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Damien: Omen II is a 1978 American horror film about Damien the Antichrist who, now thirteen years old, finally learns of his destiny under the guidance of an unholy disciple of Satan. Meanwhile dark forces begin to eliminate all those who suspect the child's true identity. The film was the second installment in The Omen series, set seven years after the first film, and was followed by a third installment, Omen III: The Final Conflict, in 1981.

Directed by Don Taylor. Written by Stanley Mann and Mike Hodges., starring William Holden, Lee Grant, and Jonathan Scott-Taylor.
The first time was only a warning. taglines

Damien Thorn

  • [Reading a Bible] Here is wisdom. Let he who hath understanding count the number of the Beast. For it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

Sergeant Neff

  • [To Damien's platoon] You'll speak only when spoken to. And you'll listen to every word I say. I intend to shine in my new job, and the only way I can do that is by making you shine. You're the little unit I have to polish until the glare of your achievements blinds everybody on this parade ground.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments. Pride's all right when there's reason to be proud.


[Murray, the Thorn family's chauffeur, is driving Damien and Mark back to the military academy they attend.]
Damien Thorn: She's too much, that Aunt Marion.
Mark Thorn: Oh, she's just awful! Why did they ever let her come?
Damien Thorn: So she could wag her finger, criticize us, and generally ruin our weekend, that's why.
Mark Thorn: At least we didn't have to have dinner with her. God! And what's that smell?
Damien Thorn: Lavender, you fool! All old ladies douse themselves in it. I don't know why.
Murray: Now, boys, just because Aunt Marion's getting on-
Mark Thorn: On our nerves!
Damien Thorn: Now, come on. Murray's right. Let's hear it for Aunt Marion.
Damien & Mark: [Sarcastic] Hooray.
Damien Thorn: Hey, Murray, give us a cigarette, will you?
Murray: Now, Damien, you know the answer to that one.
Damien Thorn: [Shrugs] You don't ask, you never know.
Murray: Have you met your new platoon leader? Neff?
Damien Thorn: Neff for "neffer mind". Oh, come on. They're all the same. When you've met one platoon leader, you've met them all. Attention! Eyes front! Chest out! Stomach in!
Mark Thorn: You know something? You're crazy.
Damien Thorn: Yeah, 'cos I've practiced.
Mark Thorn: [Laughs] God.

Mark Thorn: [Talking about Neff, that he might be the next platoon leader] That must be him.
Damien Thorn: He looks okay.
Mark Thorn: They're all the same.

[A group of cadets are waiting to meet with Sgt. Neff, in the hallway outside his office]
Teddy: That's Damien's father in the back. My old man was on that team, too.
[Pointing at a picture]
Teddy: That's him. He was on the line. But Robert Thorn was quarterback. Even back then he was calling the plays for everybody.
Mark Thorn: [Coming in from Neff's office] You're next, Damien.
Damien Thorn: Teddy, don't ever talk about my father again. Do you understand?
Teddy: Can't you take a joke?
Damien Thorn: [Giving Teddy a long look] Yes.
[Damien goes inside Sgt. Neff's office]
Mark Thorn: What was that all about?
Teddy: Your cousin really thinks he's somebody, doesn't he? My old man tells me the Thorns make their own hats because the stores don't sell them large enough for their big heads!
[The other cadets laugh; Mark punches Teddy.]

[Master Sergeant Neff interrupts a history class as Damien, accosted for not paying attention by Chaplain Budman, proceeded to unnerve the chaplain by answering more than twenty detailed questions flawlessly. Neff takes Damien out in the hallway so they can speak without being overheard.]
Sergeant Neff: What were you trying to do, Damien?
Damien Thorn: I was just answering questions, Sergeant.
Sergeant Neff: You were showing off.
Damien Thorn: No, I just knew all the answers. Somehow, I just knew them all.
Sergeant Neff: You mustn't attract attention.
Damien Thorn: I wasn't trying to. I just felt...
Sergeant Neff: The day will come when everyone will know who you are, but that day is not yet here.
Damien Thorn: What do you mean?
Sergeant Neff: There are things you don't understand. Read your Bible. In the New Testament, there is a Book of Revelation. For you, it is just that - a book of revelation. For you. About you. Read it. 13th chapter. Read. Learn. Understand.
Damien Thorn: What am I supposed to understand?
Sergeant Neff: Who you are.

