DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

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DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High (also known as Super Hero High in United States) is a 2016 American animated superhero family comedy-drama television film based on the DC Super Hero Girls franchise.


Supergirl: [after Granny Goodness takes over the school] We have to stop her.
Barbara: I'm on it! I calculated the frequency of Granny's device and created a de-trancer. I just need a crystal to conduct the energy.
Supergirl: [takes the crystal from her necklace] Would my good-luck charm work?
Barbara: Yeah, but don't you need it?
Supergirl: I don't need luck. I believe in my super self.

Batgirl: [discussing their plan] If Granny can use the amethyst to amplify her powers, I can use it too. I'll plug the de-trancer into the amethyst!
Supergirl: Great. I'll create a distraction. [flies out into the open]
Batgirl: But...
Supergirl: [landing in front of the Furies] Hey, Big Barda! Miss me? [Big Barda attacks her] Can't catch me!

Stompa: [noticing Batgirl climbing up the building] Another Super? I'll stomp her down! [jumps up high and stomps the ground hard causing Batgirl to lose her balance]
Artemis: [aims an arrow at Batgirl] I got her. [Artemis lets the arrow fly, but Grodd, who's been watching, jumps in the path of the arrow, letting it hit him and falls to the ground, saving Batgirl's life]

Amanda: [at the ceremony] A special thanks to Supergirl for her vital role in our victory.
[Supergirl blushes and Wonder Woman pulls her in for a hug]
Martha: [Jonathan and Martha are in the audience] Bravo, dear!
Jonathan: That's our girl!
Barbara: [watching from on the rooftop] Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Amanda: And finally, on Wonder Woman's recommendation and the faculty's approval, we have accepted a new Super to Super Hero High.
[the crowd begins to chant Batgirl's name. Barbara looks surprised then smiles. She unzips her hoodie to reveal her Batgirl outfit. She shoots her grapple gun and swings down onto the stage while the crowd cheers for her. Supergirl runs up and hugs her. Wonder Woman offers a handshake, but Batgirl hugs her instead. Wonder Woman appears stunned before hugging her back]
Commissioner Gordon: [in the crowd] I'm very proud. And very nervous.
Batgirl: [pulls her mask on] Pow! Superheroes on! [puts her arms around Supergirl and Wonder Woman]

Supergirl: [after Barbara gives her the equipment] You're coming with me.
Barbara Gordon: Fighting super-villains? That's for Supers.
Supergirl: And you're not? Barbara, you helped me learn how to be super. And look at all the stuff you made. I know you're super in here... [points to her brain, then to her heart] ... and in here.

Wonder Woman: [she and Supergirl confront Granny Goodness] Granny, give up.
Granny Goodness: No! The amethyst will be mine! [to her Parademon] Sic em, Perry.
[Perry leaps up at Wonder Woman, but she grabs him with her lasso and spins him around]
Wonder Woman: Down, boy! [throws him to the ground, but he breaks into smaller versions of himself. Some attack Wonder Woman and Supergirl, others horse around]
Granny Goodness: Humph! Useless Parademon.

Batgirl: [meeting up with Supergirl, who's managed to trap Big Barda in the obstacle course] Nice flying.
[suddenly, Big Barda bursts through the door of the course, covered in goo and really angry. Batgirl throws a grapple line and it wraps around Big Barda, tripping her up]
Big Barda: Help! Granny? Speed Queen? Artemis?
Wonder Woman: [flying in] Girls, you're safe! Wait, are you wearing a super-suit, Barbara?
Batgirl: It's Batgirl now, and we've got a no-good Granny to stop. Come on!