, blondie. [Coco rolls her eyes] The Doominator's finished...
Coco: What are you telling me for? You made me finish it. (Remember?)
Nina: Now we've got an appointment to smash Wumpa Island flat!!
Coco: Not Wumpa Island! Our house is there and our stuff! Oh, and... maybe Crunch.
Nina: Yeah! And I can't wait. Dingus, doofus. Time to start the fun!

Nina: Crash?! Get out of my robot! This is my body and my right to choose.
Cortex: [to his niece] Oh, your going to get some punchie-punch now! [to Crash] Crash, come over here and take out terrible excuse for a niece.
Coco: That right, Crash! Whip her butt, and then we'll get pancakes with cherry topping!
Crash: YAHOO!
Nina: [presses a button to release her uncle, who screams and then crash lands from a crane] You keep this robot on course for Wumpa Island.
Cortex: Yes, Nina!
Nina: And you just shut up, 'cause you're... annoying! And stop talking about pancakes! [Coco blows a raspberry to her; to Crash] And as for you, I really didn't want to do this myself. I really wanted one of my idiot underlings to destroy you. I really didn't want to get hair all over my clothes! But if you want something done right, USE A GIANT SPIDER-BOT!

[Last lines]
Coco: Let's check the damage. Maybe we can go looting!
Crunch: Hi, everybody. What the fudge happen out here? (Oh, well. What are you standing there for?) Give me a hug! [Crash and Coco gave Crunch a hug]
Coco: [she and Crash sniffs] Ew! You smell like bacon. [Crash and Coco let go of Crunch] Our house is okay!
Crash: YA-HOO!
Coco: Ugh, that's a relief, all our stuff was in there. [The Doominator blocks Wumpa Island] Oh, Wumpa Island… but our stuff's okay. Now, let's go home AND EAT PANCAKES!


  • Bring on the Titans!

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