Dr. Charles Warren: Did you know Bugenhagen gave your brother the daggers to kill Damien?
Richard Thorn: What the hell are you talking about?
Dr. Charles Warren: Years ago, Bugenhagen wrote you a letter-
Richard Thorn: I never got a letter.
Dr. Charles Warren: It was never sent. It was still in the box. Richard... you know that I'm a rational man, but what I have to say to you isn't rational. Bugenhagen claims that Damien is the devil's son: the beast foretold in the Book of Revelation. He isn't human. He was born of a jackal. I know it sounds incredible.
Richard Thorn: Why are you telling me this?
Dr. Charles Warren: Your brother was convinced. He went to Bugenhagen for help. Bugenhagen told him how to kill the boy.
Richard Thorn: My brother was mentally ill. His wife was...
Dr. Charles Warren: Was killed by Damien. Five deaths, Richard - five unexplained, horrible accidents. According to Bugenhagen...
Richard Thorn: Who was obviously insane. And you believe it!
Dr. Charles Warren: Read his letter yourself.
Richard Thorn: I won't read the ravings of a senile old man!
Dr. Charles Warren: I knew Bugenhagen. He wasn't senile. If what he says is true, we are all in great danger. You, Ann, Mark - all of us. Have you noticed anything suspicious?
Richard Thorn: No.
Dr. Charles Warren: Something he's said?
Richard Thorn: Nothing.
Dr. Charles Warren: There've been deaths among us. Joan, Bill, Pasarian...
Richard Thorn: Coincidental.
Dr. Charles Warren: What about Aunt Marion? There's proof.
Richard Thorn: What proof?
Dr. Charles Warren: Yigael's Wall. Bugenhagen saw it. It's the thing that convinced him.
Richard Thorn: That's enough, Charles! I don't wanna hear any more of your religious rants!
Dr. Charles Warren: The wall arrives in New York tomorrow-
Dr. Charles Warren: I will.

[Mark is hiding behind a tree in the woods on the Thorn estate after running from Damien, who now stands on the other side.]
Damien Thorn: I know you're there, Mark. [Walks around to face him] Why are you running away from me, Mark?
Mark Thorn: I know who you are.
Damien Thorn: You do?
Mark Thorn: Dr. Warren knows. I overheard him talking to Dad.
Damien Thorn: And what did he say?
Mark Thorn: He said that... the Devil could create his own image on earth.
Damien Thorn: The Devil? What else did he say?
Mark Thorn: [Shakes his head, terrified]
Damien Thorn: Say it, Mark.
Mark Thorn: He said you're the Beast.
Damien Thorn: Come on! What are you talking about?!
Mark Thorn: I've seen what you can do! Your father tried to kill you! Everyone said it was because he was crazy, but it was because he knew!

Ann Thorn: You can't make me believe it.
Richard Thorn: You've got to believe it. He killed Mark. He killed Atherton and Pasarian.
Ann: What are you talking about?
Richard: And he'll keep on killing. He'll kill anyone he thinks is threatening him!
Ann: How? How did he kill them? Did he make the ice crack?
Richard: Not himself.
Ann: Did he pull the gas pipe apart? Did he?
Richard: There are others. Surrounding him, helping him, keeping him safe.
Ann: Richard, listen to yourself! Listen to how crazy you sound! Others! Devils! A conspiracy of devils? Richard, please!
Richard: Ann, I saw Charles killed! I saw Damien's face on the Wall!
Ann: What are you going to do? Richard? What are you doing?
Richard: The daggers have to be here somewhere.
Ann: What do you want them for? No. No!
Richard: He's not human!
Ann: He's your brother's son. He's a boy you've loved for seven years!
Richard: The boy has got to die!
Ann: Richard! For me, Richard, don't.
Richard: Ann, what are you doing? Get away from that drawer!
Ann: What you want to do is crazy. I can't let you!
Richard: Ann!
Ann: You're obsessed with Damien. It's making you sick.
Richard: Give me the daggers.
[Ann gets the daggers and turns around, lunging forward to fatally stab Richard.]
Ann: There are your daggers!
Richard: Ann?
Ann: I've always belonged to him.


  • The first time was only a warning.
  • These eyes will follow you wherever you go and you will experience a new dimension of fear.
  • These eyes will follow you wherever you go and your nightmares will become a frightening reality.


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