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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016–2017) is an American criminal procedural television series which began airing in 2016 on CBS. A spin-off of Criminal Minds, the backdoor pilot episode "Beyond Borders" was aired in season 10 of the original show. On May 14, 2017, CBS cancelled the series after 2 seasons.

The television series focuses on a group of FBI agents who are members of the International Response Team (IRT) and respond to cases involving American citizens overseas.

Jack Garrett: Over 68 million Americans leave the safety of our borders every year. If danger strikes, the FBI's International Response Team is called into action.

Season 1


The Harmful One [1.1]

[Jack Garrett and David Rossi are at the practice range in a virtual training scenario. The armed "suspect" raises his weapon and Rossi shoots him.]
Garrett: You shouldn't have done that.
Rossi: How about "You're welcome"??? Guy raised his gun.
Garrett: We could've talked him down.
Rossi: Jack, last time I checked, words don't make you bulletproof. It was a clean shot. You wanna review it?
Garrett: [sarcastically] Yeah.
Rossi: Let's forget reviewing it. How about we go for coffee?
Garrett: [smirks] Sure.
[Garrett gets a text message]
Rossi: Rain check? Where you headed?
Garrett: Thailand.
Rossi: Most exotic place I've seen lately is Cleveland. Have some Pad Thai for me.

[In the hangar]
Mae Jarvis: [sees Simmons taking his luggage out of his Yukon] Does that thing have its own zip code?
Matt Simmons: Listen, you're not lugging around car seats and strollers.
Garrett: Well, wait till they start playing sports. You'll have a whole basketball team squeezed in there.

Harvested [1.2]

Clara Seger: Uh, this is backed by cold, hard science. India has one of the most specialized flavor profiles of any cuisine in the world. [Simmons looks at her unconvinced] You don't like Indian food?
Simmons: I don't think it likes me.
Jarvis: Well, it's an acquired taste, like you.

Garrett: "Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it." R. Tagore

Denial [1.3]

Garrett: Now, can you tell me what Malik was doing in Egypt?
Haiffa: Malik had been visiting Cairo since he was young. He had a special connection to the land.
Garrett: That you left.
Haiffa: Yes. [bitterly] It's ironic. You fight and claw to get out of someplace to give your children a better life, and then they grow up and go right back to the place you ran from.

Garrett: Your country is in the beginning stages of your new democracy. The USA has over 200 years, and we're still ironing out some things.

Whispering Death [1.4]

Garrett: We need to build a bridge between local law enforcement so we can have their blessings to take a look at these supposed suicides. So we're saying hi to Mom and Dad before we take their daughter out on a date. Except Dad doesn't have a baseball bat, he has a whole police force behind him.

Jarvis: [to Seger] You're so giving, so warm, so smart that sometimes I want to punch you. But the longer that you isolate yourself, the harder it's gonna be to come back to the real world.

The Lonely Heart [1.5]

Seger: Well, there's also this French saying, Se mettre le doigt dans l'oeil, which means to put your finger in your eye. It's the French equivalent of putting your foot in your mouth.

[The team are having dinner at a cafe with a view of the Eiffel Tower.]
Simmons: This is a beautiful city.
Seger: Yes, it is.
Garrett: It's hard sometimes to appreciate the beauty.
Jarvis: Yeah, we got to find it...somehow.
Simmons: Otherwise, I don't think we could do the job we need to do.
Seger: Yeah, even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.
Garrett: [toasts] To beauty wherever we may find it.

Love Interrupted [1.6]

Simmons: Hey, boss. Hey. Everything all right?
Garrett: Yeah. Josie got accepted to USC.
Simmons: Congratulations.
Garrett: Yeah, yeah. It's a great school. I'm just not sure that she's ready to move that far away from home.
Simmons: She's not ready or you're not ready?

Jarvis: I told you, while you were gone, that I almost got married, right?
Seger: [surprised] No.
Jarvis: Yeah. I met this guy and we just really, really fell hard for each other and decided to take the plunge. Then, I had to choose between him and the job, so, I chose good old J Edgar.
Seger: Mae, if your fiancé made you choose, he wasn't the right guy, in the first place.
Jarvis: Well, he didn't make me choose, but he would've, so I just decided to rip the band-aid off and spare us both the inevitable.

Monty: [speaking through Simmons' headset] Simmons, this is your conscience speaking.
Simmons: I'm sure glad my conscience is a genius.
Monty: You know, there's seven levels of intelligence and three types of genius? Lucky for you, I'm all of the above.
Simmons: Brag much?
Monty: Only to my friends, and girls I meet - at Applebee's happy hour.
Simmons: Ooh, lowhanging fruit.
Monty: Hey, I work 14 hours a day and live with my grandmother.

Garrett: [to the UnSub] You think that, by controlling women, that, somehow, makes you more of a man? Real men don't hurt their families. They love them. They protect them. You're not a man. You're just a coward.

