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Dan Harmon in 2013

Daniel James Harmon (born January 3, 1973) is an American writer, producer, and actor. He is the creator of the TV series Community and co-creator of Rick and Morty.


  • Rick and Morty is definitely the most freeing, most fun thing I’ve ever worked on. It’s had the biggest impact. I love everything I make—and hate it, I guess—but I have a very special relationship with Rick and Morty, and getting a 70-episode pickup means that I can actually really focus on it, and loving it won’t be taking away from anything else. I can let Rick and Morty take away from everything.
  • If you like Dexter, you'll love Daryl, my new show about a baby rapist - with a HEART OF GOLD?! HUH?! Like Showtime, but freeeeeee!

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