Citizens of the World [1.7]

Simmons: Gentlemen, please be reasonable. We can find terms amenable to both sides but first I need you both to agree to a temporary detente.
[His two sons stop fighting and look at him blankly]
Kristy: They're children, Matt. Use words they can understand.

Simmons: Where you headed, Jack?
Garrett: You're not the only one who has to deal with children.

Garrett: We know this was the work of desperate brothers. Your tribe bears no responsibility or shame for their actions.
Tribal chief: To the contrary, friend. We are all responsible for our brethren.

Simmons: How are the boys? They still fighting?
Kristy: Um, they've been inseparable since you left. [chuckling] You know they take care of each other when you're gone, right?
Simmons: Yeah. Of course they do. They're brothers.

De Los Inocentes [1.8]

Garrett: Everything that's done or left at a crime scene isn't just a piece of evidence. It's a piece of the offender himself. My team's job is to put those pieces together, create a profile of that person.

Seger: Rafael, I want you to listen to me. Remember what it says in Proverbs, "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee. Bind them upon thy neck. Write them on the table with your heart." Rafael, do you know why God writes his words in your heart? So that when your heart breaks, his words, they fall in.

Garrett: You cut open a pretty deep scar today in order to talk down Rafael Acosta.
Seger: Believe me, I didn't want to but there's nothing else I could've done.
Garrett: You gonna be all right?
Seger: You know, when Brad died, it dawned on me for the very first time why every orthodox faith on this planet has these strict timelines and rituals for how you're supposed to mourn the dead and move on with the living.
Garrett: You violate those customs, you dishonor the dead.
Seger: As well as the living.
Garrett: There has to be a time to grieve.
Seger: And a time to move on.
Garrett: I'm really glad you're back.

The Matchmaker [1.9]

Garrett: A Turkish proverb tells us, "Who has never been burned in the sun won't know the value of shadow."

Seger: Can you imagine running out on your family to go halfway around the world, only to find yourself right back at home?

Iqiniso [1.10]

Garrett: A Zulu proverb reminds us, "Hope does not kill."

The Ballad of Nick and Nat [1.11]

Garrett: "Beautiful in the midst of his misery, capable of loving in the face of afflictions and trials, man finds his greatness, his fullest measure, only in the kingdom of this world." Alejo Carpentier

El Toro Bravo [1.12]

Garrett: Father, in my line of work, I see the worst humanity has to offer. Chaos and death, it can be hard to remember the good. Sometimes it's tough to have faith in people, in institutions. In God.
Fr Consolmango: You feel called to intervene in the face of injustice. That in and of itself is an act of faith.

Paper Orphans [1.13]

Garrett: I'm pretty sure you're gonna need a little more garnet and gold in your wardrobe.
Josie: That's Florida State, Dad. USC's cardinal and gold.
Garrett: Yeah, and it's a lot farther away.
Josie: Says the man who travels the globe. It's not like I'm the first kid you've sent to college.
Garrett: That's the problem. I know what comes next.
Josie: The bill?
Garrett: No, no. It's just gonna be a little quieter around here.
Josie: [gives her dad a hug] I'm sorry I'm going so far away.
Garrett: [chuckles] Your mom and I just want you to be happy.
Josie: I am.

Garrett: [toasting Josie at her farewell party] The day you were born, I remember thinking "This is gonna be something." And I was right. Watching you grow up has been one of the great joys of our lives. And letting you go is...that's about the hardest thing that I've ever done. But that's how I know it's the right thing to do because your mom and I are so proud of you. No matter how far away that you go, this will always be your home. We love you more than you'll ever know.

Season 2


Lost Souls [2.1]


Il Mostro [2.2]

Garrett: "When I had journeyed half of our life's way, I found myself within a shadowed forest, for I had lost the path that does not stray." — Dante Alighieri.

Garrett: You know, I'd never presume to understand what it'd be like to walk in that woman's shoes but I think I understand another reason why this case haunts her so much.
Seger: Why is that?
Garrett: It's the one that got away. We all have one.

The Devil's Breath [2.3]

Garrett: The Colombian proverb says, "Poverty does not destroy virtue nor wealth bestow it."

Pretty Like Me [2.4]

Simmons: A Korean proverb tells us, "The gem cannot be polished without friction. Nor man perfected without trials."

Jarvis: [to Simmons] Matt, you make your living tracking killers, people who don't want to be found, and you're really telling me you can't find your grandmother in a country the size of Indiana?

Made In... [2.5]

Seger: "The small truth has words which are clear. The great truth has great silence." R. Tagore.


Main characters
Recurring characters
  • Sherry Stringfield as Karen Garrett, wife of Jack Garrett
  • Kelly Frye as Kristy Simmons, wife of Matt Simmons
  • Britt Baron as Josie Garrett, daughter of Jack and Karen Garrett
Crossover characters